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National Tournament

2011 Results

Round I

Netherlands - Serbia
Poland B - Germany
Finland - Poland
Czech republic - Swestland


Round II

Serbia - Poland B
Germany - Other/Europe
Poland - Czech Republic
Swestland - Romania


Round III

Netherlands - Germany
Poland B - Europe
Swestland - Finland
Romania - Czech republic

Round IV

Netherlands - Europe
Serbia - Germany
Finland - Czech Republic
Romania - Poland


Round V

Poland B - The Netherlands
Europe - Serbia (forfeit win for Serbia)
Poland - Swestland
Finland - Romania



Round VI


For 5th-8th place
Swestland-Europe (forfeit win for Swestland)

For 9th place
Czech Republic-Poland B (forfeit win for Poland B)


Round VII

For 1st place:
Netherlands - Finland

For 3rd place:
Poland - Serbia

For 5th place:
Romania - Swestland

For 7th place:
Europe - Germany (forfeit win for Germany)