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     Pro Peace 2 | [q] 2012-02-21 23:27
JJnet user

Posts: 482
Since the last thread was locked, I wanted to make another one. After thousands of insults, crap, cheating and etc. it finally reached the end. At least for me. I am not alone in this. As far as I know, Vegito agrees with this and I believe there are a lot of other peoples agreeing. I just can't believe how immature you all act like. It's okay if you're a newbie and you don't know hows this community acting like, but you guys are playing this game for ages. And you all forgot it's JUST A GAME. You spend a lot of time on arguing, talking about the others cheating etc. I, myself, found a way to relax with this game in JCS. You should try to do ANYTHING ELSE just not arguing/flaming/insulting/cheating/other bad things, to have some fun.

What's the point in playing this lovely game? There's not a point anymore. Well, at least in competitive part. Am I wrong maybe? Cheaters in Zeal Relaxer, where you're supposed to relax, are so fuckingly annoying that I leave the server even before I join. Maybe you wanna have some fun in another server hosted by anynimus? No... you can't get any fun there. They will do every possible command with plus and ruin your imagination that you can have some fun.

Personally, I am enough of this bullshi-. I am getting my mind to agree with me. I just want to leave this community, but I don't know how. Once I get a power to do so, I will be glad. It's kinda shame, rude, stupid... isn't it? A game I loved years ago, what made my childhood, where I HAD FUN IN PAST, are over. And not only that, I have bad feeling now. I hate a day when I played JJ2 first time. I am so sorry about that. But you guys made that feeling. And I guess I am not the only one.

I clearly understand all the people who left JJ2 inbefore, and that makes me feel to do the same. It's just the time. Will it be in a week or in a month. I know, maybe it's funny and you trololol around "OMG TONI IZ GONNA LEAVE! WOOHOO, HE WILL BE BACK IN 2 WEEKS! HOORAY FOR HIM!". I know that you will probably act like that, because I had done it myself, too for the other players. But you don't know one thing. I left JJ2 2-3 years ago on 6 months and came back thinking "let's try it, it's changed now. no more bullshi-s anymore" but I was wrong. I wanted to leave it after nerd left, but without success. You all know I was inactive after NT and JDC. Again, 5-6 months of inactivity, no longer. I just hope I will do the same thing ONCE AGAIN, THE LAST FUCKING TIME, because I am not a guy who can try to do something forever. I will be back in 5-6 months after I leave, just to check is this shit all going to repeat. If it be like it was until now, I think this game doesn't have any big future anymore. You guys made all this.

Maybe this is too personal, but what can I do? The best way to say something is to say your feeling. In most of cases. I think there are a lot of other people who agree with me, and guys, no, I don't want you to leave, I just want you to make a peace. DON'T GO EVERYWHERE AND ASK FOR ADMINS TO PUNISH RANDOM CLANS AND PLAYERS: Slayers ones, CDF, Hakum, DL, CC, ŠnjLJb... If you act ilke this, you will be screwed up in real life. You will lose your feeling for real world.

And one more thing. I don't want to say anything offensive to all of you. I don't know, and I don't want to know are there "no lifers". Just one thing, go and play some sport, it will help a lot!

I will honestly ask a mod not to delete this thread, or lock it. Any spam can be deleted, you know.. instead of locking a thread.
JJnet user
Posts: 140
#26 | [q]2012-02-22 21:57
Well, Iustyn, if something goes wrong, just try to calm your mind and focus on what you're doing.
Anger not only damages your reputation, it is also harmful to your skills ingame; which means, that once you get frustrated by lag or a lucky hit, you cannot overcome your opponents, as you are unable to overcome your own frustration and make more and more errors once time passes.

It also might go outside of JJ2, I've no idea as I don't know you IRL. However, if yes, then you should take my advice and try your hardest to learn to calm yourself down!

This doesn't go only for you though, it goes for several players around here.
JJnet user
Posts: 373
#27 | [q]2012-02-22 23:07
well if u meontioned tw i will say some things here about me and my real life which may help u to be a better person in jj2 and irl
i remember once a person in jj2 faking some1(didnt know who).he was trying to make me get annoyed and he succeded.i remember i once screamed at him "STFU KID" and then he said sth like "stfu kid?,i bet ur parents also tells u this thats why u get so frustrated"
i didnt listen to that faker since some days ago when i totally realised is real.
since some years ago my relationship with parents totally is totally messed up(especially with my mom).i have to say 99% of my friends likes me and they say i am a nice and CALM person but everything changes in family.i cant communicate anymore with my mother and i feel such a big cold before us.it took me a lot to realise that faker was right and,maybe is just a stupid theory,but this may be the real reason i get frustrated in this game.i actually say here what i cant say to my family,i just try to get down all my negative energy in insults in a game.
i bet i am not the only 1 that has this problem and if i am not,u guys should try to discuss with ur parents/friends/girlfriend/boyfriend and try to resolve the problem.i can say i mostly tryed and totally failed but eh...even my sis that u see so beautiful and nice,well i dont say she is a bad person or that i am but we cant stay in same house without argueing 24/7
she was once living with us before she moved in another city so she can go to a good college
this hate for my sis is probabilly caused cuz my mom always liked her and she was for her like a sister and not like a daughter while i was just a little stupid kid.
maybe i talk bullshits but i bet this is MY problem and the reason sometimes i suddenly got frustrated in games and not lag/cheaters.
Also as Toni said try to do some sports or sth.some of u guys rlly spent too much playing this.i always used to once.i remember a 2 weeks holiday away from school.i played in eevry day jj2 a lot and didnt even realise when holiday finished.after that i was like "wtf did i make the entire holiday".i could have spent more time with my friends,meet a girl,get in love with her,at least i could have played another games with my real life friends on skype so we could have laughed as hell and rlly enjoy.and do u think i did sth important in those 2 weeks full of jj2?no way,just some stupid ladders.i even argued and talked more than actually played.
if u dont like sport u can also try sth else,like me.i started to take Electro Dance lessons 1 month ago and i am totally in love with this type of dance.the music is awesome and the moves are even more.To be better i do that with my 2 best friends so is just fucking awesome that after we finished school and got separeted we are still together and we keep being together in every weekend.
there is also guys a jj2 secret that i would like to share it with u guys.
Like half a year ago i made a list with 10 players that i want to beat the most in a nice and fair duel.i dont remember it exactly but the list was like that:
1.Veg(which was n1 and the person i wanted to play against the most)
i promised to myself to first beat this strong guys and to not stop playing jj2 till i finish with them but i stopped thinkin about that long time ago.
i guess this is the reason why i cant leave jj2 comunity but tbh honest i am happy this list exists so i dont leave cuz this game is awesome
if u talk about gameplay is just an epic game for me at least,all this needs is the old and peacefull comunity.
P.S:i said maybe things that doenst make any senses in this thread maybe and also misspelled some words probabbilly but hope u will all read this and try to not let this comunity going to its own death.
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JJnet admin
Posts: 849
#28 | [q]2012-02-22 23:42
It's nice to understand you a bit better. Thanks for sharing! Hf dancing ;D

JJnet user
Posts: 875
#29 | [q]2012-02-23 09:19
Yay! I just saw one special post... WB Snooze emo

JJnet user
Posts: 226
#30 | [q]2012-02-23 09:27
Weird how im not on that list >[. i do remember u kept asking me for a duel but i kept saying no. U given up on me sparky :]? Also JJB PJ and max are kinda idle so i doubt ul get a chance anytime soon. As for ppl like veg, well u better start trainin cuz that guy aint human bro emo

Player: Air!
Air: ?
JJnet user
Posts: 373
#31 | [q]2012-02-23 09:31
dont worry,i realised long time ago that list is imposibble for many reason.there are players there that doesnt play anymore,some that are idle and some that are almost imposibble to beat but still that list kept staying in my mind.
JJnet user
Posts: 482
#32 | [q]2012-02-23 20:17
since some years ago my relationship with parents totally is totally messed up(especially with my mom).i have to say 99% of my friends likes me and they say i am a nice and CALM person but everything changes in family.

I have to say that I have the same problem here. Not sure if it's caused by JJ2 frustration, but it could be! I also broke up with my ex gf because I was too frustrated for stupid thing in Counter Strike when my comp freezed. Stupid, isn't it? Yeah, I know it is.

I don't remember me ever talking about my private life, but I have to be honest now. Just to try to make people here friendly. I will say (and I said) all bad things here. There are a lot of good moments in JJ2, but all those shits are over those moments. That's kinda bad. Also, don't misunderstand me, I just want a peace for you all. Don't get my posts like dumb ones. I used to play JJ2 a lot before, even spent hours and hours per day, and it was repeating every day. I even didnt realize when the days finished. Later weeks, and months... wut? Yeah... It was years ago, tbh.

Now, I live in a small city in Serbia, 5000 people in it, and everyone knows everyone here. I train handball for a month, and I am already famous here! I played one match (10 mins, my first match!!) and scored the most important goal in match. It was week or 2 ago. Now, everyone is looking at me with different eyes. In before I used to be just a normal citizen here, and now I am like the king. No, not really, but I really feel that I am popular here. People and everyone are saying "hello" to me, even if we never spoke before. They respect me. The point in this phrase is that you have to respect everyone. Don't hate newbies like everyone of you uses to do. They can be the main character in your clan or in your gaming!

EDIT: Iustin, dance with this song! Skip to 2:10 for the song
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JJnet user
Posts: 373
#33 | [q]2012-02-23 20:40
i am rlly happy for u toni
if u have talent then u should keep playing so the people will respect u even more
and in a future day,who knows,maybe we'll all see u on tv playing in a big competition or sth like that
btw i also just tryed to dance on ur song.i was reading the comment and i said why not?so i stand up and tryed some moves and i can say the song is pretty good for electro.thx

JJnet admin
Posts: 849
#34 | [q]2012-02-24 12:47
w00t pro pivot emo
JJnet user
Posts: 86
#35 | [q]2012-02-24 14:08
As far as I'm concerned, this is sort of an exaggeration, since there have always been, and will always be people who don't know how to handle conflict situations and are overreacting to things. But that's not a cogent argument to leave this community, is it? I know it's such a cliche to say this but "the problems you're having may not be the problems you think you're having". It seems to me as if you were willing to find a "good" reason to give up on playing this game, because otherwise you wouldn't be able to do it. However, I'm not claiming that your above-mentioned statements aren't unsubstantiated, because they obviously are. It's just if their inconsiderate behavior pisses you off, then instead of making rash decisions, firstly you should try breaking it to them; tell them the things you find bothersome and annoying, discuss in a gently way the problems you have, etc. (these are a few of the possible options which came to my mind). I know this is easier said than done, but try giving it a shot; it's definitely worth it. I've been doing this for quite a long time and barely got involved in any conflicts. Also, take into consideration that you don't have anything to lose and even if things don't work out in the end, at least you tried it.emo

There's no way to play jj2 for hours every day, but after having a tough week it feels good to join a server and have a chat with the ones you like. Btw, it's nice to hear you are playing handball. Doing sports keeps you in shape while it is the best way to relieve stress. I hope you will get good enough at it to become successful and be able to make a living out of it. emo
JJnet user
Posts: 482
#36 | [q]2012-02-24 16:18
Reni, I already tried to do that, but it's impossible. If someone is screaming at him, and if I tell him in a friendly way to stop, and not do it again, he screams more and more.

JJnet user
Posts: 303
#37 | [q]2012-02-24 19:34
I tend not to rage in the middle of games, maybe I'll make a few silly sarcastic comments like "nice air" or "wtf" though. I find it sad when people rage over playing a game, jj2 or not, I can understand that others can get angry over cheating though. I've lost interest in competitive play in general, and I want to aim for more productive things like levelmaking and my art, although I won't be around with jj2 forever, being that I want to work on my own game project which will be big and it's pretty much a franchise of its own (there's non-game related stuff to it too) so I'll then have little time for this. The reason I'm still here is because I want to share my ideas (levels in particular) before I leave. About fiascos and such, sometimes I'll throw my 2 cents in it, sometimes I don't because it's too long and complicated. Training for JJ2 competitive play has messed a lot with my life, I've felt like I've wasted much time here, but then again I've found other computer time wasters, so that point is probably moot.

You can play this game online???

JJnet user
Posts: 707
#38 | [q]2012-02-24 19:43
I find it sad when people rage over playing a game, jj2 or not

This. Just this.

...I love this thread. emo

Nostalgia warning, well, at least if you're one of those ppl...
JJnet user
Posts: 205
#39 | [q]2012-02-25 00:46
So now is everyone showing their personal things and say how they are put together. Nice.., seriously...
I agree with Toni, this isn't a funny game anymore. But this thread neither. Atleast for me.
Like 'you know how I'm' and 'You know how I act' and 'But that's me, can't help it' etc... is bullshi-.
No peace from me, because I already tried like idk how many times to 'peace'...
JJnet user
Posts: 205
#40 | [q]2012-02-25 00:51
Maybe I'll should stop commenting, because the latest thread was blocked because of me.
Anyway that was a long time ago, I'm an adult. Grow up people emo
JJnet user
Posts: 1759
#41 | [q]2012-02-28 19:56
I think the cw would be a good oppurtunity to show that we can both play fair and with good behavior regardless the score.

I'm glad that the CW went fine. It was quite fun to play (if we forget about the last 10 minutes of Epitome xd) and it was a friendly match.

GJ to both clans! emo

We rode on the winds of the rising storm,
We ran to the sounds of the thunder.
We danced among the lightning bolts,
and tore the world asunder.
JJnet user
Posts: 133
#42 | [q]2012-02-28 20:37
Indeed it went fine. emo

"It is amazing what can be accomplished when nobody cares about who gets the credit.” ~Robert Yates
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