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National Tournament

2018 Teams


The squad only has to be completely for countries that participate with two teams or for teams that are not real countries. In the case of a country doubly participating, a player not listed can still participate, but then he will become unavailable for the other team.

Team leader: MasterSven
Squad:Baja, Blackeye, Blackwct, Borgia, Cell, Chiyu
, Darksonic, FawFuL, Foly, Laro, Loon, MasterSven, Quickz, Shadow, ShakerNL, Shaney, Slaz, ThunderWalker, Vegito, wKtK
Veto: Daybreak
Chosen maps: Starlit,
City of the Sn00ze, Wicked Woods, Scrapyard

Team leader: Kyro
Squad: Ahmo, A7med, Anna, Kyro, Riko, ThunderDragon
Veto: Eztrig
Chosen maps: Scrapyard, Starlit, Distopia, City of the Sn00ze

flag United Kingdom
Team leader: Ragnarok
Squad: Gr33nPl4nt, Moni, PurpleJazz, Ragnarok, Treylina
Veto: Happy Semiconductor CTF
Chosen maps: Starlit, Eztrig, Scrapyard, Daybreak

Team leader: Toni
Squad: Artegor, Hordy, JellyJam, Lithium, Pavle, Stefko, Toni
Veto: City of the Sn00ze
Chosen maps: Wicked Wood, Scrapyard, Distopia, Jungle's Edge

Team leader: CJ
Squad: BlackRose, CJ, Raven, Snooze, Sucer
Veto: Ancient Museum
Chosen maps: Daybreak, Jungle's Edge, City of the Snooze

Team leader: Krzysiek
Squad: Anubis, Dawidpl, Domix, Dragon, Kiiyuka, Krzysiek, Owen, Sperry
Veto: Distopia
Chosen maps: Wicked Wood, Scrapyard, Distopia