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Go to2014-05-11banhammerz
Go to2014-05-11banhammerz
Go to2014-05-07banhammerz
ShakerNL wrote:
You should behave if you want to be unbanned But I doubt that will ever happen All I can do now is give you this cake: emo

It shows how arrogant you are, like youre hosting server for all of humanity and we should all be grateful oh you lord. Honestly I don't really care for your tests servers, we are two different type of players, Im playing CTF youre playing tests or just talking, its just sad when I come somewhere and you scream like a kid and enjoy of banning me, but this is your problem, I know where I shouldnt join.
Go to2014-05-07banhammerz Do you ban everybody who insults people? If you do, then it's fair.
Go to2014-05-07banhammerz Honestly speaking, Slayer should be unbaned. If he is insulting or whatever - that's what the /mute command is for. I know, he also insulted me a lot of times but last days I'm not really feeling like he is that bad anyway. And I'm also not feeling it's for serious, but that's your server so I should not interfere.

About Electron - what's the deal? I just know he does some strange shit.
Go to2014-05-06banhammerz Sorry Slayer, but you have been insulting people, including me a lot of times and I don't like it. So I banned you from my servers. I wouldn't ban you from any Camel server for personal reasons though. That would just be admin abuse. You should behave if you want to be unbanned from Puke Nuk3m servers. But I doubt that will ever happen. The !topidiots command is ElecTRon's idea and it only works in his own server, not in my servers. All I can do now is give you this cake: emo

My servers, my rules.

Go to2014-05-06banhammerz I got banned from Puke Nukem in the middle of explaining how to get the complete JJ2 source code! Now you'll never know! emo
Go to2014-05-06banhammerz
Kyro wrote:
they are admins in Camel Relaxer and keep banning people without any reason

Just prove that and i gonna handle that, also Electron doesn't have any admin rights in Camel Relaxer, and if he banned you from puke nuk3em servers so you should report that to shaker

Shaker is another crazy banhammer who likes banning people.

[Picture edited out due to malware alerts it triggered in Chrome. ~SE]
Go to2014-05-06banhammerz
they are admins in Camel Relaxer and keep banning people without any reason

Just prove that and i gonna handle that, also Electron doesn't have any admin rights in Camel Relaxer, and if he banned you from puke nuk3em servers so you should report that to shaker
Go to2014-05-06banhammerz Some of people are hosting public tests on their own servers or they are admins in Camel Relaxer and keep banning people without any reason. Electron made a new idea to flame people, he added an option top idiots, everytime me cooba or r3p are joining, he has to show everyone how big king he is (urka burka szef podworka) I suggest you guys don't play with this guy because what else I can do, I guess theres nothing We can do with banhammers from JJ2. I hope banhammers won't be active in CDs, otherwise I wouldnt play there, below I added a screen from urka burka.

urka burka szef podworka
Go to2011-10-18Challenge GpW vs VS
kenny has a school trip (AGAIN!!!) this weekend.

Seriously, how many school trips does he have a year? He even has some during the holidays!
Go to2011-10-18Challenge GpW vs VS Most clanwars are planned a lot less quickly... Fun fact: our loss vs. 8D happened when we arranged a more or less spontaneous cw during the christmas holidays
Go to2011-10-18Challenge GpW vs VS srsly, for the CW, this weekend isn't doable, because I know VS is a good team and want to have hordy and kenny on team. We could try kryt, urbs, lahm, but we would need some luck to win.

Hordy has swimming competitions most saturdays and kenny has a school trip (AGAIN!!!) this weekend.
It's also really hard to get hold of those two for exact dates so that I could arrange it properly with Warrior.
Go to2011-10-17Challenge GpW vs VS Slayer's quote:Urbs play against cpt kids and win this season.


looks like we have a new kid among us. emo emo

emo for toni .
Go to2011-10-17Challenge GpW vs VS Win: 1 point
Tie: Both teams 1 point
Loss: 0 points
Go to2011-10-17Challenge GpW vs VS Thanks; is there any info on scoring for ladders?
Go to2011-10-17Challenge GpW vs VS KRSplat, take a look at this:
Go to2011-10-17Challenge GpW vs VS Clanwar brings you more points if you win; if you lose, you lose points.
Go to2011-10-17Challenge GpW vs VS I don't know the difference between a clanwar and a ladder besides that a clanwar is scheduled and a ladder is spontaneous; I'm noobish obviously so someone help emo emo emo
Go to2011-10-17Challenge GpW vs VS nooooo przejebane stary ;/;/
Go to2011-10-17Challenge GpW vs VS OH DEAR GOD

Go to2011-10-17Challenge GpW vs VS Does it matter?
Go to2011-10-17Challenge GpW vs VS There is no filter on the forum. emo
Go to2011-10-17Challenge GpW vs VS People should learn how to properly escape curse words like fu​ck... emo
Go to2011-10-16Challenge GpW vs VS
I don't give a f.uck, Urbs play against cpt kids and win this season.

WHAT? Is it Slayer who tells that the other clans are getting 'easy' points? No way! Slayer, STOP ACCUSING THE OTHERS. Can't you remember while you were in iR, RA, RL, xR, etc, when you were getting 'easy' points. Oh dear God. Stop it please it's incredible stupid. Not even funny. Btw, you used to be in GpW about 2weeks ago, and you are alost in fight against them. This topic shouldn't exist. You could easily ask Urbs on MSN will he accept or decline the CW.
Go to2011-10-16Challenge GpW vs VS there is no point for another season if GpW is going to be the only active clan again emo
Go to2011-10-16Challenge GpW vs VS emo
Go to2011-10-16Challenge GpW vs VS you have no honor
Go to2011-10-16Challenge GpW vs VS just play it,i want this season to be finished asap emo emo emo
Go to2011-10-16Challenge GpW vs VS We can play ofc and we're planning on playing.

Wasn't sure if it was a joke for a while.

The time and date can be discussed, I'm on msn a lot so NP there.

I have to confer with the rest of the warteam about the time and saturdays don't look good though.

But if you wan't a cw for the sake of a cw and not for the sake of points, I'm sure any date will work, or am I wrong?emo
Go to2011-10-16Challenge GpW vs VS Urbs wanted people to make laugh at me, by the way Im not responsible for that challenge, I even told Warrior that day to change date and put levels because I know you will find a good way out from it. I don't give a f.uck, Urbs play against cpt kids and win this season.
Go to2011-10-16Challenge GpW vs VS It looks like only Gry understood the point. It's definitely not about respect (I do respect you!), I wanted to fix the date and stuff along with you to make it suitable for both clans, that's all. I just couldn't leave those fields (time, maps) empty in order to send a challenge, otherwise I'd have done it.
Go to2011-10-16Challenge GpW vs VS Sounds like they wanna discuss levels and time on msn, Ubbe emo
Go to2011-10-16Challenge GpW vs VS pwn'd! emo
Go to2011-10-16Challenge GpW vs VS hahahahaha
Go to2011-10-16Challenge GpW vs VS This is what we got from VS:

Clan Versus has challenged your clan to a CW!
You will play 3on3
Date 2011-10-22 00:00
On map mulch

Yes, very serious challenge.

Notice a) the time
b) the level.

Serious challenge, serious response and vice versa.

Respect your opponents and respect will be paid.

Nuff said my polish brotha from anotha motha!
Go to2011-10-16Challenge GpW vs VS Hello, We made a challenge for GpW, I see Urbs on site, He keeps writing posts, being online. It is just a easy way out to get a win of ladder? I hope admins don't approve it, but I heard some people said let GpW finish ladder fast and We will make a new mappool. Im not going to attack GpW, You see my point? It's just sad if you won't even reject the challenge.
Admins should put new rule to FAQ/Rules whatever. ,,Leading team has one week to reject the challenge, same rule is made for next challenges"
I know now you guys will make anything slow, we challenged GpW 10 days ago and Urbs just ignored it, I don't care I just want it to works better, thats all.
Go to2011-10-12NED won NT Idd, we played with Loon that round which proved to .. not be that good of an idea lol.
Anyway, Poland A tied in Semi versus our strongest squad so that's probably the best result for a team against us. But still, we'll see who's stronger Sunday then, Serbia or Poland A emo.
Go to2011-10-12NED won NT
Congratz for champion team but dont forget whos the only team that played tie with NED

Yeah, we were the ones who played that match. If there was someone stronger than artegor we could win that round emo. But also, NL didn't play with their best squad.
Go to2011-10-12NED won NT that is better gry
Go to2011-10-12NED won NT Btw thnx Veg Chiyu and Faw for making me a world champion.
Congratz for champion team but dont forget whos the only team that played tie with NED emo
Also *world champion* is a strong word, well maybe you are in jj2 but for me being a world champion is much bigger than that. I'd rather use that word when i become the best swimmer on the world instead the best team in jj2.
Go to2011-10-11NED won NT gry, i would give you a +, but you have too many as it is.

Voice is good for people like me who suck at fast typing and usually get 1 while typing 3.
Not a problem for team NL.

I kinda hoped some1 would shock NL, but I knew it was a longshot. FIN and POL both trained like 2 months ago, but you have to reach the top form at the end.
For cc it was easy to keep up their form, cuz they're a well oiled machine.
Go to2011-10-11NED won NT Yay, I can finally acces jj.net again.
Eh SR, the DW screen was a misunderstanding, I didnt see anyone stopping the game, probably bcs I was so focussed. Nothing happened then, I dont get why you use that as an example.
When the mappool was being created, Lithium (Serbia) was still officially in charge.
Afiiko copied the last NT's mappool, then after a discussion on the forum it was commonly agreed to replace Apark. I decided to make a poll, which resulted in sbv2 being added to the mappool.
I then had to do most things myself and continue on the serbian framework. Lets not forget to give them credit for taking the initiative.
Later I got help from people who wanted to make this tournament a succes as well.
Grytolle played a big role and also tought me how to REC and bc.
The unconventional refs I recruited did a very nice job, Gjenka, Laro and Sue have proven to be reliable refs able to solve most problems. ( Sue made one mistake which was not entirely her fault, but it doesnt add up against her contribution to the tourney, She was ref the most matches of all!)
Also thnx to Toni for arranging matches to show the complete ranking.

I dont think Ill ever organise sth like this again, but of someone wants my advice about stuff like this you can always ask.

Btw thnx Veg Chiyu and Faw for making me a world champion emo
Go to2011-10-11NED won NT Well its nice to see that CC and MS are getting along nice now. And yeah, voicechatting improves almost anything, teamplay, communication, fun, etc... emo
Go to2011-10-11NED won NT Hmm, to be fair, I take back what I said about MS earlier after CC vs CDF. Throughout the course of this tournament, I found out that he's rather nice and cooperative really emo. Even though against the more difficult opponents we decided to play it safe by using our infamous CC alpha team, he nevertheless showed great dedication on his part and was a reliable back-up. He respected our decisions too and did not "demand" to play at all like certain others *cough*anakin*cough* would have done in the same situation, and I appreciate that.

And about the use of TS; yes, it helps (a lot). But voice communication doesn't turns noobs into pwners, it only improves the communication. It's true that our team has put a lot of emphasis on communication in teamgames, which makes our teamwork quite efficient, especially on levels like GW. Although our results during the tournament might indicate otherwise, GW was NOT a level that CC trained a lot - in fact, we hadn't given it much thought at all until other countries started picking the level against us (out of curiosity, why? emo). I don't think GW is that bad of a level for 3vs3s. It's rather balanced and straight-forward and I like that, and not as campy as SBv2/Zaitox. It's just one of those levels where voice communication can really make a difference, but if CC/NL can do that, I'm sure others can pull it off as well.

To those people who are still skeptical of voice communication, I would definitely recommend to give it a few tries. If both teams used teamspeak/skype it would definitely improve the quality of (team)games in general, because voice communication adds a lot of possibilities to your teamwork, adding to the strategic depth of the game. And it's a lot more fun too, especially when your teammates are good friends too (as is the case with my fellow warteam members emo).
Go to2011-10-11NED won NT Short version for Iustyn:

-Imo GW is one of the easier levels to regain control in. Distopia, MS, sbv2 and maybe WW are worse.
-NL won because the players have a lot of experience together and because they simply are stronger than the other teams
-Finland and Swestland probably gained more thanks to TS than NL. Swestland would get pwned completely without it, and Finland managed to get their teamplay together in a short period of time thanks to it, eventhough they come from different clans.
-The ladder season might end soon, so we should start discussing level changes.
[email protected]'s screens

Go to2011-10-11NED won NT It has some valid points though, lol.
Go to2011-10-11NED won NT HOLY GEEZUS GRY
that is too much to read
Go to2011-10-11NED won NT I don't get what you have against GW. It's basically the same thing as sbv2, but with bases that are less impossible to approach. It's definitely one of the easier maps to regain control in, because it's possible to move the c, and because you can get power ups "by accident" when you're r. BBswing is indeed a bit too easy to control, though. Basically because it's so effective to camp the seek PU. On the other hand, the level having 2 carrots does improve things slightly. It's actually easier to regain control in a small level because you're closer to base when you die: you can run at the enemy more and kill him off to hopefully have someone capture with 3. The fact that there is no seek PU in GW goes a long way too.

Having played in Swestland this tournament, I know a fair deal about trying to regain control because we were more often than not the weaker team. The worst levels in that respect are in my opinion: distopia, MS, sbv2 and maybe WW. As you can see, the level size definitely isn't the decisive factor, but the presence of an easily camped seekPU and/or bases that are pretty much impossible to approach withhout getting hit if they are camped. (WW has good bases, but camping the power-up is very effective for rolling up a good domination streak).

I'm quite sure that the main reason that teams lost to the Netherlands is that the Dutch team has trained a lot together, being one of CC's more common warteam constellations. Other teams, on the other hand, consisted of more or less random collections of players. The other top clans: GpW and t3 didn't really participate "as a clan". Poland could possibly have reaped some advantages by going for a complete VS-team, but since VS wasn't that inactive playing ladders before the tournament, that option didn't really exist. What I'm saying is that NED would have kicked everyone's asses without TS too, because we're almost as good at communicating everything we need to get communicated in typing. For instance, if I type "E1 DOWN" and "S3" after someone recaps on GW, I can be quite sure that Vegito, Chiyu or Faw will kill the enemy off. But sure, if you haven't starting the newest commands "ST", "BT" et c, and level specific commands like "DOWN", then sure, you'll probably have a bigger comparative disadvantage vs. TSers than I do. In my opinion you guys should 1) expand your teamchat command inventory 2) start experimenting with voicecom, because it's a lot more fun to hear your friends and talk to them during breaks

The real problem with playing vs. NED is that they both communicate better and know eachother better than your newly formed team, and that they are quite a bit stronger than other teams. Fawful and Vegito are very dominating players, and Chiyu both e-kills, scores a lot and likes to defend. He's a bit predictable at times, but in such a strong team, that's mostly an advantage because your teammates will know even more easily what is going on.

My guess is that Finland and Swestland are the teams that benefited the most from using voicecom in this tournament. If I hadn't been able to shout very specific instructions to Grytmastern/DZ/Djazz we would probably have lost a lot more. Finland on the other hand consisted of 3/4 really good players who are relatively close friends (shy people suck with TS), but aren't that used to playing in team with oneanother. TS definitely helps in that case too, because it takes less time to reach a sufficient level of communication effectivity.

The reason why you guys have issues with the smaller maps is probably that they are more intense, meaning that any advantage that is spread evenly across the enemy team will be felt more deeply. It's a clear case of getting traumatized by Dutch pwn in the level that the Dutch team chose emo

Anyway, it's time to start discussing the merits of popular levels, since after VS vs. GpW the ladder is quite likely to end. We're more intent on extending the map pool than on reducing it, though. How about I start a separate thread for each current mappool level (let's say from the ladder, JJ2WC and JJ2NT) along with a list of criteria to consider (mostly as food for thought ofc), so we can discuss it properly? That'll make a good example for people who want to suggest completely new levels.

Finally: lol sr xdddd

Edit: I didn't really like the way the mappool was composed either. It seemed kind of lazy to just pick the mappool from the last edition and make one change (not paying any attention to experiences in other tournaments)
Edit 2: I realize that there are some contradictions between the beginning and the end of my post. The post isn't very thought through xD
Go to2011-10-11NED won NT I agree, mappool wasn't considered very well.
Go to2011-10-11NED won NT I said that but really i have nothing against anyone, i just think it would be better to have a smaller/better suited mappool for tourmanent like this. not levels like GW/Swing, if i remember my insult was related to the fact i noticed how bad gw is in 3v3 emo (its extremely hard to regain control and such)
Go to2011-10-11NED won NT Hehe ye MS helped too, but some CW screens are funny, people keep insulting MS after the game, look XD

JJ2WC cc vs cdf

nt fin vs ned

Go to2011-10-11NED won NT Not only CC did win, MS showed nice dedication too and was there for all group matches - remember we only played few group matches with the CC alpha trio
Go to2011-10-11NED won NT nl didnt win the nt
cc did it
GJ CC!u showed us what teamplay is!
Go to2011-10-11NED won NT bbswing and GW indeed are small though they work well if you've got a smooth working team which NL had. That is indeed cause of teamspeak but also Sasik hadn't played in GW in ages as it seemed. TS helps with predicting where the enemy goes and getting the flagcarrier trapped with another teammate quickly, especially in smaller levels. That's true.
I don't say small levels are worse for 3v3s (probably cause they work so well for me), however I have noticed other teams starting to dislike the smaller levels cause of the bigger skill differences there.
Go to2011-10-11NED won NT I want to congratulate NED nice pwning all clans at this tourney. Im not mad that We werent playing in final because Finland got pwned like We did, They got the same power like We do(FIN-POL). This tournament shows how helpless youre without TS/Skype, especially in small levels. Next time We(POL) will use it, but it would be better if mappoll will be more fair for everyone, I mean We shouldnt add levels like GW to 3v3 tourney. Some nations won't use TS/Skype, for example Czech Republic. And levels for mappoll should be bigger, not small like BBswing or GW. Anyway NED deserve for winning so gj.
Go to2011-09-13sr-being-banned thread Ruining the game is indeed something totally different than "taking the game too serious"
Go to2011-09-13sr-being-banned thread
just get a life you all and let him play, stop saying bull****, i got banned for 2months and i cheated too, but why did he get banned for 1year? im not protecting SR, but i just think its dumb what you are doing. some people of you take this game seriously...

Because he had gotten banned so many times before already, which you know, which in turn begs the question: why are you posting this at all? Especially considering him already being unbanned at the time of your posting.
Go to2011-09-13sr-being-banned thread He did more bad things in the past. That's why he got a longer ban, you didn't do something bad before, that's why you got 2 months.
If you don't know the story, you should shut up. Like I said above.

"some people of you take this game seriously..."

No, some people are ruining the game for the rest.
And some people DO take this game seriously, but I didn't hear any of them yet.
Go to2011-09-13sr-being-banned thread just get a life you all and let him play, stop saying bull****, i got banned for 2months and i cheated too, but why did he get banned for 1year? im not protecting SR, but i just think its dumb what you are doing. some people of you take this game seriously...
Go to2011-09-13sr-being-banned thread Really, everything what is going around now is just bull****. When you don't follow the rules in a server or jj.net, you can be punished, every dumbass knows that. And the CC'ish bull**** has to stop aswell, CC does everything wrong and they ban everyone.
Well, when I joined the community of this I saw SR as someone who insulted everyone because he has/had an higher skill. Since then I started to dislike SR, then we came in the same clan, and he was still acting like a dumbass, he even made a few clans die. And who else knows what he did more, the point is that he deserves a ban when he does something wrong, which he did several times.
And the names SR had in the past 2 years, that are too many to list. After every 'ban' he changed himself into another person. But it never works out anyway. I actually don't get it why people are so obsessed with SR's bans and such. Just because you guys don't know the whole story, just like the admins, but they will make the final decisions. If you don't accept that decision, you always be wrong, because the admins have the powers. And since almost every admin has been in CC for a time, CC will be the ones who did it. Just like in this case again.
So, really, why has every ban something to do with CC since it was SR's own mistake? Well, maybe you guys think he didn't deserve it, but that is what the admins decide. Short enough, accept the rules, then you won't get banned.
SR broke the rules likely every time, so that will result in a ban.

Just saying the 3 words 'ban' 'CC' 'admins', because that's always.

Hakum did nothing wrong imo, he deserves a chance as an admin(?) and also in CC.

SR had too many 'second chance s', he did too many things wrong. And the patience of jj2 players will also lead till an end. I guess more people are losing their patience. Since it's a game made for fun, and when a retard ruins it, it won't be fun anymore.

Some math:
Game for fun + Retard = No fun.

Anyway, I don't have any patience for SR, he crossed the line too many times..

Now let's wait till Urbs says something.
Go to2011-09-13sr-being-banned thread Kenny, why do you take the ban so seriously emo. You think we take the game so serious so why take an unserious ban at a to you unserious game so serious? emo
Go to2011-09-13sr-being-banned thread SR was already banned, but the ban got lost when SD got erased by a hacker.

They were arguing, so SR got banned (=the ban that accidentally disappeared got put back into place), and Hakum got warned (I clearly said he would get demoted soon if he doesn't shape up). Is that really so hard to grasp?

SR was pulling crap long before you joined JJ2, and in the start he didn't even get punished at all. Later we started giving him week-long or month-long bans. Then, when he finally did something truly despicable (in the past he was just flaming people, and threatening to stop playing the ladder if we didn't add his fav lvls to the mappool), he got a real ban.

People didn't hate SR in the beginning.

Hakum hasn't done even half the stupid things yet that SR has done, which is why he is still getting away easy. Please note that you don't generally get punished for flaming as a user in SD - only if you're an admin, and in that case you get demoted (after a few times).
Go to2011-09-13sr-being-banned thread ye,ken is right,ban them both xD
srry if my english wasnt enough good for u horny
Go to2011-09-13sr-being-banned thread No but from where i came to this game everyone was hating him and i understand why youve banned him and all, but if he argues with someone why you ban only him and not hakum? from what i understand they were arguing and sr was simply banned
Go to2011-09-13sr-being-banned thread If I punch you in the face because you're ugly, you're 50% guilty because you provoked me? Great argument!

(keeping it short for Jake)
Go to2011-09-13sr-being-banned thread SR mentioned -> Walls of text.
Really, people. Is it hard to understand that there actually might be a reason why he's always banned?
Go to2011-09-13sr-being-banned thread Yes, but the provoker is 50% guilty. The rest 50% is his fault. And only SR is being punished emo
Go to2011-09-13sr-being-banned thread Ofc he has a reason when doing what he`s doing. Everyone does. That doesn`t excuse his behaviour.

Go to2011-09-13sr-being-banned thread SR is indeed flaming, but you give him the reasons to do it. I mean, someone isn't simply evil and hate people and insult and blablabla without any reason. I don't think he started cheating without a reason.
Go to2011-09-13sr-being-banned thread Whatever. He's banned, I'm fine with it now and nothing can be done, except for Slayer to start being nice to people.

On the Hakum thing: Hakum might not be the best admin material, but that's what SD is for: to show people how hard it is to be an admin and eventually find people who ARE admin material, so everyone deserves a chance there.
Go to2011-09-13sr-being-banned thread When did SR get banned for life, Ron? You even manage to claim that he "keeps getting banned for life" - complete bull****, considering that he's only been banned for a longer time once, and that one too has a set time frame. SR has remained banned ever since "the radar ban". We don't immediatly ban his new accounts and other **** he makes up (or look past it when he bypasses a server ban until he misbehaves), and then you consider it a new ban when we do?
With SR, you don't need to look for a reason to ban him, by the way: he will always give you one.
Why are you going on the offensive about the NT? No one said the NT admins weren't in their right to let SR play (I'm still wondering how many chances it takes for another chance to stop being called a "second" chance, though. Call it what it is: a 15th chance or so. SR not deserving another chance, however, doesn't mean that you can't be nice and give him one anyway - something we've been doing and continue to do, over and over).
I have no idea why some people think that SR used to always cheat. It's a stupid view. It's quite obvious that he only cheated for a short period of time. SR is bad enough as it is. There's no point in making up lies about him.

Iustyn: I banned SR weeks ago, as proven by this screenshot from our private subforum http://upload.digiex.net/files/fffkynfd1ekgagy3hynn.png. Why are you such an unbelievable ass as to imply that I would lie about whether Hakum had Gold before he was in CC or not? What the **** is wrong with you, seriously?? Anyway, here's proof: http://pastebin.com/Afc50aBW (don't expect me to submit personal chatlogs every time that you bring up a stupid conspiracy theory though) . In this conversation Hakum asks me if he can join CC, I refuse and in the same conversation he asks me about why Majorek has Gold, so I tell him that Majorek had gold before him. Also "imo" doesn't apply in any way. Your "opinion" (if you can call it an opinion when it's not a matter of opinion) has no influence whatsoever on a simple matter of what happened first out of two things. It's a matter of fact, not a matter of opinion.
Do you really have no idea what SD is about? The point was to give people a chance without the requirement to have done anything to deserve it. I've never said that Hakum deserved it - to anyone - why do you claim I did? Hakum, just like Artem, was given a chance. I can't say Hakum is making the best of it, but don't give me attitude for doing exactly what I said I would when I laid out the project idea, which everyone seemed to like ("imo" including you).
Go to2011-09-13sr-being-banned thread As far as I know, radar was made somewhere around June 2010, and when he was banned for using radar, I heard many people saying "oh, so he cheated all the time, that's why he pwned me back then in 2007". Excuse much?

I have to agree that MOST bans were valid. MOST bans, not all, some were just pointless.

And no, I don't confuse ZD and SD.
Go to2011-09-13sr-being-banned thread haveing argueing ffs iustyn learn present perfect.
Go to2011-09-13sr-being-banned thread Slayer has been unband from all ZD for some time now.
Go to2011-09-13sr-being-banned thread Because he probably threw with PA about that many times. Ok perhaps it was 21501501 instead. I may have lost the count somewhere.
Go to2011-09-13sr-being-banned thread "The 50235031205105 times of excessive flaming"
why that number? emo emo emo
Go to2011-09-13sr-being-banned thread Most of the offenses weren't minor. The bans are valid. He isn't banned "again" - he simply wasn't unbanned. The 50235031205105 times of excessive flaming was one thing, then add cheating to his already epic bad behaviour file, and you get this ban.

"mostly used as an excuse to prevent RA from winning the season/prevent Slayer from doing anything in season 3"

No, it wasn't. That's what you're filling in yourself, feel free to but don't claim things you have no knowledge of. RA's warteam used radar for quite a few of their ladders/clanwars so the ban was valid. We prevented SR from doing anything for so long simply cause of his disability to understand what's bad behaviour. We ran out of patience I guess. Gry is correct.

And no, it isn't an excuse "for our problems" - which is simply hilarious to state. Instead of finding proper arguments you simply spread personal attacks. We don't continue to ban him, he still is banned as he was never unbanned except for at ZD4. We let him play quite much then don't we? Instead of following the rules strictly.

Not to mention SD is something totally different than ZD. Gry decides everything there, not jj.net. You're confused between those 2 imo.

(And so, I am speaking for the ZDs, not for the SD, but even at the SD he was banned before, except got unbanned after a server crash. If "CC" controls SD, I don't think so. Otherwise I'd have the pass too emo )
Go to2011-09-13sr-being-banned thread i do not like to say it but ron is right(again)
imo he has been banned for haveing troubles with hakum but the admins just found out a stupid reason so they cant say he was banned for argueing with hakum
btw gry,hakum had not gold before he was in cc
i am 100% sure about that and imo u gave him gold only cuz he is in same clan with u.u said that he deserve it.then say what has he done so he can deserve gold pw?
Go to2011-09-13sr-being-banned thread I don't like how people use Slayer as an excuse to their problems. Slayer, though he cheated, isn't an evil creature that has to be banned for life. Players were claiming that Slayer used radar in 2007 even though radar was created in 2010, just to find an excuse for getting pwned by him. I don't say that he's a good person, but he definitely is a good player, despite the fact that he cheated for a month or so.

He deserved to get banned a few times, but most bans were just pointless. I believe he deserves a chance, but you people just refuse to give him one. For every minor offense he makes he gets banned for life. Then you unban him but find a reason to ban him again.

It is the admins' decision to ban Slayer again, but I have decided to let him play in NT if his team wants him to. That's my 'second chance' I'm giving him, if you don't like it, your problem.

Slayer kicked me out of his clan for basically no reason at all, and at first I desperately wanted him to get banned for cheating. But when I look at the previous bans and the ones after the radar ban, they're just pointless(except the jj.net spam bans), mostly used as an excuse to prevent RA from winning the season/prevent Slayer from doing anything in season 3. And as I see, he continues to get pointless bans.

I may not forget, but I can always forgive (except to the Order), so my opinion is that he should not get banned for every minor offense he makes. If he continues spamming, then ban him.

That is all, cake for everyone. emo
Go to2011-09-13sr-being-banned thread "just give me life-time ban, and all will be happy including me in"
idd we would be happy emo
Go to2011-09-12sr-being-banned thread Snooze, that was a reference to your artwork, nothing more, nothing less.
Go to2011-09-12sr-being-banned thread NVM
Go to2011-09-12sr-being-banned thread i didnt even read till the end, just give me life-time ban, and all will be happy including me in.
Go to2011-09-12sr-being-banned thread You had a deal with DZ to only play in ZD4. We copied everything from Zeal when we started except the admins.

Eventhough you didn't deserve it, I let you play in SD for a long time, until I had enough of your disrespect, so I banned you. When the server computer got hacked, we lost all bans, so you got unbanned again.

Yes, I'm cutting Hakum some slack. He's in a fight vs. someone who's a lot older than him. Hakum might have a small cheating record, but you've been an assclown for years (threatening, blackmailing, even cheating eventually). That is why you get banned faster and faster. Hakum will get demoted eventually if he keeps making questionable kicks, but that doesn't change the fact that you once again were behaving badly. You weren't supposed to be back in SD again in the first place, so don't be surprised when you get banned even for being in a mutual flamewar.

You might have a few friends (and Snooze) who think that you are just "a good guy always doing bad things", but there are also a lot of people - respectable community members - who are wondering why you don't have a life-time ban yet (prime example: JJB), eventhough they are too mature to complain about you all the time. Whether you like it or not, I'm quite moderate in my approach. For your information: before you started cheating, DZ used to be the one who wanted to punish you more severely, whereas I considered you an important part of JJ2 (albeit as my "enemy"emo. I respected you as a player (I honestly thought that you played fair), but not as a person (what with all your flaming and general bull**** - see above). After the cheating incident, however, the tables have turned. DZ is like "maybe SR should be unbanned before time", but I refuse, because a shortened punishment should come because of good behaviour, and you have hit the site with spamraids several times, and you've been bypassing the ZD ban all the time. I suggested that we should make your ban longer, in response to these offenses, but we reached the logical compromise that you should simply sit out your punishment, nothing more, nothing less.

As for my hating you: No, I don't, but I will gladly admit that you're the closest I've come to hating someone online. I may have very little respect left for you now, but I will stick to my word: I won't move to get your JJnet ban extended.

In conclusion: you can still play in ZD4 and on the TB-ladder, just as you were promised. DZ has his more lenient opinion, and might be interested in unbanning you in the other ZD servers eventually, but as it is now, I see no reason why you should be allowed in SD (with the possible exception of NT tournaments - the NT admins for some reason let you play, and I respect their decisions. We can temporarily unban you before a game).

Think what you will - this is the truth about how I feel about you. emo

...As for me enjoying banning people: no one but you has been banned from SD so far
Go to2011-09-12sr-being-banned thread CC doesnt have anything to do with it, lol. He can ban you from the Steel Duels cause he's the head admin there. Zeal Duels aren't his to ban you at anymore, he stepped down there.
Go to2011-09-12sr-being-banned thread Banned SR again (ban got lost in the server crash)... - Grytolle.

I couldnt answer for that topic because you closed it dumbass. You kept banning me without any reason. Now I got banned at Steel Duels because I was brave enough to report Hakum's abusing?
Some months ago I saw a poll ,, who is the best admin at jjnet, and All Asslickers voted for Grytolle, after that post people are whining about that in public servers, people like sue or moti, i dont care who, i remember a lot of that s.hit. they were whining about your abusing power and im now surprised.
I guess you can keep banning me I stopped carring about it because there is no one who can stand against you (admins wont talk about it in public).
I think you have some problems with hating, you got enjoying by banning people. You guys should know one thing, JJnet will always belong to CC, They can make someone banned for no reason as long as they wish.
Go to2011-09-12shit about hakum This isn't the complaint form, by the way. ;/

Edit: Anubis, thanks for the input! I'm currently cutting Hakum some slack, because he started off with less respect from people than did Loon, but if situations keep popping up, I will of course have to get rid of him eventually.
Go to2011-09-12shit about hakum Hakum had Gold before he joined CC.

Hakum, don't respond to SR's insults. Don't insult people in your kick reasons.

Banned SR again (ban got lost in the server crash)...

I have nothing against Hakum, but giving him admin powers is just insane.

In that case, you have to label the entire project insane. The point is to give "noobs" a chance. Did you examine the chatlogs, Sven? Otherwise your comment isn't really helpful.

So far, people seem to simply get fairly kicked by Hakum, then feel insulted because they think themselves better than him.
Go to2011-09-12shit about hakum From what I see they both ended up insulting each other in the end. I'm not sure what "niedojebany" means and I don't care who started the fight because this isn't a kindergarten. Hakum used his powers to kick TheRock, even though he participated in the insulting himself as well. That's not how an admin should act. You aren't supposed to insult people back, just warn them to stop.

@ TheRock:
Loon nearly lost his rank on SD once for kicking Lahm who didn't believe him that he's an admin. So don't quickly jump into conclusions about CC before you've even received a reply to your complaint about Hakum. Wait for what Grytolle has to say about it first maybe? Many people are given the chance to try to be admins/moderators on SD, including many non-CCers, it's like a server made for testing people for admins, because most people don't believe that it's a hard job. People with powers on ZD may not have any powers on SD so it's fair, you got a choice which server to play on. Also, Gry gave up his Trustee password on Zeal Duels to start working on SD, which means CC has a lot less influence in ZD now (only me and Veg and Faw have powers there actually).
Go to2011-09-12shit about hakum as far i know you are the last one who used radar, and mby the only one who used it in 2011 so sh.ut up already
Go to2011-09-12shit about hakum http://pastebin.com/xWt4z5eK

Go to2011-09-12shit about hakum [[Monday, September 12, 2011 at 17:42:32]]

**Current level: "Employee of the Month" - EvilCTF22.j2l

**Game Mode: CTF

**Custom Mode: OFF

[17:42:32] >> Next level set to OLCUndulation (119)

[17:42:32] cpt therock: jestes niedojebany jak wchodzisz na jj2 i sie

[17:42:36] cpt therock: jestes niedojebany jak wchodzisz na jj2 i sie

[17:42:41] cpt therock: ze masz telefon za 12 tys zlotych

[17:42:51] HakumCC: :p

[17:42:57] [CDF]Patrolix: ||||[Get Me R!]: ||I just used get me r!(v0.4)

[17:42:59] HakumCC: jestes niedojebany pracujac w tmobile

[17:43:00] cpt therock: po 1 nikt ci nie uwierzy

[17:43:00] HakumCC: emo

[17:43:03] cpt therock: po 2 nikt cie nie lubi

[17:43:03] HakumCC: lepszej pracy nie bylo?

[17:43:12] [CDF]Patrolix: wlasnie

[17:43:14] cpt therock: wiesz niektorzy robia na siebie

[17:43:17] HakumCC: /kick 2 spierdalaj,t-mobile cie wzywa,szef

[17:43:17] >> Kicked IP:

[17:43:18] *** cpt therock was kicked off (spierdalaj,t-mobile cie wzywa,szef)

[17:43:18] [CDF]Patrolix: dobrze gadasz rock

[17:43:36] HakumCC: dobra ide

[17:43:38] HakumCC: jak wbije

[17:43:40] [CDF]Patrolix: narq

[17:43:40] HakumCC: pozdrof

[17:43:43] [CDF]Patrolix: xD

[17:43:43] HakumCC: swojego miszcza

***** End of Log [[Monday, September 12, 2011 at 17:43:46]] *****
Go to2011-09-12shit about hakum [[Monday, September 12, 2011 at 17:53:54]]

**Current level: "Employee of the Month" - EvilCTF22.j2l

**Game Mode: CTF

**Custom Mode: OFF

[17:53:54] *** Ashurna CTD captured the flag

[17:53:54] *** Cpt. Zerg captured the flag

[17:53:54] Console: Current Custom Mode: OFF

[17:53:54] Console: Welcome to Zeal Duels 4!

[17:53:59] *** Ashurna CTD roasted Cpt. Zerg

[17:53:59] *** Cpt. Zerg lost the Red Flag

[17:53:59] HakumCC: nic ci to nie da

[17:54:01] HakumCC: juz galem

[17:54:03] HakumCC: gadalem

[17:54:04] *** Ashurna CTD made the score

[17:54:04] *** Red Team scored a point

[17:54:05] HakumCC: z kim trzeba

[17:54:05] *** Cpt. Zerg captured the flag

[17:54:06] HakumCC: ;p

[17:54:10] *** Ashurna CTD captured the flag

[17:54:12] cpt therock: z kim

[17:54:16] HakumCC: niewazne

[17:54:16] cpt therock: niby

[17:54:26] cpt therock: wiadomo ze klamiesz;p

[17:54:30] HakumCC: taaa

[17:54:36] cpt therock: juz bys sie pochwalil z kim gadales

[17:54:48] HakumCC: dobra spierdalaj bo i ty cie wykopie

[17:54:49] HakumCC: tu

[17:54:54] *** CoTD SE' joined the game

[17:54:54] cpt therock: dawaj

[17:54:59] Cpt. Zerg: HI

[17:55:00] HakumCC: hey SE

[17:55:01] CoTD SE': hey

[17:55:18] cpt therock: kozaczku

[17:55:24] *** Andrzej[CDF] joined the game

[17:55:25] HakumCC: kozaczku

[17:55:27] HakumCC: chuju

[17:55:31] HakumCC: gdybys zobaczylt

[17:55:32] HakumCC: cos

[17:55:34] HakumCC: to bys sie posral

[17:55:37] HakumCC: wiec spierdalaj

[17:55:54] cpt therock: zal mi cie leszczu

[17:55:54] Andrzej[CDF]: zobaczyl cos

[17:55:55] Andrzej[CDF]: xD

[17:56:02] cpt therock: wyjeb nas wszystkich

[17:56:07] Andrzej[CDF]: twojego kutasa zobaczyl?

[17:56:07] HakumCC: tylko ciebie

[17:56:08] cpt therock: psie

[17:56:09] HakumCC: leszczyku

[17:56:10] HakumCC: NIEEE

[17:56:12] HakumCC: ANDRZEJ emo

[17:56:14] Andrzej[CDF]: XD

[17:56:20] HakumCC: twojego XD

[17:56:23] Andrzej[CDF]: ojojoj

[17:56:26] HakumCC: XD

[17:56:37] *** Cpt. Zerg roasted Ashurna CTD

[17:56:37] *** Ashurna CTD lost the Blue Flag

[17:56:42] *** upalina'ES joined the game

[17:56:44] *** Blue Team scored a point

[17:56:44] *** Cpt. Zerg made the score

[17:56:47] *** Ashurna CTD captured the flag

[17:56:47] HakumCC: paulina

[17:56:49] HakumCC: czesc

[17:56:50] *** Ashurna CTD ate it

[17:56:50] *** Ashurna CTD lost the Blue Flag

[17:56:50] *** Cpt. Zerg captured the flag

[17:56:54] upalina'ES: hej

[17:56:55] Andrzej[CDF]: whata fail

[17:56:56] *** Cpt. Zerg made the score

[17:56:56] *** Blue Team scored a point

[17:56:57] cpt therock: andrzej

[17:56:58] *** Ashurna CTD captured the flag

[17:57:00] Andrzej[CDF]: y

[17:57:03] *** Cpt. Zerg captured the flag

[17:57:04] cpt therock: hakum poszedl do cc i teraz

[17:57:08] cpt therock: tu wyjebuje ludzi

[17:57:13] HakumCC: jak na razie

[17:57:13] cpt therock: na jjnet dodalem screena

[17:57:14] HakumCC: wyjebalem

[17:57:15] HakumCC: ciebie

[17:57:16] HakumCC: emo

[17:57:21] Andrzej[CDF]: skad wyjebuje

[17:57:25] *** Cpt. Zerg ate it

[17:57:25] *** Cpt. Zerg lost the Red Flag

[17:57:25] cpt therock: z steel

[17:57:26] Cpt. Zerg: YOPS

[17:57:30] Andrzej[CDF]: lol

[17:57:31] *** Ashurna CTD made the score

[17:57:31] *** Red Team scored a point

[17:57:37] Andrzej[CDF]: nie wolno tak robic

[17:57:38] *** Cpt. Zerg captured the flag

[17:57:38] cpt therock: jego pan mu dal kosc

[17:57:39] *** Ashurna CTD captured the flag

[17:57:49] cpt therock: pies sie chwalil ze ma telefon za 12 tys

[17:57:53] HakumCC: andrzej mialem swoje powody

[17:57:54] Andrzej[CDF]: hahaha

[17:57:59] cpt therock: serio

[17:58:01] *** upalina'ES left the game

[17:58:03] Andrzej[CDF]: nie no nie bylo mnie to nie wnikam

[17:58:03] HakumCC: serio

[17:58:04] cpt therock: pisal ze na allegro tyle kosztuje

[17:58:08] Andrzej[CDF]: a co masz za tel?

[17:58:17] cpt therock: a na allegro telefony sa do 4 tysiecy XD

[17:58:21] HakumCC: nie :p

[17:58:21] cpt therock: a on na allegro widzial

[17:58:22] cpt therock: XD

[17:58:26] *** 5 minutes left...

[17:58:31] Andrzej[CDF]: a po chuj ci tel za 12 tys

[17:58:35] HakumCC: nie wiem,dostalem

[17:58:37] HakumCC: to wzialem

[17:58:37] cpt therock: stary mu kupil z zagranicy

[17:58:39] Andrzej[CDF]: to sprzedaj

[17:58:39] HakumCC: mialem powiedziec

[17:58:41] HakumCC: NIE CHCE

[17:58:42] HakumCC: SPRZEDAJ?

[17:58:43] HakumCC: :O

[17:58:45] Andrzej[CDF]: no

[17:58:45] cpt therock: podaj model kozaku

[17:58:49] Andrzej[CDF]: wlasnie

[17:58:50] HakumCC: andrzej

[17:58:51] *** Ashurna CTD roasted Cpt. Zerg

[17:58:51] *** Cpt. Zerg lost the Red Flag

[17:58:51] *** Ashurna CTD made the score

[17:58:51] *** Red Team scored a point

[17:58:52] *** Cpt. Zerg roasted Ashurna CTD

[17:58:52] HakumCC: SLAYUER

[17:58:54] HakumCC: pracuje

[17:58:54] cpt therock: nawet nie wie jaki to

[17:58:55] cpt therock: XD!

[17:58:55] HakumCC: w t mobile

[17:58:56] HakumCC: XD

[17:58:59] cpt therock: buehghhehehe

[17:59:00] Andrzej[CDF]: wiem wiem

[17:59:01] cpt therock: ale zabawne

[17:59:01] *** Ashurna CTD captured the flag

[17:59:02] cpt therock: XD!

[17:59:05] *** Cpt. Zerg captured the flag

[17:59:06] cpt therock: slayer i tmobile

[17:59:06] HakumCC: ile ci placa

[17:59:09] HakumCC: za mycie

[17:59:11] HakumCC: podlog?

[17:59:12] HakumCC: :p

[17:59:13] *** Cpt. Zerg roasted Ashurna CTD

[17:59:14] *** Ashurna CTD lost the Blue Flag

[17:59:14] cpt therock: praca dla biedakow slAYER ZEBRZE;P

[17:59:14] Andrzej[CDF]: lol

[17:59:18] *** Cpt. Zerg made the score

[17:59:18] *** Blue Team scored a point

[17:59:21] cpt therock: hakum siedzi i gra w metina

[17:59:23] *** Ashurna CTD captured the flag

[17:59:24] *** Cpt. Zerg captured the flag

[17:59:25] cpt therock: i lize dupe cc

[17:59:25] HakumCC: tak

[17:59:27] Andrzej[CDF]: a ty hakum gdzie bedziesz pracowal

[17:59:28] Andrzej[CDF]: XD

[17:59:28] HakumCC: a slayer

[17:59:32] HakumCC: myje podlog iw tmobile

[17:59:38] cpt therock: hakum ani grosza sam nie zarobil przez cale zycie

[17:59:42] HakumCC: nooo

[17:59:45] HakumCC: mam 14 lat

[17:59:46] HakumCC: chujku

[17:59:47] HakumCC: emo

[17:59:55] cpt therock: jestes zjebany w chuj

[17:59:58] cpt therock: jakbym cie spotkal

[17:59:59] *** Cpt. Zerg ate it

[18:00:00] *** Cpt. Zerg lost the Red Flag

[18:00:01] Cpt. Zerg: .

[18:00:03] cpt therock: to jeden szczal

[18:00:04] *** Ashurna CTD made the score

[18:00:04] *** Red Team scored a point

[18:00:05] cpt therock: po ryju

[18:00:07] HakumCC: taaaa

[18:00:07] cpt therock: i lezysz

[18:00:08] HakumCC: jeden sad

[18:00:10] *** Ashurna CTD captured the flag

[18:00:10] Andrzej[CDF]: xD

[18:00:11] *** Cpt. Zerg captured the flag

[18:00:11] cpt therock: buhehehe

[18:00:11] HakumCC: i jedno wiezienie

[18:00:12] HakumCC: emo

[18:00:13] cpt therock: sad

[18:00:14] Andrzej[CDF]: lol

[18:00:16] cpt therock: buEHHEEH

[18:00:18] Andrzej[CDF]: chyba sad owocowy

[18:00:21] HakumCC: XD

[18:00:23] cpt therock: HAAAHHA

[18:00:26] cpt therock: sad i wiezienie

[18:00:29] cpt therock: za bicie geja

[18:00:31] *** Ashurna CTD roasted Cpt. Zerg

[18:00:31] *** Cpt. Zerg lost the Red Flag

[18:00:33] Cpt. Zerg: eh

[18:00:35] cpt therock: w lisciu

[18:00:35] *** Ashurna CTD made the score

[18:00:35] *** Red Team wins

[18:00:35] Console: Game has been automatically STOPPED

[18:00:35] *** Red Team scored a point

[18:00:37] Cpt. Zerg: gg

[18:00:39] CoTD SE': gg

[18:00:39] Andrzej[CDF]: gg

[18:00:50] Ashurna CTD: 2v2 3v3?

[18:01:00] cpt therock: hakum teraz jest kozakiem

[18:01:01] Console: No Movement on Stopped Games has been DISABLED

[18:01:04] cpt therock: do cc doszedl

[18:01:05] HakumCC: dobra spierdalaj :p

[18:01:05] Console: Andrzej[CDF] is no longer SPECTATING

[18:01:05] cpt therock: dupe lizac

[18:01:06] cpt therock: ;p

[18:01:07] HakumCC: ;d*

[18:01:39] Console: Game has been RESET

[18:01:48] cpt therock: hakum

[18:01:54] cpt therock: zawsze bedziesz najwiekszym gownem

[18:01:57] cpt therock: na tej grze

[18:01:57] cpt therock: ;p

[18:02:09] HakumCC: chuj ci w dupe emo

[18:02:11] HakumCC: :d

[18:02:12] Andrzej[CDF]: najwiekszym gownem xD

[18:02:12] CoTD SE': nie znasz Micky'ego?

[18:02:13] cpt therock: twoj stary powinien cie z yangami w klozecie spuscic

[18:02:14] cpt therock: ;p

[18:02:32] cpt therock: a twoja stara rozklada stragan w metinie2

[18:02:34] Andrzej[CDF]: micky 86?

[18:02:37] HakumCC: TYLKO SLAYER

[18:02:37] CoTD SE': nom

[18:02:43] HakumCC: JA NIE MAM 21 LAT I NIE GRAM

[18:02:46] HakumCC: W KRULICZKI

[18:02:46] CoTD SE': jak dla mnie jego nie da sie przebic

[18:02:46] cpt therock: zal mi cie psie

[18:02:47] HakumCC: JAK TY

[18:02:47] cpt therock: ta

[18:02:52] cpt therock: mow to do vegita

[18:02:54] cpt therock: i grytola

[18:02:57] cpt therock: idz im pisz;p

[18:03:01] cpt therock: zero argumentow

[18:03:02] CoTD SE': lol masz 14 i grasz w kroliczki


[18:03:04] cpt therock: masz tepaki

[18:03:08] CoTD SE': i co za roznica?

[18:03:11] HakumCC: jest

[18:03:12] HakumCC: emo

[18:03:18] cpt therock: bo ona sa w cc

[18:03:23] cpt therock: i im lize pisiora az po kule

[18:03:26] cpt therock: oni*

[18:03:46] Console: CoTD SE' is no longer SPECTATING

All time insult me and CCers.
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Go to2011-09-12shit about hakum only in this screenshot,i send later other screenshot
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