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Return to thread2012-01-15 18:45
[18:43:38] gienka: djazz who are you?????
[18:43:43] ĐJâzz: XD
[18:43:50] ĐJâzz: idk u either
[18:43:58] ĐJâzz: ur name sound familiar
[18:44:10] gienka: hahaha it jsut was a joke
[18:44:11] moti: itede
[18:44:12] gienka: xd
[18:44:15] gienka: i know u
[18:44:16] gienka: u made semi
[18:44:17] gienka: xd
[18:44:22] ĐJâzz: no...
[18:44:24] gienka: hhaha
[18:44:25] ĐJâzz: eh
[18:44:19] gienka: epic 2x joke
[18:44:20] gienka: xD
[18:44:22] moti: XD
[18:44:35] moti: hahahah
[18:44:39] gienka: hhaha