Should the new slope feature be disabled for every map or should we edit only affected maps?
Disabled for every map
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3 (50%)
Only affected maps
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3 (50%)
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     Contest results! [JJnet Level Contest Season 13] | [q] 2019-11-01 20:09
JJnet admin
Posts: 140
Dear all, the level contest results are finally here! The contest entries were judged by 6 chosen judges, from which 5 were the representatives from each active clan (Me, Laro, Loon, JellyJam and Ragnarok). PurpleJazz was a neutral (no-clan) guest judge to bring extra depth to the results.

The winning entries were to be chosen by having each judge vote for exactly 3 levels which they would like to see in the mappool for ladder season 16. Also each judge would be to give their own feedback for the judged entries. The votes were sent to me privately to avoid judges influencing each other too much.

And of course to keep things fair, Laro, Loon, JellyJam and PurpleJazz were not allowed to vote for their own level.

The top-3 levels to receive the most votes by the judges were the ones to be added into the mappool. At last, here are the RESULTS!

Galeloch Castle: 5 votes
Faster-Than-Light Starship: 5 votes
Byzantine Blues: 4 votes
Ragnarok: 3 votes
Riparius Ridge: 1 vote
Time's Up: 0 votes
Snowland: 0 votes
Percolator: 0 votes

Congratulations to PurpleJazz and Warren who made the ultimate levels to tie for the first place in the contest! Your levels truly impressed the judges! Also congratulations to JellyJam and his level Byzantine Blues, which ran up to 3rd place! emo

Finally, I want to thank everyone who participated in the contest and made new playable levels for the community! Also, even if your level didn't make it to the mappool this time, it may still make it there for the future seasons through time and improvements. emo

Also, as promised, the judges are to give feedback to all the entries (except the ones they made themselves ofc), which they will send separately in their own posts following this post. Meanwhile, below are the votes per judge in literal form:

10:36 PM] PurpleJazz: my rankings: (will write feedback later)

#1 ragnarok
#2 byzantine blues
#3 ftl starship (only counted the first 3, the rest were optional)
#4 riparius ridge
#5 percolator
#6 snowland
#7 time's up

10:39 PM] Jelly Jaм: Alright, the maps I vote for are ezgale, xlmrag and ezstar, in no particular order
[10:39 PM] Jelly Jaм: All of which can be playable in 2v2 imo

11:34 PM] SJ: OK, I shall give you my votes in return: Galeloch Castle, Byzantine Blues and FTL Starship

11:04 PM] Ragnarok: votes =
[11:04 PM] Ragnarok: (in no particular order)
[11:04 PM] Ragnarok: star, gale, riparius
[11:05 PM] Ragnarok: star to be 2v2/3v3, gale 2v2/3v3, riparius 3v3only

4:32 PM] Hammel: ok my votes are in random order
bb, gale and star
[4:34 PM] Hammel: my fourth place would have gone to riparius, however i think these maps have the best potential in being played during a cw/laddermatch

12:49 AM] DigitalRonin: Loon's, Jelly's and PJ's are probably my sets to get ellected (later confirmed to be the final votes)
JJnet admin
Posts: 140
#1 | [q]2019-11-01 20:11
Feedback! from SJ:

FTL Starship:

+ Fairly balanced layout with both open and closed areas
+ Pretty smooth and friendly flow with lots of diversity
+ Lots of room for strategic play and skill moves like RF-climbs
+ Balanced weapon and carrot placement
+ Visually impressive but not too distractive, no harsh colors

- Takes some time to learn completely, some areas are not so easily distinguishable
- Some tubes are sometimes hard to move in
- Some scenery is hard to distinguish as foreground from sprite layer, like the ceiling tubes at the top of the level

/ Seems playable in 2v2/3v3
/ Easy to get stuck at pos 20,15 needs to be fixed

Riparius Ridge:

+ Inspiring level theme and impressive visuals
+ Uncommon and interesting powerup choices, balanced pickups in general
+ The movable carrot gives more room for strategic play around it

- The flow is rather quirky and hard to get used to, lots of climbing on the sides of the level
- Some areas require very precise movement like the middle with blue spring and flipper pads
- The top of the level may get a bit campy and generally feels to be a bit isolated from the rest of the level (the level might be a bit too tall in general)

/ Playable in 3v3, not working in 2v2

Galeloch Castle:

+ Good strategic depth regarding the full carrot, possibility to shoot it down with certain weapons or block access by freezing springs
+ Well balanced weapon and powerup placement
+ No area is too easily campable but there are a few spots for breathing
+ Impressive visually without being too distractive to the eye

- The springs next to bases are sometimes hard to land on

/ Seems playable in both 2v2 and 3v3
/ The level is fairly big in size, but at the same time very open which compensates for it


+ Interesting layout with a few influences from other levels
+ Much room for skill moves like RF-climbs
+ Balanced with both open and closed areas

- Fairly peculiar flow, hard to get used to
- Feels sometimes a bit cramped with the ceiling scenery, especially in the middle
- The top area of the level feels a bit redundant and isolated

/ Playable in 3v3, not sure about 2v2


+ Visually decent in the night version
+ Good selection of weapons and powerups

- Fairly quirky flow, hard to move in smoothly
- The vines at the top of the level are mostly on the way, rather than adding more gameplay depth
- The buffer tubes and spawn positions are quite evil, it takes a long time to attack the enemy base after dying
- The lower levels feel too cramped and it's easy to hit the ceiling while moving
- Some things are a bit unintuitive, such as the floor below the bases which is not one way

/ Seems to be playable in 2v2 and 3v3, but 3v3 might get a bit cramped
/ The day version might be a bit harsh to the eye, the night version works better

Time's up:

+ Fairly original and inspiring level theme
+ Original choice of weapons
+ Generally solid layout with lots of potential if some improvements were made

- The big white blinking clock in the middle of the level is quite harsh to the eye, even if visually original, it could be less distractive
- Some things like the vines blend too much with the level primary colors, makes them hard to see
- Powered up roller weapon seems a bit overpowered in this map, it's flying around literally everywhere
- The tiles could be used better in the sprite layer, looks a bit dull visually

/ Playable only in 3v3 apparently


+ Strategic layout and very different from other contest levels
+ Uncommon and balanced weapon/pickup placement

- Huge FPS drops in 8-bit mode for some reason
- The level gameplay centers around the fly carrot too much, also because the only way to get rid of it is by going underwater
- The level feels unfinished and empty in certain aspects, there isn't much visuality nor scenery in the level
- There is only one exit from the bases unless you have a fly carrot, which makes them quite evil dead ends

/ Seems like it could only work in 3v3, partly due the fly c as well

Byzantine Blues:

+ Good usage of the tileset, visually decent and no distractive elements
+ Solid layout
+ Well placed platforms and ledges that allow diverse skill moves
+ Quite balanced for all characters

- The level seems slightly imbalanced regarding open/closed areas, there is only little room for safe play

/ Works only in 3v3 probably
JJnet user
Posts: 162
#2 | [q]2019-11-02 04:17
In alphabetical order:

1. Byzantine Blues by Jelly Jam
+ Really fun carrot area
+ Atypical PU scheme, and also very rare to see RF PU being a superpower in a level
+ Very fun to DD at bases with flag ;P

- I feel the level is too horizontal, and could be shrunk ever so slightly to reduce reaction times
- Sad that you can’t get RF PU with gun9 from below
- I think the gameplay is quite rigid on the whole

Other comments:
I recommend 3v3 ONLY

2. FTL Starship by Warren
+ Fun carrot areas
+ Versatile & fast-paced gameplay
+ Probably most suitable for 2v2 + 3v3, gameplay-wise

- Some minor flow blips (that have potentially been updated but I have only seen the version on PNA);
• shooting gun8 PU seems suboptimal from left-side
• weird suckertube delay at bottom left
• can get stuck at the top left (missing oneway)
• some layer 3 pipes feel a bit bumpier than expected, probably easy to fix
- I feel like some ammo can be redistributed, namely a lack of seekers and gun8, and too much gun9 which does not serve a huge purpose (I believe warren has addressed this too, but haven’t seen)

Other comments:
I recommend 2v2/3v3
Was surprised that this played so differently to Astro and was pleased about that

3. Galeloch Castle by Purplejazz
+ Fun Full NRG area
+ Very suitable ammo/PU choices given the layout, and logical ammo placement
+ Interesting to have ice feeling useful in a level with spring trolling (for once)

- Does feel a bit like there’s not much safety in the level, which is great for 2v2 in fairness, but may encourage double hunting (which I personally like, but I know others don’t)

Other comments:
I recommend 2v2/3v3
I found the EC somewhat distracting in-game, but lowdetail really helped, good job building support for ppl who are blind like me!
I’d like if the small C’s were a bit more easily accessible, perhaps a personal nitpick…

4. Percolator by cooba
+ Visual appeal
+ Unique to have usage of fly-C and water mechanic, although I really wish it was used better or didn’t feel like the only way to play the level…
+ I really enjoy the small oneway climb areas towards the middle, fun gameplay-wise

- Bases feel like death traps
- I’m not a huge fan of the ammo placement, and it’s even lacking at parts. Toaster feels useless
- Whilst I complimented the fly-C/water concept, I think many of the people I played with mentioned wanting copters instead or a limited duration
- Level feels empty at parts

Other comments:
I recommend 2v2/3v3
I like the fly-C/water concept on paper, but in practice it’s a bit annoying in CTF!
I think ammo should have been unmovable given the layout

5. Ragnarok by Loon
+ Visual appeal
+ Very fun & unique Full NRG area

- Some incredibly awkward start positions
- The bottom section of the level feels rather disjointed at parts, similarly, some ammo at the bottom feels very time consuming to collect (namely seekers)
- Top section feels a bit isolated, I personally didn’t have issues with it in 3v3s, but in 2v2s it felt pretty much a defensive haven

Other comments:
I recommend for 3v3, although I would need to test this further in 2v2 to really endorse it for that too
Some flow (particularly at the bottom) can feel very odd and take a lot adjusting

6. Riparius Ridge by Laro
+ Some unique layout in aspects (great mix of open and closed spaces)
+ Cool use of pinball
+ Cool PU scheme, although I’d like to see more fastfires if you wanna balance blaster out
+ Best flow of all the entries I’d say

- Perhaps too tall as a level, although the pinball events do remedy it directly at the middle
- Some ammo placement could definitely use reworking;
• two bouncer patches pretty much right next to eachother, above and behind bases
• seeker ammo patch at 108, 29 (and corresponding symmetrical section) in a pretty powerful chokepoint… not really too counterable
• don’t really like mixed ammo patches in the level
- I personally don’t like the areas below/behind bases and feel like truncating or removing them slightly would make this level feel less massive

Other comments:
I recommend 3v3 ONLY
Seems to cause a lot of crashes

7. Snowland by Toni
+ Fun C area
+ Fun to do tricks with the base through the floor
+ Some useful RF climbs that don’t feel forced
+ Atypical PU scheme

- I don’t like the mixed ammo patches
- Ceilings are incredibly bumpy
- Some really awkward spawn positions that allow free rushes
- Generally very cramped, making gameplay feel quite rigid

Other comments:
I recommend as 2v2/3v3, perhaps even 2v2 only, haven’t tested in 3v3 to be sure

8. Time’s Up by Lynx
+ Unique PU scheme
+ Layout actually complements roller very nicely
+ Intuitive flow

- The PUs in the top corners feel a tiny bit too isolated
- Some strange asymmetry at parts, namely missing oneways at 64,24
- Bumpy ceilings at 74, 14
- Would have preferred slightly more meaningful ammo placement, less gun9 perhaps? Could have also been cool if gun9 was easier to use to shoot the top PUs
- I don’t like the use of floatups instead of slopes

Other comments:
I have only tested this in 3v3, but assume it’s too big for 2v2s
Roller PU might seem really clowny for CTF, more a criticism on the gun than the level
Also firework gun seems quite fitting for the layout
This would have most likely been my 4th place vote - (or Ragnarok)