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By: koulmnballar, in: What have you done to Clippy?! » Off topic 2022-07-20 19:38
[quote]Web Browsing Advisory[/quote] And in the w...
By: koulmnballar, in: What have you done to Clippy?! » Off topic 2022-07-09 23:29
There used to be a paperclip named Clippy, who liv...
By: DanZeal, in: Royal Families of JJ2 » Off topic 2022-07-05 10:46
[quote="Grytolle"][quote="Anubis"]Grytolle and Lee...
By: Grytolle, in: Royal Families of JJ2 » Off topic 2022-06-29 17:11
[quote="Anubis"]Grytolle and Leen both CC[/quote] ...
By: koulmnballar, in: maps 2 inspire UR lvl(s) » Clan talk 2022-06-24 19:24
^ -- East village is actually the pangaean combo ...
By: Toni, in: maps 2 inspire UR lvl(s) » Clan talk 2022-06-23 22:47
The first image looks like something we already ha...
By: Brinko, in: maps 2 inspire UR lvl(s) » Clan talk 2022-06-14 20:11
australia is sus
By: koulmnballar, in: maps 2 inspire UR lvl(s) » Clan talk 2022-06-14 17:49
By: qr-s-PL43, in: -How do Egyptian / 1337speak differ? » Clan talk 2022-06-07 01:43
That`s interesting about the [b]"ch"[/b] and [b]"s...
By: Anubis, in: -How do Egyptian / 1337speak differ? » Clan talk 2022-06-04 09:51
This typography is sometimes used in other languag...
By: qr-s-PL43, in: -How do Egyptian / 1337speak differ? » Clan talk 2022-06-03 00:28
-How do Egyptian / 1337speak differ? FYI (for y...
By: qr-s-PL43, in: « ? should esports be illegal in the confederacy ¿ » » Off topic 2022-06-02 17:17
[u][b]«[/b] ? should esports be illegal in the co...
By: Slaz, in: Pointer cursor won't work in JAZZ1 w/o loading WIN31 » JJ2 related 2022-01-04 09:35
Jazz1 is a DOS program and cannot work windowed in...
By: Ashurna, in: -JJ2 lvls thread? » Clan talk 2021-10-14 21:28
cute: so why dont you go tell the robot manager; u...
By: KILLREADYSCORE, in: A beginner's guide to the game: "Jazz Jackrabbit 2" » Forum games 2021-10-14 04:03
[code] A beginner's guide to the game: "Jazz Jack...
By: KILLREADYSCORE, in: Pointer cursor won't work in JAZZ1 w/o loading WIN31 » JJ2 related 2021-10-12 07:45
[i][s][u][b]Pointer cursor won't work in JAZZ1 w/o...
By: KILLREADYSCORE, in: -JJ2 lvls thread? » Clan talk 2021-10-12 06:35
[i]Aside from the obvious maps that are already in...
By: KILLREADYSCORE, in: [MULTI] Domination map making contest! » JJ2 related 2021-10-12 05:55
Simply renaming the gamemode to ANYTHING other tha...
By: Splat, in: . . . jestes _3C_ M'S' » Off topic 2021-10-11 01:21
. . . jestes _3C_ M'S' [i]The year №№ won ...
By: Splat, in: Tertiary school ideas? » Off topic 2021-10-08 13:25
[u]Tertiary school[/u] ideas? ->During [u]posts...
By: Splat, in: Repeat login verification? » Site suggestions 2021-10-08 06:51
-I notice that on this website, there aren't seem...
By: Splat, in: It's about time to start wraping thingz up » Improving rules 2021-10-07 13:53
-For reference, I.M.O., recent versions of the mod...
By: Vivando, in: [MULTI] Domination map making contest! » JJ2 related 2021-10-06 20:53
Violet's entries are now finally added to the DOM ...
By: stijn, in: It's about time to start wraping thingz up » Improving rules 2021-09-07 14:24
Who would be in this next group? If you know C+...
By: Splat, in: It's about time to start wraping thingz up » Improving rules 2021-09-07 08:30
The curent "plus-team" has had [u]almost[/u]_[u]10...
By: Splat, in: JJ2 ladder clan comparisons » Clan talk 2021-08-06 12:54
I would like to attempt to conduct an upvalueing o...
By: Splat, in: Unoriginal team names should be issued infractions » Clan talk 2021-08-06 12:05
"Unoriginal team names should be issued infraction...
By: Slaz, in: JJ2 ladder clan comparisons » Clan talk 2021-07-07 22:17
CDF is still the sexiest clan. :flex:
By: MaximuS , in: JJ2 ladder clan comparisons » Clan talk 2021-06-28 14:05
Best post of 2021 :-D
By: Splat, in: JJ2 needs more strictly moderated servers » JJ2 related 2021-06-27 05:15
The URL below is a link to the Waybackmachine Arch...
By: Splat, in: JJ2 ladder clan comparisons » Clan talk 2021-06-19 04:34
JJ2 ladder clan comparisons =====================...
By: Splat, in: Royal Families of JJ2 » Off topic 2021-06-13 06:28
During the prior decade, I gradually tried to offe...
By: Splat, in: Watching broadcasts while playing CW is cheating » Improving rules 2021-06-13 04:00
That just means the rules are flawed; it should de...
By: SpazTron64, in: Funniest moments! » Forum games 2021-06-10 01:01
Hahaha oh my god, I see some of you have saved som...
By: MasterSven, in: Watching broadcasts while playing CW is cheating » Improving rules 2021-06-06 15:18
Yes during stopped games it could be unethically a...
By: MasterSven, in: Royal Families of JJ2 » Off topic 2021-06-06 15:12
Jenny's parents played JJ2 as well, so JJ2 is cros...
By: Vivando, in: Royal Families of JJ2 » Off topic 2021-06-06 11:44
Indeed Anubis, was gonna say that :D
By: Vivando, in: Watching broadcasts while playing CW is cheating » Improving rules 2021-06-06 11:43
True, unexpected breaks during the game can potent...
By: Anubis, in: Watching broadcasts while playing CW is cheating » Improving rules 2021-06-06 11:30
I did have it open to look at the chat after some ...
By: Anubis, in: Royal Families of JJ2 » Off topic 2021-06-06 11:23
Grytolle and Leen both CC
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Go to2019-04-13New Website looks & features! Does saving cookies work again? It's been broken for years.
Go to2018-05-25Ladder Frozen Along with the reset, can we clean up the clan list too? There's a lot of ultra-inactive/dead groups on there. Some even with literally no members.
Go to2017-08-26Season 12 Are we going to keep being vague, or actually elaborate on what makes the old plus supposedly better?

It's annoying.

Camels brick-walled login system is a case of usage, not merely the fact scripting exists. I can bet if mutators did not exist, there would've been some awkward utility you'd have to download.
Go to2017-08-18Season 12 I only read this just now...

I'm not a fan of how restrictive camel has become (in fact this is what complainers are probably referring to), but overall I think plus has been beneficial.

It was the great serverlist death during 2016 that stopped many new players from joining. With the advent of scripted levels and mutators, plusonly became common.

I believe most people have quit because of real life and other games/hobbies. Not because "OH NO PLUS".

I found the metagame and counterplay stale, so I retired from competitve play. I could go more into why but I don't think anyone wants to hear me ramble on further.

* Before anyone pulls the assumption stick on me, character usage is only a small part of the problem, though it does make it less entertaining. Plenty of competitive games still get popular with bad balance.
Go to2016-07-05loose game It was unfortunate that my Dad was uploading during the time, making it hard for my teammates to hear me.
Go to2015-04-03Happy April I don't play JDC much for competitive reasons, just that it gives an opportunity to play other gamemodes/levels I normally wouldn't be able to. Outside of JDC is tests...CTF...tests..battle.

Who knows, maybe I'll try to win someday, but I should really be practicing things that have the potential to make me money.
Go to2015-04-03CC vs. -fB> (CTF ladder match) "The joy to play CTF and true team spirit is all you need, if ya want to be a flaming bunny"

Are you sure?
Go to2014-09-15-t3> vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) Can someone else take the screenshots?
Go to2014-08-28[CDF] vs. CC (CTF ladder match) Lol, the 8-bit.
Go to2014-08-28[CDF] vs. CC (CTF ladder match) Wow, look at those ***y screenshots. The stretched out window, and that pimpin white gap. The skype window gives it a unique touch. This truly deserves to be in an art gallery.
Go to2013-10-15Mappool set Well, I'm fairly indifferent about the mappool in the end. I'll leave it at this.

I doubt Blur didn't want to give his source code to the community because of cooba's annoyance with how the way something was dealt with (he doesn't even program it), it's very likely because Blur didn't want script kiddies abusing it. People can get angry and say things that aren't necessarily true in the end.
Go to2013-10-15Mappool set There's a never-ending frustration for producers against consumers. The community of levelmakers ever shrinks, and/or becomes less active, because the consumers don't branch out. The producers can't find people who want to play other gamemodes and maps. Producer gets bored and leaves. Some producers come back to jdc for events.

Competitive play just isn't the place for levelmakers. Most of the time.

Though in the end, it's the consumers who play the mappool maps. Even if some reviewers can be delusional, the judges don't ladder themselves. Or at least only Faw does once in a blue moon.
Go to2013-07-06Taking a break from hosting R.I.P Zeal servers. 2008 to mid 2013.
Go to2013-01-19Unbans JJ2 skills don't comply with being an admin. Past actions leave people wary and being passive aggressive about it won't fix it.
INB4 autism joke.
Go to2012-08-08Ladder So, what's the point goal this time?
Go to2012-07-20Rearrangement Next year: iR v5.
Go to2012-05-29Hakum probably cheating -headdesk-
Go to2012-04-17The new season! Okay then, I'll elaborate...

Blue has a start pos where they can rush to get the red flag. Red doesn't have a rush start pos. You can also more easily control the seeks and bnc PU and be close to scoring spot as blue. I'd say powered bouncers are slightly stronger than powered RFs.

It's not about symmetry I'm talking about here.

Of course imbalanced maps are playable, they just necessarily aren't as fair for the other team.
Go to2012-04-17The new season! Semi..."well balanced level" emo
Go to2012-04-17The new season! So, even though I don't play ladders, where can you find the JB/DOM/FR mappool?
Go to2012-02-26[CDF] vs. aEs (CTF clanwar) I actually forgot about this ladder today. Might've been able to play. Whoops oh well.
Go to2012-02-21CX vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) It wasn't an insult, it may have been a bit vocal, but really I was pointing out why you are wrong, and that you need to loosen up. Now if I I said something meaningless like "cdf sux lololol" then yes. But that case was "Please stop being so obbsessed with hate, and doing bad things and using others as a crutch is plain stupid". I may have not of been involved, but that doesn't mean others aren't allowed to have a view if they know what was going on.
Go to2012-02-21CX vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) Using another clan that did the same thing ages ago, (even if it was worse) as a crutch is a lame excuse. Doing so because you're "depressed" others are leaving makes matters worse. I know you got a point taken off already, but really. And please stop it with the haters thing, you care more about your damn clan than what to do further in your life. Stop being so obbsessed about who dislikes you, acknowledge what you've done wrong (and try to stop it from happening again) and move on.
Go to2012-02-21CX vs. DoA (CTF ladder match) Sasori fu you stole my avatar . emo Go make your own pls, it's not that hard, I don't want to get confused by others. All I see you do is take other user's existing ones, it's really misleading.
Go to2012-01-06CX vs. aEs (CTF ladder match) Who's Rage? Rag?
Go to2011-12-31aEs vs. CX (CTF ladder match) Sulfur -World record for most avatar stealing on jj.net.

Aside from trolling...uh it would help if lith came on skype more often so he knows when I'm online more.
Go to2011-12-25[CDF] vs. ShW (CTF ladder match) I like how Anne and TW appear in the same pose each screen.
Go to2011-12-22aEs vs. ShW (CTF ladder match) Sulfur is smoking air. Classy
Go to2011-12-21[CDF] vs. -t3> (CTF ladder match) ..you can pick the same map twice in a row?
Go to2011-12-10[CDF] vs. aEs (CTF ladder match) I really wasn't in the mood for je, neither I wanted to play it, so I forced myself...meh
Go to2011-12-01aEs vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) Sulfur wins the ugliest screenshots award of the year.
Go to2011-11-27[CDF] vs. aEs (CTF ladder match) Well, I wasn't really aware of what else happened other than aES lost quite badly. But I'll just leave it at this.
Go to2011-11-26[CDF] vs. aEs (CTF ladder match) MS and King. gg. Gee I wonder why people get so demotivated after playing several matches against players who are more skilled. HMM.
Go to2011-11-25[CDF] vs. -ES- (CTF ladder match) We meet again JPEG... emo
Go to2011-11-20aEs vs. -ES- (CTF ladder match) Perfect untintentional idle flip.

[14:08:41] Muriel Sutherland: [13:40:39] aEs SiLJinned: im a girl
[13:40:42] Andreea -Ês-: :O
[13:40:42] Sky-Ês-: K
[13:40:44] Sky-Ês-: :O
Go to2011-11-17Fourth CTF season Sounds interesting. You should cleanup the clanlist sometime. Lots of dead clans with no members at all (yes, including CoTD).
Go to2011-11-17The new mappool @TW. You forgot how awqward it can be to get up from the seek PU. That's pretty much the main reason I end up using Spaz in JE. Bnc PU isn't as much of a deal in the first place since I can just turn to the left and jump from there just with the spring. I don't think super is Lori biased, infact I think Spaz is slightly better in it, but others are still usable.
Go to2011-11-13Mappool When you listen to everyones opinions about what people's MP levels they like and dislike, you'll just realise how impossible it is to have a map that will please all kinds of people. It seems that peoples tastes in multiplayer levels are so diverse it's just awqward. Not like as if this post will do anything about it though, and I don't excpect anyone to change their pickiness in levels after reading this either (I mean even I'm picky sometimes too).

Reguarding 10 min matches, perhaps they can only play 10 mins if the opposing team agrees as well.
Go to2011-11-09Mappool @ Veg: Of course they do. It's hard to play a match without getting airhit reguardless of level, which is why I don't care that much about airy levels as much as some other people do.
Go to2011-11-09Mappool Semi is not air free. Shoot bouncers through walls and guarantee airs almost every time, thanks to the way jj2 handles it horribly being clientside. Just thought I'd mention that.

*whispers quietly about how playing jj2 online is so broken*
Go to2011-11-07Ladder over Well, I think there are some good new recent ctf maps out there, they are just underplayed so people don't have much of an opinion on them. That and people tend to stick to practicing the same selection of maps.
Go to2011-11-04CoTD vs. [CDF] (Multi ladder match) My stats got messed up in the second screen because some nublet decided to mess around with the maxscore for godknows what reason, I called him a noob, so then he used kill command on me. But then so did MS's and SE's got messed up too because of connection issues. Oh well whatever.
Go to2011-11-04CC vs. CoTD (CTF ladder match) Yeah, CoTD is a god. CoTD can be two players at once, especially on zeal relaxer. emo
Go to2011-10-30Cpt. vs. -ES- (CTF ladder match) Just because a clan is new, doesn't always mean the members lack skill.
Go to2011-10-30CC vs. aEs (CTF ladder match) Judging by the bottom screenshot, I think WW on low detail and 8-bit on would hurt my eyes. Ow.
Go to2011-10-19[GpW] vs. CoTD (CTF ladder match) Awful screenshots...they stretch the page.

Now onto the ladder itself. I decided to accept this ladder to test out SE's ctf skills. They aren't exactly great. but I can't say mine were amazing either, I just don't care about ctf that much anymore, and neither do I really want to focus on it like (nearly) every other clan. The teamwork was better in semi.

EDIT: Much better
Go to2011-10-01[CDF] vs. -ES- (CTF ladder match) Hey look, a new clan that'll probably die after the first los-

*looks at memberlist* wait nevermind.
Go to2011-09-28CoTD vs. NF (Multi ladder match) I need to start making trainings again, gee I'm so lazy lol. I can't really say I was paying much attention to my strategy either though.
Go to2011-09-24[VS] vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) you no win vegito is better
Go to2011-09-19[GpW] vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) "I can't think of a quote to put here, so I'm making you waste seconds of your life reading this." - Me the time waster.
Go to2011-09-13SR unbanned emo
Go to2011-09-12[GpW] vs. CC (CTF ladder match) =[][][][][][]
Go to2011-09-06[GpW] vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) Finally, someone realises how pointless the comments are to read. It's why I hardly post comments on matches anymore. Most of the time I don't read them anymore. The irony is that this post is useless too. emo
Go to2011-09-04Steel Duels returns Hmm...I wonder who it got hacked by.*

*not hinting anyone
Go to2011-09-02[CDF] vs. (CTF ladder match) Raegquit below. Don't worry, he'll be back in a few weeks.
Go to2011-09-02Complete! [DT v3.0] Bah, I couldn't join because I had no internet for a while because of moving. =(

Edit: Nvm I just assumed spaces were full. How do I get in the reserve spot, also I will choose vetos once I will join.
Go to2011-08-19video Who's Beatrix? I don't really belive in top secret stuff anymore, chances are you might just learn the tactic in a ladder, or from a non member, I'm an ex-member, so I know this, I don't think I'd bother with "stealing" tactics myself, it would be pointless since it could be more easily recognised, and it might not always be the best way to play.

For TL;DR folk: Idk Beatrix and you learn the tactics eventually from a ladder or a non CDF member. Why bother "stealing".
Go to2011-08-11[CDF] vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) Hot Hakum on MS action. emo
Go to2011-08-07It Draws Near! [NTour v3] For a moment I thought this was about the jjnet duel tourney, but hey w/e. GL to all teams.
Go to2011-08-04-t3> vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) silj emo
everyone else emo
Go to2011-07-31-COD- vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) Blah blah blah, someone sucks in map so they lose, blah blah blah, they clanhop, blah blah blah somewhat e-drama no one else cares about.
Go to2011-07-27-t3> vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) When people can be a day, they are god watching over you.
Go to2011-07-26-COD- vs. Cpt. (CTF ladder match) Parrot is lying, he just doesn't want to look back at his old self. He probably got unbanned and decided to create a new account. I know, CD31 did this alot too with contantly lying telling it wasn't him.
Go to2011-07-25ARTICLE Oh no! TW insulted the precious map that looks really lazily done and rushed! Ban him because it's from Gry's brother! GrrrRrRr

Please tell me you guys were joking about banning him. Infact I can't take too serious what you guys just said.
Go to2011-07-22(Y) vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) 2011 - The year of the changing names.
Go to2011-07-17CC vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) Whats with the wierd effects?
Go to2011-07-16(Y) vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) Seems that this year is the time when people change their screen names.
Go to2011-07-15[GpW] vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) Wb smiley spam. Lets have some for dinner.
Go to2011-07-13[GpW] vs. CC (CTF ladder match) What's with the big white space? Don't you guys know how to crop that out easily with MSpaint? I probably sound pissed but I guess that's just the way I word it.
Go to2011-07-12B*A vs. NF (CTF clanwar) I'm positive I remember Marvien saying about "leaving forever". But I knew he wouldn't leave, since most who announce on leaving tend to come back sooner or later anyway. Anyone who announces like that is craving for attention.
Go to2011-07-09[GpW] vs. [VS] (CTF ladder match) In the preview message it says "gj GpW i am pro" XD.

btw how 2 proud on some1??? emo
Go to2011-07-09[CDF] vs. -COD- (CTF ladder match) Lol similar abbreiviated clan term....ffff.
Go to2011-07-05CC vs. Cpt. (CTF ladder match) Loon is a boy...just thought you wanted to know that.
Go to2011-07-04[GpW] vs. -SW- (CTF ladder match) Fun fact: Most people who introduce that they're leaving usually come back within a few weeks anyway. Those who truly leave tend to not announce and get on with their lives and/or other games.
Go to2011-07-03CC vs. -t3> (CTF ladder match) Wow finally it's not a ladder with GpW in it for once...practically all the recent ladders have been them.

@Walrus: MS was probably joking around.
Go to2011-07-01[GpW] vs. B*A (CTF ladder match) Damar, tell your father to stop downloading pr0nz then. emo

Failed on WW? Winning 20-1 is a "fail"? Wait, what.
Go to2011-06-30[CDF] vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) JJ2 probably wasn't originally made for online play in the first place, which is why it isn't all that even on the net. I think it was just some extra idea they managed to experiment with. But then I could be talking nonsense, where am I getting these ideas from...
Go to2011-06-11National Tournament v3 I'm pretty sure when this WC started (the 2010 one) people probably thought the older, "original" JJ2WC probably wouldn't of seen the light again, so back then it was probably considered okay to use this name. I'm pretty sure this one was named after the football world cup...

Either way, I don't care. I'm not that active anymore and I don't think anyone else in my country is actually any much active either.
Go to2011-06-11[CDF] vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) Who's Url3s? Urbs?
Go to2011-06-07NF vs. mv (CTF ladder match) I didn't notice the Sonic until now. Also the gun he's holding kinda looks like a stick. Yes I'm quite aware where the patch came from, I know that. =p
Go to2011-06-04NF vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) I don't think Laro was being that serious about insulting. emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo
Go to2011-05-20[CDF] vs. TFC (Multi ladder match) Lol @ the second screen. Look what MS is doing to Nerd.
Go to2011-05-18[GpW] vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) thou urbs shalt not be mighty if without kenny...

Go to2011-05-18[GpW] vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) What's with all these stealing avatars all of a sudden? O_o
Go to2011-05-17[GpW] vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) I wasn't offended at all, I just thought the way you referred to him as a character was funny.
Go to2011-05-17[GpW] vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) ""that mourad character""
lol, is he from a franchise or something?
Go to2011-05-17[GpW] vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) Have people suddenly always forgot to take screens lately?
Go to2011-05-16[GpW] vs. [VS] (CTF ladder match) Sasiks avatar is the new "CC sux" avatar. The avatar that everyone will eventually use that you get confused, like who the hell is talking. Oh and btw my "remake" isn't hate =c. It's just for the laughs, infact I think it's kinda cute.
Go to2011-05-14[CDF] vs. NF (CTF ladder match) no, lets ****. Don't want to create e-drama around here, but to me it's more like you delete the comments out of personal dislike bias. And I know you dislike CDF because of MS. You go on at him because you think he accuses some GpW members of cheating for "no reason".

While I understand it's frustrating for your friends to be accused of cheating while they may not actually be, or no form of proof, taking it out like that, just leaves me suspicious for why you actually deleted the comments. No, I don't really think they cheat...wait I'm not in CDF anymore but even so, when I was in, I still wasn't completely sure if they actually were.
I don't see you deleting comments about other "clanhoppers" leaving/joining clans for whatever reasons. Did it become a new rule all of a sudden? No?

Delete this comment or whatever, I don't care that much, not everyone really needs to know this, infact if Moti deletes this as soon after she reads this I'd prefer that.
Go to2011-05-13[CDF] vs. NF (CTF ladder match) laro y u no layd me?1/! u cheeta

Um...just kidding. emo I honestly don't know what to say.
Go to2011-05-06video As much as I usually dislike hypercam for it's well known butchering properties, it's actually better than fraps when it comes to recording JJ2. Of course, there are probably much better programs for recording JJ2, but chances are they most likely cost money...
Go to2011-05-06[CDF] vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) Oh no, it's the sarcasm wars on Jj.net!
*cough* Umm, well, it was a decent game, I did have the occasional lagbursts like I usually do, which ends up with others and sometimes myself becoming unhittable, and the occasional *sigh* 3hk. I feel like nagging my parents for a better connection. Used Spaz in JE and Lori in MS. Yadda yadda, GG.
Go to2011-05-06CC vs. [CDF] (Multi ladder match) I hardly use TC in TB. Just practice the TB levels, and you'll become good. emo People hardly (or never) practice the levels which is why we win a lot...even if TB is about general combat, you'll still need to learn the basis gameplay of the level too. Oh and Mario is the best "jj2" chara ever. he is totally *not* spaz.
Go to2011-05-05Cpt. vs. [GpW] (Multi ladder match) I think CDF has the possibility to win the TB ladders division, not many seem to really train it. Those other clans are more focused (if not, completely) on CTF instead. ;(
Go to2011-05-05[VS] vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) Lol, I was being sarcastic. Geez guys. Pwnage is when someone manages to beat someone else in a game really well, or something similar along the lines like that. Not simply because you agree with someone, postively or negatively.

Sarcasm=/=Whining. Sure you could whine about something in a sarcastic way, but that's usually not the case.

I am an ass sometimes. =D
Go to2011-05-04[VS] vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) Yes, like saying something sucks is totally "PWNAGE" yet it takes no effort to say so. *watches the comment get deleted by DZ sooner or later*
Go to2011-05-04Cpt. vs. [GpW] (Multi ladder match) I guess Lahm hated that he lost so he tried to reset as quick as possible to reduce "embarrassment".
Go to2011-05-04[CDF] vs. -t3> (Multi ladder match) In the first round I played as Jazz (so I could more easily get to warp from bnc PU). I played rather defensively when I was low on health. Jazz is pretty good in garden brawl. Then I decided to switch to Spaz in ARF, since there's a few useful tricks with him (especially the rf to c trick). Aren't I the most flexible player? I can use all three! I thought we'd lose because of SJ, but we did pretty well. GG.
Go to2011-05-03[CDF] vs. [GpW] (Multi ladder match) R.I.P MS. ;(
Go to2011-05-01[CDF] vs. [GpW] (Multi ladder match) I will not make a generic "GJ" comment, instead I will...nevermind I mentioned it anyway. Moti is a ghost, seriously. She's just a figment of your imagination. Proof is on first screen.