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By: DanZeal, in: JJ2+ anti-radar discussion » JJ2 related 2020-11-24 18:54
[quote="Kev"]you can definitely hear rabbits getti...
By: Kev, in: JJ2+ anti-radar discussion » JJ2 related 2020-11-23 17:11
dunno if this was mentioned somewhere already: you...
By: stijn, in: JJ2+ anti-radar discussion » JJ2 related 2020-10-07 19:27
Thanks for the report, Kev. It would be incredibly...
By: Kev, in: JJ2+ anti-radar discussion » JJ2 related 2020-10-04 10:27
1) if i remember correctly some people were still ...
By: cooba, in: JJ2+ anti-radar discussion » JJ2 related 2020-10-03 13:30
Thanks for the report. It would be helpful to s...
By: DanZeal, in: JJ2+ anti-radar discussion » JJ2 related 2020-10-02 20:44
Some players are still reporting more lag when usi...
By: cooba, in: JJ2+ anti-radar discussion » JJ2 related 2020-09-28 20:10
Still waiting.
By: Splat, in: Wimbledon Duel Rankings » Published Steel Duels cases 2020-09-26 03:51
I didn't have this info at that time. You can be #...
By: Splat, in: JJ2+ Middle of the screen messages » JJ2 related 2020-09-16 04:05
This setting "NoBigEchoes=True" is alleviating the...
By: A7med, in: Wimbledon Duel Rankings » Published Steel Duels cases 2020-09-16 00:46
UPDATE on the tournament last round the match you ...
By: cooba, in: JJ2+ Middle of the screen messages » JJ2 related 2020-09-11 23:57
Disactivate this whole topic by not responding in ...
By: Toni, in: [NT 2020] Stats & Awards » National Tournament 2020-09-01 10:31
Stats and awards for NT 2020 are finally here! [ur...
By: MasterSven, in: JJ2+ anti-radar discussion » JJ2 related 2020-08-27 23:37
Test, works now, thnx for fixing.
By: cooba, in: JJ2+ anti-radar discussion » JJ2 related 2020-08-27 23:22
Test comment please ignore.
By: cooba, in: JJ2+ anti-radar discussion » JJ2 related 2020-08-27 09:22
Despite the JJ2+ team providing a very simple way ...
By: ShadowGPW, in: [NT 2020] News » National Tournament 2020-07-29 18:12
Hup Holland Hup
By: Toni, in: [NT 2020] News » National Tournament 2020-07-25 23:20
National Tournament is OVER! [img]http://jazzjackr...
By: Brinko, in: Wimbledon Duel Rankings » Published Steel Duels cases 2020-07-23 01:27
By: Treylina, in: Ladre Offseazon » Forum games 2020-07-15 01:51
Tetr.io. It's free, with no stupid micro-transacti...
By: ShakerNL, in: Ladre Offseazon » Forum games 2020-07-05 00:48
Wanna play some Mario? https://www.pukenukem.co...
By: Splat, in: Ladre Offseazon » Forum games 2020-06-24 04:51
Haven't[*] played that game before myself. Reminds...
By: i:m, in: Ladre Offseazon » Forum games 2020-06-21 17:56
i recently played this game called 'i am bread' an...
By: i:m, in: Drama over the Ladder (JJ2 fanfic) » Forum games 2020-06-21 17:50
fucking diamondus :D
By: Splat, in: Drama over the Ladder (JJ2 fanfic) » Forum games 2020-06-20 03:28
[quote]Foreword: Thanks to JJnet admins for approv...
By: Splat, in: JJ1 sound effect samples » JJ2 related 2020-06-16 03:09
Hi, I want to post about my samplepack of JJ1 soun...
By: Splat, in: Ladre Offseazon » Forum games 2020-06-12 07:04
Durinğ the ladre offseason, there are some nice g...
By: MaximuS , in: Wimbledon Duel Rankings » Published Steel Duels cases 2020-06-06 23:34
:whip: epic
By: Pariah, in: Wimbledon Duel Rankings » Published Steel Duels cases 2020-06-04 20:50
oh,,, wow, splat ranked #4 ohhh
By: Splat, in: Wimbledon Duel Rankings » Published Steel Duels cases 2020-06-04 05:37
I am here to announce the duel rankings in wimbled...
By: King, in: Funniest moments! » Forum games 2020-05-19 20:40
By: i:m, in: Funniest moments! » Forum games 2020-05-19 20:37
[23:46:21] Jety: pavlo, u wanted wrn's ip? [23:46...
By: i:m, in: Funniest moments! » Forum games 2020-05-19 20:33
[23:07:40] o0o: join cw server when [23:07:41] [S...
By: Toni, in: [NT 2020] News » National Tournament 2020-05-16 16:23
First week of knockout stage is completed! We h...
By: Toni, in: [NT 2020] News » National Tournament 2020-05-12 00:49
Knockout stage games First semifinal game has b...
By: Toni, in: [NT 2020] News » National Tournament 2020-04-18 21:38
National Tournament is OVER! [img]http://jazzjackr...
By: Lahm, in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-29 23:31
RO vetoes: AM and DW
By: Vivando, in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-29 19:42
Added vetoes for team Nordics earlier. I'll announ...
By: Lynx[GpW], in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-28 22:16
Czechoslovakia vetoes: TCS and DW
By: Krzysiek, in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-28 21:19
Poland: DW and AM
By: Toni, in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-28 17:50
Serbia B: Epitome and Stronghold
Comments by cooba
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  Date Where? Content
Go to2020-08-31New plus It's a feature.
Go to2020-08-23JJ2+ and anti-cheating "external monitoring of memory access, is not something that we want to add to JJ2+. As said, whoever creates and runs it has direct access to basically whatever happens on the player’s computer"

Please keep this in mind for when people famous for creating cheating tools try to force spyware on you.
Go to2020-08-22New plus Fixed (some?) cases where a client dying while collecting a carrot would throw that client's health out of sync, resulting in the client thinking they had the normal starting health but the server thinking that client had only one heart, leading to what is commonly known as "5hk" or "3hk" deaths.
Go to2020-08-22New plus Fixed issue of players in the right half of the level hearing hurt sounds whenever players in the left half of the level are injured while anti-radar mode is enabled.
Go to2020-08-22New plus Add an extra command (/antiradarspechealth [on|off]) and ini directive [Server]AntiRadarSpectateHealth that will when enabled allow spectators to see players’ health while anti-radar mode is enabled.
Go to2020-08-22New plus Fixed issue with toaster bullets sometimes showing up in the wrong location while anti-radar mode is enabled.
Go to2020-08-22New plus Spectators may now see the field of view shifting of spectated players, similar to the players themselves, e.g. when the player looks up or down while on solid ground or runs left or right.
Go to2020-06-29video Splat you cannot even focus on two brain hemispheres working simultaneously.
Go to2020-06-15Cheats and Punishments "You even use the plus team in your advantage."

Explain yourself.
Go to2020-06-15Cheats and Punishments Apologies, my link became broken.


(Yes, obviously, Vegito is just making a joke.)
Go to2020-06-15Cheats and Punishments Please also note that it helps to communicate clearly when providing the JJ2+ team with bug reports https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/394857228294946817/722009442648064060/image0.png
Go to2020-06-13Cheats and Punishments Would also like to note that despite having been promised otherwise, the JJ2+ team still has not received a report on how to bypass the maximum resolution settings.
Go to2020-06-13Cheats and Punishments Thanks for the kind words, Arte.
Go to2020-06-12Cheats and Punishments That line in the JJ2+ readme was found to be misleading, and will be removed.
Go to2020-06-11Cheats and Punishments Anti-radar has indeed had some bugs spoiling the player experience that the JJ2+ team was not aware of (as they were never reported).

This should by and large be covered by version 5.8.

However, enabling antiradar cannot increase lag in any meaningful way. It changes the information that is sent, not the amount of information or how fast it is transmitted.
Go to2020-06-02Ladder suspended indefinitely 69 pages of "everybody must play JJ2 exactly the same way as I do". Give my those precious minutes back ****ers! emo
Go to2020-05-20Cheats and Punishments At least edit out the falsehoods about antiradar negatively impacting the player experience.
Go to2020-04-20Camel Duels Why
Go to2019-06-02[GpW] vs. -t3> (CTF clanwar) emo

****ing LOL!!!
Go to2018-09-09CC vs. CX (CTF clanwar) Psst, this is marked as a ladder and not as a clanwar. emo
Go to2018-08-29CC vs. CX (CTF clanwar) Congratulations to CX, you melon farmers.

I dunno what this "split up CX" business is, but all defectors are welcome in either [si] or my brand new clan, FT (F*ck Trump). emo
Go to2018-08-29Ladder Season 12 Finishes! Playoffs have always *Mike from RLM voice* ffff****ing sucked!
Go to2018-08-13loose game Kyro's post was also deleted, so that would surprise me.

Much as I've always hated arguing by chatlogs in JJ2, I don't think deleting posts to "avoid public drama" is the way to go. It would be as if Violet started to delete posts from jjnet users in the JJ2+ thread.

It would be beneficial to have a proper thread for assessment and feedback of the entire NT, to discuss schedules and commentators to avoid any problems in the future.

I really hope Rag and I can commentate in 2020. emo
Go to2018-08-13loose game So many deleted posts here, and I don't see what rules were broken by me, SJ, PJ, Rag and Krzy to necessitate deletion? emo
Go to2018-08-10loose game PJ commenting? It's not what I heard emo
Go to2018-08-02loose game I can't wait! emo
Go to2018-07-29CX vs. NF (CTF ladder match) emo
Go to2018-07-28loose game Rag and I can commentate emo
Go to2018-07-23loose game I can commentate emo
Go to2018-06-03CC vs. [GpW] (CTF clanwar) emo
Go to2017-08-31Camel Duels Changes Finally
Go to2016-08-22Camel Scoreboard "Asked for what?"

Permission to edit and distribute plus.dll.

"the only thing changed in that plus.dll is the spectator mode text."

How can you prove it?
Go to2016-08-21Camel Scoreboard It's not about scripts, it's about modyfing the JJ2+ code in a way that we cannot control and answer for. For all I know, there may as well be a trojan in that DLL because there is no way of checking the changes that were implemented.

"tell me how to contact them for the ideas."

We have a thread on the JCF, we're on ModDB, each one of us is very easy to find on Skype, and you must already have several members in your contacts. Some of us even post here. Did you really not know any of this, or did you simply choose to not contact the team?
Go to2016-08-20Camel Scoreboard Who codes them?
What are the changes?
Why is there no changelog published?
Why not just ask the JJ2+ team for access to the repository and work on the mod together?
Go to2016-08-20Camel Scoreboard It is strongly not recommended to use unauthorised builds of JJ2+
Go to2016-08-11loose game Congratulations! This was an exciting game from start to finish and I'm happy to have been "commentating" it.
Go to2016-07-26loose game [22:03:36] *** [RO]Laser joined the game

that is all
Go to2016-07-25loose game Ragnarok and I can commentate
Go to2016-07-18New moderator grats naps *me faps*
Go to2016-07-03JDC Returns Toni: It seems like your account wasn't carried over from the old database, which means you need to register a new account.

Apologies for the inconvenience.
Go to2014-08-24[CDF] vs. CC (CTF ladder match) Nice screen booby, hope you're enjoying your 10 fps.
Go to2014-08-09-t3> vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) lel
Go to2014-07-26CC vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) Siema!!! Szukam zajebistej dupy ktora robilaby ze mnom napady na kioski,warzywniaki, chodzila na mecze oczywiscie na Legiunie. Moja dupa powinna byc luzacka zajebista i musi popylać w bawełnie. Dobże by bylo jak by byla blądynką bo takie lubie hehe. Nie moze byc konfi bo takich nie lubie. Ogolnie musi być jp/firma/rpk! Pozdro!!!! Damiano 20 lat
Go to2014-07-10-t3> vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) CDF ROCKS emo emo
Go to2014-05-23Mappool removals speaking of which good job on deleting three maps older than 50% of the current player base, publish the vote spreadsheet so I know to whom I should send emo certain benefits emo
Go to2014-05-23Mappool removals wonder if we can make semi completely unplayable in the next plus like we did to bblair emo
Go to2014-05-23Mappool removals CC hit 10 points, so it's time to decide whether the new maps in the mappool will stay or will be replaced by the old maps.
Go to2014-05-18Mappool Voting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGFSjOTB7uo
Go to2014-04-18-t3> vs. [Pre] (CTF ladder match) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3ygGJBhUjo
Go to2014-03-16Spectating way Just change the server password to one that isn't over 3 years old.
Go to2014-03-16Spectating way Any reason why this was changed, other than pissing off people by disabling the "Spectator Mode" button?
Go to2013-12-27Merry Christmas Christmas doesn't end until Jan 6th
Go to2013-12-25CX vs. CC (CTF ladder match) lel
Go to2013-10-23Quick News Bit kek
Go to2013-10-23Quick News Bit "can't"


"don't want to"

Go to2013-10-21New JJ2+ Release Glad you like it! And that "whoever" would be Violet, who deserves all the medals.

[2013-09-11 23:28:55] *** Violet CLM sent Castle1.j2as ***
[2013-09-11 23:31:10] coobae: wow
[2013-09-11 23:31:20] coobae: that is so ****ing cool pardon the french
[2013-09-11 23:31:37] coobae: ...do you reckon it could be a global option with a command enabling it
[2013-09-11 23:32:24] Violet CLM: I've been wondering about it, yeah.
Go to2013-10-14Mappool set Yeah, so it goes exactly as I figured. The contest was a fig leaf and a token gesture from the start, intended to fail just so Grytolle could go out and say "no more contests". Seems like adding one map per year is enough to be considered a shining beacon of innovation and progress!

Way to discourage future level creation, especially in 2013 when everything has the potential to be fresh and different.

This game will soon change whether you like it or not, though
Go to2013-10-14Mappool set Welcome back to the land of making sense, Splat, please don't forget to take your meds again!
Go to2013-10-14Mappool set Don't expect /cstop to last 3 seconds either
Go to2013-10-14Mappool set Idiots. Don't expect anyone to ever enter any of your contests again.
Go to2013-10-09Settling the mappool IMO there should be a replacement suggestion for every NO
Go to2013-10-09CX vs. -t3> (CTF ladder match) kek
Go to2013-09-22New Servers! It's spelled CX
Go to2013-09-22[Pre] vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) Both clans agreed on Gauntlet* ?
Go to2013-09-09Mappool deletions §1.2 Other levels may be played, but only if both clans agree.
Go to2013-09-09Mappool deletions I'll miss DoS but removing Gauntlet and Trig is excellent news emo

We'll try to decide on the three new maps tonight.
Go to2013-09-09loose game Playing Cloud Connected without the .j2as I made makes me very emo

Congratulations to the non-****e Poland team!
Go to2013-08-28loose game ;-D Great game , Poland ! Deserved Win ! ;-D
Go to2013-08-05NT 2013 starts! It's spelled CX
Go to2013-08-03-t3> vs. CX (CTF clanwar) king sucks
Go to2013-08-01NT 2013 starts! We're still agreeing on a date
Go to2013-07-09Taking a break from hosting Will we find out what that JJ2 job you needed C++ people for was about?
Go to2013-07-06Taking a break from hosting That's cool and all but I'd just like to know who and why just kicked me off with the reason "how about you turn radar off you ****".
Go to2013-07-02video "JDCE 2013" implies there won't be another one this year
Go to2013-06-30ARTICLE CX: Facing Worlds
Go to2013-06-27Ladder frozen the ghost of JJB came to SJ in his dreams emo
Go to2013-06-25CX vs. -t3> (CTF clanwar) Now with a real date and time emo
Go to2013-06-16New JDC season Since J2O is down, I'd like to remind you that there's a Street Fight LRS event in 6 hours!

Here are the rules of Street Fight, in case you forgot

emo = NO

emo = YES
Go to2013-05-08Bash Pardon 2013 ja pierdole ty stary cepie

this is ****ing retarded take away my zeal moderator access pls
Go to2013-05-06Bash Pardon 2013 LOL
Go to2013-05-05CX vs. the sA (CTF ladder match) won mi od moti i krzysia
Go to2013-05-04CX vs. RDS (CTF ladder match) siamar
Go to2013-04-14Bash Pardon 2013 Meanwhile on jjnet: Snooze is still banned from posting comments
Go to2013-03-31Faking Have your one liner:

"they had 3 members, but Cooba wouldn't play cuz he knew they'd get owned even harder if he played."

cooba wouldn't play since he just walked home from an 8 hour shift at a scrapyard, while having another one coming in several hours, and being barely able to lift his fingers to type "sorry, no" to Rag.

The rest of this I neither approve of or care about.
Go to2013-02-25European Duels It's sad that kids these days spend money on game servers instead of cool real life stuff...
Go to2013-02-16/ladderseason on "I DON'T KNOW WHY IS SLAYER BANNED FROM JDC FOR NO REASON" -retards on jjnet
Go to2013-02-10/ladderseason on Simple: "Using /stop instead of /cstop in technical situations such as a player timing out is allowed."

Grytolle: no, the problem is that the rule renders /cstop unnecessary if players are allowed to keep killing and running during the countdown.
Go to2013-02-10CX vs. -t3> (CTF ladder match) yes, SR, king wants to medal
Go to2013-02-09CX vs. -t3> (CTF ladder match) waaaaaahhh Cx rushing ladders waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh emo
Go to2013-02-09/ladderseason on "And yes, setting the time to 3 seconds would be better. For some stops 5 seconds is too long, for example if your antivirus starts an update and your jj2 suddenly slows down, then you can't play properly for those 5 seconds and are likely to get owned."

That's a problem with the rules, not the implementation.
Go to2013-02-09/ladderseason on Lithium: there are no plans for more hotfixes until the next major release.
Go to2013-02-09/ladderseason on Why isn't /cstop formalized more than "you have to use /cstop"? Not that big of a problem, but those 5 seconds shouldn't be used for killing and scoring.

Are we going to use the Fireball PU speed & reach script in every mappool level with pepper spray?
Go to2013-02-07Another Quick JJ2+ Update Why? You would whine your ass off about them anyway, since that's the only thing you ever do.
Go to2013-02-07Another Quick JJ2+ Update Shut your fat face you ungrateful cunt. I don't owe anything to anyone and especially not you so stop your ****ing whining unless you want the last season to be your literal last season.
Go to2013-02-06Another Quick JJ2+ Update Patch to this update available now:


Go to2013-02-01Season 6 ended May I request postponing starting the new season until the JJ2+ hotfix is available?

It features fixed /me, AngelScript no longer memory leaking like crazy, and some changes to /ready as per the community feedback.
Go to2013-01-20Unbans Since DZ is gone, we decided to not prolong Slayer's ban for now, for reasons twofold:

1. The original ban length the admins agreed on should be respected, since compared to Hakum's bypassing, Slayer's was comparatively minor;
2. We should not give Slayer room to complain and make himself look like the victim.

At the first sign of the rules (http://www.jazzjackrabbit.net/index.php?league=1&season=1&op=inter&id=16) being broken, the ban will be reinforced.
Go to2013-01-19Unbans lol sebekallegro not playing is what destroys jj2

Go to2012-12-30[GpW] vs. RDS (CTF ladder match) Yup this is totally going to happen and won't be moved to February or anything.