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National Tournament

2010 Results

Group A

Netherlands - Czech Republic (forfeit win for the Netherlands)
Romania - Germany (forfeit win for Romania)
Germany - Czech Republic (forfeit win for Germany)
Czech Republic - Romania (forfeit win for Romania)

Group B

Poland - Finland
Poland - Serbia (forfeit win for Poland)
Finland - Serbia (11-1 for Finland)

Group B Qualifier Playoff

Finland - Serbia (forfeit win for Finland)


Netherlands - Finland (21-5 for Finland: 11-4 in Distopia (FI's choice), 10-1 in Bblair)
Romania - Poland (5-2 for Poland in DW (RO's choice), forfeit win for Poland second round)


Poland - Finland (20-9 for Poland: 12-6 in Distopia (PL's choice), 8-3 in Semi)

Results of the betting competition:
Top three were allowed to watch semi-final matches if they were online at the time of playing.
1. TheWho - 22.94
2. Lithium - 9
3. AfIIko - 7
Hordy - 3
Snooze - 2
Jake - 2