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Return to thread2011-10-13 01:12
Yes WR (or SR?) mentioned playing after 20:30 a day or 2 ago. Force-scheduling your own match is stupid especially after MS said he'd schedule the match. You can be sure people will complain cause it always leaves the impression you're scheduling the match to your own teams advantage. They'll surely get that feeling NOW that you plan the match at some random time which you know Poland dislikes cause of an earlier post. It doesn't look neutral.

I am not sure where they said that they can play only after 20:30. If so, then MS should rereschedule this match. And people, understand me, please.

First, SR, please be normal. I said that I can play at 20:30 or later. After that I asked my parents because they were the 1st ppl I saw in that moment for a random time. They said 18:30. I EVEN DIDN'T ASK MY TEAMMATES (nor I did you) ARE THEY ABLE AT THAT TIME TO KEEP EVERYTHING FAIR. Second, I UPDATED first post 4 days after I said that I am able to play probably ONLY after 20:30. So,
"you wrote that ,,match is at 18:30" and after that ,,The game should start at 20:30 or later"."

is wrong. I firstly said that the game should start at 20:30 or later and after that I scheduled it for 18:30.

"Older jj2 players have responsibilities and ambitions in real life but they are always ready on specified time, and some younger players have to think about making themselfs ready for one hour of playing." Let's say that I am 'younger' player. If I have some business at some time, and I am not able to play JJ2 at that time, you should respect that. Stop acting like my parents are mad at me because I spend a lot of time in JJ2. They're not because I don't spend a lot of time. I just visit this site more often than I do just because of NT. I even didn't play JJ2 for a long time. Maybe just a few games for DT and some mathches in a free time. I don't need a persmission from my parents to play JJ2. You're just in that situation so you tell that the others are. That's it.

@DL I don't need to learn english. I know enough for communicating well.

@moti if you want so, I will. But it will not be good for you, believe me. Remember this sentence. I am serious this time. Time will be the thing what matters, not me, but you will see when the 'time' comes.

@Veg, as I said, I didn't know that they were unable to play at 20:30. I don't even know are my teammates able to play at 18:30. Ask MS to reschedule the match. I will be afk tomorrow probably the whole day until late evenings, as usual.

@Almost everyone (they know who they are), next time you should try to make such a successful tournament without any support (well we had some support, but it wasn't enough) . I guess you would stop on 1/4 of it's progress.

And, I see now why Nerd left JJ2. I should try to do the same. I just wanted everything to be fair and now everyone is turning me back. If I knew that this will happen, I would probably announce a forfeit win to poland before I ever started this thread. This match isn't important for me. I know that Serbia is in top4 teams in JJ2 and it's good enough.