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By: Slaz, in: JJ2 ladder clan comparisons » Clan talk 2021-07-07 22:17
CDF is still the sexiest clan. :flex:
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Best post of 2021 :-D
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The URL below is a link to the Waybackmachine Arch...
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During the prior decade, I gradually tried to offe...
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That just means the rules are flawed; it should de...
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Hahaha oh my god, I see some of you have saved som...
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Yes during stopped games it could be unethically a...
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Jenny's parents played JJ2 as well, so JJ2 is cros...
By: Vivando, in: Royal Families of JJ2 » Off topic 2021-06-06 11:44
Indeed Anubis, was gonna say that :D
By: Vivando, in: Watching broadcasts while playing CW is cheating » Improving rules 2021-06-06 11:43
True, unexpected breaks during the game can potent...
By: Anubis, in: Watching broadcasts while playing CW is cheating » Improving rules 2021-06-06 11:30
I did have it open to look at the chat after some ...
By: Anubis, in: Royal Families of JJ2 » Off topic 2021-06-06 11:23
Grytolle and Leen both CC

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Go to2015-03-24Derp Well you got all your answers already emo
Some days ago splat gave me the wise advice to "get a life",and i have to say i really have one out of jj2 so i can't be there for your important questions 24/7, which noone regrets more than me.
Unfortunately i don't get paid for it :s
And i like how ppl are discussing the questions ;D
Go to2015-03-24Derp
Why does everyone but Tira answer the questions right now?

Tira is busy at times; sometimes she must sleep, sometimes she must do other things besides post in her subforum. Sometimes she is even working on answers to other questions. She only has about 24 hours per day on average. However, combined with more than just 1 person, there is more than 24 hours per day. I have 24 hpd, you have 24 hpd, and she has 24 hpd. Combined therefore we have actually 72 hpd. Therefore as a team we would be able to answer 3x as much questions on Ask Tira subforum. That doesn't necessitate we do such a thing, but it's just an example.
Go to2015-03-24Derp Why does everyone but Tira answer the questions right now?
Go to2015-03-24Derp 1: Because that is in the description of the forum? emo

"Do you have a question about life? Ask our relationship expert -t3>Tiramisu!"

3: Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more.

Go to2015-03-24Derp - Why are most of the questions about relationships? I mean, it's supposed to be about life and such as well.
- Do you get paid for this job? It seems to be a popular job, you will soon be able to do this fulltime.
- What is love? (COME ON, finish it the right way!) emo
Go to2014-08-13Counting DCLXII
Go to2014-08-13Counting 661 emo
Go to2013-01-11To cooba Locked because it doesn't contribute to solving the problem. It will however get unlocked should cooba and Veg decide to try solving it through this thread again.
Go to2012-12-17To cooba ^ I agree. Anyway, cooba hasn't replied here anymore and showed no intentions of solving anything either. In fact he told me not to try to solve anything? Considering this post was a reply to his latest personal attacks directed at me I can only guess he'll leave me be now emo. If not, I hope admins take proper actions against his possible future personal attacks.
Go to2012-12-07To cooba
Go to2012-12-06To cooba even with the last comm,u just keep getting involved.w/e...
Go to2012-12-06To cooba its betwen them. Not to mention they both have their own stories, and its best to let them handle it, lets not get involved into their buisness as i doubt we can do anything to make it better. Now before you get all "then why did u post those comments then king?" and try to play a smartass like gry, i said that for the simple fact cuz i did not expect cooba to reply.
Go to2012-12-06To cooba I've read everything here. Probably nobody here knows what happened between you two, before you two started insulting each other. Can anybody tell me? If you two don't know...
Go to2012-12-06To cooba (And if another show of good will is needed.. If we actually end up forgetting the past now and you stop flaming me, I will not reapply as a JDC official as that's what you so want)
Go to2012-12-06To cooba
Garnavis: Hey, still busy?
Mama Luigi: no
Mama Luigi: I finished the level pack
Mama Luigi: but Stijn deleted it
Garnavis: Oh, awesome
Mama Luigi: because of the story
Garnavis: Wait... not awesome
Mama Luigi: now I'm pissed of
Mama Luigi: off*
Garnavis: You should be
Garnavis: You put a lot of work into that
Mama Luigi: I did
Mama Luigi: (barely) anti-semetic jokes aside, I actually put some effort into a level pack for the community and it gets deleted by an admin with a power trip
Mama Luigi: **** Stijn, **** J2O, and **** Jazz 2
Mama Luigi: I probably sound like a hypocrite here but I feel very offended
Garnavis: Well, Stijn damn sure shouldn't have deleted it
Garnavis: But
Garnavis: Post it again
Mama Luigi: I will
Mama Luigi: friend of mine in the Jazz 2 community talked to Stijn about this, and this was his response:
Mama Luigi: "My mistake. However, I discussed it shortly beforehand with cooba, and we both thought levels with texts like "is this moral to do? who cares, I'm jewish!" aren't really appropriate for J2O.

Especially not on Christmas."
Mama Luigi: yeah, Merry ****ing Christmas, J2O
Garnavis: Because J2O is such a perfect community that never makes jokes like that
Mama Luigi: I know, right?
Garnavis: Ever
Garnavis: Well you just have to understand that the brain works like a hard drive
Garnavis: And CP is okay
Garnavis: Then you'll understand how J2O operates
Mama Luigi: something like that
Garnavis: So I was going to ask if you felt like playing some BG2
Mama Luigi: I just played a few rounds
Mama Luigi: I came back to check if anyone reviewed the level pack
Mama Luigi: then I saw Stijn deleted it and removed the thread I made about it in the JCS forum
Mama Luigi: mind if I post this log?
Garnavis: Sure
Go to2012-12-06To cooba Somewhat unrelated, Cooba is a known troll so I usually take what he says with a dust particle. More related, if you keep bringing back issues of the past, it is far more difficult to forgive. That's not particularly directed to one.
Go to2012-12-05To cooba I wrote it for a reason, not to mention i find your posts kinda crappy as well, guess world is "funny that way. Well i suppose you're allowed to have your opinion.
Go to2012-12-05To cooba Yeah, sorry I read your "or" as an "and" emo

I didn't call your comments crap to be funny though, your posts were and are crap, so I decided to point it out in a funny way.

That fact that Veg supposedly does this in part to make cooba look bad deserves some attention, but not as much as you give to it and certainly not any more so than does the problem Vegito is bringing up in the first case.

The only reasonable conclusion so far is that one of them, the question is who, is either lying about their reconciliation attempts or is suffering from some kind of memory loss. emo Be that as it may, there is no reason why they shouldn't be able to forgive and forget (but not their schools or friends, because that wouldn't be normal *laugh*).
Go to2012-12-05To cooba Sure, I sincerely apologize to cooba for the flaming I have done to his address which in fact could've easily been avoided (including the chatlog which he showed). I don't think the current situation should continue as it is now. I also wanted to get rid of all the negative shit which is why I posted here as well.
Other than that, sorry King I misread your post there Xd.

I am not really sure if I can apology for having my name as it is now or for being open about my real life (and I already am way less open now). Those seemingly were points that annoyed cooba too.
Go to2012-12-05To cooba Stop blaming eachother. Start your comment with an apology for your behavior, don't say anything negative about the other, then he migh do the same as well.
Go to2012-12-05To cooba The reason why i said something there was becuz it really seemed like veg was making that thread up just to make cooba look bad (and i really didnt expect cooba to reply as i have already said). I specifically said "gry or faw" but you just wanted to flame i guess. You called my post to be full of crap which content said that he was trying to make cooba look bad (as i have said 10000 times) so that is defending him.

Go to2012-12-05To cooba I dont know if you noticed but he called both your and toni's posts crap, cause they had nothing to do with the entire topic basically. Those posts were just "picking sides" as Gry said now. lol. I don't know where Gry defended either me or cooba.

(also, I had absolutely 0 doubt you and whatever Cxer would march in to defend cooba as well if that matters Xd)
Go to2012-12-05To cooba


Also, I didn't really defend Veg with my post myself either, now did I? I tried to poke some fun at you, and then I said that both of them are mature enough to get past their differences. emo
Go to2012-12-05To cooba I had absolute 0 doubt gry or faw would march into veg's defense. while some of my posts are really crap, the ones on this thread certantly arent. Seeing cooba replied here there's not much to say from me, let them handle it i guess (must admit that i did not expect him to reply at all).
Go to2012-12-05To cooba I edited my post.

My single sided story? I'll ask you again - ever since you exploded at me have you tried talking? No? Instead you will continue to flame me, doesn't that require some "ill will" too? You chose to create the "mud you're dragged in" by continuing the flaming just as much as I chose to create the mud. But I am willing to step out of the mud which would mean just going on normally, without having to flame each other again and again.
Go to2012-12-05To cooba
Either we can stop posting chatlogs entirely and get over it or you continue flaming me making yourself look worse instead.

No, I posted it to balance out your single-sided story about you "trying to talk to me". Since you couldn't turn away from that, you decided to post chatlogs of me and drag me into the mud further.

Stop bothering, this is obvious you don't want anything else than more drama and flamewars.

cooba signing OUT.
Go to2012-12-05To cooba Good job showing a 1.5 year old chatlog. (Which was way after you already flamed me several times)
Two of us were acting civil when you wrote this:

[20:43:01] coobaCX: uwage to ci zwracam jak kazdej mojej podwladnej
[20:43:03] coobaCX: z burdelu

as well as this:

[20:50:11] *** Veg4SpR[CC] joined the game
[20:50:15] Veg4SpR[CC]: cooba, moti, tell me one thing please
[20:50:17] coobaCX: o nie kod czerwony

I can post the entire chatlog here if you wish, it shows you exactly why I posted this here emo. Either we can stop posting chatlogs entirely and get over it or you continue flaming me making yourself look worse instead. Sperry tried to talk to you and moti in a server which is when you flamed her massively and left right when I joined. That was an attempt to talk. I don't think we should be posting just chatlogs here but just get over the thing, may that be difficult.

What name I play with is of my concern and none of your business - you can ignore it if you wish. I am not annoying anyone by playing with the nickname I play now.
Sometimes players are like "kick me kick me" and - while I don't kick anymore - I can jokingly say something or should I always be 100% serious? OR are you referring to 2 year old facts again? And don't I show I try to make amends not using any sarcasm? And is it your problem if I get angry over a game and then when I cool off I'm fine again later? Not being able to take losses is a pretty common thing in the world among gamers.

I made part of my life public as I chose to do so, I am fairly careful with telling other parts though and I believe there's something like "freedom of speech."
Go to2012-12-05To cooba
Vegito wrote:
How often have I send a PM/tried to talk at MSN or at jj2? Like, 5 to 10 times?

No PMs on J2O or JCF, no e-mails, and literally nothing in my MSN chatlog folder since May 2011, so not all that often.

I tried to talk to you with FS (multiple times)

Two times.

I tried to talk to you with/via Sperry.

This never happened.

How about you talk trying to talk to me?

In your favorite fashion, let's look at the last time I tried to talk to you:

[00:01:36] cooba[si]: i actually wanted to ask you veg
[00:01:41] cooba[si]: next time i make a thread
[00:01:45] cooba[si]: would you be so kind
[00:01:50] cooba[si]: and not contradict half of it
[00:01:52] cooba[si]: in a post
[00:02:00] VegitoCC: I made clear
[00:02:03] VegitoCC: that it was towards Lithium
[00:02:08] VegitoCC: and not towards anything else you stated
[00:02:17] VegitoCC: "but that only counts for you"
[00:02:24] cooba[si]: so you think it's okay if i say "everyone is welcome"
[00:02:30] cooba[si]: and then "not you emo"
[00:02:40] VegitoCC: sarcasm is hard to notice
[00:02:48] cooba[si]: bad excuse
[00:02:54] VegitoCC: no excuse
[00:03:08] VegitoCC: lets see
[00:03:29] VegitoCC: look at my post
[00:03:34] VegitoCC: "However, that only counts for you, Lith "
[00:03:40] VegitoCC: if that doesnt clearly show it was ONLY
[00:03:42] VegitoCC: meant for him
[00:03:47] VegitoCC: and that it was sarcastic
[00:03:50] VegitoCC: I dont know where your brains are
[00:04:03] VegitoCC: so as you said
[00:04:05] VegitoCC: "Shut up."

[00:04:08] cooba[si]: No
[00:04:37] VegitoCC: of course not
[00:04:41] VegitoCC: only I have to shut up apparently
[00:04:42] VegitoCC: ;_;
[00:04:59] cooba[si]: i'd like it if you werent sarcastic towards people
[00:05:04] cooba[si]: who are willing to help
[00:05:17] cooba[si]: thats pretty simple
[00:05:20] VegitoCC: everybody is sarcastic to Lithium
[00:05:23] VegitoCC: well
[00:05:25] VegitoCC: not everybody
[00:05:32] VegitoCC: either way, his behaviour towards me
[00:05:42] VegitoCC: can guarantee I will find opportunities
[00:05:48] VegitoCC: to make "small jokes" too
[00:06:04] VegitoCC: and even he saw its a joke
[00:06:13] VegitoCC: or Faw, or Gry or anyone for that matter
[00:06:14] VegitoCC: except for you
[00:06:29] VegitoCC: so I guess you may be the problem indeed

One of us was acting civil, one of us was a passive-aggressive dick who felt like arguing... and this time I wasn't the latter emo So maybe you should reconsider why exactly I wasn't willing to hear anything you wanted to say. And no, I don't think you want to make any amends, I've known you and seen your behavior for too long to think otherwise.

Also, you don't care? Then stop flaming me entirely/stop posting hate comments at anything I say? Obviously you care to annoy me.

Then, I propose you stop acting like a some moronic, stuck up JJ2 celebrity? Be it a CW where you spit bile over a single lost point, or a simple game in a ZD where you're all like "yes i'd love to kick this person emo". Not even gonna mention all the times you played (and keep playing) as Veg4[someone]- you made your personal life public and readily available via many means to the entire community, as if there were gossip mags saying "WHO WILL VEGITO GO OUT WITH NEXT?"

I'm sure you will keep twisting facts and my words, but have fun with that alone, because I am not going to grace this thread with a response anymore.
Go to2012-12-05To cooba How often have I send a PM/tried to talk at MSN or at jj2? Like, 5 to 10 times? I've messaged you at jj.net, I tried to talk to you with FS (multiple times), I tried to talk to you with/via Sperry. There were more occasions but I just can't remember them all. Especially around the demotion of me at the JDC site I tried to talk to you normally but you ignored each and every request. So a "simple mail or PM or whatever" is easy to say for you - if you ignore each and every bit of it anyway. How about you talk trying to talk to me? Never happened. So hello, here it is in public.

The timing with activating JDC had nothing to do with it actually, I was planning to post something like this for a while already.

Also, you don't care? Then stop flaming me entirely/stop posting hate comments at anything I say? Obviously you care to annoy me.

Like I said in this post - I wish to quit it and this is just a summary as to why I post this cause it's sickening how you just wish to continue this.
Go to2012-12-05To cooba
cooba wrote:
If you truly wanted to "resolve" anything, you would have simply sent me a mail or a PM or whatever.

Vegito wrote:
cooba refused to talk to me to resolve this by himself/through a "neutral" party so I try it this way now.

Seems like another point where you 2 do not agree.

Looks as if debating who is the "good guy" and who is the "bad guy" is pointless here. It is not going to help.
You should just focus on agreeing to disagree and start ignoring each other. Flaming (and I'm not blaming only 1 of the 2 for this) is never good, just a waste of time.

Just my 50 cents of advice, do whatever you see fit. emo
Go to2012-12-05To cooba That's a lot words for such a simple message as "Let's ignore eachother".

And a lot of those words are quotes of me, where are quotes of you?

If you truly wanted to "resolve" anything, you would have simply sent me a mail or a PM or whatever. But instead, you posted a thread that makes me look like literal Satan and colors you as some sort of saint. And look at the timing too, almost as if you wanted everybody to look at this evil power abuser!

I'm no longer 15 and I have many other things going on than some lowlife on a forum. You thinking that I must hate you is funny, because in reality I don't care about you as much as you'd like me and everybody to care about you.

I now publicly showed good intentions

No you didn't, try again. Or actually, don't.
Go to2012-12-05To cooba In 2012 the Nobel Prize receives Grytolle, for his outstanding achievements in the field of popular-science literature, and promote peace in the world.

congratulates to the winner, greetings and thank you attention.
Go to2012-12-05To cooba


Sry xd

Just talk things out. I'm sure you're both reasonable, good people and not too stubborn for it. emo
Go to2012-12-05To cooba (good morning xd) King, this is nothing more than an attempt to resolve the issue. Sure, he may have his reasons to hate me however after nearly 2 years it might be time to get over it, talk like a man and continue? Isn't that the main point of this?

cooba refused to talk to me to resolve this by himself/through a "neutral" party so I try it this way now. If I wouldn't write anything here the situation would just continue as it is, no matter my good or bad attempts, nothing would change. Considering cooba has rejected any talks with positive intentions with me I don't expect him to talk to me now either. The difference is that I now publicly showed good intentions - I have tried talking multiple times and try to do so now too. If he doesn't want to talk, fine, but this thread will at least not allow him to continue flaming me so easily. I'd just continue to prove my point from in this thread then. I guess you see my point now.
Go to2012-12-04To cooba
King wrote:
Toni's comment holds crap content mostly

Thanks emo
Go to2012-12-04To cooba This post exists solely to increase my post count

JK also this should be in off topic because its not related to jj2 unless someone has something insightful to say about the topic
Go to2012-12-04To cooba Veg you missed my point. I tried to say that this thread looks like a clever attempt to just turn the community against cooba, due to the fact(if you have ANY common sense) that you definitely knew he would never respond here. As for him randomly joining/flaming, when i said "you did something to provoke him" i didnt mean that you said something atm to start his fire, i meant you clearly did something in the past to deserve his love, tho what you did to make him go "that far" escapes me. DZ's idea ofcourse is the logical one, but ofcourse cooba will not show up for this most likely. Urbz was right, i did not go all the way with my reasoning, im not sure,however, that i completely agree with him either, i was kinda tired and i just wanted to go to sleep, as i woke up pretty early today but still wanted to post a short comment about it,which was a mistake obviously. Once again im repeating that what cooba is doing is not okay, but you had your share in this, and by that i mean you (i repeat) did something in the past to provoke him that badly. Toni's comment holds crap content mostly, really nothing much worth reading. He just called cooba and asshole and veg a sweet loving angel which has arisen from the 7 heavens. SE's comment holds a lot of wise words, and gjenka mostly wanted to say what i wanted to (especially about that lawyer part), tho im not quite sure what she meant by quoting my sentence (gimme a break i woke up 30 min ago :l)
Go to2012-12-04To cooba
He was always right, so I believe that he has right in this argue, too.

What a nonsense conclusion, Toni, I don't even mean Veg now, but in general, do u think that someone who never did anything "bad", will never do?

Could be a good lawyer.

Yes, good lawyer talks cunning and is able to turn things upside down.
Also, writes extensively but not necessarily to the point.


King's post
im pretty sure you did something to provoke him, so know that you had your share in this"

I'll summarize this by saying:
"A bad workman always blames his tools"

u both are adult, both have ur own life, you even don't have a proper reason to argue..

This is how i see it:

Go to2012-12-04To cooba Nerd is not a drama queen and as such didn't leave because of a community member he didn't like.
Nerd is an adult with real life who made himself a break from JJ2 to spend more time in said real life.
Go to2012-12-04To cooba From my point of view:

cooba - a guy who randomly hates some persons for no reason. For example, he is the most responsible person/thing what made NerD leave the community. I will never like cooba because of that, even if he is a great administrator of J2O and JDC. He acts maybe weird sometimes, but we all do, right? Too bad he made some stupid decisions. I don't like when he hates someone or insults if someone is a newbie, or make a typo in writing. Not everyone is just perfect emo .

Vegito - nothing bad to say about him. He helped me over 500 times, won't forget him when he made my hard disk readable emo Only 100MB of 1500MB was visible. He never argued with someone if he hadn't a good reason. He was always right, so I believe that he has right in this argue, too. Could be a good lawyer. In JJ2 he spotted a lot of small things what nobody else could ever thought of (tactics, players improving fast, flamewars starting). He stopped me a lot of times to start a flamewar with someone. Good person.

P.S. cooba, please answer. If you don't want a deal with Veg, that's OK, but don't insult him anymore.
Go to2012-12-04To cooba Lol tried to post and i was banned, what a headache recently its been. Two things i will bring to discussion, more briefly than last type-up so succinctity. I am sorry for actions and behaviors particularly mid-2003, where probably almost no one has a clue why i would say that in this context, but thinking alike and getting this reference, it's more or less equivalent example of polarization on and around JJ2. So next thing is why don't we really try to come up with some self-recognition for Jazz2+, such that we can have an option that stops automatically when a player disconnects mid-game. At least in my opinion, trying to prevent a flamewar is greater than or less than not trying to prevent a flamewar, so I don't have ability to make such a change to program and there is also no indication that I have any consistency toward being a fair player and creating fair game rules. It's the same thing that caused flamewar during last National Tournament, and undubitably previous ones.
Go to2012-12-04To cooba There are a simple solution.
But it includes that both parts need to behave as adults and talk to eachother.
After that you can just ignore eachother if you want to. If not, a person that want to solve this will not continue insulting..
Go to2012-12-04To cooba i have a fucking toothache emo
Go to2012-12-04To cooba King, just like cooba posted bs about me while he wasn't there during the clanwar, same applies to his other flames.
Feel free to ask chatlogs and be sure there was no reason for him to flame me. He has never given any kind of chance to us working out normally anymore and that's what I am questioning here. So no, there I had nothing to do with it. I once even just joined and he flamed me already.

Exactly this, the random flaming me while refusing any kind of contact with me, is what I am trying to stop by posting this.

And a reply to Urbs: Indeed, I guess your summary (the final sentence) more or less says it all. I don't care if cooba, you or me have a dark side and all: the thing is to just forget about it and continue and try to be a better person next time. In this case that's far from what's happening and I hope to actually change that. I've indeed saved all those "snide remarks" as you said and I saved them up till I could file a big enough complaint about what is currently happening.

If it's well played or not.. I guess neither, but I do hope to prove a point. And that isn't saying "cooba is an asshole" or whatever (cause like Urbs said - I can be as well) but saying "lets just f*ck what happened and continue" which most players are able to do. How many f*cking times did I forget about Kenny's (emo) previously shitty behaviour by now? Sure it took some time to let go at times but it worked.
Go to2012-12-04To cooba looks like a serious fight hahahaahahahah ja pierdole emo wstyd, sorry urbs, i had nothing to do with that D:
threads first post looks like having a mercenary interest emo not that well played emo
Go to2012-12-04To cooba Oh ya w8, I remember what sparked the final fight between me and cooba.

I commented a moti match where I said I taught her all she knows.

Obviously I didn't mean that. When I said it was a joke, I was called out on having a poor sense of humor.

To which I replied with a long (and very mean) PM saying that the goal was to have the most comments on jj2 and not to really be funny.
And that the difference should have been obvious. Because obviously the statement that I hd taught moti all she knows is hardly
giggle-worthy. It's only funny to all of those who know how much some of the aspects of my game stink. It was a half-assed internal joke if you will, for which I got called out.
Go to2012-12-04To cooba Well both veg and cooba have their dark sides I guess. And both have become worked on becoming better and more productive members of the jj2 society in the past couple of years.

King is right that cooba is even less likely to respond after this, but if you so correctly posit the motives behind veg's post, then you should go all the way with your reasoning. It's quite likely that veg pretty much figures the same thing as you do, so knowing that, there must still be a sensible (in his mind) reason for writing this, correct?

Maybe he was restraining himself (again from his point of view) for so long that he can't do it anymore.

Fact of the matter is that veg used to have a mean streak and you didn't want to get on his wrong side. Cooba must have resented the fact that veg (a former cheater in his eyes) held such power in jj2 (being a ZD admin I think?). There was a time when I was pretty upset about that as well and he did do some weird BS sometimes (kicking JJB for no good reason once etc.). I guess he has a sort of temperament, which can be seen from the latest cw scenario (altho it has to be added, that the stop came WAY after the score and althho I would have scored myself as well, you can see how the other sides arguments can be interpreted as less than sincere). But saying that I would have reacted the same as Rag, I can't be completely sure I wouldn't have also reacted sort of like veg when returning to the server. It's called the heat of the fight and to anybody who's ever played a cw, it's obvious stuff like that can happen. However playing the holier than thou card (for what was it, 2nd season in a row now?) and trying to sell your image of being martyrs, unjustly wronged by t3, CC and god knows who else is getting old. You had a SUB (the person after whom this topic is named) last season, grow a pair and get over it, it wasn't heroism, we're sick and tired of it. (see I'm doing the vegito now, I've been meaning to get this out for a long time now)

Lately I get along pretty well with veg. I guess if CC and GpW played more and if we both cared a bit more about results we'd quickly start finding small reasons to hate each other. I know I'm often spiteful and Veg can be the same way. Plus we're both competitive, so that hardly helps. My main point of contetion with veg was, that ever since the jj2wc2 thing I didn't completely trust him. That's over now, he's won enough that he doesn't need to prove anything to anyone by cheating anymore. So fine, he isn't always cultured and well mannered, but he makes for a good team mate in 3v3's and altho he sometimes sucked as a ZD admin (he was active tho), I don't think anybody ever complained about his JDC work efforts.

As for cooba. Well we have some history as well. He joined GpW when we were dying and nobody else would join us. He left for si, not that I was too bitter at the time, I didn't have time to manage stuff anyway. Besides you only need PR guys after you already have a warteam not as a basis of one.

I think he liked to see us stepping up to the likes of SR (he had LR back then I think?) and CC, but then things took a turn for the worse. I'm not sure he was too fond of moti joining and then leaving the clan, I guess they're friends and I must have done something terribly wrong. I don't run GpW as I should, because I'm terrible at managing stuff and I have some times when I'm absent, so sometimes I just lead by dictating, because it's easiest. Me and Kenny often did stuff that weren't nice to a lot of people once GpW became very big again.

I'm also pretty sure (I think this was actually made explicit) that Cooba disliked our recruitment policy in general. You have to see that me and kenny did the capitalist thing here: screw the worker, it's all about the clan. So we would kick, then recruit again and just act like real a**holes a lot of the time. It was a conscious decision (IT WAS ALL KENNY, THE 10 YEAR OLD BOY MADE ME DO IT I TELL YOU!). I remember absolutely hating people who didn't agree with my policy (holier than thou a**holes) who also had no clue how gpw was run the 1st time anyway (srsly, im the oldest guy here, so don't tell me how you remember gpw, you didn't even know about jj2 when I was already helping Newspaz run the jj2 part of operations). I'm guessing I said something along the lines: "FU you don't know what we're trying to do here and FU with ur romantic notions, you came in when we were washed up and that's not something we're going to let happen again."

It's a situation similar to the Rise of China today. People moan about human rights and all of that, whereas China just wants to be great again - an imperialist superpower. And it has a right to be (for better or for worse). And don't for a second imagine, that what made China great the 1st time were some BS altruistic policies.

So for people who came around 2004/05 and who only knew PyromanusGpW was a nice guy and now gpw is swarming with some iliterate romanian nubs who don't know how to behave properly, they don't know anything about the history of this community. In the days of Jazz2City the community was full of iliterate jj2 nubs from the US and CAN and they were just as bad if not worse. Unless you hate romanians cuz they're no good gypsies - but that's hardly something you can openly defend in this forum (if you want to win anyway). Except for Dethman that was the jj2 community, don't glorify a past that never happened (sort of like all the western films do when it comes to the biggest manslaughter and theft in history - the primary accumulation of Americas).

Plus I'm guessing that me and Reni being all <3333 and emo doesn't help either (and him posting photos of her all photoshopped seriously doesn't help the matter). So that's all it took I guess. Then we exchanged some violent blows and voila, we're here today.

And although I don't like cooba, he is a pretty good j2o admin, keeping the page afloat nicely and making sure our levels get hosted, providing a second hub to the jj2 community. He does good work. Even tho like veg (and myself) he has a dark, vindictive side to him as well. And I think he's a dick.

But if the future of humanity rests on the majority of us being good people, then we're probably screwed.

I guess all veg wanted to say was that he's had enough of snide remarks and because he didn't get it out of his system sooner, he got it out now. More time efficient.

Go to2012-12-04To cooba This whole thread looks like it was made just to make ppl,who didnt hate cooba,hate him,and for people who did, to hate him even more. In it u mention how its directed to cooba as he blocked any way of contacting you, so why would he in gods mercy reply to you now, after continuosly avoiding and flaming you for 2 years. No doubt this was just a way to make him look like an asshole. It also mentions his last flaming at our cw, but honestly your behavior for one lost score after an already massive lead was really ridiculous, you overreacted megarly, and started flaming. As for those other occasions of him flaming you, im unaware of what realy happened since i wasnt there so i cant say much about it, im sure,however, it also has hidden facets in it which u did not mention like that cw example. It always takes 2 people to have an argument, and as much as you would like to think cooba is a retarded mofo who does nothing but insult people in all directions, im pretty sure you did something to provoke him, so know that you had your share in this.I'm not saying that what he's doing is okay, just wanted to let u know that he's not the only bad person here (as you have kindly described it in your message).
Go to2012-12-04To cooba Considering someone made a forum thread from my post I'd like to add it was originally posted here: http://jazzjackrabbit.net/index.php?league=1&season=1&op=descr&id=2873

Otherwise parts of the post don't make sense anymore.
Go to2012-12-03To cooba Firstly, nothing has the right to insalt a woman except God, Goddess or younger woman: her sister, I think. But I don't factually know. From my experience, it's just not effectively possible.

Secondly, if you never breathed before, where would you want to 'dd' and why.

Thricely, if you could shoot lasers out of your eyes, would you want one beam per eye or two beams per eye? We can apply this idea of receptionality to number one regarding the family structure, although number two is still debateable.

Fourth, jest regardless. SNI'd. SARCASM NOT INCLUDED.
Go to2012-12-03To cooba This post is directed to anyone and everyone who is interested, but mostly towards cooba.

I would not write this post in public if it would be possible, however cooba has rejected nearly all kinds of contact with me for the past 2 years. I have at several occasions been willing to talk to cooba, with or without a third party, but so far to no avail. There seems to be no way of having a chat about what has happened the last years. Instead it seems to be childish insults every time again.

For the past years cooba has found many opportunities to flame or provoke me in JJ2 servers or via posts. The last personal attack being the first post in this thread. Some attacks were worse than others but all of them combined left me wondering why nobody has said anything about this.

I will use his own words, making them clear with citation marks. I believe what he's doing "requires some real ill will and wrongly rooted determination" flaming and provoking me continously. His writing to me and whoever would be involved which includes Sperry is horrible. According to what he said, this is how he talks (to her/to me):
"I repremand you the same way as all of my subordinates(lower beings) from the brothel (whore house)"

So in easy English it meant he talks to me/sperry like we're lower beings from the whore house. Sperry doesn't have anything to do with our history so I am not sure what such a heavy personal attack would be needed for. Never mind the general hate towards her from cooba as well.

Once I joined a server and the first thing cooba said was that "I don't say hi, rotten bastard" and at some point that "I get horny whenever I roast him." Besides all those senseless accusations and attacks I believe such messages are out of place anywhere. (reading logs? didn't you start hating me when the CC teamspeak closed instead? That cause people started using it as their own private teamspeak? Never mind that I had nothing to do with the decision to close teamspeak?)

cooba's determination in keeping contact only when he wants to flame me doesn't stop by just muting and flaming/provoking when there's a chance. There's also the questionable fact of "randomly demoting me as an official" a year ago. That, after months, was resolved too by reinstating me as an official. Quite a few of the other active admins and officials at that time questioned cooba's way of demoting me. What do you mean, no personal agenda and capable leadership? cooba gave no proper explanation before, during and after my demotion as to why I should be demoted - it just happened. And again, he wouldn't even want to talk to me during that time even though FS tried to set up a chat between us 3 multiple times. Interesting enough cooba seemingly hates FS too (hasn't cooba called FS and me the 2 biggest idiots in the world/jj2 or something similar once?)

If anything, I suggest cooba to contact me in a normal way so we can talk and just continue with whatever. Ignoring each other, working together only when needed and not flaming each other whenever. If this happens I will just delete this message as if nothing happened and we'll continue playing jj2 (for fun, instead of flaming?). If this doesn't happen and cooba continues to flame me but ignoring any requests to talk normally (not like he will get any anymore), I believe "his credibility in this matter is compromised" like he once told me. I don't want him to post anything to/about me then anymore and I suggest any post about me to be deleted. I've been allowing him to PA me and requested to talk to him for quite some time but now I hope to resolve this publicly.

My intentions are clear, now I hope something actually happens one way or another. I didn't use many personal attacks cause that'd make this post too offensive. I hope something actually happens now, one way or another. I have intentionally not used any of my so hated sarcastic sentences.

Go to2012-10-08Dragon Ball and anime in general gg...imo - it's also possible to be aired in Ukraine i think, but never in Russia emo
Go to2012-10-08Dragon Ball and anime in general
ShakerNL wrote:
DragonBall Z in France and Denmark.

It's also aired in Serbia (again).
Go to2012-10-08Dragon Ball and anime in general As far as I know, DragonBall GT is still aired in Poland. DragonBall Z in France and Denmark.
Go to2012-09-26Dragon Ball and anime in general Also Sword Art Online.
Go to2012-09-26Dragon Ball and anime in general Hmm... In the last few years I saw more than 50 anime series, both old classics and new series as they aired in japan. Let me try to reccommend some that western viewers can enjoy.

Fullmetal Alchemist and Deathnote - See Urbs' post.

Well, first of all something that is really underrated and not know in the west is Dennou Coil. It's a science fiction anime about augmented reality, but the technology featured could be here in a few years and shouldn't make the series to dense or hard to watch.
LowQ for nub connections: http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=206209
Full HD for videophiles: http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=269944

Gintama is a great parody anime. It's almost 10/10, the only cons being the slow startup and (for western viewers) the many references to Japanese stories that you will not get.
Slow connection (download it yourself in parts): http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=search&cats=1_37&term=gintama&sort=2
Good quality for ppl with too large harddisks: http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=314235&showfiles=1

5 centimeters per second is a studio Ghibli-like movie you should watch.
lowQ: http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=18693&showfiles=1
HD: http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=332683

Gotta go now, class starts soon emo
Go to2012-09-26Dragon Ball and anime in general I watched the first broadcast of DBZ in my area and did not follow it afterward. I watched episodes of different DB series sometimes with friends and now that DBZ Kai was released I have seen a lot more of it. A lot of my neighbors grew up drawing pictures of DBZ characters during school.

In anime, I watched Princess Mononoke because it was recommended to me, and Cowboy Bebop because I heard randomly someone playing saxophone on the show and was addicted. I also used to watch Pokemon and Yugioh when I was playing card or Gameboy games during uneventful summers.

American cartoons are more my thing; I do not understand the basis for distinguishing between cartoons and anime. So when I was young I was watching Scooby Doo, Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Lab, etc. instead of Japanese translated shows. Currently I watch Adventure Time, the Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, Amazing World of Gumball, Regular Show, South Park.

Here is a video that I watched before Adventure Time became a series:
I thought it was the funniest thing on the Internet ever; anyway, sorry for being so off-topic.
Go to2012-09-25Dragon Ball and anime in general Dragon ball was important part of my childhood. When DB was broadcasting all kids from my neighborhood went home and watched it. I watched all episodes couple of times. Goku ftw emo
Go to2012-09-25Dragon Ball and anime in general totoro!
Go to2012-09-25Dragon Ball and anime in general Oh yes, Hayao Miyazaki's anime always has awesome atmosphere and nice fairytale story.
"Howl's Moving Castle" and ”Spirited Away" are my favorite anime from childhood...
"Kiki's Delivery Service" is good and peaceful too, liked it much.

All in all, anime of Miyazaki-sama can't to be hated so easily.

Oh by the way, Fullmetal Alchemist is awesome too, but I happened to see only 3-4 series.
Naruto was too classic to watch so I've abandoned to watch after 4-5 series
Also, I wanna take a week and watch "One Piece", but not all of course...
400-550 series is too suicidal to watch emo
(sorry for a bit offtopic, consider that's the topic is about "Dragon Ball" not whole anime, right? xd )
Go to2012-09-25Dragon Ball and anime in general Well if you like anime series there's a couple of good ones I've seen in the past few years:

Cowboy Bebop - probably not to everyone's liking, it's got a dark side to it. Not sure how to put it, but it's like a spaghetti western, a big emphasis is on the music (which isn't there just for the background, it really fits the scenes), and there is a lot of symbolism at play. It's not light material, I don't recommend this one for nubletsemo
length: 25 episodes of 20 or so min +-

Death Note - a very original series, that is definitely worth seeing. Imagine having the power to kill people at a distance just by knowing their name and their face. How would you go aboutt catching such a killer? A very tense battle between a brilliant young detective and a young righteous boy who was given this power to kill. Thrilling story. Also sad at times. Nublets are also welcome.

length 30+ episodes of 20+min
Interesting fact: RiCCardo is a big fan of this show, you can even see him holding up a Death Note in one of his photos on j2o.

Fullmetal Alchemist - The most popular anime in japan in the last decade or so. There are TWO VERSIONS of this one. And this is a good thing because the stories are very different (except for the first couple of episodes) so you get 2 good series. It's very nub friendly, but it should be a big treat for everybody who likes a good story . It's set in let's call it 19th or early 20th century setting, but not on our planet (it's just very similar, you have trains, houses and cities that mirror those of 19th century Europe). Except that in this reality they dont have science, they have alchemy. Two brothers are the main heroes in both versions of the show. You sort of fall in love with the characters and the story doesn't get boring. Like I said there are 2 versions of this one and after you've seen one, you'll want to see the other and the good part is things wont repeat themselves.

original series has 50+ episodes. they're 20+ min long
the new series (forgot the name, it's Fullmetal Alchemist and somehing... google it) 45 episodes of the same length

However, for the highest quality of Japanese anime production you should see the works of Ghibli Studio (Princess Mononoke comes to mind, Nausika, City of Lapua etc). These are all great works that would appeal even to those who hate anime because all they've seen was DBZ, Naruto and some insanely bad crap that came out lately (uhm the thing with the cards for example, forgot the name) - you know the typical animes with the BIG eyes, almost no movement and weird haircuts.

Guys from Ghibli Studios (Hayao Miyazaki, the founder) are incredibly popular amongst Pixar employees, and you just know that the guys at Pixar know quality when they see it.
Go to2012-09-25Dragon Ball and anime in general I watched it when I was a kid... forgot most of the stuff emo
Go to2012-09-25Dragon Ball and anime in general Oh ya, my comment was for the general audience MS, not for you, I saw that you've seen DB, sry if I wasn't clear emo
Go to2012-09-25Dragon Ball and anime in general 'I started watching DB online and it pwnd, I watched all episodes.'
Go to2012-09-24Dragon Ball and anime in general Moved to the forums.
Go to2012-09-24Dragon Ball and anime in general ya most people know dbz and dbgt.

if you liked those two i really recommend watching the original Dragonball series. Not saying the other two are bad, but the vibe of DB is nice as well, definitely worth watching!
Go to2012-09-24Dragon Ball and anime in general Ofc not, without Goku there is no Vegito.
Vegito however can become SSJ4 without Goku.
And yes Urbs, first DB pwnd, but they never broadcasted it here, only DBZ and DBGT. I started watching DB online and it pwnd, I watched all episodes.
Go to2012-09-24Dragon Ball and anime in general but without goku , Vegito cant use SSJ4 emo
Go to2012-09-24Dragon Ball and anime in general cute goku pre ssj1 >>> all!!!

he was all small and chubby and pwning every1emo
Go to2012-09-24Dragon Ball and anime in general Songoku is japanese. And Vegeta and Gogeta can be SSJ4 as well. If Vegito would have ever returned later, which the JJ2 Vegito does all the time, he would be able to become it as well. emo
Go to2012-09-24Dragon Ball and anime in general Only Songoku can use SSJ4, Vegito have SSJ3 ^^
Go to2012-09-24Dragon Ball and anime in general SSJ4
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