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Return to thread2012-02-22 21:12
first of all gj toni,what u just wrote here went right into my mind and i am seriousily thinkin about what u said
as u said,this game doesnt have a point anymore
i would also like to apologise for every damn insult i use in almost every day i play jj2 but this game rlly pwns me sometimes
i promised to myself to be a nice person in jj2 and try to not get involved in conflicts with other people but it doesnt matter how hard i try,is just IMPOSIBBLE for me
i so easily get pissed off when i see lagers that trained a lot less than me and arent as good as me but they just smatch me and mess with me in biggest ways ever
there are also some people i think they uses cheats since i saw them first time but there is no way i can say sth or try to proove,i just keep that in my mind and try to get used with the ideea
i tryed until now to give up from jj2 like 4 times,i just cant.i am not that oldie(just 1 and half year or sth) but still i cant give up from playing it
i should rlly try to stop playing ctf and try sth else as veg said,but when i go relaxer and see that some1 finishes a lvl in like 30 sec or that no lifers has best time in every lvl,well....
imo there are some great people that doesnt let this comunity to die like cc admins or some great people without power but nice like rag,hordy,urbs and others
P,S:my sis is officially single and id like if we would try more to get the peace in this comunity