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     read krsplat's jj2 blog | [q] 2014-12-16 02:26
Calm Splatavatar
JJnet user

Posts: 63
I'm going to try to make a blog on my adventures in jj2 and around the world. Due to the character limit on my phone I had to remove some context from the beginning of the blog, I'll share that info here.

My previous attempt at blogging was a blog about the New York Knicks. I just didn't watch all their games and wasn't interested in blogging while I was watching the games.

So I just want to see if this blog becomes useful, viable for detailing a story or sharing information, and if anyone's interested in reading my thoughts on the game of jazz rabbits.

oh, here's the link..

(This post has been helpful to 1 of the forumers.)

JJnet user
Posts: 14
#26 | [q]2015-03-29 17:11
Why remove the blog?

JJnet user
Posts: 259
#27 | [q]2015-03-30 02:24
As I started anew forum at jazzjackrabbit.yuku.com, all the vital information that was on my tumblr blog should now be visible on there.

The only advantage for the blog was it contained some narrative about JJ2, ladder, JDC, level contests, random convo, etc. In fact about 3 months' worth of narrative, I guess. But that's not really unique, in the sense it's not about anything that should never happen again. I think that having the information I wanted posted on my forum essentially trivialized the blog, which is why I felt more comfortable deleting it. Also I wanted to use that forum as a way to ease up the amount of posts I made on the main JJ2 online forums, as well.

JJnet admin
Posts: 849
#28 | [q]2015-03-30 11:41
Could have copied the blogs to an archive on your forum emo
(This post has been helpful to 1 of the forumers.)

JJnet user
Posts: 259
#29 | [q]2015-03-30 13:25
I have alot more content online now anyway. I have a (partial?) list now of what webpages I'm managing:

Jazz Jackrabbit Yuku: just a forum about jazz jackrabbit

AFX clanbase: an *incomprehensive* list of JJ2 clans (pointless?)

gmat music bandcamp: contains 3 albums I made from 2013-2014, now available on CD

calm splat soundcloud: a new CD from 2015 (not finalized yet) <-= (EDIT: album relocated/location replaced) SEE: JG of G-Mat -=- Instrumental Rehash

WorldWideWebInternet: a URL to troll people with after n00b.pro went offline (the joke here is that it's supposed to help you determine if you have internet access)

Gemrings: just some links about jj2

Google drive JGF: JGF is a game I invented last year in CD, the concept is a 1st person boxing simulator, although- I imagined a more enhanced version than just this page, which only allows clicking on Jazz's face. (It really would be even more time consuming to explain the original idea).

It's only the last week maybe that I started making so many webpages. The pages on BandCamp, SoundCloud, GoogleDrive are between 3 months and 2 years old, I guess. The others are pretty new, and I haven't posted the links many places. Who knows what will happen next, maybe I will make another blog, or another domain, anything. But yea, I wasn't planning to be the world's first lifelong tumblr blogger. That doesn't mean there won't be an upgraded blog in the future(?).

JJnet user
Posts: 259
#30 | [q]2015-03-31 22:47
Update: Blog moved to JJnet? Could this be a permanent or a temporary transition?

Regardless, one new tidbit to share on the blog which recently had 99% of posts deleted, due to tumblr setup.

Is it possible to translate plus commands to another language?

A new plus.dll mod has allowed use of /gahez, instead of /ready.

[17:31:14] Naps: /gahez
[17:31:14] >> Invalid command...
[17:31:20] *** Naps is READY!

The mod is sort of buggy right now, as the console still says "Invalid command" when /gahez is used, and says "player is ready" when /ready is used. However the functionality of the command works with /gahez and not /ready.

Will this translationist mod have any future developments? I'll try to stay tuned, as considering I made this mod as well and it seemingly works for me too, we'll see where it goes from here. However, it's not suggested to use it competitively because of the fact it causes incorrect console messages in chat. Whether or not that's accepted publically is unknown but it's still unnecessary to spam /ready command whether it's translated to another language or not.

Thanks for reading the blog, which for the time being is moved from Tumblr to JJnet forum! l8r.


go to http://bit.ly/1Dnw9YG to download if you want to test! Link will expire soon though

JJnet user
Posts: 3
#31 | [q]2015-04-01 15:57
I was using it before ,but removed the plus.dll and replaced it with the main plus.dll. :p
(This post has been helpful to 1 of the forumers.)

JJnet user
Posts: 259
#32 | [q]2015-04-01 21:20
Ahmed it was definitely a different DLL. The one posted on ExpireBox I just did yesterday, so maybe your version had some different source? Or maybe not, Idk.

JJnet user
Posts: 259
#33 | [q]2015-04-02 19:35
New Blog Post: EDITORY UPDATE: 2 blog posts in 1 forum post

=-> Legalized Blogging on JJnet?
(a Discussion amongst our Panelists)

=-> Imaginary Referendums?

=-> Updated Links Section

New Links

Krsplat Audiomack

Krsplat Soundcloud

Thanks for reading everyone

{insert divider}


=-> 2 blog posts in 1 JJnet post?
=-> Has this blog become just another store clone with 2 for 1 bargain pricing?
=-> Disregard the bulleted text, as it has no meaning, rendering it effectively meaningless!

Ideas Section

I have a couple ideas for new games, inspired by JJ2.

1. Llamas Vs Camels
--- This game would pit a llama against a camel in an epic showdown. It would be for 2 players. There could be multiple challenges like dance-off, race, outer space race, bank robbery, and more.

2. Dungeons and Dragons starring Lolri
--- This game would be more like a JJ1 or JJ2 clone except featuring Lori. I briefly illustrated the plot on a piece of paper which I can't scan and post unforunately. But basically there is a dragon breathing fireballs at Lori and she has to block them with her shield. In the background is just a cave where the dragon lives. That's what the illustration looks like. In this game I imagine that Jazz, Spaz and Lori would have their usual guns, but also they carry secondary weapons. (Or maybe the gun is their secondary weapon, instead.) I picture Lori to have poison darts, Jazz would have a sword and Spaz could have maybe a scythe. Obviously Jazz's style with a sword should be based in Jedi Academy, if you don't know that game look up Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy. This was at one point definitely the most popular game in the JJ2 meta, although I haven't played it in several years. Anyway it's just that simple to compare sword-wielding to lightsabre-wielding. But the poison dart idea might be more flexible, in the sense, she could probably fire poison-tipped arrows with some sort of bow, or even spit the poison directly from her mouth, through a tube, straw or some kind of funnel, like the Amazonian rainforest hunting technique. Anyway, my idea about Spaz's alternate weapon is less thought-out, as a scythe seems to be more of a self-defense weapon than a weapon for attacking. Well anyway moving on, I think this would be a good game idea because JJ1 has only Jazz, in JJ2 Spaz is the most popular character, so this idea is for Lori to get her own game, basically. But Jazz and Spaz would still be included or involved, just looking at Lori as the main character or the star, instead. (Question: Am I only making this idea to make Treylina happy? Answer: No.)

Ok, that's enough for this updated post, hope u like 2 blogposts in 1 forumpost. To be continued...?...?...???(!)

JJnet user
Posts: 189
#34 | [q]2015-04-09 05:44
New blogpost, brought to you by krsplat.


=-> Plus 5.0

The newplus has implemented some random things, changed stuff and removed others. The command /wc is removed, and its functionality is replaced as Quirks mode, under the plus settings in-game menu, also accessible with /quirks.

Also a major implementation is that, game announcements such as roasts, flag losses, CTF scores are made in "glossy text" as I would call it. Basically it's shown in large font at the centre of the window, as opposed to in the chat/console display.

Also .j2as has evolved into .mut, .j2as still works for single-levels, but also .mut works for a game setting applying to any level.

Not to mention, double-pressing the run button doesn't show the random animation, which I used to use as Jazz for a pseudo-swordfighting metaminigame, but for Spaz and Lori it showed a random half-stepping animation, or something, btw. Anyway sprinting and posing still works.

Pepper and Electro poweredup do 2 dmg now, and their images are updated, pepper now has bubbles, which make it more visible. Electro with pu is now blue.

A new playable character is added, you can now play as a bird with a working gun. You used to be able to play as the bird with nofire, but they have a 2nd bird who can shoot. Basically it's playing as the bird who assists you in SP at times. I think his name is Hiphop?

Regardless, Hiphop Bird (sp?) basically automatically shoots 2-way bullets, meaning if you have RF pu, he actually fires 6 missiles at once.

The other difference is he can't spiral-fly like the other playable bird, who's still playable.

Both birds don't have running either, and also can't descend. Imho, that just means moving as bird is slow, and falling is even slower.

Apparently also frog licking does damage, as well.

And big bonus, now characters ~ and & work in chat. Maybe other characters do too, there are too many for me to test immediately, lol.

Hm 1 more thing I noticed, you can now move your character and essentially play, while you have chatlogger in front of your JJ2 window.

Ok anyway, I can't seriously list every single thing I noticed about newplus so far. That would take too long.

=-> Serenity

With +5 I was inspired to make some revisions to Serenity. When I get a chance to make official updates to documentation and also download links, I will but for now I just want to quickly blog about it, FYI.

Calm Composer is edited, to now have a much larger display, at least for my screen it does. It basically covers my whole screen, except the taskbar.

Why would I want this though? Well, I think it's an enabler, in the sense that I'm actually writing this blogpost in Calm Composer, atm.

Also, I decided I'll make a way to install Serenity from scratch, if you don't have JJ2+ or even JJ2. I made a sort-of installation guide for myself. I'm still working on it though, but I think it has given me a good setup for now.

Even more, I follwed my own instructions and burned a CD copy, which would basically allow you to insert the CD to your computer, copy all files to your HD, and for me it was immediately playable after copy+paste.

Both the installation guide and CD version are at work in progress stage. And the updated version of Serenity has no download link yet either, but that's honestly pending warrant.

It was 1.5 years between 4.3 and 5.0 releases. I started making Serenity 15 months ago, in January 2014, basically. So um, I guess I just have to be patient, and literally wait for myself, lol.

=-> Serendipity

The project formerly known as JCS Q, I have renamed to Serendipity. That's all the changes for now, though.

IIRC, this is just TSF-version JCS, hex-edited to alter parallax view resolution up to 996x747.

AFAIK, it's not ruined or anything, that's essentially the difference, I already made a post on what changes were made and an attempt at a tutorial on how to make them yourself. I think anymore repitition will just be annoying.

=-> Celenity

Celenity = Serenity + Serendipity.

That's the name of the CD-version I'm working on, so that you don't have to make drastic alterations to your main JJ2 folder. It comes with basic copy of JJ2+, although of course I customized the installation personally, if you don't like it, Idk why though.

Again it's WIP, so, I'm basically limited in time resources in these terms. Also, this is becoming a huge blogpost, so I'll just end it here. Thanks for reading. Btw, hopefully this isn't annoying being on JJnet forum. I appreciate the contributive feedback.

JJnet user
Posts: 189
#35 | [q]2015-04-09 16:56
New blog post, click the link above!


=-> Potential security holes or exploits in JJ2+ 5.0?

Would it be possible that your conversations over JJ2 are saved to a file and stored on a computer, making it easy for virtually anyone to access and read what you and other people have said?

Considering the reality of the automatic saving of chatlogs, playlogs and IP logs in JJ2+ 5.0, yes, actually I imagine it would be highly likely.

In a hypothetical scenario, you would be able to get JJ2+ on a public computer, and leave the folder somewhere amongst other files on its hard drive.

Then when or if someone else has to use the same computer, those files would be readily accessible, essentially in the public view. So, ultimately who cares though?

Well, that only means, if somebody happens to notice one of the chatlogs that are automatically saved, they could easily open it and read historical online JJ2 conversations.

Then again, I'm not going to over-exadurate the implications of such a possibility, nor are they profound, in my opinion. I don't think many people ever had a reasonable expectation of privacy, while playing JJ2 online (offline mode would be the opposite of that).

=-> Also btw, corpses in JJ2+ 5.0?

Obviously one of the main features, which hasn't been discussed much AFAIK is the corpses. That's a pretty simple effect, it's basically the same idea as in Diablo, where you can access the corpse of something you killed, and retrieve its inventory.

Personally I have a negative attitude toward this; granted I wanted to post some unopinionated information but, hopefully the corpses could have some future benefit, but so far in what I've tested they're pretty annoying TBH.

In some other games there's the advantage of having reduced gore mode, or reduced blood mode, or something like that. But I would imagine not all players are preferential toward that theme, anyway.

=-> Btw, levels?

Somehow I managed to make 10 levels from March this year up until plus was just released in early April. Actually it's clear how, because they're mostly small levels, and not that complex either.

Anyway I had decided, I guess I'll try to finish them before 5.0 is released, and I actually did. That was a fun time, but I also decided I'll take a break from JCS when 5.0 is released, and I haven't worked in JCS since then.

It's nice since I was really just spending a large amount of my time doing level design, and now not doing that is a nice change.

But also, Blackraptor released Pinball Arena 2k15. I considered that it could have some of the most animations of any level, I'd have to say.

Also, another level that surprised me was Sal RPG, which is literally a turn-based player vs. bot ASCII RPG for JJ2+. I haven't heard about whether it's finished by now or not yet; I doubt it but who knows.

Oh yeah, actually I probably spent more time on the music for the levels, as opposed to just doing the levels, lol. Well, that's not worth discussing really, it's pretty simple if you want to access the music, words are useless descriptors, for the most part.

=-> Calm Composer?

No new information at the moment on this, but I just had to say, it's not so bad using this app to write a blog post in.

=-> Beta sprites?

IMO the gems in beta sprites, are really cool looking for real, I know some people thought they are terrible, but IDK why, I think they're nice. I mean, for an alternative gem sprite.

Ok, thanks for reading people. Hopefully it's not TMI or *spam* or anything, lol.

JJnet user
Posts: 259
#36 | [q]2015-06-08 20:21
2 topics, very brief post:

1. i got 142 fps at the library, in some CD server i think, on like windows vista maybe, terribly maintaned computers there but somehow 142 fps so props to that cpu

2. working on a new lvlpack, called: A brief history of Romania, it's literally just some text strings of what I looked up in Romanian history, idk what the point of making this as a jj2 level is but I would have to say it's 1/3 done. music might be my favorite part of it, i could post links here to the music:

- https://www.dropbox.com/s/m59xf8vrv6pycm1/krs%20-%20ro1.it?dl=0
- https://www.dropbox.com/s/14rcwj2q8i5w0q3/krs%20-%20ro2.it?dl=0
- https://www.dropbox.com/s/n0jhfau7qg71apq/krs%20-%20ro3.it?dl=0

Ya they're absurd size but i had to make them mods to get the loop data in there and still use wav samples. That's the advantage of XRNS mods b/c they use OGG samples but no external support there. I think these are finished anyway, I am just doing the lvls now

(actually the levels are simplistic, I'm moreso doing the research for them, but it's not a serious project so I'm taking my time. started like 2 months ago, maybe another 1-2 months before i finish.)

thx for reading, sry for spamming JJnet and i hope u enjoy.

JJnet user
Posts: 259
#37 | [q]2015-06-10 07:04
at first, there was jj2. then, jj grew. but jj stayed true.

at least imo, plus 5.0 has the potential to cause more spinoffs or sequels. why? bc theres the 1st new playable character since 1.24 and, the minor playable characters are much improved. every main jj sequel had a new char, from jj1 to jj2 and from jj2 to tsf.

just wanted to point that out!

JJnet user
Posts: 259
#38 | [q]2015-06-21 07:34
hi ppl, welcome to anoter blog post, ty for keeping up.

ive been mostly absent from jj2 for a few weeks, though not totally. i am thinking of becoming more active, as moti challenged me to a duel but i was on my new tablet at the time.

but i just wanted to post that i started a vlog finally, it is on youtube. its called: Jordan Bball Vlog.

so, this blog led to a new vlog now too. whats next? uhm, if i move this blog to tumblr, doesnt that mean the whole blog will get deleted when tumblr seems stupid again or it becomes a porn hosting website? well, that doesnt make sense, why would i post a jj2 blog on a porn hosting website?

anyway, i made substantial progress talking about my basketball vlog, already covered recently nba finals, and bball training dicussion like practice routines, my bball story so far, and specific tgings like post moves, initiating an offensive set, triple threat position, reading a defense. alot of knowledge that should be valuable for me to build upon and improve based on.

so in terms of jj2? some of the same concepts apply, although only fundamentally or conceptually, not mechanically obviously.

you definitely have to make reads before you make plays. if u r flagholder with 3 in 2v2, say all players r 3 including enemy flagholder as well. u must analyze what the opponent is doing and decide with ur teammate wat to do.

if enemy goes S, your mate should get PU and try to make e1, before u get low and enemy is ready to score. if enemy is not S and trying to make flow or camping pu or c, u should keep 3, avoid getting low and gain map control instead. also if enemy fighter is not a threat to make u low, u can take advantage by gaining map control, they might be camping a pu or c so u have to prevent them from controlling all pus and c.

plus, another point of comparison between bball and jj2 is: how do u take the offensive? in bball, ur goal is to make a point, not gonna bother explaining how. in jj2, u must be tactical to get flag, secure flag with enough health, go S and kill the enemy. the difference is when both teams have the opposing flag, how u set up a kill and set up an S determines which team will get a point. alot of teams will just hunt enemy until enemy is 1, them camp carrot to prevent enemy from regaining h, and not try to kill until enemy goes for c, and if u have control then try to kill at c.

its more difficult to hunt, and kill without ever letting enemy go for c. u can do this whether c is there or not, but if c is there then if they have a player camping there then they might have it set up already for their flagholder to get c. after getting hit, a player blinks for 5 seconds, so to kill with pu from e3 to e1 to e0 takes at minimum 5+ seconds. w/o pu, u go e3 to e2 to e1 to e0 so it takes 10+ seconds minimum there. however 1st u have to hunt, if u catch them and hit them once, u still have to chase them and hit then again, which is hard to do against evasive opponents.

also, defensively u must maintain ur h, if ur flagholder gets low then have to either recap with 3 or get them the c to reset on ur teams possession. then comparitively, in jj2 both teams have possession simultaneously, but its ctf vs a ballgame. still u can reset by making sure ur flagholder has 3 and no one is about to hit them. preventing ur opponent from getting c also prevents them from having a good scoring opportunity.

well, hopefully i can make a better blog by improving both blogging and vlogging skills, not sure if anyone would care about this or a bball vlog anyway, but regardless still interesting for me to debate.


2 in 1 post, edited.

well, moving forward, i want to eventually at least get back to a point where i can be a somewat reliable clan member again, like i was in t3, in cdf i couldnt avoid the arguments, in si i was less active, with calm/fb i was uninterested in playing competitive, i got too bored and my teammates couldnt motivate me to give full effort. even what i learned, now i still feel i have the emotional maturity of a 6th grader, my ability to formulate basic sentences and paragraphs are less than the average 23yo bc i lack a sense of whats appropriate vs inappropriate.

disregarding this, when i rly wanted to build up ladder points in 2011-2012 with t3 it worked out, in 2013 i had a decent jdc season. now i think i become too much of a distraction, admins from jdc dont want me distracting ppl ingame, even clans like cx wouldnt be open to me when it couldve became my team, and i think ppl dont want to risk accepting me with the chance it could become overemotional and almost no way to mediate between trying to understand gameplay strategy with simultaneously getting along as ppl.

then again, in life overall i wonder why no companies ever invite me as being cooperative. now i think its because when i talk to ppl, i express my opinion and nothing is ever good enough for me. ppl in a company dont want me bc theyre afraid i will see their companys work as low quality and accuse them of not putting enough effort into their own work, saying i could do a better job than them. this attitude i will admit i take it to the extreme, i insult the usa my own home country, saying stuff like usa is the land of slavery and segregation, accusing us states of having terrible infrastructure, and acting like the entire education system isnt even trying to support students and its all about profit without helping ppl.

so now i wonder, how can i see the good in ppl, instead of being disappointed that no one is good enough for me, just be proud instead of ppl who accept me and put effort into their work, instead of trying to take other ppls pride away from them, instead consider that maybe someday i can learn how to feel like part of a group. somehow in someway, i have to grow up, become physically mature, and hopefully improve my emotional maturity otherwise i will create chaos everywhere.

part of that is in jj2, as u know the most meaningful game to me in terms of gaming for recreation, and i spent since 2014 trying to improve jj2 as a software, making edits for my own version of the JJ2 exe, JCS exe, plus DLL, and a valid download for the game as a whole, IMO these have some substantial improvements, without reducing quality. to point out i made a text editor for within JJ2 ingame, allowed parallax view in higher resolutions for JCS, i found in 4.3 that components of the plus DLL were apparently unused (accelerator and strings) which became vital for the 5.0 patch, according to my observations.

also making my own fangame as well, keep in mind i dont call this a blockbuster project JGF is as simple as any computer game can get, theres not even an integrated win/lose system its just intended as a funny game, which i dont mind if ppl think its a joke, bc i never claimed i can make the next JJ2 and be a 1-man development team. i know my constraints as far as my abilities, i can make a music CD all by myself, that doesnt mean i can make a radio station too and a CD factory, i wish i could but then i have too high expectations of myself if i think i can practically create a little virtual economy where i print counterfeit money and pass it off as making me rich. ppl never become respected without ever rly cooperating with anyone longterm.

thats why i wonder, even if i could join a clan would i have enough dedication to make it last. certainly until i can afford to buy a modern cpu, good quality internet, and have a place to feel comfortable and play and have fun, until then i have no chance to be a reliable teammate even if ppl do accept me. thats why its a difference between having self esteem and feeling validated as a contributor in general bc how can i have either unless i earn sth for once in my life. i didnt earn 3-4 music CDs and 3-4 JJ2 mods in the last 2-3 years. i made them myself and almost noone acknowledges it anyway so regardless if im satisfied with the quality of my work, it seems its meaningless to others, or like i built my own house and im not allowing anyone to come in.

so thats mainly what i want to change, as a way to become a better jj2 player, learn to relate to ppl and it has to be more than just i rate their skill level, but maybe find sth where we can relate and im not rating their skills or criticizing them for not showing as much improvement as i think is possible. otherwise ppl think im obsessed and addicted to working on the same skills over and over and i will never appreciate finer parts of life, like just enjoying a day without forcing myself to do training, do practice, work on skills, even if i become better, then in my other time will i just stop criticizing other ppl for the amount of time and effort they put into their work, acting like their skills arent unique or useful, and acting like im the only one who takes any work seriously. everyone is different, i shouldnt expect everyone wants to be better than me at what i do, otherwise why am i not good at soccer or halo or photoshop or clarinet. i have to learn to respect ppl as who they are, otherwise ppl will treat me as a good for nothing thug who doesnt even deserve to relax with my own friends bc i will berate them about how come they havent been working on music or poetry or bball or from any account working on jj2. look at how much criticism the plus team got over 5.0 patch, this is the biggest patch in the modern era of the game, ppl want the next patch to get better but act like if 1 thing isnt exactly perfect then the whole thing is ruined, just appreciate the good aspects before u worry about what can be improved upon, if ure focused on how its bad then u will forget what the positive attributes were and then u might lose them.

ok, sry u dont have to read this if u dont want, but id rather post here than make some irrelevant post somewhere else. thx ppl.


edit: update:

how is it not therefore possible to expand 2v2 into a more ongoing tournament?

rushing 2v2 matches is unredeemable in terms of enforcing game quality. expanding the player pool is only possible by dedicating more patience regarding waiting for matches. expectations for a 2v2 tournament to complete in the time of a tennis or golf tournament is TOTALLY unreasonable.

therefore my limitations on assessing the outcome of this event have caused early predicaments. yet, having the ability to post content about it ultimately enables spectatorship participation.

at the most, allowing team involvement changes and dynamic roster moves is a necessity. personally, i find my self-judgementalism a pitfall about growth and impermanent. disregarding this, ability to play in 2v2 is a question of TIMING... NOT self-awareness or intensity of caring. pitifulness is extra distant and fleeting about time management: the matter of blogging itself excites hyper-awareness and post-reflectivity.

proactively i would like to speculate about an amount of effort required to calculate decision-making. juxtaposedly, ive posted arguments about teams in the tournament, without substantial evidence to validate my claims, so as i said, assertedly i guess that i can realistically manage to alter my own course pertaining to my jj2 activity. unbiasedly i believe that playing-style expertise outbattles computer recognition technology or the future of the game itself. however, again personal growth justifies the need for shifts in schematics.

i want to as well outline strategies for basketball, a 5v5 game or less but equatory in form and positioning. i look for geometrical patterns in player formations aligned to synchronized swimming. my designs for a pyramid offense and pentagon defense almost outline geometrical shapes in typical motion offenses and zone defenses. reassigning the set designs is allowing mostly for substantial changes in theorizing terminology. contrarily in a triangle offense, the strong side and weak side of a 5-man team are both individualized, defensively with rotations to prevent strong or weak side overplays.

the three-man weave describes the basic nature of a fast break. applying this trigonometric variable set to a fast break implies cutters crossing over the court and following their passes upcourt. the hypothesized best pass is closer to the basket, because it allows for the highest chance of getting an easy shot. however, reducing the defense's expectations that you'll take a shot allows prevention of dribble penetration. this is akin to the basic nature of quick shots in the post or jump shots from mid-range. limiting excessive dribbling prevents turnovers, but safe dribbling enhances the rhythm and flow of ball control for your team.

using this as initial playmaking scheme for perimeter passing also creates ball movement and provides ample amounts of time for off-ball players to make cuts.





2v2 basketball as compared to 2v2 jj2 ctf or 3v3 imply the same basic natures of possession and rotation managemen between players.


creating balance between flagholding or ballhandling allows the fundamental recycling of skills and opportunity assessments. based on the moods or options of whether you want to flag, you want to play offball, these elements open up a range of possibilites in 2v2/3v3. 1v1 possessions are inherently less dynamic.

however, managing balance forces teams to prevent upsets in terms of teamplay orchestration. disinhibiting players from taking the chances they see allows scoring opportunities. philosophically, the mechanics of decision-making are always equivalent. enchantment over a specific role or duty makes specialization a driving force for playstyle development. choosing a/d/r is alike to choosing to check ball, be first pass, or enter the post. defensive switches compare to map control responsibilities, but the art of mapmaking disinclines one to experiment further insofarasto radically overcontrast jj2 and bball consequently.

ty, i will try to keep updates per new post minimized.

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Hello! Just a quick post here. I have to approximate that this lvlpack i'm working on is 2/3 done now. Although some people question what makes this take so long, it's really going to change the ultimately alter the scope of cultural relevancy for JJ2, IMHO. However, this may be an overstatement, I don't mean to exadurate or make claims, but it's probably a fair assessment if you take this statement at face value. I think my main question now is whether the validity of the work can apply to being asserted as an official literary work or not, which IMO it's not officially a literary work, nor would I claim that it is. This project: a Brief History of Romania for JJ2 -- is just a lvlpack and to compare it to an official research project which you can get research grants for would truly be unnecessary of a comparison, I simply think of it as a lvlpack and TBH the point that it's not acceptable for submitting as a historical reference work or scientific paper has no grounds to make as a claim. No one is intending to submit this to be considered as scientific literature, it's not even a graded school project or assignment, it's just a small contribution in terms of information and garnering information from outside sources. If I were to argue that this lvlpack should be considered as a decent history text, I would be either incompetent or morally out of character for not truth-telling: because, however, although the magnitude of being educative is what I meant by altering the scope of cultural relevancy for JJ2, at the same time there's no grounds for consideration that this would be academically valid or liturgically acceptable. Rather, this is a small project which happens to be outside of the norm for a JJ2 lvlpack by most ppl's standards, and as well a research project which has taken a little bit longer than your average simple task. But still this is not academically valid and there will be no dwelling over that fact upon which you can make an argument it should've been done to compete for academic merit. That would be pointless to have a clash of academia and JJ2 -- really that's not necessary or useful. Anyway hopefully that describes a little bit about it, as I said I think it's about 2/3 done now. So just a little bit more and this is the final push to the end of this project which has taken already 2-3 months, lol. K, hope this was an enjoyable blogpost, cya later.
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