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Return to thread2011-10-24 16:00
Veg, I was just LOLing at the situation, I seriously wasn't being disrespectful to you (but mby was being disrespectful to the situation, but surely you can't blame me for that, can you?).

I really hate this CDF business and I would tend to agree with gry's analysis.

Oh and MS, whilst I fully understand CDF's wrath, I will not have somebody like you (yes, personal offense right here) question my inaccurate phrasing. I think this whole situation is silly and couldn't care less for the noobs that were involved in the trade-off and for the rest of the people who actually seem to feel this is imporatant. But what I do dislike very much is when you start with a definition debate in midst of a childish flamewar. So no thanks, I won't stfu thank you very much.

I'm getting sick of this whole Laro slavery thing, it's getting old. If CDF owned slaves, those slaves would rebel within a week and kill them all. If gry/chiyu owned slaves, that'd be different, they're actually capable enough IMOemo (btw this is a joke, and I'm not implying gry would want to own slaves, although slaves are always practicalemo) )

On the side of CDF mby also a less, shall we say, fearful reaction would probably work better. Why would you care about some noobish members which are obviously not going to be loyal in the long run? They're gonna come and go anyway. (again, the non deleting thing is a bit wrong, I might be generalizing the situation too much)

Interesting point, 3 months back Maximus from CDF begged me not to "destroy" cdf (as if that was ever anybody's intention, frankly CDF take themselves far too seriously if they think anybody with half a brain cell would bother devoting it to the destruction of their clan). He did that at a time when a lot of people were leaving CDF and when tensions were arising between MS and the rest of CDF (post CC war, when MS, rather ironically, got pwnt on MS). I gave my word to Maximus back then that GpW wouldn't welcome any CDFers even if they asked to join and we had 2-3 discussions about how they should really consider some changes (some staff changes were mentioned from my side, and the fact that maybe they should just start playing smarter and a whole lot of stuff that I completely forgot about).

So there is no general animosity from my side. In spite of the above post I think of CDF as a decent clan, with generally good behavior (MS is actually a rather valiant oponent who rarely bitches or complains, so kudos for that). I don't really think any gpwer other than Ron has anything against you (supposedly from the RA or iR days).

Ron when it comes to recruiting: if a member leaves, screw it, there's nothing you can do. If you'll get so angry over every single one member, you'll go insane. I would advise Laro to not get all worked up over every single member lost, but that's just a friendly advice that he definitely doesn't need to listen to, as he is fully capable of runining his clan.

Peace, yo.

Where my bro space at?