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Netherlands vetoes: Distopia and Astro.
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Team Brexit vetoes: none
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Serbia A vetoes: DW and TCS.
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Brexit..? xd rly?
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Final egy srb
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Group A pog 3:-)
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Dear players, Hereby we announce the grand open...
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pull some american continent team of splat, empive...
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Just a suggestion * As for now we have 11 teams...
By: Ragnarok, in: [NT 2020] Sign Ups » National Tournament 2020-03-23 20:10
For those who are interested in the mappool: - ...
By: Kyro, in: [NT 2020] Sign Ups » National Tournament 2020-03-23 17:12
EGYPT Kyro (cpt.) Anna A7med Batata Sonic ...
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There is nothing wrong with listing them. Its mor...
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whats wrong with listing inactive players? perhaps...

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Go to2019-08-04Carrots and Ladders Imo ditch carrots and use apples instead for better nutrition. emo
Go to2019-08-03Carrots and Ladders Tangential to the topic, but I've always thought that Carrot Farm was a totally missed opportunity to try some really radical carrot placement scheme. emo
Go to2019-08-03Carrots and Ladders Ok SE, here's what I suggest --

You make that level emo - I will DEFINITELY like to play it. (And TBH I think it could work)...

In addition, there are some other unique carrot schemes not explored... eg. two regular carrots next to eachother like in Sacrifice by prolific JCSer CelL of OLC!
Go to2019-08-03Carrots and Ladders 6 regular carrots with 90-second spawn times.
Go to2019-08-01Carrots and Ladders It depends on several other aspects of the level.

Such as, in a very large CTF map, having only 1 carrot would greatly affect the balance between teams, depending on its placement; and also whether or not taking carrot would be a lower or higher priority if it's so inconvenient to get to, in an extremely big map.

Having only 1 campable carrot in an already-campy level, might make the level just an overall campfest. So imagine a level with maybe 2 campy bases, a campy powerup, and then add 3 extra-campy carrots in separate areas. That sort of level could just be a joke because of having too many camping spots.

Then considering the idea you can have carrots affecting the balance between teams. Look at the level City of the Sn00ze; you have 1 full carrot in between the bases, more or less in the central area. The carrot is spaced about evenly between both red and blue bases. Then there are also 2 small carrots, on the edges of the level, one small carrot is beyond each base. What if the blue base had a small carrot, but red base didn't? What if one of the bases had an additional full carrot and the other still hust had a small carrot? It would create an imbalance between the red and blue bases.

Also, it's easier to see why having lots of carrots in a smaller map also doesn't make sense. Picture if Mulch had 4 full carrots, maybe on the ledges above bases, and in the dugouts below the bases. The gameplay of Mulch would become drastically altered.

For an exemplary case study, we could assess the carrots of Trigelateral. A full carrot and a small carrot are each in separate vertically oriented tubes within a centrally located large block, with the tubes leading out to oneways at the top of the block. The platform atop the oneways of the block is basically campable, so you can be punished for taking a carrot, and revert back to low health as soon as you escape the tube. Also, the carrots can be shot down from the tubes by electroblaster... and then taken from below the entrances of the tubes. So, I think that makes taking carrots in Trig alot more risky, depending on the situation -- with 1 health, taking the small carrot to get 2 health, can lead to dying where an enemy is camping above the tube exitways while spamming with powered RF. Taking full carrot with 2 health to get to 3 health can lead to you getting 1 health in a similar scenario, and can result in an easier kill for the enemy. Alternatively, there's the option to shoot the carrot down with EB, and take the carrot from below when it falls; that just also leaves you vulnerable whilst in the process of shooting carrot down.

In an imaginary unknown map, having carrots that are in clear view to the player, instead of being hidden in a secret area, makes the level alot more accessible for new players and faster to learn the map. Noone wants to play a CTF duel or teamgame in a level they are seeing for the first time, and only after the game ended to find out there was a carrot in some obscure location that was too difficult to find, or that might as well have been locked behind a coded entry lock or gate.

Also it depends on the number of players in that particular game. Playing a duel in a level with 3 full carrots just sounds excessively boring, depending on spawntimes; with quicker spawntimes for all 3 carrots, both duelists could just get full health whenever they want, and prevent any scoring whatsoever, and be practically unkillable. This kind of reminds me of dueling in BBCITY, although carrot spawntimes there aren't so quick that you can still kill in duels before any carrots will respawn, or in the space that enemy needs to traverse after taking a carrot and going to the next.
Go to2019-08-01Question for Jelly Jam Coffee is a drug, actually. Therefore it shouldn't be considered a food at all, rather more like a medicine. However, if you ate whole coffee beans, I guess that as a legume, it would have some vegetabities as well. That being said, beans are technically a type of fruit actually, although, fruit is also a type of vegetable.
Go to2019-07-28Carrots and Ladders I voted for two full energy carrots, and although it is already well receieved by the competetive playerbase, I feel there's not enough levels that use this kind of setup to it's full potential. There are maps like HMK and the Astrolabe that prove it works well and I hope these levels serve as inspiration for designers who want to get their level in the mappool.

On another note, "Carrots and Ladders" sounds like a great name for a board game.
Go to2019-07-28Carrots and Ladders Best CTF Party Goodluck proves everything, what a masterpiece.
Go to2019-07-28Carrots and Ladders What's your favourite carrot scheme for CTF levels (2v2/3v3)?


(Also feel free to say why)
Go to2019-07-22Question for Jelly Jam utter sounds like udder
Go to2019-07-20Question for Jelly Jam I am utterly in agreement with all facts above.
Go to2019-07-18Question for Jelly Jam I feel that there are several conclusions I have come to from the outcome of this lengthy discussion:

• I should not be supporting Wikipedia with a £2 a year donation. Refusal to acknowledge a coconut as a nut is simply heinous as an act.
• Hyperion is my favourite fruit in JJ2 :3.
• This conversation, whilst insightful, has almost overlooked the key talking point raised by Jelleth Jammus, about Lizard People.
• Lizard people are possibly producing coffee from milking their nuts, and then convincing us that it’s ‘trendy’ and ‘cool’, and making a salary from us drinking their (un)natural produce.

Go to2019-07-16Question for Jelly Jam Like I said, these are "conclusions" rather than direct results of research, but I believe I can make a solid case for my statement.

First off, it's important to understand the categories we're talking about. When speaking of "five a day", we mean what is typically referred to as "five portions of fruit and vegetables". The issue with this wording is that whereas "fruit" has a very well-defined, strict botanical meaning, "vegetable" is in fact a purely culinary/cultural category that applies to a wide range of edible parts of plants. This distinction introduces some confusion; many people seem to believe that because e.g. tomato is a fruit, it is not a vegetable - in reality, tomato is both a fruit in botanical terms and a vegetable in culinary terms (which, again, are the only terms the word "vegetable" is meaningful in).

The word "fruit", however, is ambiguous. Like I mentioned, it has a botanical meaning, but it is also occasionally used as a culinary term to describe sweet parts of plants, commonly used in desserts. In this sense, tomato and cucumber are typically not considered fruit, but rhubarb is, despite the edible part of rhubarb being its leaf stalk. When referring to "fruit and vegetables", I would thus argue that we mean fruit in the culinary sense, which includes rhubarb. Otherwise it would seem inconsistent to mix a scientific term with a cultural one.

Now that that's clear, it's important to mention that there are several other categories of plant parts used in cuisine, and among them are nuts. This is another term that has both a botanical and a culinary meaning, but it makes sense to keep using the latter for the sake of consistency. In particular, many types of culinary nuts are actually seeds of their corresponding plants rather than botanical nuts; this includes almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, peanuts, walnuts, and pistachios. Wikipedia loosely defines nut in this sense as "any large, oily kernel found within a shell and used in food".

As for coffee beans, biologically they are seeds of the coffee plant. They are "large" in the same sense as peanuts or pistachios are, and undoubtedly oily and used in food. The only troublesome part may be that they are not normally found inside a hard shell, to my knowledge. Personally, I consider this a technicality - they are still found inside a plant part, it's just that this surrounding part is soft rather than hard. Happens to the best of us. And if you take into account the travesty that is the coconut, you may be more considerate towards inclusion of the coffee bean (to its credit, even in the culinary sense, Wikipedia refuses to acknowledge coconuts as nuts, but it can't hide the fact it's still right there in the name). Intuitively, coffee beans also possess more traits we associate with nuts than fruit or vegetables.

The only type of beverage I'm aware of that is made from nuts is alternative milk. Most common is almond milk, but other types of nuts are also used to produce vegan milk, such as cashews, hazelnuts, pistachios, or macadamia nuts. It follows that coffee, a beverage made from nuts, is thus a type of nut milk.
Go to2019-07-15Question for Jelly Jam from where did you cite such information?
Go to2019-07-13Question for Jelly Jam teeheehee
you said nut milk
Go to2019-07-13Question for Jelly Jam I've done extensive research on this topic and I'd like to inform you of my conclusions.

Coffee beans are not vegetables. They are, in fact, nuts.

Coffee is therefore nut milk.
Go to2019-07-12Question for Jelly Jam Lizard people are real.
They feast on humans and leave no trace so that no one believes the existence of lizards.

All hail Mark Zuckerberg, the Cyborg Lizard lord.
Go to2019-07-12Question for Jelly Jam I watched a Youtube video where the queen of britain opened her mouth...
Except it opened sideways...
Definite lizard-person
Go to2019-07-11Question for Jelly Jam Also why would lizard people want you to take five coffees a day?
Yeah, that's right. I may or may not be a guy that believes that people who run countries are evil lizard people who control the world.

But, for legal reasons, that's a joke.
Go to2019-07-11Question for Jelly Jam i like your way of thinking ragnarok my dear, i'm going to make this as short as possible

coffe beans, being beans, gets us to a shocking conclusion that we are indeed talking about beans

beans are vegetables

and you know what else is a vegetable


watermelon has the word water in it

it obviously means water is a vegetable

and since watermelons and beans are related because they are both vegetables

= beans are water

= coffee is water

Don't believe me? HERE: I have a perfectly valid .j2ass code to prove it

void onCoffee()
  jjCoffeePresets = WATER;
return false;

a-HA! you just got ultra nae naed

the syntax of that code is intentionally incorrect and i absolutely know how the language works.

it's supposed to symbolize how coffee beans are not water, thus the theory that coffee = vegetable is incorrect, just like this code is incorrect!!

that was my final answer all along

you dumbdumb

jelly out
Go to2019-07-11Question for Jelly Jam I volunteer as Jelly Jam's assistant regarding this and answer on his behalf that you can get your 'five' by having Unconventional Coffee 5 times a day as well. Any size will do, 1v1, 2v2, etc.
Go to2019-07-10Question for Jelly Jam I was thinking...

If coffee is made of beans, does that make it a vegetable, and therefore one of my five a day?

Does the government want me to have 5 coffees a day?
Go to2019-07-02Wall Jump
Firing rockets at walls or into the air is a waste of taxpayer money and causes significant carbon dioxide emissions.

emo emo emo
Go to2019-07-02Wall Jump
Ragnarok wrote:
do elaborate

RF jump is likely an unforeseen consequence of RF blasts. The origin of rocket jumping is usually traced back to Quake, which was released after JJ2 development already began and was still young when JJ2 was released. Many games where rocket jumping was intended, feature secret areas reachable through it; this is not the case in JJ2, so nothing indicates it was known to the developers.

In multiple levels, RF jump allows players to take paths they very likely weren't intended to, e.g. semi, super, EotM, bbswing. There are RF tricks that not everybody can pull off, and for many tricks it's rare that anyone can pull them off consistently (EotM). The exact direction and power of RF recoil depends on the pixel-perfect position of the player and as such it introduces a luck factor into the game.

Many RF jumps can only be executed by Spaz, causing character imbalance. Some can only be executed by Jazz, but there are no RF jumps that can only be executed by Lori. This contributes to widening the gender gap.

Long RF climbs are very unreliable and the button mashing they require shortens keyboard lifespan.

Firing rockets at walls or into the air is a waste of taxpayer money and causes significant carbon dioxide emissions.
Go to2019-07-02Wall Jump Imo nerf blaster by limiting numbers of shots available down from infinity, encouraging the use of phyiscal means of fighting. emo emo
Go to2019-07-02Wall Jump I think CTF is too mainstream. we should change gamemode to treasure
Go to2019-07-01Wall Jump do elaborate emo
Go to2019-07-01Wall Jump I think RF jump should be removed.
Go to2019-07-01Wall Jump your arguments ----> http://i63.tinypic.com/x4otbd.jpg
Go to2019-07-01Wall Jump Your arguments < My arguments.
Go to2019-07-01Wall Jump Never adjoin the word 'face' with 'poor' EVER. emo You earthlings are not to question the transcendental fineness and delicacy of 'Facing Worlds of the Dimensional Realms'. Sufficient to say that your ill-founded viewpoint isn't remotely close to actuality because in fact most of my impeccable kills were gotten by killing twats failing to walljump. So yes next time never speak blasphemy of the ethereality of that map you SOB. emo
Go to2019-07-01Wall Jump While there might be some "skill" involved, there's definitely a high luck factor involved in a successful walljump. There's no way there'll be a person being able to do it consistently indefinitely. It is a bit of a pixel hunt.

Don't think it should be removed from CTF gameplay though, most people don't really do it anyways, and failing to do a walljump is extremely punishing in CTF. On some maps imo it feels like it actually improves the gameplay of the maps poor quality (face anyone?)
Go to2019-07-01Wall Jump yeah remove also that upper gun9 shoot coz it's clearly a bug and only few people can do it properly.

emo emo emo emo emo emo emo

since when walljump is random? I thought everyone knows how to do it, they just lack of training.
Go to2019-06-30Wall Jump What Vegito said: you should be able to enable/disable it. I'm not going to go full into detail as to why walljump should be removed in competetive gameplay, as I think the reasons for that are already fairly obvious, but long story short: it's random and not everyone can pull it off, and it adds an even greater luck factor to the game.

In my opinion, it should be disabled by default when launching the game and let players enable it with the /quirks command. That way people can still use it in tests etc..And to ensure no one uses it in CTF, perhaps a serverside command such as /allowquirks on/off should be implemented as well.
Go to2019-06-30Wall Jump Yes, removing it would kill many tests and speedruns emo
IMO it's enough plus disables it by default and you can enable it yourself.
Go to2019-06-29Wall Jump I guess levels nowadays are designed with wall jump in mind too XD
Go to2019-06-29Wall Jump I will personally ban those from all the jj2 servers who are involved or contributed in any way of making wall jumps impossible.
Go to2019-06-14CX Internship Scheme
Our simplest answer however, is that Jety cannot defeat, or even hit Jety in a duel, let alone a team game, and this is a cause for concern. We, as an enterprise do not encourage prospective interns to engage in negative thoughts or to beat themselves up or so to speak. Hence, Jety proves to be a non-fit for the aforementioned criteria you posted above.

Thou maks't a valid point. Though what I meant to say is: why not hire Jety to be your new clanmember instead of any intern emo? She has the strength of a thousand rabbits emo, arcane knowledge of battles past and future emo, a vast understanding of every map and its secrets emo. One Jety and your road to victory will stretch out before you unobstructed, paved only with the bodies of her opponents emo.

She might take a (massive) toll on your clan's sumptuous budget, but it will be worth the investment. And you can save yourself valuable training time! Think about it, the opportunities.
Go to2019-06-14CX Internship Scheme m8 we already got we wanted no need to push this further emo
Go to2019-06-13CX Internship Scheme Codex.LTD offer a large number of benefits for their staff, but we are a strong proponent of encouraging a healthy work-life balance.

Unfortunately, this means we do not provide free lunches, as we want people to get out and enjoy the real world that surrounds our business enterprise.

Sincerely yours,
Go to2019-06-13Wall Jump Hi all,

Based on a conversation I had with JJ a while back, I wondered what the general public thought?

Wall jump is clearly a bug, but also a mechanic that numerous people have incorporated into their gameplay now -
but should it be allowed, or removed?

Go to2019-06-12CX Internship Scheme lunch included btw?
Go to2019-06-10CX Internship Scheme
Borgia wrote:
Highest duel result against Jety and map

Why not just hire Jety emo emo?

Good afternoon to you Borgia, what a fantastic question;

Unfortunately, the answer is quite complex and requires a bit of background, which will be provided in segments.

Our simplest answer however, is that Jety cannot defeat, or even hit Jety in a duel, let alone a team game, and this is a cause for concern. We, as an enterprise do not encourage prospective interns to engage in negative thoughts or to beat themselves up or so to speak. Hence, Jety proves to be a non-fit for the aforementioned criteria you posted above.

Furthermore, we require CVs in order to assess whether this prospective intern has what it takes! Being an intern is a lot of responsibility, and tripping up at the first hurdle of submitting a CV is rather problematic (but not the end of the world)

I hope this helps provide some clarity!

Sincerely yours,
Go to2019-06-10CX Internship Scheme
Highest duel result against Jety and map

Why not just hire Jety emo emo?
Go to2019-05-11CX Internship Scheme Keep up the good work. emo
Go to2019-05-10CX Internship Scheme Thank you for your query once again,

We prefer our interns to be well rounded individuals, so yes both would be an advantage (but not a necessity) for your application.

Sincerely yours,

Go to2019-05-09CX Internship Scheme whichever will it be
Go to2019-05-09CX Internship Scheme bobs and vagene
Go to2019-05-06CX Internship Scheme it did make me chuckle tho emo

Go to2019-05-05CX Internship Scheme aint you too old to steal memes, Laro?
Go to2019-05-05CX Internship Scheme Hello am 48 year man from somalia. Sorry for my bed england. I selled my wife for internet connection for play jass jakrabbit two and i want to become the goodest player like you cx. I play with 400 ping on brazil. i will send you email aboud my duul with jety. pleaze acept me.
Go to2019-05-05CX Internship Scheme Hey boss, the fax machine is broken and today is the last day of my internship, can I just send those ladder screenshots by email, or should I try fixing the fax machine? I think that JJnet is using it to mine cryptocurrencies. Sorry about that, I downloaded some t3 training videos from the spy camera and faxed them to CDF. They must have caught on and hacked the algorithm. Right now the fax machine is producing roughly 850 laddercoins every hour, but I think I can fix it, I just need your fax machine credentials. Anyway, I'm going back to school tomorrow and still have summer reading to do, so let me know.
Go to2019-05-01CX Internship Scheme Lol my browser lagged and I accidentally deleted my message.

Well nvm
The deal is off anyway.
Go to2019-05-01CX Internship Scheme Hi Jelly,

Thank you for your query; what a time to be alive that we can freely communicate across the globe, within the space of a few seconds?

My advisor, Jety, has advised that such a trade would be of equal value, as I can infer from her comments during matches of one of the aforementioned players.

However, I would need to review a CV of said potential intern before even sending this onto my internship department for further discussion.

Sincerely yours,


P.S. NEVER, Hordy is my heart and soul emo
Go to2019-04-28CX Internship Scheme I Guess that beats Slayer's offer to me that he would sponsor team t-shirt for me.
Go to2019-04-28CX Internship Scheme Looks like Splat's gonna become the most expensive player ever, with CX paying the record transfer.
Go to2019-04-28CX Internship Scheme Thank you for your initiative, KRSplat, this is exactly what we like to see in our potential interns.

I have forwarded your proposal towards our internship coordinator and finance department for discussion.

Sincerely yours,

Go to2019-04-28CX Internship Scheme Here is my proposal rag:

- 1.2 mill euros per ladder
- 50% must be paid 24 hours in advance, the other 50% must be paid up to 60 minutes after the ladder is complete
- cash only, all cash will be inspected to ensure that it is not counterfeit
- this is a nonexclusive agreement with the clan (Cx), the player (KRSplat) reserves the right to play ladders for any other clans at any time before and after the term of this contract

Take it or leave it

x_______, Authorized clan representative
x_______, Ladder player intern
Go to2019-04-24CX Internship Scheme nah
takes too long
tempting though
Go to2019-04-24CX Internship Scheme The successful intern must accept accountability for their shortcomings within their time with us. This internship will, in part, be a reflective process, where we can help bring the best out of eachother. Hopefully this will provide the necessary conditions for our intern to grow, and spread their proverbial wings, or so to speak.

I hope that helps answer your questions, but if not, our internship coordinator, Hyperion will endeavour to provide you with further clarity within 24 hours of when you posted your query.

Go to2019-04-23CX Internship Scheme Send em to gulag
Go to2019-04-23CX Internship Scheme And what happens if you fall out of reach for the grand final? Fire the intern? emo emo
Go to2019-04-22CX Internship Scheme Greetings,
After one of our weekly board meetings in Codex.LTD, management have come to the conclusion that we need a company restructure. Many of our members are already well experienced, and old, and are looking towards their eventual retirement. After weeks of discussion, we decided to open recruitments for new (blonde) players, particularly those who are motivated to achieve top places in upcoming tournaments.
The Codex.LTD is delighted to introduce its brand new Internship Scheme (IS)!

From our side, we offer the following:
• Great atmosphere
• Active, in-clan community and Discord group
• Bi-weekly coaching sessions; courtesy of our internship coordinator, Hyperion
• A competitive salary
• An opportunity to participate in this season’s grand final match

What do you have to do to apply?
Send your CV to Ragnarok#2080 (discord) or to [email protected] (email), and include the following:
• Highest duel result against Jety and map
• Who you want to be your mentor

Please note, the deadline ends: 12 May 2019, 23:59 GMT.
Further, mentor allocation is subject to availability.

For any further queries, please contact our internship coordinator, Hyperion, as he will be happy to answer any of your questions.
Go to2019-04-07eztrig v4 It's optional in the Puke Nuk3m Arena servers but no one ever plays with it.
Go to2019-04-07eztrig v4 I think just CDF srv
Go to2019-04-07eztrig v4 Has this been already updated in any of the popular dedicated servers (PNA, CD, CDF Server)?
Go to2019-04-04eztrig v4 emo
Go to2019-04-04eztrig v4 Speak for yourselfm not for others emo
Go to2019-04-03eztrig v4 "change bad" -cc
Go to2019-03-30eztrig v4 Hello friends/foes,

I come to you with a proposal;

Please check out an updated version of Trig at https://www.jazz2online.com/downloads/7379/trigelateral-v4/.

The ONLY changes are that the blue base now has improved maneuverability, particularly from the RF powerup box:
- The path to jump left out of the RF powerup box has been improved.
- The RF climb left out of the RF powerup box has also been improved.
- The area with the bouncer ammo left of the RF PU now has more intuitive masking.
- The path above the RF powerup box now no longer requires a jump to continue going left.

The rationale behind these changes is that the red base feels like it facilitates pretty diverse movement, and whilst the blue base has some tricks, they are a lot more prone to failure and therefore the base feels like a bit of a death trap at times.

Anyhow, on a glance, the changes will only really benefit players with more advanced movement (or Jazz/Lori users slightly), which by now I think is most of you. Therefore, I feel this is a superior version to the previous!

Please let me know what you think.

~rag emo
Go to2016-08-31Jelly Jam Some uneducated sideshow barkers are actually considering helping Smoke bring discord, confusion, and frustration into our personal and public lives. How quickly such people forget that they were lied to, made fun of, and ridiculed by Smoke on numerous occasions. - yes Smoke, you make fun of my name every time I see you!! I may have only read a few sentences but Rag is so damn right about everything!
Go to2016-08-31Jelly Jam This is to voice my dissatisfaction with Miss Trey 'Siljinned' Lina's agendas. For those of you who like to eat dessert before soup, my conclusion at the end of this rant is going to be that in this world, there are meretricious good-for-nothings. There are disruptive pedants. There are rats who walk like men. And then there is Trey. Of those, I avouch that Trey is the most stroppy because she wants you to believe that the health effects of secondhand smoke are negligible. You should be wary of such claims. Be aware! Be skeptical! Think! Do not be diverted, deceived, or mesmerized by Trey's annoying, brown-nosing causeries.

There has been little scientific or scholarly analysis of Trey's mindless jobations. This is a glaring omission in strategic discourse, one that can be rectified only by examining how there is a proper place in life for hatred. Hatred of that which is wrong is a powerful and valuable tool. But when Trey perverts hatred in order to promote racial superiority doctrines, ethnic persecution, imperialist expansion, and genocide, it becomes clear that we're going to have to hunker down for a protracted war against her and her phalanx of crude aretalogers. This will sincerely be a conflict of a type that, given the external backing on which our opponents rely, is unlikely to end in a rout by either side. Even if the fighting ends at the negotiation table, we should defenestrate Trey's conceits and deponticate her contrivances. (Goodness knows, our elected officials aren't going to.) That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Go to2016-08-31Jelly Jam It may seem at first that King is living in cloud-cuckoo-land. - Croatia mtfer
For example, King has been showcasing his latest techniques for obscuring unpleasant facts, facts such as that he and his comrades are termagant humorless-types. - by trolling Kryt during games emo
Uncompromising stupes don't really want me to bring King to justice, although, of course, they all have to pay lip service to the idea. - I wonder what Kryt thinks about this.
Go to2016-08-31Jelly Jam This thread:

Go to2016-08-31Jelly Jam *puts lots of words*
Go to2016-08-30Jelly Jam "Mr. King is a __________ who seeks to welsh on all classes of agreements." That blank can be filled with a variety of words, from twit to ergophobic to utopian to gasbag. Each of those words accurately depicts King for who he really is. Before I launch into my main topic, I want to make a few matters crystal-clear: (1) King has lost sight of the lessons of history, and (2) as a result of that, it has been proven by measurements and by analysis that King's theatrics are worse than the Black Death of olden times. Now that you know where I stand on those issues, I can safely say that King is an opportunist. That is, he is an ideological chameleon without any real morality, without a soul.

Those of us who are too lazy or disinterested to build a true community of spirit and purpose based on mutual respect and caring have no right to complain when he and his encomiasts, who are legion, squeeze every last drop of blood from our overworked, overtaxed bodies. If King feels ridiculed by all the attention my letters are bringing him, then that's just too darn bad. His arrogance has brought this upon himself. Ironically, if I may be so bold, by refusing to act, by refusing to sound the tocsin for action, we are giving him the power to give an air of scientific impartiality to biased judgments. Uncompromising stupes don't really want me to bring King to justice, although, of course, they all have to pay lip service to the idea. The next time he decides to create an intimidating, hostile, and demeaning environment, he should think to himself, cui bono?—who benefits?

It may seem at first that King is living in cloud-cuckoo-land. When we descend to details, however, we see that I am stunned that he would state publicly that his vices are the only true virtues. I prefer to think that he's saying such unpleasant things as a rhetorical device. The other two possibilities—that he's too ignorant to know better or, worse, that his judgment has been impaired by solecism—are too horrible to contemplate. He has recently altered the tone of his campaigns. They're no longer a dirge-like recitation of perpetual victimization but rather a preview of new trends in “resistance” propagandizing. For example, King has been showcasing his latest techniques for obscuring unpleasant facts, facts such as that he and his comrades are termagant humorless-types. This is not set down in complaint against them but merely as analysis. With that, I'll draw this letter to a close. No doubt I've made some factual mistakes in the text you just read, but essays since Montaigne have been about locating truth, not about assembling facts. I'll be happy as long as you've learned from this letter that anal-retentive hucksterism and Mr. King's hariolations are one and the same.
Go to2016-08-30Jelly Jam I sit in sad repose as I put pen to paper concerning an issue I find most deeply disturbing. It is requisite, even in this summary sketch, to go back a few years to see how Ragnarok likes to cite poll results that “prove” that the Earth is flat. Really? Have you ever been contacted by one of his pollsters? Chances are good that you never have been contacted and never will be. Otherwise, the polls would show that I personally strive to be consistent in my arguments. I can't say that I'm 100% true to this, but Ragnarok's frequent vacillating leads me to believe that he's unhappy that people like me want to build a broad, united movement against all forms of exploitation and oppression. Such cavils notwithstanding, he is doing everything in his power to make me have a nervous breakdown. The only reason I haven't yet is that I believe in the four P's: patience, prayer, positive thinking, and perseverance.

Ragnarok would have us believe that there is an international Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids. To be honest, he has never actually said that explicitly, but if you follow his logic—what little there is—you'll see that this is his real point. If my memory serves me correctly, his brinkmanship and tin-rattling is aimed at prodding the government into sanctioning his attempts to glorify the things that everyone else execrates. In fact, I have said that to Ragnarok on many occasions, and I will keep on saying it until he stops displacing meaningful discussion of an issue's merit or demerit with hunch and emotion.

Ragnarok's loyalists believe that “Ragnarok's writings are a veritable encyclopedia of everything that is directly pertinent to mankind's spiritual and intellectual development.” First off, that's a lousy sentence. If they had written instead that “tolerance” means tolerance of all, not only of a select few, then that quote would have had more validity. As it stands, if you're like most people around here, you've already gotten into an argle-bargle at some point with Ragnarok about where the free exchange of ideas ends and outright stupidity begins. In my case, he was claiming that his plans for the future provide a liberating insight into life, the universe, and everything. I, in turn, made the counterargument that I, not being one of the many ruthless champions of deceit, lies, theft, plunder, and rapine of this world, want you to know that his steamroller of parochialism will crush all decent men, women, and children who get in its way. Knowing, as they say, is half the battle. What remains is to improve the lot of humankind. In a nutshell, the “in” thing this season for Ragnarok's nihilism outfit is using both overt and covert deceptions to spread lies, propaganda, and misinformation.
Go to2016-08-30Jelly Jam Do Smoke [NC]'s “compromises” appear reasonable to anyone other than vainglorious scumbags? What does Smoke hope to achieve by repeatedly applying his lips to the posteriors of power-drunk sophisters? And when will Smoke come clean and admit that he intends to teach our children a version of history that is not only skewed, distorted, and wrong but dangerously so? This letter is not the place to explore the answers to those questions. Its purpose is instead to express our concerns about Smoke's testy rodomontades. Unless you share my view that I could make a long argument for the idea that it is incumbent upon all of us to confront Smoke's opinions head-on, there's no need for you to hear me further.

It would stand to reason that I see how important Smoke's lecherous, quixotic zingers are to his partisans and I laugh. I laugh because his drug-induced ravings are a logical absurdity, a series of deductions from a premise that has been denied. Speaking of absurdities, one difference between Smoke's gestapo and other dark forces of anarchy and hatred is that the former intends to create an atmosphere that may temporarily energize or exhilarate but which, at the same time, will pose the gravest of human threats. Why does that matter? It matters because you may make the comment, “What does this have to do with jaded headcases?” Well, once you begin to see the light you'll realize that I've overheard various people, especially the verbally incontinent sort, assert that Smoke is a man of morality, achievements, and noble qualities, one who often sacrifices his own reputation or safety in order to pursue that which is right and those things that truly matter. I disagree, but I understand that we need to get a few things right before we can convince the public at large that Smoke proclaims that everything I say is both unsympathetic and coldhearted. Seldom do I pause to answer such criticism of my work and ideas. If I did, I would find little time for anything other than such correspondence in the course of the day, and I would have absolutely no time for constructive work. Hence, I intend to condense my response into the following remark: I never intend to offend anyone, Smoke included. Alas, the following statement may upset a few people: Smoke's practices stink to high heaven. Some people squirm a bit when they they read things like that, but such statements are the key to explaining why Smoke and his conveniently bribed allies have been setting up dissident groups and individuals for conspiracy charges and then carrying out searches and seizures on flimsy pretexts. As bad as that is, it represents only the thin end of the wedge. In the coming days, Smoke will likely procure explosive devices, gasoline, and detonators for use in an upcoming campaign of terror.

We no longer have the luxury of indulging in universalist, altruistic principles that, no matter how noble they may appear, have enabled pigheaded marauders to shake belief in all existing institutions through the systematic perversion of both contemporary and historical facts. Epistemic Bonapartism weakens political determination and gives comfort to antipluralism. To overcome this the question of the role played by Smoke's entourage must be broached directly. Let me suggest we do by examining the way that Smoke would have us believe that some people deserve to feel safe while others do not. To be honest, he has never actually said that explicitly, but if you follow his logic—what little there is—you'll see that this is his real point.

For years I've been warning people that Smoke plans to sell us down the river. However, that's not my entire message; it's only a part of it. I also want you to know that every time Smoke gets caught trying to bowdlerize all unfavorable descriptions of his treacheries, he promises he'll never do so again. Subsequently, his tuft-hunters always jump in and explain that he really shouldn't be blamed even if he does because, as they maintain, a plausible excuse is a satisfactory substitute for performance.

Some uneducated sideshow barkers are actually considering helping Smoke bring discord, confusion, and frustration into our personal and public lives. How quickly such people forget that they were lied to, made fun of, and ridiculed by Smoke on numerous occasions. There's a chance that he will wage a clandestine guerilla war against many basic human rights by next weekend. Well, that's extremely speculative, but it is clear today that if we are going to speak objectively about Smoke's cajoleries, we must understand that Smoke says that anti-intellectualism is a wonderful thing. As usual, he can be counted on to wrap every actual fact in six layers of embellishment. The truth is that Smoke's obiter dicta have merged with clericalism in several interesting ways. Both spring from the same kind of reality-denying mentality. Both concentrate all the wealth of the world into Smoke's own hands. And both conjure up dirt against his fellow human beings. As this letter has hopefully convinced you, Smoke [NC] is trying to advocate measures that others criticize for being excessively bellicose just to prove he can. The good news is that tomorrow can be better than today. However, every one of us has a personal, moral responsibility to make it so.
Go to2016-08-29Jelly Jam tl;dr
Go to2016-08-27Jelly Jam Or maybe YOU ARE /DID ALL OF THESE and you're trying to hide it by blaming it on me!


EDIT: Wow, whole latest posts part of the homepage dedicated to me, I'm so popular now! emo
Go to2016-08-27Jelly Jam I am writing this to let everyone know that I have a concern regarding Mr. Jelly Jam's self-aggrandizing witticisms. I urge you to read the text that follows carefully, keeping an open mind, from the beginning to the end, and without skipping around. I further recommend that you take breaks, as many of the facts presented will take time to digest. Regardless of what philanthropic enthusiasts or visionary dreamers may say about human perfectibility, there are three fairly obvious problems with Jelly's demands, each of which needs to be addressed by any letter that attempts to protect the interests of the general public against the greed and unreason of juvenile braggarts. First, Jelly's guild controls illegal drugs and prostitution as well as banking, oil, defense, and the media. Second, despite Jelly's protestations and rhetoric, the facts do not support his claims. And third, he turns his back on those who have been the most loyal to him. I've said that before and I've said it often, but perhaps I haven't been concrete enough or specific enough, so now I'll try to remedy those shortcomings. I'll try to be a lot more specific and concrete when I explain that he has been doing everything in his power to prevent people like me from calling your attention to the problem of surly, testy tatterdemalions. To that end, he has manufactured a long list of eyebrow-raising accusations that often read more like wild-eyed conspiracy theories than serious discourse. Ironically, we should be accusing him of using terms of opprobrium such as “lusk Chadbands” and “barbaric lunatics” to castigate whomever he opposes.

Jelly has long been getting away with enshrining irrational fears and fancies as truth. I urge all of my beautiful and loyal fans to walk with me side-by-side as we march up the steps of justice to right this unconscionable wrong and prove to the world that Jelly has created for himself premier victim status. He uses this status to shield himself from scrutiny whenever he's caught equipping extremism-oriented clunks of one sort or another with flame throwers, hand grenades, and heat-seeking missiles. Jelly's victim status also means that Jelly's nemeses have to be cautious when suggesting that just because he and his minions don't like being labeled as “chippy clodpates” or “contumelious bludgers” doesn't mean the shoe doesn't fit. I can't predict the future, but I do know this: Jelly has recently stated that his platitudes won't be used for political retribution. Such statements, like his earlier writings and pronouncements, are a contemptible insult to all decent and feeling people. As amazing as it seems, his taradiddles are truly mawkish. However, for many theorists in the humanities today, the key issue with Jelly's taradiddles boils down to one question: Why doesn't Jelly point a critical finger at himself for a change? Any honest person who takes the time to think about that question will be forced to conclude that Jelly is the root of all evil. That much is crystal clear. But did you know that this is the precondition for my crusade against licentious libertinism? That's why I'm telling you that Jelly really wants me to come to heel. If I did, I'm sure the chortles from Jelly and his band would be rich and prolonged, especially given how Jelly has recently been going around claiming that coercion in the name of liberty is a valid use of state power. You really have to tie your brain in knots to be gullible enough to believe that junk.

Jelly is the secret player behind the present, foul-mouthed political scene. He must be brought out from behind the curtain before it's too late, before his patsies subject human beings to indignities. The most perceptive members of our society respond positively to my message that Jelly is the éminence grise behind every plot to intensify race hatred. Sure, it sounds effete. Blame that on the worst kinds of querulous, cuckoo cadgers there are. I have just enough stomach left to address one last instance of Mr. Jelly Jam's vindictive imbecility: He sincerely believes that I'm too bloodthirsty to expose his malversation.
Go to2016-08-27Jelly Jam 1) WTH did I just read?
2)This isn't even JJ2 related.
Go to2016-08-26Jelly Jam You serious bro?

Can someone translate Rag's words on a language understandable to me please? By that, I don't mean Serbian, but the normal English. So many words I don't understand there ):
Go to2016-08-26Jelly Jam So here I am taking time out of my busy schedule to let you and maybe a few other people know that Mr. Jelly Jam's policies are sickening, deplorable, and shockingly evil. Let me get to the crux of the matter: I have a hard time reasoning with people who remain calm when they see Jelly spitting on sacred icons. We indeed can't afford to let him eavesdrop on all sorts of private conversations. What I'm suggesting is that we provide you with a holistic and thematic history of his irascible positions. That's the key to making pretentiousness unfashionable, and it's the only way that most people will ever learn that when I was a child my clergyman told me, “I'm sure Jelly seriously believes that his cajoleries are all sweetness and light, seeing how his selective memory works.” If you think about it you'll see his point.

Jelly insists that taxpayers are a magic purse that never runs out of gold. I claim that this allegation does not withstand scrutiny, in part because a nation concerned about the economic, public-health, and security consequences of atmospheric pollution, climate change, sea-level rise, and diminishing supplies of fresh water can do all classes of things to dispense justice. Alas, such efforts will be for naught without universal acknowledgment that this is not a question of alarmism or cynicism. Rather, it is a question about how Jelly's lamentations began innocently enough with peaceful calls for democratic change. Unfortunately, his army of yellow-bellied loons has since morphed into the prime backer of a bloody, armed insurgency, replete with cullionly demands for shrinking the so-called marketplace of ideas down to convenience-store size.

I can repeat with undiminished conviction something I said eons ago: Jelly commonly appoints ineffective people to important positions. He then ensures that these people stay in those positions because that makes it easy for Jelly to place our freedoms under more sustained and subtle attack than at any time in recorded history. He has gotten carried away with seizing control of the power structure. It's pretty clear from this lack of restraint that he would dispense bread and circuses to brutal traitors to entice them to shake belief in all existing institutions through the systematic perversion of both contemporary and historical facts, all at the drop of a hat. It's therefore imperative that we keep our courage up, as doing so will let Jelly know that he is a sanctimonious cult leader. I use that label only when it's true. If you don't believe it is, then consider that Jelly should certainly heed Cicero's advice, “Appetitus rationi pareat.” (For those of you who failed your introductory Latin class, that means, “Let your desires be ruled by reason.”) At this point, our task is to call your attention to the problem of audacious scroungers. Your support can help greatly with this task, this crucial task, at which we must not fail.
Go to2016-07-03ezdos eztrig These are really good. I actually like trig now!
Go to2016-06-23ezdos eztrig This has been updated significantly since the time of the original post, therefore bump!!!
Go to2016-06-17ezdos eztrig Hi guys,

I'm aware I'm not allowed to change mappool levels - so I haven't - but I have released some updated versions of two of my mappool levels that are on CD under separate filenames. I would highly appreciate if people could check the updated versions of:

The new eztrig2 (Trigelateral) under the name of eztrig (the original, eztrig2 still exists)
The new ezdos (Dusk v3) under the filename of ezdos4 (the original, ezdos also still exists - you may need to !c ezdos4 for this one)

Changes applied in eztrig:
Ceiling made higher at 8,16, giving more space to maneuver at red base.
RFs at 7,29 moved from right hand side to left hand side, to add ease of sneaking bouncer PU with gun9 without auto ammo swap.
Blue springs at 8,39 moved down slightly to allow better flow to the red base from below.
Slopes added at 13,41 to prevent the need for the jump to the old blue springs.
Green spring at 13,32 (Bouncer PU) changed to an orange spring that lands you directly on base for ease of use and increased flow to red base.
Wall added at 14,35 for ease of climbing.
Slopes removed from 24,43 for ease of climbing.
Seeker ammo rearranged slightly at 20,37 to prevent accidentally taking it when using spring.
Green spring added at 26,44 for balance purposes.
Slopes added at 28,25 for ease of use and consistency when climbing up.
Suckertube at 35,20 now shoots you directly onto spring.
Electro Blaster ammo rearranged slightly at 34,40 for prevention of taking ammo unintentionally if jumping to avoid new spring.
Ceiling made higher at 46,8, making it less cramped and reducing the power of the high-ground slightly.
Slope added at 47,14, hopefully making it easier to single jump up from the right.
Ceiling made higher at 46,41, making it less cramped.
Blue spring at 64,52 moved down slightly, for increased flow to the springs at 58,50.
Springs below carrots raised 0.25 tiles for increased flow and ease of use for carrot tricks.
Slopes modified slightly at 71,52 for increased flow.
Walls modified slightly at 75,33 for no real reason.
Red spring at 73,55 changed into a green spring just because...
Bouncer ammo rearranged at 79,27, for ease of access.
Platform removed from 83,33, making it more open around the carrot area.
Ceiling made lower at 91,17 to make the red base a bit easier to defend.
Masks changed on ceiling at 103,81, allowing easier RF climbing on the left hand side if necessary.
Electro Blaster ammo moved from 121,32 to 115,20 to encourage more movement.
Removed annoying shooting snowflakes in the background.
Darkened the background slightly.
Various tilebug fixes throughout the map.

Changes applied in ezdos4:
Fixed the background that was broken by the new 800x640 resolution.
Added oneways to walls above slopes at 10,30 and 54,16 to prevent getting stuck in walls.
Removed a 2-tile platform at 120,38 and 121,38, hopefully balancing the team biases.

Then I would appreciate some feedback if anyone has the time to do so. The main changes revolve around balance and making the levels slightly more user-friendly.

Thank you!
Go to2015-06-132on2 Tournament Group Stage Hurray!
Go to2015-06-092on2 Tournament Group Stage Since there has been no activity regarding this tournament at all for the past 2 weeks, we have unanimously declared cooba the winner of this tournament.
3 hurray's for cooba! The unannounced €20,000,000 reward will be transferred to his bank account soon.
Everyone thanks for participating and cya all next time! emo
Go to2015-05-192on2 Tournament Group Stage Unfortunate indeed. Thank you for your prompt communication and better luck next time!

From this moment on, 4SpR replaces TJ in Group 1 then.

Go to2015-05-192on2 Tournament Group Stage I don't think I'll find a new partner. It's too bad blacky can't play :/ I've had 2 weddings this weekend and wasn't available to play. I apologize to everyone
Go to2015-05-182on2 Tournament Group Stage bump previous post ^ @Sa + TJ
Go to2015-05-172on2 Tournament Group Stage Dear teams:

Silent Assassins & Teh Jackrabbits

I have noticed you have played ZERO games, and made minimal effort to schedule games or play them when you had chances to do so.

In Ahmo's case I'm aware you have exams but I will not extend the final deadline for your team, so you still have to get your games done by 24th May.

In Toni's case, I spoke to Blacky, and he said he's only available today and tomorrow. Unless you think you can get all your games done within those two days, I suggest either finding a new partner, or updating me on your status/plans, otherwise I'll have to take action.

I apologize if this seems like I'm confronting you but I have no other way of contacting you!

Best of luck, and I look forward to hearing from you guys.
Go to2015-05-122on2 Tournament Mappool/Vetos
MasterSven wrote:
Why would you look for it in your jj2 folder if its a new map and you've never played there?
If you did play it then its in your cache folder.

I didn't know its a new map?
Go to2015-05-092on2 Tournament Mappool/Vetos Team: 4SpR
Vetos: Daybreak & Super

(That is, if we get to play emo)
Go to2015-05-092on2 Tournament Group Stage Published!
Go to2015-05-092on2 Tournament Group Stage Okay, we finally have 10 (+1) teams signed up for the tournament.

Groups are now announced. You're free to start playing.

More rules and information is available to view here: http://jazzjackrabbit.net/index.php?op=2v2tourney&page=1

Many thanks for your cooperation!
Go to2015-05-092on2 Tournament Mappool/Vetos Team :The Teachers
Vetos: The Astrolabe and Stronghold
Go to2015-05-082on2 Tournament Mappool/Vetos Guardians in flames' veto maps: Swingin' Jazz & Daybreak.
Go to2015-05-082on2 Tournament Mappool/Vetos Just a reminder, 4 teams haven't submitted any vetos. They will NOT be allowed to veto later in the tournament if the deadline passes.