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I would like to attempt to conduct an upvalueing o...
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By: Slaz, in: JJ2 ladder clan comparisons » Clan talk 2021-07-07 22:17
CDF is still the sexiest clan. :flex:
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Go to2021-12-21Season 18 Concludes I would like to offer to rejoin CX or any team in CTF,
in exchange for JJ2+5-9 being playable without having
chat / console msg(s) cause lag during game(s)

Currently non-plus > new-plus in terms of anti-lag
JJnet seems to be a moot point when:
-> JJ2 has less lag w/o "+"
-> unknown why 5-9 allows such lag from chat/console msg(s)

Currently Aleyasz-Alpha remains the only CTF server
available through the J2O serverlist for non-plus clients,
The J2O version of plus also seems to prevent changing
serverlists in order to avoid "youngling" servertypes,
e.g. "plus" becoming a waste since it doesn't allow blocking
of middleschool/highschool players etc.

For reference there was once a valid reason to change
serverlists when trying to avoid servers w/ too-old groups,
too-young groups, games w/ bothersome parameters
(JJ2 mods that don't closely resemble the official CD-release)
and that is why I was going to sugest a local network
æthernet connection maybe that could be wired underground
somewhere, instead of having to rely on pricy dial-up AT&T

It would be more cost-effective for just playing JJnet/CTF/etc
compared to having to use a pricy internet, also that way
avoiding stringency of J2O mods having new angelscript
every year
(CTF is more playable w/o fireball or extra graphics)
That is just my opønion now, using old-plus versions to
improve the gameplay is something I copied from Treylina
having found 2010 version(s) of JJ2+ still available that
more closely resembles the official CD-version of 1.22

+v5.9 has a lot more different kinds of options that don't
contribute directly to CTF or TB,
regardless unplayable given the current amount of lag in 5.9
Go to2020-09-16[GpW] vs. CX (CTF clanwar) Another decade, another clanwar renaissance for the team of "go pause and wait."
Go to2020-08-30poll After several months going on a year since I quit playing ladder, I would like to consider playing again with any ladder clan. The reasons I'm posting this here are:

1. JJ2 plus version 5.7 hoping to address concerns of the ladder community and ought to have thourough playtesting.

2. I also found that making several changes to personal settings may alleviate many of my problems such as automatically saving chatlog.

3. I want to see what new levels will be introduced for mappool contention, and evaluate their graphical eyecandy, layout and flow, carrot and ammo placement, etc.

Granted, older versions of plus retained some things I liked about JJ2, like: ammo pickups from crates not despawning after a set amount of time thus allowing piles of ammo to build up, preventing additional files from downloading that could be malicious in nature, and enforcing pepper rather than fireball weapon.

Simultaneously, JJnet can be a communications platform where players like me can express their views, and that is always essential for allowing people to express themselves.

Finally, I will just reiterate the point of my comment is mainly to say I have interest in looking for a clan to play the upcoming ladder season. Thanks everyone for reading my message, and for playing this exceptional game as rivals and allys.
Go to2020-07-10Cheats and Punishments Also BTW: (Just a sugestion since I'm not intending to play on JJ-net) … There is no good valid reason for people to be so vindictive toward other people, nor to themselves.

Honestly that sentence should stand alone, however given the context, I think that if there is a justifyable provocation such that you are making an accusation toward another person in this comunity:

I'd recomend being slightly more polite and humble, rather than being subtly condescending and inflamatory about your aproach to comunicating with the people you are upset with — especialy because: (for me, I can't aford to be disrespectful toward young people) and furthermore the use of insults just elongates the duration of the (perceived) conflict, whereas cooperation or cooperativity at least has the potential to allow a resolution for the benefit of the greater comunity, and particularly such that the people who care can conclude with their goals acomplished.

Anyway, this has just been my afterthought on the topic of debate, and I'm not aiming the coment at anyone in particular, nor do I expect anyone to care since personally, I'm at a point in life that I cannot afford to expend anymore time and effort on ladder, (with the exception of posting self-aggrandizing melodramatic coments on articles that regardless don't pertain to me whatsoever)
Go to2020-07-05Cheats and Punishments Simple, obvious, easy way to resolve this would be admins draw the line about "kids" servers and "adults" servers — for the sake of argument: intrinsically, the "internet police" are not going to "protect" an adult if the "conflict" is against a child. In this "thought-experiment" the policy is to create barriers that prevent kids and adults from "playing games" together; that is just the normative tradition.

So albeit the question of "protecting a server" is solely derived from a point after the server "host, owner, peacemaker, safety-ensurance-agent, etc." chose already if the aforementioned server is for kids or adults.

Fundamentally, younger players take precedence over access to "public" game platforms in general — that would be a social normative — a cultural tradition, and the reason would be a safety protocol: people with more experience in life are more likely to avoid dangerous encounters with unsafe events, such as an internet game server with malicious agents that ruin games, rather than attempt to conquer them whereas the less-experienced are usually not as risk-averse … (IMHO)
Go to2020-07-02Next season I want to express my thankfulness, appreciation, graditude toward the community; where lots of people have made great amounts of effort, and secrificed their time: so that we could all have the pleasure of being apart of the game, and to become teamates and friends and comrades.

A variety of individuals and groups have performed in roles like hosting servers, building websites, organizeng tournaments, making maps and curating level-lists, enchancing the game and programing mods and utilities, producing music and art for tilesets and illustrative use, writing information and content and communicating so that players and fans and also original creators of the game would have oportunitys to bond and learn and share in the collectuve experience.

(In the prior delete post i meant to say thanks in this way, just went on a bit of an afterthought tangant.)
Go to2020-07-01Next season Thanks to all the servers (hosts, admins, moderators) the tournament organizers (JDC, ladder, NT, worldcup, duels, etc.) levelmakers and levellist curators, website programmars and game developers. I just want to express my appreciateon to the JJ2 community for being my teamates and friends and comrades. Many of the websites, tournaments, and game servers have been in operation for over 20 years now. An honorary team supper will be offered to rabbits who've survived the recent clanwars: fresh-cut grass and low-standing flowers will be available. Food will be exclusively for rabbits; there will not be food for non-rabbit players.
Go to2020-06-30video That is the exact topic illustrating what I described. (I would usually refrain from commenting about academic subjects on ladder clanwar webpages.)

However, I think that point, about 2-sided anatomical sensory mechanisms; such as the seeing eyes, the nose and tongue of taste and smell, the ears that are able to hear audio and detect gravitational balance and also to observe and predict magnetism; the point relies on the presumption that: "ladder will only cater to people with extraordinary vision" and the notion of cephalization can help to explain why personally I usually don't think watching a video showing (in reference to the CTF video record) 2 separate screen-capture-videos, displayed side-by-side.

Cephalization is a term regarding evolution that describes an evolutionary lineage or a chain of attributes among groups of lifeforms (like… fishes, amphibians, tetrapods…) and "cephalization" means the anatomical development of a skeletal skull within the head wherein the brain recieves sensory input information via the aforementioned "eyes and ears" and thusly can similarly direct output information (in other words, to communicate) through vocalization, "eye contact" (during which the sets of eyes of multiple individuals mirror those of the correspondants), among a variety of forms of communication that would be culturally listed as languages.

In the classificatory clade of animals exhibiting cephalization, there is binary distinction among 2-eyed groups between those with "predator vision" and eyes that face forward with a more narrow angle of light-detecting-beam rays fom the cornea to the object at the focal point, and those with "prey vision" and eyes that moreso face sideways with a wider angle of focal rays.

Regardless of the distinction between predator vision and prey vision, both of these groups of animals rely on their vision for survival (in the contexts of seeking and obtaining food and avoiding physical harm) as the descriptory terms indicate. Thusly, I don't actually think it's helpful in life to expend the energetic resources of a vital sensory mechanism to visually concentrate on (what essentially amounts to) a video that requires the eyes to be desynchronized in order to watch 2 screen at once. It would be a lapse from concentration, and regarding anatomical mechanisms, that is typically actually both doing excessive effort and habitually dangerous, in the overall scenario of life aside from watching CTF ladder clanwar videos.

With that allusion having being explicitly revealed — I don't think my prior comment that "this video is not worth watching" actually warrants a shift of focus and divertment of the scope of the webpage from the game of pertainance toward a series of explainatory academical remarks.
Go to2020-06-25video I think the video format of having two screens side-by-side is not watchable. I personally am not capable of attentively watching either screen when both are displayed side-by-side. I'll acknowledge that it's just my personal opinion, and I don't want to try any further explaination of my rationale, nor am I trying to incentivize doing unneccessarry work to offer an alternative; just expressing my reaction to watching the begining was like: I cannot watch this, I cannot focus on two side-by-side videos simultaneously.
Go to2020-06-17Next season https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9c7Z9-fHXnE&feature=youtu.be&t=1062

"That rope-ladder is like one of your modern ladders in many respects, only more... rope-like."
Go to2020-06-16Retiring As An Admin IMHO, that is a proactive way to deal with being an admin, allow others to do some of the work, that way you are not required to do 100% of the work of being a website admin.
...I also retired as a player since last year, anyway don't want to post alot detailed information why bc agents with malicious intent are presumeably examineing in seek of security vulnerability to destructively exploit.
Go to2020-06-16Cheats and Punishments https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=dandelion

^ The above URL should be enough evidence that this comment thread is the most pointless argument to ever take bandwidth on this webpage.
Go to2020-06-14Cheats and Punishments In the mindset of recording music I tend to differentiate between "analog / mono" or "digital / stereo" and furthermore to whomever might still be so upset I sugest you search online for images of dandilions, if you seek remediation.

BTW, I don't mean to be condescending, just picture everything typed in Comic Sans font instead and the tone implied by the text shan't seem as volatile, albeit maybe less fancifully eloquent
Go to2020-06-14Cheats and Punishments I would like to state my opinion in terms of a counterpoint to Kryt's comparison between sprinting and JJ2 -- that cheating in sports or athletics on average is not plausible to the same degree or extent as cheating in a videogame.

In a race for example you can start from a point where the distanceto the endpoint is technically less than that of your competitors. You can go into motion before you are suposed to. The laws of physics and the nature of time apply along with the often-vague rules of the comtest itself. You can even contend that the playing field in the case of the example of a spring or race is not level and therefore imbalanced to the point where one contestant could have a subtle advantage due to the gravitational plane at their location.

Although those scenarios seem unlikely, they could potentially be greatly exadurated, in the event that the race were setup to intentionally exemplify those features: (e.g., a bicycle race where one contestant starts from high-altitude and descends to a lower-altitude, whereas their opponent starts from low-altitude and ascends to a higher-altitude.) The discrepancy would obviously make it unfair in contrast to a race where the contestants were on the same level plane.

Illustration A: "Obviously Unfair Bicycle Race" - https://i.postimg.cc/Bv6M0RXN/obviously-unfair-bicycle-race.gif

However, in sports or athletics, there is a more extreme variable that is considered unfair, that isn't so much a factor in videogames such as JJ2: and that is the capabilitys of our bodys. For example, everyone takes a unique bodily form, and sports are designed to inspire people to develop their bodys so that they become conditioned to excel at their sport of choice. Skills in sports are essentially the capability to overcome the differences between your own bodily attributes and those of your opponents.

JJ2 is in contrast a mind game where we players are sitting around and pressing buttons. There is alot of muscle memory instilled by the repetition of button-pressing with our hands, the amount of endurance required by the wrists to maintain keyboard control for a lengthy duration of time, and the dexterity of our fingers to quickly and gracefully enact the playing of the game via our characters.

Anyway the reason I thought to remark upon this metaphor is because, personally I play alot of basketball having practiced for over 2 decades (about the same amount of time since I started playing JJ1).

And my point of contention here is that I have played and watched and studied alot of basketball, and I have never heard of cheating in basketball so to speak, there are not drugs that might reliably enhance your performance in basketball.

(If anything, sobriety is considered to enchance your performance.)

There may be issues with imbalanced playing fields if the arena surface is not level, or the goals are not well-aligned; in particular the brightness of lights from nearby stars can be a significant problem (I think that I have gotten radiation poisoning from playing under excessive starshine).

However what does happen frequently in basketball is that, when there is a debate amongst players and spectators over varying perceptions of an investigation into an accusation of rule-breaking, frequently the argument continues for such along time that continuing the game itself becomes exponentially more unlikely.

(During a basketball game, the ball goes out-of-bounds, and players debate what team should regain posession of the ball next. If we were to graph the probability of the game continuing over time, where "Y = the probability of the game continuing," and "X = the amount of time the ball is possessed by grass," we could say that as "X approaches infinity" the function has a limit of 0, and that the asymptote would be a horizontal line where "Y=0."emo

Illustration B: "What Team Should Regain Possession Of The Ball After It Goes Out-Of-Bounds" - https://i.postimg.cc/MZDM7HsM/regain-possession.gif

Conclusively, the temporal continuation of this senseless argument is reducing the overall probability that anymore actual games will ever be played to an infinitesmal percentage of an amount rapidly approaching 0 over time.
Go to2020-06-12Cheats and Punishments They should make all these webpages with cookie-acceptance-dialogs also include a warning label for "DO NOT EAT THE COOKIES CONTAINED IN THIS WEBPAGE"

... wait, am I suposed to still be talking about this? Nvm
Go to2020-06-12Cheats and Punishments I think that since I have most recently been in GPW and CX during the last 2 years, (I think that also Moti, Hordy, Afii, and idk who else was in both CX and GPW before), I should also confess to my wrongdoings that may have been a role in this dilemme

I sent a graphical representation of a cookie that may (or may not) include spyware that could (or could not) be able to function as a radar

This is the image of a cookie in question, as you can (or can not) see, it might (or might not) taste like deliciously baked mix of flour and sugar with built-in chocolate chips


... (A warning to the uninitialized and uninformed, these decepticookies are not actually edible cookies, they are imposters that invade your life through your computer web browser, and extract then delete your intellect, much like a gravity-anomaly would attract and destroy information. They pose as cookies in order to present the appearance of being harmful nd innocent, when in actuality they are maliciously and sinister. Donot be deceived, donot believe that these cookies are equivalent to the yummy tasty vital food group. To be clear: DO NOT EAT ANY COOKIES YOU GOT FROM A WEBSITE) ...
Go to2020-06-10Cheats and Punishments The fact that there are servers on this game hosting derogatory levels with images of players' mutilated bodies, and other servers hosting levels of child-****ography-like imagery, is far more than enough proof that evidentially many people ought to evaluate the type of behavior that should be permitted in the context of JJ2.

In the context of a world where more than JJ2 exists, there would be more drastic consequences for publically providing "****ographic imagery levels" or "bodily mutilation imagery levels" and personally I think the fact that the setting where this takes place just means that people from JJ2 are reacting.

This argument is larger in scope than cheating at a game, actually moreso explainatory about my own frequent withdrawals from servers that host grotesque vulgarity or ****ographic imagery in the guise of a JJ2 level.

For other people who may have an attitude similar to mine, that's a repulsive display in this setting. There are other creative outlets where that format is somewhat more appropriate. Simultaneously if JJ2 becomes a game with a scene that I can expect this lack of public decency, I'm personally extremely intolerant and will tend to pursue avoidance.
Go to2020-06-09Cheats and Punishments Any further comments will now be graded on a scale of 1<->99 and judged accordingly.
…The following commentarial criterions will be evaluated:

=-> Does the comment implicitly pertain to the topic of cheating in ladre by abusing radar? Does the comment explicitly substantiate radar abuse during ladre for the sake of cheating?

=-> Does the comment offer any potential resolution to the glaringly problematic radar allegations? Does the comment annotate if the radar took place in the future, the current, the past, or over any duration of time that maybe could include any of the aforementioned timeframes; or either a temporal instant, or duration, or a nontemporal period other than the future, current, and past?

=-> Does the comment deviate from the stationary goal of averting radar abuse to cheat during ladre? Does the comment ignore the topic to say mean things about others in the thread instead?

…Ladre points will also be formulaically provisioned for those clans whose players' comments receive grades.
(An exemplary comment earning a grade of 99 would amount to 99 ladre points for the commenting clan: contrastingly, an malexemplary comment earning a grade of 1 would similarly amount to 1 ladre point.)
Go to2020-06-03Ladder suspended indefinitely IMO, think that ladder should be age-restricted, such that preteens and young kids aren't joininğ ladder with novice-level clans, e.g. CXN comprised of players who are not in the age range of the average player in this tournament. It's unreasonable to play against people (1/3) of your age when opportunities such as school and education exist. In greater society this would not be allowable, students who should be focused on primary school or secondary school are depletinğ educational resources by participatinğ in video game tournaments. Simultaneously that prevents ladder from being worth people's time if there's a 20+ year age difference between players in various clans. Furthermore, IİRC, accordinğ to team rankinğs, GPW and T3 both have multiclanners, players who are on multiple teams from the clan listinğs. Beyond that, many variables regardinğ the perceived fairness of games are often altered with game options that are controlled by plus commands that setup the server — there's no expectation of fairness in games where players have varyinğ amounts of administrative responseability and moderation effičaçy — most often the winner is whomever has the highest degree of server control and is thusly able to skew the game's rules, whereas the loser more probably doesn't have a good time thereby causinğ the onset of issueances of dislike. That's presumeably resultant from the increasinğly extreme amount of variables affectinğ CTF servers beside the game actually beinğ played — also presumably, albeit unremarkably, beinğ factorized by young players who ignore school and educational goals to focus instead on video games featurinğ rabbits.

If usinğ hacks is so efficent at increasinğ ladre poınts, why not just have bots upload screenshots via automation, ço that people will not have to spend time with screenshotinğ and logininğ and uploadinğ and verifyinğ, just have bots play ladre and rather allow a more friendly environment for players who are people. Prioritīzinğ ladre poınts is detrimental to intellectualism as evidensed by the amount of words on this inane topič. Let bots play ladre instead of people; and that will allow people to have more time to be somewhat considerate of derivinğ benefit from havinğ played the games, while simultaneously the bots could feel like they earned a reward other than senseless arguments with people.