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Return to thread2012-01-19 17:45
Just play the ladder casual (without radar or any bs).Idea that we should play ladders with radar is ridiculous. The idea of frozing the ladder also is what i dissagree with. If ur scared that ur opponet is gonna cheat and u dont want to ladder then simply DONT ladder. Perhaps someone else is gonna have more faith in others.

Well, anyway, if some 'better' players get pwned by some 'weaker' there will be accusing. So you're kinda wrong. But you have the point. If you decide to ladder someone, then don't accuse him of cheating WITHOUT THE PROOF!


Artem produced radar2, now without the spyware part.

It HAS spyware in it. It is a SEMI-SPYWARE. And that's why I deleted it after testing and taking screenshoots.


Imo, some players (CDF?) should stop complaining about "cheating" and there being evidence.

There was always accusing of cheating, so Veg, I don't think it will ever change. CDF accused ib) only once during the ladder, and that's all. But some of other players are accusing everyone else all the time. That's the problem, not CDF. Guys, leave CDF alone, please. I am enough of insulting them (Ron, GLaDOS etc.). Yeah, this is out of topic, but srsly.