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By: ShadowGPW, in: [NT 2020] News » National Tournament 2020-07-29 18:12
Hup Holland Hup
By: Toni, in: [NT 2020] News » National Tournament 2020-07-25 23:20
National Tournament is OVER! [img]http://jazzjackr...
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By: Treylina, in: Ladre Offseazon » Forum games 2020-07-15 01:51
Tetr.io. It's free, with no stupid micro-transacti...
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Wanna play some Mario? https://www.pukenukem.co...
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Haven't[*] played that game before myself. Reminds...
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i recently played this game called 'i am bread' an...
By: i:m, in: Drama over the Ladder (JJ2 fanfic) » Forum games 2020-06-21 17:50
fucking diamondus :D
By: Splat, in: Drama over the Ladder (JJ2 fanfic) » Forum games 2020-06-20 03:28
[quote]Foreword: Thanks to JJnet admins for approv...
By: Splat, in: JJ1 sound effect samples » JJ2 related 2020-06-16 03:09
Hi, I want to post about my samplepack of JJ1 soun...
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Durinğ the ladre offseason, there are some nice g...
By: MaximuS , in: Wimbledon Duel Rankings » Published Steel Duels cases 2020-06-06 23:34
:whip: epic
By: Pariah, in: Wimbledon Duel Rankings » Published Steel Duels cases 2020-06-04 20:50
oh,,, wow, splat ranked #4 ohhh
By: Splat, in: Wimbledon Duel Rankings » Published Steel Duels cases 2020-06-04 05:37
I am here to announce the duel rankings in wimbled...
By: King, in: Funniest moments! » Forum games 2020-05-19 20:40
By: i:m, in: Funniest moments! » Forum games 2020-05-19 20:37
[23:46:21] Jety: pavlo, u wanted wrn's ip? [23:46...
By: i:m, in: Funniest moments! » Forum games 2020-05-19 20:33
[23:07:40] o0o: join cw server when [23:07:41] [S...
By: Toni, in: [NT 2020] News » National Tournament 2020-05-16 16:23
First week of knockout stage is completed! We h...
By: Toni, in: [NT 2020] News » National Tournament 2020-05-12 00:49
Knockout stage games First semifinal game has b...
By: Toni, in: [NT 2020] News » National Tournament 2020-04-18 21:38
National Tournament is OVER! [img]http://jazzjackr...
By: Lahm, in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-29 23:31
RO vetoes: AM and DW
By: Vivando, in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-29 19:42
Added vetoes for team Nordics earlier. I'll announ...
By: Lynx[GpW], in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-28 22:16
Czechoslovakia vetoes: TCS and DW
By: Krzysiek, in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-28 21:19
Poland: DW and AM
By: Toni, in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-28 17:50
Serbia B: Epitome and Stronghold
By: Kyro, in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-28 17:45
Egypt vetoes: Diamondus Warzone & Technodus Cargo ...
By: Kev, in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-28 13:42
Germany vetos: Astro and Daybreak
By: Ragnarok, in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-27 21:46
That's good Urbs! What's the best way to conta...
By: [GpW]Urbs, in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-27 21:33
BTW not sure where to post this, but I guess i cou...
By: MasterSven, in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-27 17:17
Netherlands vetoes: Distopia and Astro.
By: MaximuS , in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-27 14:41
Team Brexit vetoes: none
By: HordY, in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-27 14:01
Serbia A vetoes: DW and TCS.
By: Toni, in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-27 12:55
You can announce your veto maps here before you sc...
By: Laro24, in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-27 01:37
Brexit..? xd rly?
By: MaximuS , in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-26 20:11
Final egy srb
By: Vivando, in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-26 17:12
Group A pog 3:-)
By: Toni, in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-26 15:58
Dear players, Hereby we announce the grand open...
By: Kev, in: [NT 2020] Sign Ups » National Tournament 2020-03-24 15:37
pull some american continent team of splat, empive...
By: HordY, in: [NT 2020] Sign Ups » National Tournament 2020-03-24 10:57
Just a suggestion * As for now we have 11 teams...
By: Ragnarok, in: [NT 2020] Sign Ups » National Tournament 2020-03-23 20:10
For those who are interested in the mappool: - ...

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Go to2020-03-24[NT 2020] Sign Ups pull some american continent team of splat, empive, 555 idk who else is from over the sea. myb there are enough players
Go to2020-03-24[NT 2020] Sign Ups Just a suggestion *

As for now we have 11 teams signed, we could also include one more team which could be something like a World team. This team would include all the players that are willing to participate but don't have enough players from their own country to form a team.

If such thing is possible, having 12 teams would be much easier for organizers as well.
Go to2020-03-23[NT 2020] Sign Ups For those who are interested in the mappool:

- Ancient Museum (am.j2l)
- Daybreak (ezdaybreak.j2l)
- Distopia (distopia.j2l)
- Diamondus Warzone (jjnetctfdw.j2l)
- Dusk (ezdos.j2l)
- Epitome (mlynepitome.j2l)
- Jungle's Edge (olcjunge.j2l)
- Nightwalker (xlmnight.j2l)
- Stronghold (xlmstronghold.j2l)
- Technodus Cargo Station (eztcs.j2l) - Clarification; use old version titled eztcs.j2l, and NOT eztcsr.j2l
- The Astrolabe (ezastro.j2l)

Please direct any complaints to Jelly Jam on his personal email address: [email protected]
Go to2020-03-23[NT 2020] Sign Ups EGYPT

Kyro (cpt.)
Go to2020-03-23[NT 2020] Sign Ups There is nothing wrong with listing them. Its more that we will soon have like 12 teams sign up and there are many teams that depend on inactive players or even players that almost never play CTF.
Go to2020-03-23[NT 2020] Sign Ups whats wrong with listing inactive players? perhaps some of them are able to play just one time if one of us (anubis/plumbe/me) fails to attend the match.
Go to2020-03-23[NT 2020] Sign Ups I agree Shaker. And its not just GER, but we will see how the NT staff will handle this. Btw, wanna join team NL on discord? emo
Go to2020-03-23[NT 2020] Sign Ups Wait, is Kev serious? Most of those players have been idle for years.
Go to2020-03-22[NT 2020] Sign Ups Poland

- Pati (Captain)
- Dragon
- Krzysiek
- Sue
Go to2020-03-22[NT 2020] Sign Ups 8 teams already! emo 2 more days to sign up
Go to2020-03-21[NT 2020] Sign Ups lol 2k20 and sidzej still naming himself with 2 nicks
Go to2020-03-21[NT 2020] Sign Ups Egypt not playing?

FML no team Austro-Hungary :'(
Go to2020-03-21[NT 2020] Sign Ups Team Nordics (NORD):

-SJ/Vivando (Cpt.)

(DanZeal, DJazz, Snooze, Sucer, Raven, Jgke, Nerd) for teh legends
Go to2020-03-21[NT 2020] Sign Ups Czechoslovakia :

-Lynx (cpt.)
Go to2020-03-21[NT 2020] Sign Ups Germany

Kev (cpt)

DIE MANNSCHAFT emo emo emo
Go to2020-03-21[NT 2020] Sign Ups Team SRB - A :

~ Hordy (cpt)
- Artegor
- Pavlus
- JellyJam

Team SRB - B :

~ Toni (cpt)
- Afiiko
- Stefko
- Rose

Prepare fellas! We are signing two teams this year. Let's roast some rabbits and have lots of fun and lag during this pandemic times. May the best Serbia win! emo
Go to2020-03-21[NT 2020] Sign Ups Team NL:

MS (cpt.)

(Vegito, ShakerNL, Chiyu, Slaz, Shadow, Foly )
Go to2020-03-20[NT 2020] Sign Ups Team RO :

Negociu Ionut
Go to2020-03-20[NT 2020] Sign Ups Team BREXIT:

Bee (cpt.)

(if we're allowed to take Aimane, our French counterpart who supported the Leave campaign - we want to, the crew will decide)
Go to2020-03-20[NT 2020] Sign Ups Clarification about fantasy teams:

- If your country has a team of players already, you MAY decide to open a secondary team containing other players from your country (eg. EGY A and EGY B); however players cannot shuffle between the two after teams have been determined.
- However, for countries that have smaller numbers of players, they may partner up with some neighbouring countries within some form of reason.
- Real teams will be considered a priority above fantasy teams!

For example, we would allow a team Latvia/Lithuania, or UK/Ireland, but not France/Tajikistan.

Please contact us if you require any further clarification or advice. emo

The NT2020 crew have the final say-so as to determine whether a fantasy team is eligible to participate or not.
Go to2020-03-20[NT 2020] Sign Ups Inspired by the public demand and the quarantine-period, we are pleased to announce the 7th edition of the mighty National Tournament!
Our current plan is to have a group stage and a knockout stage afterwards.
We require one person from each country to be the captain of the team. The captain of the team is charged with scheduling matches with the other countries' captain.
For this year's NT we are going to allow ''fantasy'' countries (within limits) to sign up, as we feel that they are a fun and interesting addition to the tournament .
To sign up, simply please respond to this post by writing: your team captain and your team's roster.
We currently plan to start this tournament sometime this week.

GLHF! emo emo

The deadline for signups is Tuesday the 24th of March 18:00 GMT.
Go to2013-08-07RO vs POL http://jazzjackrabbit.net/index.php?league=1&season=1&op=newjj2tv&doeget=4 Is NOW live
Go to2013-08-04CX-T3 CX vs T3 is being streamed NOW
Go to2012-09-08RO-SRB SEMIFINAL is in 20 mins live!

Go to2012-09-07EGY EU EGY vs EU will be in 20 mins.lith will link u.

Good game!
Go to2012-08-31PL vs GER I'm available as a backup ref.
Go to2012-08-31PL vs GER PL vs ger is up in 40 mins.stream in 20 mins


Go to2012-08-17Serbia vs Egypt Good game!
Go to2012-08-10RO Vs POL Added to frontpage, since most of this NT's matches are. Also, people should see this because JJ2 livestreams tend to attract only a few viewers...

Will try to make it to the stream myself, if I can find a faster access point here.
Go to2012-08-10RO Vs POL Ro vs POL will be up in 23 minutes.link up soon

Edit by wKtK: Link: http://jazzjackrabbit.net/index.php?league=1&season=1&op=newjj2tv&doeget=4
Go to2012-01-26Admins gj dz emo
Go to2012-01-25Admins Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
NO! It's Super Zeal! emo emo

Thanks for cleaning the mess emo
Go to2012-01-25Admins Done
Go to2012-01-25Admins He's a prophet, wktk emo
Go to2012-01-25Admins The thing I'm LOLling about is this:


He actually made the 'Anti Artem Alliance' we joked about. emo
Go to2012-01-25Admins We will eventually, but it's not very urgent
Go to2012-01-25Admins He's just spammed hte homepage emo
Go to2012-01-25Admins he is right,why didnt u alrdy delete them?
Go to2012-01-25Admins +some random badwords
Go to2012-01-25Admins Delete huj's clans please.Too many spam for the league.and its a 1-man with 15 clans
Go to2011-08-26[REPORT]LOON like a boss emo
Go to2011-08-26[REPORT]LOON Done.

I'd like to repeat again: don't bug me on msn about abuse - use the complaint form (it's not anonymous)! I'm quite sure that no one will be angry at you if you report real abuse, but questionable reports will just make you seem whiny.
Go to2011-08-26[REPORT]LOON There isn't much of a discussion here - I think you didn't do anything that wrong and I hope Grytolle gives you back the admin access.
Go to2011-08-26[REPORT]LOON Back to topic please..?
Go to2011-08-26[REPORT]LOON Parrot, are u kidding?
Iron can't be Cobra...

He had different behavior, and one difference between Cobra and Iron is:
Iron is spammer...
Go to2011-08-26[REPORT]LOON Cpt.Iron[FC]

FC? lol multiclanning..

Iron looks like cooldude31 (Cobra) emo
Go to2011-08-26[REPORT]LOON If most of the people have this impression then the way u put ur msg is probably wrong. It`s just a fact,i`m not tryint to insult u here.I rly have no hard feelings on u despite of what happened last week.
Go to2011-08-26[REPORT]LOON its so weird when ppl start thinking that i do smt wrong or insult whenever i comment
Go to2011-08-26[REPORT]LOON what does it have to do with this. and who did i bitch this time :|
Go to2011-08-26[REPORT]LOON Whatever. Stop it.

I don't even count this as a third chance, since I think he hasn't done anything wrong here.
Go to2011-08-26[REPORT]LOON When u had to play for Romanian and you didn't wake up, then you were bitchin' all the time. And now you think it's all ok and are you bitchin' to someone else..
Go to2011-08-26[REPORT]LOON and btw this is the 3rd chance gry gives u not the 2nd
Go to2011-08-26[REPORT]LOON what was a week ago?
Go to2011-08-26[REPORT]LOON Kimo, shall we start about you again? Because that was like one week ago emo
Go to2011-08-26[REPORT]LOON i really really need to check steel duels more often. this is getting hilarious
Go to2011-08-26[REPORT]LOON o kurwa dis is too good
Go to2011-08-26[REPORT]LOON This war can go forever. I don't know who is right and who is started kicking first, but I'm sure we need stop this. Yes, Lahm acts very strange and sometimes he's dumb, but it wasn't reason for kick. A real admin shall never do such thing just because some1 said "ur not gold". And Lahm, please, stop complain...

Well, BTW I agree with Ana... Need give a second chanCe.
Go to2011-08-26[REPORT]LOON Loon makes more sense when he is angry. Give Looney a second chance pls!!!! I believe in Loon!
Go to2011-08-26[REPORT]LOON hahahahaha o kurwa bracik broni bracika normalka rumuny
Go to2011-08-25[REPORT]LOON I.. can't... stop.... commenting... here!

Anyway, I read everything here. (Understandable, it goes about me..) And I have to agree with *MOST* of the posts. I wasn't raging at anyone in the server. I only kick with a valid reason or if I have to proof something. Which I won't do anymore. Lahm is really bitching with those reports. I noticed that now.., he should join the police actually imo. But that was more like an agressive reply. Anyway, personally, I want this second chance, I really do. I'm not that kind of a bitch and nor would I be. Only when people annoy me.
Anyway, since now everyone is calling stuff back from the past.., I won't go into the past. Because this is what happened now, and we have to solve this problem like we did with all the others. But people go back in the time. Just only to figure out what happened then, so it will build up till there is going to be a massive kick-/banhammer thing.
Just like with SR, he cheated, boom, 1 month banned, he came back, 1 year banned. Still people don't forgive him. But that is understandable. But you need to forgive someone if he gets a second chance. When there is trouble again, they should be punished by the future, not what did they in the past.
Anyway, the conclusion is, everyone deserves another chance, till everyone agrees he/she doesn't.

I have a very different personality than most of the people here in jj2, but what the heck..
I'm just spammy sometimes, also irl. CC people know this, I can be very annoying and even touchfull. But really, there is one thing you won't do to me. That is making me angry. Which I am hardly.. But this is more about me.

I like any kind of person how they are. But some peoples attitude really suck like a trippin' hippy. I really wish they could be more mature. (Wooow, that makes sense!)

check ya lat0r., Loon out.
Go to2011-08-25[REPORT]LOON Haha yeah right.

Still Anubis, we would have known it was Lahm because of the style he writes the reports in emo
Go to2011-08-25[REPORT]LOON Well that changes things a bit. If he meant it as an anonymous report then he did nothing wrong imo.
Go to2011-08-25[REPORT]LOON You should have said that emo

I'm sorry for this Lahm, though I still think this was pointless.
Go to2011-08-25[REPORT]LOON No, I sometimes make the first poster anonymous before I publish the case. Lahm filed a report, I made the thread public. Don't blame him for "taking it public" or whatever. emo

Either way, waiting for some more replies, but it looks like Loon might get another chance.
Go to2011-08-25[REPORT]LOON Gry gave him a link when he did it for the first time, I think.
Go to2011-08-25[REPORT]LOON You need to go to Articles > Steel Duels to find the report option though? Lahm probably didn't know about it.
Go to2011-08-25[REPORT]LOON Lahm and Anubis: There is an option to ANONYMOUSLY report abuses. There is no need for drama threads.

Kimo: Although there is no rule against foreign languages, please do short messages only.
Go to2011-08-25[REPORT]LOON doamne, dar si tu esti prost lahm, eu si alti cativa iti dam dreptate si tu le zici celorlalti ca ai gresit si ca o sa vb pe msn.. :|
Go to2011-08-25[REPORT]LOON although loon did a stupid thing, it seems like he was lulled into it.

It's like, when veg did something stupid in the past, not because veg is inherently a bad person, but because he has a wee bit of kenny rage inside him.

I'm not sure what ought to be done, but if you give loon another chance one of 2 things will happen:

a) he fucks up very quickly and u are basically just delaying your punishment for a week/month at most

b) he has learned his lesson, will keep his temper in check and mby even become a decent admin/mod/ w/e

And I'm not defending Loon (well I am, but not because he is Loon or because me and him were tight friends or anything).
Fact is, ever since we had that discussion about how ZD admins abuse their powers etc, I have felt kinda bad about thrashing you guys so much. Admins need to have some authority and like ref's in a football game, the system shouldn't allow that they buckle under pressure whenever somebody produces some small evidence of BS. Granted, this was more or less power abuse, so it might not be such a small thing.

Still, feeling christian today, i say emo
Go to2011-08-25[REPORT]LOON Thanks for the information, Kimo. Didn't know we're supposed to report/discuss things here rather than on MSN. I've deleted my post now. It's mostly the description of the forum "Resolved complaints" that made me think otherwise. And I wasn't there indeed, but from Gienka's post I assume Lahm kicked her other times as well, not just that one time. Then again I don't know, I'm just assuming things emo
Go to2011-08-25[REPORT]LOON
Lith,U sure? Btw stop beaching around and we suggest we go on MSN latar

lahm cand vrei sa ma copiezi, se scrie 'bitch' amice.
Go to2011-08-25[REPORT]LOON ugh anubis u werent there. do we actually have to start the shitty conversation about this again? V.V gienka kicked lahm, lahm came back and kicked gienka, gienka banned him end of story.

gry told us to report everything we have to here on jj net forums instead of buzzing him on msn. thats why lahm started a thread...

so please dont come into conclusions so fast without taking into consideration other unknown details..
Go to2011-08-25[REPORT]LOON I back up Loon on this one. You were spamming him as the others did, and still he did not do anything that bad. As Anubis said, you just seek attention by posting this here. Also, I never saw you complain when the Zeal admins kicked you at times.

One more thing, I'm seriously going to consider banishing you to a certain place if you continue naming your drama threads [REPORT]NAME.
Go to2011-08-25[REPORT]LOON Lahm didn't play at that time.
Go to2011-08-25[REPORT]LOON bullshit

this is like the first time i protect lahm, im always criticizing his way of doing things.

taking everything too personal. i have no problem with any of u 2, but looks like u do have got smt with lahm or me right now

and just so i can prove u ive got nothing against ya, u have my vote.
sure give loon another chance, its not like i care about it
Go to2011-08-25[REPORT]LOON So to repeat: I'm waiting for other people than Lahm/Loon to give their opinions
Go to2011-08-25[REPORT]LOON Kimo, ur just protecting Lahm now. I don't listen to Gienka, which I thought was very silly.
Anyway. I guess it's better if me, gry and lahm discuss this in private.

And the second chance was more like something which happened with my pc. Which you don't have to know.
Anyway, I didn't know this like I said.

And if you can't read then here is it one more time.

I didn't know!

Allright, Gry might has to think about it.

EDIT: Gry can't think about it. Anyway, I never punish someone without any reason. That's something what everyone should know.
I'm not that mean and always give a warning. Because I want to proof myself to other Zeal Admins. Which won't work like this.
Go to2011-08-25[REPORT]LOON Well, feel free to give me your opinions on whether Loon deserves a third chance, eventhough he basically kicked someone just to prove he could. I know he didn't mean anything bad by it, but it's still a very objective offense, so I don't really know what to do.
Go to2011-08-25[REPORT]LOON gry gives everyone too many chances

if i did smt stupid as this i wouldnt be surprised if i got demoted right away. [sure i would probably complain about it bcs thats me]

dont play with fire and get burned on ur 2nd chance loon

lahm has all the rights to report someone so stop taking everything so personal

plus gienka using the old SOLVED fighting as an argument is pretty pathetic.
Go to2011-08-25[REPORT]LOON Sorry for my previous post. But I think I'm right. I talked with Gry allready and now I understand that I did something wrong aswell. But this kick was meant to be a proof. Not like 'I don't like you, gtfo'.
I hardly know Lahm, but when I see him he's annoying and insulting.. I actually don't know the other side of him.
Anyway, I understand it. And won't do such thing a second time.

EDIT: @ Lahm, I guess you don't understand it.
Not everyone is protecting me, maybe you should change yourself a bit. You actually are pissed off when people do such things to you. But when you do it, it's funny as hell.
Anyway, IT WAS A PROOF, and I didn't think of what I've could done more. Like changing the server name. But I didn't think about it, so I dont see any sense why you reported it in the first place instead of discussing with me first.
Go to2011-08-25[REPORT]LOON lahm, have u forgotten already when u were kicking me?

and not once


Go to2011-08-25[REPORT]LOON It's a hard job being an admin in chaotic situations with kids spamming around/flaming each other. No wonder steel admins leave/get demoted one by one. Those who last for long enough could become the next Zeal Admins some day though. Also I don't see Loon doing anything wrong in this chatlog here in particular. I did see Iron spamming and Lahm flaming when I was in the server for a short while though.
Go to2011-08-25[REPORT]LOON Lahm, you didn't believe me that I had the golden pass. Then I proof it to you and then it was allright. Now you are being a jerk and like a reporter. That's fucking boelshit!

You insult everyone and think ur a smartass, and when you have the chance to you want to kick everyone.

Anyway, it's actually stupid that Gry doesn't listen to both of us and demoted me inmediatly.
Go to2011-08-25[REPORT]LOON OK demoted again. Changing passwords tonight, probably.
Go to2011-08-25[REPORT]LOON :30:40] Console: >> [RO]Lahm-CDF- has logged in (Silver)
[22:30:40] QuèCC: i could rename you
[22:30:40] Cpt.Iron[FC]: sorry
[22:30:45] Cpt.Iron[FC]: oh
[22:30:48] [RO]Lahm-CDF-: loon
[22:30:48] Cpt.Iron[FC]: dont score!
[22:30:49] Cpt.Iron[FC]: dont score!
[22:30:50] [RO]Lahm-CDF-: u no longer
[22:30:51] [RO]Lahm-CDF-: an gold
[22:30:51] Cpt.Iron[FC]: dont score!
[22:30:54] [RO]Lahm-CDF-: lol
[22:30:55] QuèCC: yeyeyeyeye
[22:30:55] *** Cpt.Iron[FC] heeft de vlag
[22:30:57] QuèCC: IM
[22:31:00] QuèCC: /stop
[22:31:00] Console: Game has been STOPPED
[22:31:05] Cpt.Iron[FC]: Que is Gold
[22:31:06] [RO]Lahm-CDF-: no ur not
[22:31:07] Cpt.Iron[FC]: so stfu
[22:31:07] QuèCC: /kick 5 see, im gold
[22:31:07] >> Kicked IP:
***** End of Log [[Thursday, August 25, 2011 at 22:31:07]] *****
Go to2011-08-02Polish/Romanian controversy Yes, cooba and Majorek get banned for a staggering 1 hour period (each). Lahm gets a second chance at the silver password. Loon got demoted completely because of cheating (not in a real game, but too unadminlike for him to remain a trustee), and Gienka is by choice no-longer an admin.
Go to2011-08-02Polish/Romanian controversy u kinda went off-topic urbs but u still cleared everything up! yay
Go to2011-08-02Polish/Romanian controversy unification war!

As Urbs said. I always like to keep neutral as much as possible - that's why I'm your alien emperor instead of a Serbian biased admin emo

There's a lot of tension between Romanian players and Polish players indeed. I'd like to ask both sides to stop,but if that's impossible,please don't spam around and abuse admin powers. That just makes it worse for you,and makes it harder for us. Play fair and be nice emo

greetings from your forum emperor
Go to2011-08-02Polish/Romanian controversy well can't really say much on the specific matter at hand, but I can speak about national issues in general.

Since I happen to understand some polish, I know that lately a lot of anger has been vented at the romanians (presumably cuz of Kimo's thread) and I am sure, the reverse is also true.

Now I'm not sure what's up with this 21st century nationalism, but it's pretty darn annoying.

I try to take the fact that people speak in their native languages as a positive; i try to pick up a word or two. But in general I do prefer it when people speak english.
Sure I might speak serbian here and then (which is BTW WAY harder for me than english), but that's cuz the community ever since i came bqack last year (this was not the case 5 years ago for example) has been speaking less and less english and more and more in other languages.

While there is nothing wrong with that in ti by itself, you can see how people are "mistrustful" of one another due to the language barrier.
A conflict is more likely to erupt, if groups are based on languages/nationalities.
Well its simple, if one can't communicate with a certain group one feels excluded.

Maybe its different for people from small countries like Slovenia. I for example have hardly a shred of national pride in me. I don't cheer for our football team (forza italia), I know national anthems from the US, France and Italy by heart (they sound good) and I've always considered myself (especially on the internet) a citizen of the world or at least of Europe. and no, that isn't because of some deep philosophy, I just always considered that nowadays the world is what matters and not a small country (tbh RO, POL, SRB are all small countries, that's why we formed the EU, so China (CCemo) doesn't eat us alive). Plus I wanted to be an international superstaremo

We've had several instances in gpw where members from RO or SRB were at each others throats during trainings. For example all the serbians hated Kryt and "couldn't play with him", and ofc Kryt hated the serbians.
And then if one team would be say, 2/3 serbiand and if they'd win, they'd say: Serbia PWN! or smth like that
Or if kenny and kryt won they'd be like: ROMANIA!!!!
I told kenny to stop doing it and I think he got me, yet you could often hear him say: I play good wtih Kryt and one could not help but wonder if that wasn't due to a national sentiment.
Same with Hordy and Afi for example.
And then you'd have all the young serbian players saying <3 hordy and all the romanians <3 kenny.
<3 yourself ffs
and if you <3 your country, fine, but don't call other people names (likey gypsies) and don't blame somebody's stupidity or lack of gameplay (or him/her just having a bad day - it happens) on their nationality.
OFC you're more likely to do that, if you don't understand what that person is saying and if you think he is cursing you in his own language.
The RO-POl tensions atm seem to be very high, I can't say what started it, but it's funny to look at it, because you literally see 2 sides simulataneously chatting and you don't even need to understand the language to feel the tension.
Majorek yesterday wouldnt play a 3v3 cuz he'd have to be in the same team with kryt and kimo for example, so I went from gjenki's and moti's team to the RO team. Go figure!

I do hope it's just the language barrier, cuz if all these people are so nationalistic, then in 10 years time when they all get to vote, we'll be having WW3emo
Go to2011-08-02Polish/Romanian controversy we're unbanned now lol but just check the chatlogger i posted above. what do u think about it? and pls, don't say 'we', because as long as i know im a part of this 'we' too. we're both gold emo
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Imo gienka should be banned as well for abusing. Cant we say bad words?Its allowed.

Gienka was biased a bit,but she didn't take part in insulting. She just banned your spammer side emo

As Lahm and Kimo are already banned,we'll think about banning the other side too.
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IMO both sides should be banned for 12 hours. IN THE LEFT CORNER,we have Kimo,Lahm and Krytical,while in the right corner we have cooba and Majorek.

i don't get why EVERYONE should be punished, me and lahm got banned already. why so?
Go to2011-08-02Polish/Romanian controversy lahm, you got demoted because you kicked Gienka for no reason. she wasn't insulting you.

as well she wasn't doing her job great either. Cooba started insulting us and ofc Lahm insulted back. gienka only kicked and banned lahm and me, however someone realized later how stupid that decision was and kicked cooba emo coincidence much?
Go to2011-08-02Polish/Romanian controversy gry's conclusion: just be all friends. LMAO emo
Go to2011-08-02Polish/Romanian controversy Also, i'll talk to gry about this:

[18:57:49] Kruk VS: if you're not, go die in a dark hole
[18:57:52] Kruk VS: u little shit
[18:57:57] Kruk VS: you're toilet paper
[18:57:58] Kruk VS: xP
[18:58:18] Kruk VS: you're not worth talking to u piece of crap
[18:58:23] Kruk VS: you're miserable emo
[18:59:39] suprem: bbrb, babcia reke zlamala o.o
[18:59:41] moti: i dont know where do you have problem still, kimo
[18:59:44] gienkaGPW: eh
[18:59:46] moti: still you are looking for shit in the ass

[it's about moti taking his part for no reason because i didn't insult him]

[19:03:18] gienkaGPW: dont pretend to be more stupid than u are
[19:03:43] gienkaGPW: i just cant read all ur shit
[19:07:31] gienkaGPW: kimo: blabla
[19:07:35] gienkaGPW: kimo: blablabla
[19:00:01] moti: i think you should stop staying at home all the time
[19:00:04] moti: because you are bored
[19:00:05] kimo[CðD]: moti.. its pretty rude saying that to another admin
[19:00:06] moti: all day
[19:00:07] kimo[CðD]: dont u think?
[19:00:07] moti: all night
[19:00:11] moti: oh well
[19:00:12] gienkaGPW: yes moti
[19:00:15] gienkaGPW: he is an admin, he is better
[19:00:16] gienkaGPW: now
[19:00:16] gienkaGPW: emo
Go to2011-08-02Polish/Romanian controversy IMO both sides should be banned for 12 hours. IN THE LEFT CORNER,we have Kimo,Lahm and Krytical,while in the right corner we have cooba and Majorek.

Go to2011-08-02Polish/Romanian controversy I checked the chatlog. The ban seems valid,but both sides have spammed and flamed. Please refrain from it or I'll be forced to take measures.
Go to2011-08-02Polish/Romanian controversy @Lahm,

don't pretend to be stupider than you are,

you were insulting us in romanian, thats why u got kicked, later u kept doing it so i banned you,

kimo got banned cuz he wrote smth (IN ENGLISH) to cooba, which was ok (like Gry said)

so stop looking for shit in an ass,



and btw. i resigned from gold yesterday
Go to2011-08-02Polish/Romanian controversy You do know that we have access to the chatlog,playlog and the IP log,which means proof can always be gathered?
Go to2011-08-02Polish/Romanian controversy Well,if you spammed bad words,it's justified.

Otherwise we might have to deal with both sides for that forum thread.