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Return to thread2012-01-17 21:25
such a great drama is going around there today! id like one thing to be said: hakum has always been a stupid kid who never could restist to make use of any 'help' when playing a ctf game and my saying so certainly isnt reinventing the wheel - its been obvious for ages. its just that someone said that proof is needed, lol. ive learnt its pointless to have anything to do with this kiddie, because he treats everyone like shit and only try to use them for his own benefit. you, people, should treat him in the same way as you treat starcraft or vulkan and so on, instead of giving so much attention to this carefree and spoiled metrosexual. heh, its a fucked up irony that i should write a post about him, but it fucking pisses me off how you people cant handle one simple n00b like him.

I do not know what to say about this post.

Though Hakum is a lame cheater that has to be punished, I have noticed you people like to pick on him without a reason. You constantly make lame pictures and lame stuff about him (you even post some here) and then you wonder why does he reply back with insults. I think you should stop it, Hakum will get what he deserves for cheating.