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Return to thread2012-01-22 23:00
[22:08:49] aEs Flandre: wb
[22:08:51] aEs wKtK: wb
[22:08:52] bot: ty

[22:12:04] aEs GpW CDF NF CC t3: LADDER?
[22:12:04] ÐJâzz: yes
[22:12:05] Utatane Piko: mega alliance

[22:26:43] *** you got roasted by aEs Flandre
[22:26:46] aEs wKtK: yyyy
[22:26:47] aEs Flandre: wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[22:26:48] aEs wKtK: thank you

[22:32:10] Console: SonicX was renamed to harmen the ball

[22:39:48] aEs Harmen: did you hear about this awesome ball gay
[22:39:51] aEs wKtK: XD
[22:39:53] aEs Harmen: guy*
[22:39:55] aEs wKtK: hahaha
[22:39:55] ÐJâzz: XD
[22:39:57] aEs wKtK: gg
[22:40:05] aEs Harmen: ... dont you dare posting this on funniest moments
[22:40:12] aEs wKtK: i would never...