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Return to thread2012-02-22 00:44
Peace emo
The only thing that's stopping me from leaving JJ2 is my clan. I can't let CC down, especially during periods when the majority of the clan is inactive or semi-idle, then I can't refuse to play a game with fellow clanmates. Now that 3 people have recently left the clan I feel the need to be active as much as possible. Unfortunately as a Zeal admin I constantly have to deal with such drama and I can only say it's been getting worse during the past few months, I need to check chatlogs or ban/kick annoying people a lot more often than before. The level of competitive play on JJ2 is constantly rising (e.g. tests with test manager on ZR), but the game is getting less and less fun emo Players constantly bother each other to play ladder matches, the majority of the active players is acting unfriendly, people don't mind arguing for hours about one single ladder match. And now everyone will agree with Toni's post but start another drama again in a month. And with players like me and Toni quitting JJ2 and leaving it to the new generation, JJ2 will keep being an unfriendly place. Maybe we should stay just to save the game? I played a ladder match today knowing our chances of winning were low, but I had fun and so did my clanmates. I wish others would think the same way. The ladder is like JDC, the most active clan (out of the best ones) wins in the end, and 2nd, 3rd place etc usually aren't remembered by people so why care about points so much? Just relax and have some fun, maybe try out some other gamemodes and not just CTF, I'm sure you will like some of them.
Now let's all tell how we feel about this and hope it will make people reconsider what they do at JJ2.
I would also like to thank a few people for contributing to peace on JJ2. King, who thinks problems with faking/cheating should be discussed between the involved parties and the admins only. It's nice that someone has enough faith to leave a whole conflict to the admins without feeling the need to comment on jj.net about it. Gry, who has always managed to stay in friendly relations with everyone on JJ2 and even gave SR a few second chances. Rag, a player who recently came back to JJ2 and still remembers the good old times, he has brought really nice people together in his clan and also tries to promote forgotten gamemodes, that gives me some hope about the future. Same thing about Urbs who revived GpW, clans consisting of new players need a nice, mature and experienced leader. Toni, who is doing his best to fight for peace, Iustyn, who referred to the first Pro Peace thread a couple of times before (but also loses his nerves at times, but I guess that's for good XD, btw his sister is hot), and our great moderator Moti who has prevented many conflicts. And of course people like Hordy, me or Rew who don't get into conflicts about anything because it's just a game. We should take an example from all these awesome players emo