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By: Anubis, in: Royal Families of JJ2 » Off topic 2021-06-06 11:23
Grytolle and Leen both CC
Comments by Vegito
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Go to2020-06-16Cheats and Punishments Wrong provider, Vodafone Mobiel != thuis.
I can literally see the RX rate which spikes during the time of an attack, and goes down after. It doesn't matter, one way or another they'll get caught anyway if they continue. Traffic is coming from the internet, traffic still reaches me, I'm still online, there's nothing wrong with the internet. It's literally a Denial of Service.
Go to2020-06-16Cheats and Punishments Weird, I get attacked right now.

Can anyone see who checked the board the last 48 minutes, including guests? Then you'll see who's the ddos-er.
Go to2020-06-16Cheats and Punishments Tech talk, I like it.

Actually, you don't necessarily need to have a high internet speed to take someone down. But it helps.
I can get packets and IP's, though not with the normal ISP router I have here. I'd have to change it.

I have no evidence however even on the ISP router, the load went up and what surprised me most: the amount of packets I received was high, but the actual speed it took was maybe 25Mbps, so it literally just filled up the amount of packets my router could handle, it did not use much speed.

Botnets run on one principe: Servers/PC's with leaks in it. There are 2 ways to find out: Either see who's controlling the IP's or use the same leak to get access to a server & see where the botnet controllers are located. With VPN, in any case, it's more difficult because you're actually hiding your IP. If you use VPN for anything, you're quite safe because all would only lead to VPN-providers and not you actually. However, if there's enough hard evidence, you can be reported to the VPN-provider and perhaps they will do something (ban?) then.

"I told him to use a VPN in order to keep his real IP hidden. I even asked him if that person (we all know who that was tho) is still DDoSing him - which you can also see in the logs."

Who? Kyro? Do you think he actually has the knowledge (no offense kyro xd)?

"Using a VPN for DDoS-ing makes no sense since your network isn't the one attacking, but botnets. And botnets can be all around the world literally."

That's where you're wrong, if you control a botnet with your own IP-address it may take a long time, but it can be retraced to you.
Go to2020-06-16Cheats and Punishments 1) Why did you join the GpW server if you don't trust it? Was it because you can claim later how you got DDoS-ed(while you probably didn't) and accuse us? That's so evil... You might have as well joined any other server and give your IP to other players, considering you said you didn't care if your IP gets leaked since you are systems and network engineer.

I was careful, but I had no reasons to believe you were ddos-ing anyone at that point. Remember I was not included in any of this so I had no idea what the accusations were. I got ddos'd 3 times after it, though (or at least dos'd, I saw a lot of packets come in though I couldn't actually read the IP's of the packets cause of this ****ty router).

2) Are you saying we're DDoS-ing ourselves too? Every one of us was getting DDoS-ed at some point. However, nobody mentions that. (Especially when Pavle got DDoS-ed after he joined Camel Duels)
When would that have happened? CD's cannot be used for ddos-ing, the same protection used to protect the CD's, is also used to block faulty packets from being send. And as I said, I'm quite literally unable to send an attack because I have no access anymore; police took the hosts down.

3) How would you explain DDoS-es of people who never joined the GpW Server? There are many cases, but you weren't online and you don't even know. You just came here to try to put your own dirt on someone else. Learn to control your anger and don't repeat the Coolman case cause as you can see, it caused the chaos.

Like who? So far I haven't heard of any such cases yet. We're well aware Elec and coolman were DDoS-ing (really a ddos, the actual meaning of the word) too.

@Veg I'd kindly ask you to be objective now and say what you think of what Wrn just said (Considering you know how DDoS works):

"Okay, aside from removing the other possibility of you just telling him to be careful lest the attack get traced back to him..."

What's the question?
There are 3 options anyway: a botnet (ddos), a dos with software on your own computers, or a dos-like attack on computers & servers using VPN. In case of 1 and 3, it can most probably be traced back to you. VPN makes it much more difficult to trace back.

It all starts with a mistake from the attacker.

"veg this is the third time i'm saying this but apparently you won't listen

the videos were debunked"

Nah, you tried debunking them by calling it a) luck b) good communication/teamplay c) lack of ammo d) coincidence/chance. That ends somewhere, nobody has that gameplay style unless you know what's going on in the game.
Go to2020-06-16Cheats and Punishments Except when I was taken down a month ago, they did not have my IP. GpW? Yes. As I had joined your server. Coincidence?

Don't try to turn things around, your server nor some of your players can clearly be trusted. The videos speak for itself, as does the ddos-ing of players who joined no other servers except GpW and Pukes, nvm the case of Gustaf. But then again, you're clearly stating you even think we're making this all up & took our own routers out apparently.
Go to2020-06-16Cheats and Punishments 1) Are you justifying the crime with "I used the power only once"? no
2) Are you justifying the crime with "He ddos-ed me first"? no
3) What were you thinking when you decided to DDoS Coolman? That he will stop DDoSing you? Or you expected it to make him even madder and cause even bigger chaos, not only to you but to the whole community? - He was taking down players, I took him down and it magically stopped that day
4) Knowing it will make even bigger chaos, why did you eventually decide to do a DDoS attack? - it was as big a chaos already, at that time it didn't really matter
5) Do you think that you DDoSing Coolman is the reason why he kept DDoSing people later? - no, it was happening and kept happening anyway; I just told and showed him how annoying it was emo
6) Do you think you are the one who started the DDoS chaos? (A server owner showing an example on how to (not) deal with angriness.) no - and I wasn't a server owner

Now that we know how the DDoS attacks started, which obviously involves you (in fact you are the one who started the mentioned DDoS madness), could you stop talking about the things that have nothing to do with this post? Thank you in advance.

Irony, it did not involve me, I proved a point to coolman which you're taking totally out of context now. I even told coolman a day/same day/few days? later.

Note that for a long time after that, it was quiet with ddos's again until idk, some time last year?
Go to2020-06-16Cheats and Punishments I understand now why Cx-ers started posting random pictures of weird stuff. You make no sense at all and are bending whatever I'm saying to what pleases you.

Edit: don't think you have the last word, I'm just tired of trying to argue
Go to2020-06-16Cheats and Punishments Irony has it I used that power once, on coolman, after he kept crashing servers, that's it. Since then I long lost the ability to do so, unlike you emo
The CD's alone were already targetted 3 times, my home was targetted several times too. Couldn't take CD's down though could you? emo

Again you're trying to take something out of context, and to change subject while it is you guys who are clearly the d*cks here. Instead, you try everything in your power to discredit others, to make others look like d*cks. No, won't work, you failed. emo
Go to2020-06-16Cheats and Punishments "Uhm,you still did play somewhere between 2015-2016
i'm sure of it,at the time when CC was still the top clan and that was around the time anti-radar was also introduced"

History lesson! In 2015-2016 I mostly only played tests, it was the year Choco played. The last clanwar I played I trained for was in 2011 versus GpW. 2011 is the last year I was really active, in fact, after 2011 CC played no clanwars for 3 years because it became RDS instead, partly due to my own inactivity.
CC only won one more ladder season since I became more or less inactive, the season where -t3 magically beat Cx in the semi's (DW!). And the clanwar vs -t3 was with me playing very ****ty, bad stats but quite fun anyway. You will find no exceptionally skilled Vegito anywhere after 2011, I slowly lost my skills since 2011. Thank you for trying to know CC's and my own history better than myself, though!

And actually, I was one of the most pro anti-radar players since it came out and would often ask for it to be turned on during CC clanwars. Considering I have such a low ping, anti-radar lagged me one of the least so I had no issues with anti-radar. Now it seems it could be bypassed anyway but yeah.

"you haven't,your opinions are based off wrong facts and lies"

You're actually disagreeing I've given a strong opinion? wtf. A strong opinion != strong argument. I've given a controversial opinion, one that would lead to more discussions and you're telling me I didn't. You're the living proof I did emo

Edit: Ah right, but now what's happening? Right, exactly what I said! Going all over the place with random accusations, instead of caring over your own cheaters, who are clearly cheating, it being well documented and recorded too. Never mind Gustaf getting ddos'd with only Pav having his IP unless you're suggesting Gustaf ddos'd himself? You might! Pav clearly confessed the ddos-abilities too emo
Go to2020-06-15Cheats and Punishments "yeah, you stopped caring about jj2 competitively when anti-radar was introduced"

No, I stopped many years before it was introduced, unless you claim it was introduced 10 years ago when plus I think hardly existed or did not exist? Thank you for trying to make me look bad though, you're obviously a ****.

"You've been inactive for so much time as you said yourself, therefore, you have no idea what the jj2 community wants so I'd kindly ask you to stop generalizing your bias emo it's a good thing you fall into the bias of pointing out GpW's flaws when your clan has done worse things .. but let's leave it like that."

No, I don't generalize: IMO the evidence clearly shows some very funny business is going on. Denying it is just making you look funny. That counts for all defending these players, especially those who I thought were reasonable: Sorry and not sorry for this opinion, Shadow, Urbs, Jelly and Naps.

Walking around in a duel not shooting, clearly showing all the time you know where the opponent is? Come on. You all *seriously* don't know the damage you're doing by even protecting players like these.

I've given pretty strong opinions, no doubt, but that's only and only because you as a clan are pretty much ridiculing jj2 and jjnet at this point. Should lock this thread anyway. You've given ****loads of 'evidence' on a plate and straight up deny it, in fact, a guide how NOT to get caught cheating is right there for all cheaters to see now.
Go to2020-06-15Cheats and Punishments "go ahead,none of our members really care about being banned there,in fact we even encourage that,ban the entirety of GpW from that server,that way we won't have to be forced have to be forced by CC refs to play there anymore"

You even think anyone wants to play vs GpW any longer? You're mistaken. No clan will face any of your players anymore, you're basically banned by the community.

"so it's your server,but you let that irc bot that reports healths slide...without using it,sure,i'll buy that"

Yes, because 1.5 year ago when CD's closed it was not my server. Many JJ2ers paid for it for those years. This time however I bought the server myself, and host CD's on it for Kyro. And no, I barely used IRC then.

Don't you see what you're doing, though? Instead of accepting your clans reputation went to trash and trying to make it better, you're just throwing out random accusations. You're doing exactly as I pointed out initially. The more you do so, the worse it gets for you. Only due to your own actions.
Go to2020-06-15Cheats and Punishments tl;dr version? Keep it short, naps.
One thing did catch my eye, you defending pav's ddos. Let me remind you ddos is a criminal offense. Almost anywhere you go, just threatening to ddos can get you banned. For that matter, I'll ban him from Camel Duels actually. It's my server, and it has been attacked several times by your own damn clanmate.

Don't care about the rest, you're just doing exactly what I expected.

who are you talk about being untrustworthy tho?
aren't you the one who abused camel's playlogs or ircbot to view what maps SRB has trained on and what they would possibly pick vs NL,which was your team at that time? - yes
aren't you also one of the guys who abused the irc bot to see people's healths? - no
aren't you one of the guys who made the LB clan? - yes, let me remind you that was 15 years ago

give me a break,when anti-radar was introduced 2 people became inactive in the CTF community
hyp and you

When was anti-radar introduced? You're actually suggesting I quit because of anti-radar? No, I was pushed over the border of really quitting 4 years ago because *insert history of what happened now, except 4 years ago with Lazar making a radar version* Let me remind you, last time I was really playing was 10 years ago. Long before you were born, apparently. And WAY before anti anti radar came out. You don't know what you're talking about, all you do is exactly what I said.
Go to2020-06-15Cheats and Punishments Fine, my thoughts:

GpW, and those heavily protecting GpW which includes you Jelly, you're either blind or just lame. You're just giving clearly unfair players a stage to present themselves on.

It became pretty damn obvious A7med, Pav and perhaps L have something to hide. Where for example Krzy is recording his screens to show he's hiding nothing, those protecting GpW are only trying to cause chaos. You even use the plus team in your advantage.

I'd ban Pav even for possibly trying to ddos players, it became pretty obvious by now he has access. The games you played are *so* suspicious with use of ammo, you're totally untrustworthy. We know L is smart enough to create his own cheats.

Whatever you said trying to defend yourself, or telling others are to blame too because of possibly having cheats, it's just causing chaos. It's not helping you defend yourself, it's making others look less trustworthy too. Making others less trustworthy in the end doesn't help you at all, you're still as untrustworthy as before.

All this drama, all those untrustworthy players, it's exactly why I don't really play CTF anymore. It's too tiring to care. I'll go back to playing tests now emo
Go to2020-05-20Retiring As An Admin Well you quite literally seemed to pull jjnet the last several seasons indeed, hats off...
Go to2020-05-19Cheats and Punishments "Well what a surprise"
Go to2019-10-28CC vs. [CDF] (CTF clanwar) Fun fact: I didn't hear Gry during whole round 3. Weird Discord.

Also, the start of round 3 might have felt like CDF had a good start, but we had both C's under control immediately. The fact I got both after recapping was not luck, but timing emo
Go to2019-06-08[GpW] vs. -t3> (CTF clanwar) MS:

"Imo some levelmakers have been working for their own politics the most actually, which has given us one-day-fly maps like [...] Los Pollos Hermanos [...]"

You quite clearly said Rag "is one of the levelmakers who works for his own politics to get his one-day-fly included", which was not true.

Anything you said after that, trying to defend yourself, even saying "Anyway these non-rational egoic reactions take us nowhere" makes you look worse.
Stop defending yourself when you clearly made a mistake, and especially stop trying to blame *others* for calling you out on a mistake you made yourself. It's ridiculous.

They are not to blame for a mistake you made, but you won't accept that. If you meant something else, you should have written something else. People react to what you write, not what you meant to write.
Go to2019-03-17CC vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) Considering it was the first match of a season, I guess yes.
I don't really remember this emo
Go to2019-02-09-t3> vs. [CDF] (CTF clanwar) Who is batata? emo
gg, the mid 2 rounds anyway emo
Go to2019-02-09Finals Approach! RIP CC emo
And we all know who's going to win this season, again, as predicted at the end of the previous season emo
Go to2018-08-29CC vs. CX (CTF clanwar) And the luck Rag and Hor had at some points was incredible xD emo
I should at least warm up before a match instead of jumping in when starting the PC, that'll be better seeing the last bblair round and the noob mistakes in Super xd

Getting good won't happen though lel
And damn git is annoying on Linux servers, permissions
Go to2018-08-29CC vs. CX (CTF clanwar) As I noticed in super, I missed 2 clear scores because I ****ed up movement xD. I fell on the platform above blue base instead of falling on the blue base emo
Go to2018-08-29CC vs. CX (CTF clanwar) I'm not pretending that at all, I'm saying the fact you've got 80% of the strongest players isn't going to change any time soon with current activity levels xD.
Maybe playing an hour per week works for you guys (and it does, it shows) but for me it doesn't. Last time I really actively trained was in 2011. In fact, playing against strong teams once in a while means I get my ass handed to me once in a while, nothing more xD. That also showed the few times I came back to jj2 since 2011.

So yea, I simply give up then. In the end all I'm saying is that I don't think the current situation is any good for jj2 and not very likely to change either because simply put: you don't have a challenge this way and you aren't likely to get any either because you are jj2's competitive scene at the moment.
Go to2018-08-29CC vs. CX (CTF clanwar) Yea, but you're aware you're using the same reason as King now ("play together a lot" - and I think I can safely speak for -t3 and CC we're not very likely to use the 3h of free time we have per day on jj2. Especially if you know coming back/train jj2 is going to take many times of 3h of playing. I can hardly motivate myself to play for an hour after work emo

So my point remains I think only GpW would have a chance to beat Cx as they had the activity required to perform well and above all improve.

It however is also true CC is using its chances to play versus strong teams, but these chances are few as we simply are not here enough anymore.. We know how to create a strong warteam obviously, we've done it ourselves in the past, too. Look at the last season however, we barely played 20 matches emo . That's our problem I guess and I'm not sure if Cx splitting up would help that either.

Anyway, who can I send the playlogs too? I can get them.
Go to2018-08-29CC vs. CX (CTF clanwar) Should enable antiradar by default and #****alllagcomplaints xD

The clanwar was very messy.. Anna and Kyro lagged off in round 1 and we were too untrained as a team to stand a chance. Then bblair caused issues, some players couldn't join after cycling.
I wanted to enable antiradar at 6-0 during round 3, but accidentally pressed ctrl c when I made a typo ("backspace? what is that"emo.
ctrl c at the server equals closing the server, I forgot emo

It was fun to play with Loon and Anubis still, but Cx is far too strong now...
And @King: Telling other clans to do something about it isn't gonna work.
I think I can safely say CC and -t3's players/warteam are simply too busy with work and aren't able to be really active. So if you meet a clan that's far stronger than you, it is in fact rather demotivating knowing you can't do anything about it, so it only makes me want to play jj2 less. GpW is the only clan capable of training enough to beat Cx - but remember it takes most players years of training to become strong.

Ah, and what was the thing about antiradar?
I am not accusing anyone of using radar, but I don't feel well playing without it. IMO enabling antiradar makes jj2 a lot more fair - without it I keep thinking "what if?" knowing what's possible. Maybe it is lame to say or coincidence, but I still think it's funny to see whenever CD's enable antiradar we (CC) score a lot better - that's the case in the last round vs Cx, but also the last 2 rounds vs GpW.
Go to2018-08-11loose game I will most likely not play again anyway so I could join in the commentators for a round, unless it's unwanted.
Go to2018-07-30CC vs. CX (CTF ladder match) Can always kick the bot ` - then it's disabled.
We did the same with Serbia - NL.
Go to2018-07-29CC vs. CX (CTF ladder match) Yea, this is simply cheating emo

Or possibly cheating.
And if you're at it, punish Artegor for having radar and possibly cheating too finally.
Go to2018-06-03CC vs. [GpW] (CTF clanwar) This clanwar changed the ranking entirely xd gg wp
Go to2018-05-25not vs. -t3> (CTF clanwar) Probably +1 for -t3 and -0 for not, considering only the max gain/loss changes, the current calculator will be correct with it.

Also, it was close till the last round, nicely done, gg emo
Go to2018-05-24not vs. -t3> (CTF clanwar) I will most likely not be home yet
Go to2018-05-24CC vs. [GpW] (CTF clanwar) Please schedule, sunday the 3rd, 20:00 CET
Go to2018-05-21CC vs. [GpW] (CTF clanwar) Stop trying to get out of the CW, it won't work. The rules are made so a lower active and ranked but higher skilled clan can challenge a less skilled more active clan (like RA was at some point).
Quickly challenging CDF and then claiming "we have a clanwar" won't get you anywhere and trying to use it is lame at best.

Besides, I wouldn't even be surprised if GpW wins seeing your activity vs ours.

A change in rules is also proposed anyway, cutting the CW-score in half (gain/loss 20+5 points at most instead of 40+5 points). That's to GpW's advantage and CC's disadvantage. Happy?
The new rules should be added this evening, and will affect these clanwars too.

If you've got something else to suggest: Go ahead, it is all taken into consideration.
But please stop with the whining without suggesting anything, or set up your own ladder so we can claim "omg ladder = gpw they'll bend the rules in their favour always" .... That's the last I'll add to this discussion for now.
Go to2018-05-20CC vs. [GpW] (CTF clanwar) A fix to the CW point-system is being discussed because it was made for a ladder to 200 points.
@ Shadow: A ladder is still about activity too, so yea, we shouldn't force a rule to stop spamming ladders, that's against the nature of this ladder.
CW's are here as a counter measure, it isn't an unfair system by default - the scores should just be adjusted a bit.
Go to2018-05-19ARTICLE Daybreak
Go to2018-05-19CC vs. [GpW] (CTF clanwar) Your facts are wrong:

Although half of them are inactive, maybe it needs an update, just like this sites code.

You're saying claiming CC = jjnet has any kind of respect? Alright :p.
Go to2018-05-19CC vs. [GpW] (CTF clanwar) Inactivity penalties will not work.
The ladder, all of the clans, were inactive for 6 full months.

The CW's point system was created to do exactly this: avoid ladder spammers to just win and create a semi final of their liking.
It adds a bit of a skill requirement and an element surprise, but I do agree CW's should either be worth less or some other activity protection should be installed during the next season.

With 6 active clans a serious league won't work either, I think. It's the spontaneous nature of ladders which keeps jj2's clan scene quite alive while a league requires more planning/CW's.

"but i see nothing is logic when it's about jj net admins and cc.. or wait isn't it the same.
If you maybe were online sometimes, we wouldn't have had to "spam" ladders with cdf and t3. Didn't think about it?"

Quit being disrespectful when you're frustrated emo
The current season went from 200 to 100 points during the season, that may have been a wrong choice. Without it, we wouldn't have had this discussion now, and the rules would've made more sense then. Everyone's responsible for that.
Go to2018-05-19CC vs. [GpW] (CTF clanwar) That's true, maybe have clanwars be worth less then, assuming the ladder stays 100 points.
30 instead of 45 or something.
Spamming ladders should in some way be rewarding at least, CC is looking like a total **** clan at the moment :p.

(However, spamming ladders GpW - CDF to have GpW win the season and have GpW - CDF in the semi finals is also quite lame).
Go to2018-05-19CC vs. [GpW] (CTF clanwar) I propose a new rule:

To avoid total "unfairness" in the future (I mean come on, CC has barely been active this season and can qualify GpW, still end up second), maybe we should add an additional rule to CW challenges:

Maybe add a max score to it as well? If the difference between clans is too great (e.g. over 60 points), CW challenges can be denied too?
It's less demotivating then, because I can imagine this is really quite demotivating for GpW.

(but I'll be evil and suggest this rule to be added next season xd).
Go to2018-05-19not vs. -t3> (CTF clanwar) Rushing points to try and win (and in the case of GpW), then face CDF in the semi's isn't to be rewarded entirely.
The clanwar system was put in place exactly for cases like these.. It's also about skill, not only about activity.
In fact, didn't CDF once try to CW -t3> just at the end of the season, to try and qualify for the playoffs? It failed, iirc.

There's a plus/reward to the activity though: Well trained, and no matter if GpW loses or not, they're qualified for the playoffs anyway. It just happens to be against another clan instead.
Go to2018-05-19CC vs. [GpW] (CTF clanwar) 2.1 Clans with 40 points or more may not refuse clanwars (not ladder matches) against lower-ranked clans. Clanwar challenges should be sent on the site, but once the challenge has been received, the receiver should initiate negotiations about the details, most importantly: when the clanwar is to be played. Once an agreement has been reached, accept the clanwar and make sure that an admin updates the clanwar accordingly to the agreements reached (time, and any deviations from the standard clanwar format - make sure to provide evidence in the case of disputes).

Nobody knows the rules of a challenge anymore because the last one was so long ago?
Go to2017-06-25Season 12 Also still waiting for the first ladder.
Go to2017-06-05CC vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) GG WP
Go to2017-06-05Season 12 Lol yea. Not sure why 200 matches, it'll never finish anymore xD
Go to2016-08-10loose game Well done PL.
First round was bad for us, not warmed up or sth, lost 5-2.
Second round was better but here interestingly I had some laggy moments.
Third round was horrible. The game started alright with none of us and none of PL dying. I died because I was 1 and then Faw (flagcarrier) died because Hype was R3 FA. At that moment Hype started having 999+, so Hype died, they scored and all of us were NA/low with all of them having 3. They scored many times quickly in a row after that with Hype having lagbursts still and none of us having ammo. We did score twice after a couple of minutes still but it was obviously too late, and we were 5 scores down by then.
Round 4 we had no lag issues anymore, we got to a 5-1 lead and needed 1 more score. Unfortunately we missed a big chance to score the required 5th, with them scoring once because of a bad R on our side and the last score because we were playing too offensive.
I believe it was a pretty cheap win because of the 3rd round and I do believe we could've gotten a draw or even a win if it wasn't for that. There was no replacement for Hype either. I guess I am satisfied with the good final round, but I am disappointed with how the entire match was generally decided by lag.
Go to2016-07-18CC vs. -t3> (CTF clanwar) And then I have to add t3 managed to score 3 times in round 1, while we were R, because of our own individual fails. We were ready but either hit the spring or failed to hit the flagcarrier, giving them a free score. That's why I considered round 1 a bad game, it should've never happened but like I said, it wasn't lag, it was our own stupid fault emo.

Other than that I thought of it as a fun clanwar, the games were close and I guess we had a little better timing overall.
Go to2016-07-08loose game Well, half of the match was fun, the other half wasn't. In round 2 I had 3 CTO's in a row, it was basically unplayable for me. In the last 2 rounds it was laggy with moments, especially Kev was unhittable. At other moments everything was fine and then it was fun.
I wasn't supposed to play, in fact I was there 15 minutes after the match had started but BE was incredibly laggy apparently so...
Go to2016-04-18Anniversary Bash 18 The Bash was alive, tho.
Go to2016-01-21CX vs. CC (CTF ladder match) [[Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at 14:57:53]]
**Current level: "Gauntlet" - gauntlet.j2l
**Next level: Gauntlet.j2l
**Game Mode: CTF
**Custom Mode: OFF
[14:57:54] >>> Game Start
*** Game End Stats [[Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at 15:10:23]] ***
>> Winner: Blue Team
Blue Score: 6
Red Score: 3
ID IP Address Player Name Team Points Roasts FRoasts KRoasts Deaths SDs Caps Scores Solos Drops KDrops
3 HyperionCC Red 14 14 4 2 9 0 10 1 0 8 3
4 kyr0 Red 4 4 2 1 11 0 6 2 0 4 2
5 not krzy Blue 10 10 5 3 12 0 6 4 2 2 0
6 RiKoCx Blue 10 10 7 2 6 0 7 2 1 4 3
[15:13:03] >>> Game End

[[Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at 15:13:08]]
**Current level: "Distopia" - distopia.j2l
**Next level: capture3
**Game Mode: CTF
**Custom Mode: OFF
[15:13:08] >>> Game Start
*** Game End Stats [[Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at 15:24:55]] ***
>> Winner: Blue Team
Blue Score: 2
Red Score: 1
ID IP Address Player Name Team Points Roasts FRoasts KRoasts Deaths SDs Caps Scores Solos Drops KDrops
3 HyperionCC Red 8 8 4 0 10 0 8 0 0 8 0
4 kyr0 Red 8 8 2 1 9 0 7 1 1 6 2
5 not krzy Blue 13 13 10 1 9 0 4 1 0 3 0
6 RiKoCx Blue 6 6 4 1 7 0 5 1 0 3 1
[15:29:15] >>> Game End

Here, have some stats
Go to2016-01-17CC vs. -t3> (CTF ladder match) ...and then the final round. In SBv2 I wasn't actually lucky, I lost many battles for the seek pu yet we managed to play well and score 4 times basically from the start. After that it became more even. In bbswing however, I had much more luck, especially when it came to the seek pu.
Go to2016-01-17-t3> vs. CC (CTF ladder match) This game, especially in Dusk, CJ and BR were incredibly lucky. GW was better for us, but especially Dusk was pretty much no fun due to the sick situations they managed to sometimes escape from.
Go to2016-01-17-t3> vs. CC (CTF ladder match) This match we for whatever reason had no timing whatsoever. Probably because of rusty teamplay or idk, it was close and a gg nonetheless.
Go to2016-01-03-t3> vs. CC (CTF ladder match) To be fair I played at my laptop and wasn't at home. The internet was very instable, making me CTO for a second or so at times and it gave me a lot of airhits. I didn't enjoy either of the games and I knew I wouldn't. The reason I played was because it was with Faw and Gry, that was all.
Go to2015-07-26CC vs. SKTT (CTF ladder match) "Well that escalated quickly"
Go to2015-06-28-t3> vs. CX (CTF ladder match) 3 ladders in 6 weeks isn't very alive to me D:
Go to2015-04-28video Bash-the-Grytolle commenting. emo
Go to2015-04-20-t3> vs. CX (CTF ladder match) I like how in both levels the team with the worst stats (by far) won.
Go to2015-04-13CX vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) Poor Gry xD
Go to2015-04-13-t3> vs. CC (CTF ladder match) I didn't expect to win this either but it was still frustrating with Kev's disability to get hit during many occasions.
We were even leading 2-0 in Dist at some point emo
Go to2015-04-13CC vs. CX (CTF ladder match) Tbh I didn't expect to win that :') went well
Go to2015-04-09[CDF] vs. CC (CTF ladder match) @Rag: I always like to share how I felt during a certain match. It's just to give my point of view. In this case my point of view is clear: I sucked emo. I guess I will always do so.

Also like MS said, I miss the comments everybody used to make about ladders..
Go to2015-04-09[CDF] vs. CC (CTF ladder match) I was asked to play in Stronghold instead of Toni. Obviously my rustiness didn't help and so after 5 minutes it was 5-0. After that we (or at least I, as I was the weaker link) did a little better but we got a bs score against us still making it 6-2. Sort of gg.
Go to2015-03-27CC vs. -t3> (CTF ladder match) emo emo
Go to2015-01-31Mappool changes I love how you removed maps. It's not just thinking they're overplayed, it's proving it too emo
Go to2015-01-27Mappool votes and All-Stars I think it is fine by making clans vote. If you let everyone vote you'll get all people voting here, including those who are not active in the competitive scene at all. That shouldn't happen.

It is up to the clans to organize their own way of voting inside the clan now.
Go to2015-01-26CC vs. CX (CTF clanwar) Cx winning after having had little training, just a couple of individual games, isn't strange.

Cx used to be a very active clan. Their warteam's foundations has always been Rag-Hordy-King with later moti joining as well. Krzy and Ahmo got stronger and stronger and joined their warteam playing the style their warteam always played. They grew into it, basically. Cx does not require a lot of training because their gameplay simply hasn't changed. Their warteam can be inactive for a long time while when returning they will not usually fail.

CC used to have the same. When CC's warteam consisted of Veg-Chiyu-Gry as the main line-up, we could be inactive for 2 years straight, return, train a bit and win again. Faw and RiCC became stronger and stronger and therefore joined the warteam playing the style CC's warteam required. This worked out until more or less 2011.

In 2011, after the clanwar vs GpW, Chiyu Faw and I basically played our last serious matches. After that we weren't up for training much anymore and others had to step up.

Gry was the only one of the original team left, having to create an entirely new warteam. At first with RDS and since about 2 years with Anna and Kyro. Anna and Kyro lacked the experience, individual skills and proper internet and therefore had to play often to train.

Only since a few months CC's warteam has gotten quite strong again with a totally different foundation (Kyro-Anna-Gry). The team requires a lot of training still, but I guess it is ok to say CC is back with a new warteam. MS joining helps, he will give CC's warteam a bit more individual skill/stability hopefully where Anna and Kyro can't (internet emo). It'll be interesting to see what will happen next season.
Go to2015-01-13-t3> vs. CX (CTF clanwar) I didn't expect this, impressive win :p
Go to2014-12-07CC vs. -t3> (CTF ladder match) Besides, this isn't any different than the last few ladder seasons. It was usually t3 rushing to the first place/200 points fairly fast cause of their high activity level. Other clans were mainly trying to stop them by defeating them in a clanwar (CDF, Cx especially).

Either way, the playoffs are back cause of exactly this reason: giving other less active clans a chance to win too.
Go to2014-12-05CX vs. CC (CTF ladder match) Summary of DW:

[21:51:50] Game started.
[22:01:50] Game ended.

WELL that was interesting.
Go to2014-10-19CC vs. [CDF] (CTF clanwar) My point of view:

I was asked yesterday to be a backup if needed cause Loon couldn't play. I trained a bit yesterday evening and today to not be too rusty. I did not play WW for a year or so and played Stronghold maybe 5 times in total, ever.

First round seemed obvious with the CC team playing well.

Second round:
After the game had just started, Kyro and Anna CTO'd. That was a key point in that round as CDF had FA and was S3 with Gry 1h as he was playing alone from pretty much the start. Hakum and I joined with no ammo and we never played with that team either basically.

Immediately after resuming the game CDF scored 1-0 (I had no time to even run to the base yet) and as they had full control they scored 1 more within a short period of time. Fortunately we knew WW well so we could stop more damage from being done. We kept pressure up, scored 1 time and sadly lost another score. 1-4 wasn't bad, considering the start. Only in the last 4 minutes or so we really got to play very well but we - somehow - didn't score more than once (bad timing/teamplay).

Round 3 and 4 were different. Hakum didn't know the map at all basically and I myself well.. not either :-). The 3rd round started as expected with CDF scoring. We were 3-1 behind quite fast but somehow we got really nice control scoring 5 times in a fairly short time. A score of 6-3 felt really good, a bit too good perhaps cause we conceded 2 more scores in the last minute making it 6-5.

Round 4, same thing. CDF played even more aggressive than in round 3 cause it was their last chance. We somehow played well for the first minutes or so getting a 1-0 and 2-1 lead but heh. CDF got a 3-2 lead (again) and later 4-2 still. Pressure was up, but in the last minute CDF probably figured it was too late to win and we scored twice still. All in all, with the lack of training and putting a backup team to play we did well enough.

It is obvious Gry, Anna and Kyro won this CW though. The first round being 7-1 was a key factor as we could just defend the lead with the backup team later. Gry also played really well in Stronghold - fortunately - cause Hakum and I clearly weren't the greatest players there xD. I am happy we didn't actually lose a round in Stronghold either considering the circumstances. IMO, this was one of the biggest chances CDF had on beating CC. I personally think I should've played smarter at times, we got scores against us when I died with flag a few times which I felt I could've avoided. GG emo
Go to2014-07-30Mappool removals That's internal clan business though. CC for example usually just talks about removing/voting for maps in the CC clan chat which is open to anyone. Other clans leaders may choose to just vote whatever.
Go to2014-07-09-t3> vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) Does it have to affect him emo
Go to2014-05-31[CDF] vs. -t3> (CTF ladder match) Virtually unhittable with flag at the end -> 5-16 stats emo Well done either way emo
Go to2014-05-24Mappool removals Guess the current pool of players don't really like old maps anymore. But heh, at least other maps will be given a try too unless Gaunt will be overplayed now.
Go to2014-05-01[CDF] vs. -t3> (CTF clanwar) I won't be there so gl hf both teams emo
Go to2014-04-22Ladder frozen Maybe Gry should explain what he means to you in Dutch, cause imo you totally misunderstood his points...
Go to2014-04-20Ladder frozen but this rule can be applied though:

§5.1 When a clan reaches 200 points, the ladder ranking will be frozen, meaning that no more ladder matches can be played. If the clan ranked #2 is within reach (i.e. they can pass the highest-ranking clan by beating clan #1 in a clanwar), then they are entitled to such a clanwar, which cannot be refused. In the even that #2 does not wish to play for the season title, #3 will be allowed to challenge #1, provided that #3 also is within reach (etc.).

Cause CDF's rank won't change nor -t3's rank will no matter the score. So you're telling us to wait 2 weeks for a clanwar that won't change anything :p. On the other hand I think the ladder will be frozen for a certain amount of weeks anyway? I forgot exactly how long, a month or something?
Go to2014-02-03CC vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) Define BC?
Go to2014-01-29Regarding Game Interference All we saw was a chatlog of you breaking the match. I figured it'd be good to post the rule, feel free to appeal the ban anyway. May have to get someone to find the chatlog though.
Go to2014-01-08The End [DT v4.0] Well done Polak. Funny, someone clanless and so focussed on duels won, I like the change emo
Go to2013-10-31Plus update I dunno why but this update seemed to have made jj2 a lot more smooth again for me. I trust the other (important) issues have been fixed as well so thanks emo

And yeah, perhaps it might be good to host a server at the old version for now still until everybody seems to be able to play?
Go to2013-10-25Quick News Bit There are quite a few bugs however so you shouldn't really push your opinion like that. For example random kicks/bans, kicks/bans cause of spam while theres no spam, not smooth movement/warps and taking a carrot makes you warp randomly. Players unable to join is just one part. I currently am using the new plus for version 1.23 and the old plus for version 1.24. That way I can decide which one to use when I feel like playing.
Go to2013-10-18-t3> vs. [Pre] (CTF ladder match) Now that's a late decider.. If the flagholder only managed to DD for a second longer it'd be a draw.
Go to2013-10-14[CDF] vs. CX (CTF ladder match) Lol, well done CDF
Go to2013-10-14Mappool set Damn, I don't get what the drama is for if:

Canyon grove NO: CC, t3, CDF, CX
Canyon grove YES: GpW
Trepidation NO: CC, t3, CDF, GpW, CX
Trepidation YES:

Every damn clan voted no to Trep and only GpW voted yes to Canyon.
Go to2013-10-14Mappool set Very mature whoever put the J2O news there.... emo
Go to2013-10-14CC vs. CX (CTF ladder match) Wicked Wood != bbswing?
Go to2013-10-06CC vs. -t3> (CTF ladder match) I replaced SR halfway during the 2nd round as he quit. Either way, I started with wrong controls so I had to rejoin again, had n/a and no time to get any ammo during those 5 minutes nor we used skype cause I got was busy with homework. All in all a funny 5 minute break from homework but not a good game nor a game to think of later.
Go to2013-10-01CC vs. -t3> (CTF ladder match) Replaced Loon as he had to go. Too much lag on my side to enjoy the match though, it was laggy from the start and didn't get any better even after I closed pretty much everything running at my computer.
Go to2013-09-29[GpW] vs. CC (CTF ladder match) dafuq, lol
Go to2013-09-28Duel Tournament v4.0 I think that was sarcasm XD
Go to2013-09-21CC vs. CX (CTF ladder match) Distopia was fairly ok for us, we started losing more control in the second half of the game there but we had good recaps/they couldn't score much.

In WW it was a different story though, we kept having to recap and kept low most of the game. Even if they think they lost control after Ahmo went BRB I think differently. We were still under pressure and never really regained control. We were behind 2-0 then 3-1, I scored a really lucky 3-2 (E low, both F's hunted me as I was 1 too so I could sneak a score) and the third score was at the very end which allowed me to safely go S3.

We had good teamplay, but to be fair the score in WW could've easily been 6/7-3 in favour of them. Either way, not bad for a retired alpha now. Thanks for the game, I enjoyed it emo.
Go to2013-09-10Mappool deletions Gauntlet isn't all that decent, never mind the best map. It has become popular but that doesn't make a map decent. You can say the same about levels like Distopia, Semi and BBlair, which are also popular but neither of them are all that great of a level if you think of it. Gauntlet was in fact one of the most random levels to play in together with Galactic Warfare.
Go to2013-09-09loose game How did it end?Xd
Go to2013-08-28loose game Lame/disappointing semi final and sucks for RO not having a third. LOL at RO winning in a 2v3 round and nearly winning the second round in Untitled too though.
Go to2013-08-27loose game Yes Warrior, but where that was the same with all other countries the last 3 years, it was different with NL the previous 2 years. This year, we didn't have our best team and we didn't really train either whereas previous years we had a good team and we'd play the maps at least a few times before the NT match. Not much, but enough to create some form of teamplay.

Exactly these reasons are why NL couldn't win their matches this year while during the previous 2 years we won everything. This year, we were just as "organized" as everyone while the previous 2 years we had better organization than others. NL, like Urbs said, was less strong cause of these things and it levelled the field a bit. That's why I think NL is responsible for all the draws themselves pretty much, even if we had the bad luck facing the strongest line-ups of each team as they were.

As Gry mentioned, NT's have always been this messy and NL was just lucky to have a good team of 3 players the previous 2 years. Either way, maybe the NTs need to be organized at a different time during the year. A bit later, like last 2 years?
Go to2013-08-27loose game @ Urbs: EU not caring that NL had voice problems is not even the point of the analysis I made earlier actually. I am not sure why you say that. I just clarified my statement of luck being a part of this NT too after Reni thought I said EU sucks. Other than that I agree with SJ and I think NL is responsible for being out themselves, teamplay problems is NL's own fault and not others. There are plenty of reasons NL's teamplay failed but most importantly it's just lack of a base-team and training.
Go to2013-08-27loose game No Reni, I didn't imply EU sucks. EU is strong and EU was lucky not having to face the strongest line-up of the opponent each match you've played so far. NL was the least lucky of all teams in the group having faced the strongest line-up of each opponent NL had. EU and PolB had the luck not having to play vs the strongest line-up of Serbia (and, in a way, vs each other). PolB's line-up is with WR and Krzy in their main team which others mentioned by now too. So Rag couldn't play then and Krzy couldn't play for PolB resulting in a fairly even match with perhaps EU being slightly stronger looking at the line-up.

NL is out cause of bad luck, not having trained/played enough nor being able to play with the strongest line-up. In the end it's NL's own fault but other teams in the group had quite a lot more luck which was quite a big factor too (excluding Serbia, cause Hordy stopped playing after round 1).

I also agree with SJ that NL using voice in small/open maps should still have given an advantage if NL had trained. The type of map shouldn't make much of a difference. Using voice in any map can bring an advantage but as I understood NL couldn't fully use voice (no foly using voice?) and the teams NL played with simply didn't train. Voice not working for NL in these maps this time can simply be blamed on not having trained at all.
Go to2013-08-25loose game Ah, missed that. EU was the most lucky in this group anyway while Pol was (in a way) lucky vs Serbia regarding teams.
Go to2013-08-25loose game NL had bad luck having to face the strongest teams of each country, whereas Pol and EU didn't face Serbia with Hordy and EU didn't face Pol with WR. Anyway, so NL is out. No Veg no NT for NL Xd,,