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Hup Holland Hup
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fucking diamondus :D
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:whip: epic
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First week of knockout stage is completed! We h...
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National Tournament is OVER! [img]http://jazzjackr...
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RO vetoes: AM and DW
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Added vetoes for team Nordics earlier. I'll announ...
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Czechoslovakia vetoes: TCS and DW
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Poland: DW and AM
By: Toni, in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-28 17:50
Serbia B: Epitome and Stronghold
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Egypt vetoes: Diamondus Warzone & Technodus Cargo ...
By: Kev, in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-28 13:42
Germany vetos: Astro and Daybreak
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That's good Urbs! What's the best way to conta...
By: [GpW]Urbs, in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-27 21:33
BTW not sure where to post this, but I guess i cou...
By: MasterSven, in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-27 17:17
Netherlands vetoes: Distopia and Astro.
By: MaximuS , in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-27 14:41
Team Brexit vetoes: none
By: HordY, in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-27 14:01
Serbia A vetoes: DW and TCS.
By: Toni, in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-27 12:55
You can announce your veto maps here before you sc...
By: Laro24, in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-27 01:37
Brexit..? xd rly?
By: MaximuS , in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-26 20:11
Final egy srb
By: Vivando, in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-26 17:12
Group A pog 3:-)
By: Toni, in: [NT 2020] National Tournament Starts! » National Tournament 2020-03-26 15:58
Dear players, Hereby we announce the grand open...
By: Kev, in: [NT 2020] Sign Ups » National Tournament 2020-03-24 15:37
pull some american continent team of splat, empive...
By: HordY, in: [NT 2020] Sign Ups » National Tournament 2020-03-24 10:57
Just a suggestion * As for now we have 11 teams...
By: Ragnarok, in: [NT 2020] Sign Ups » National Tournament 2020-03-23 20:10
For those who are interested in the mappool: - ...
Comments by Lahm
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Go to2020-06-15Cheats and Punishments Let me start this off by addressing a message to Veg :

You've been inactive for so much time as you said yourself, therefore, you have no idea what the jj2 community wants so I'd kindly ask you to stop generalizing your bias emo it's a good thing you fall into the bias of pointing out GpW's flaws when your clan has done worse things .. but let's leave it like that.

On the most important note,

There's a reason why both Rag and Shadow have come forth saying that everyone should just wait for the decisions of the admins instead of going on and on about their own personal bias so on that note I'd like to ask everyone to just stop commenting and wait for the official decision. This is quite practically going in circles and it won't ever reach a conclusion
Go to2020-06-12Cheats and Punishments As much as I would like to keep on arguing with warren for hours , I think both Shadow and Rag are right.

As a final note , thanks for dropping the ''big one "

First off , I'd advise you to check your facts before trying to talk x2 , but this is pointless. If you want to have a normal conversation feel free to message me privately.

I also like your edits, to be honest I don't understand what you're trying to do there anyway friend <3 it's not a secret I used to be part of the team that was investigating pavlus and opinions can change since then emo you get to play with them and you change your opinion , it's something they're already aware of if you are trying to ''leak' something lmao
Go to2020-06-12Cheats and Punishments Man I don't even where to start with this stupidity to be honest . First off , I'd advise you to check your facts before trying to talk **** . What I told rag was that I am joining GpW to be with my friends and have fun with them and that sure it's a bonus finding out whether they have radar. And you're right anyway! Thanks for pointing it out . If anything , someone that joins the clan to see if a7med/pav have radar ( was not the case , it can be confirmed that I joined to play with my friends ) should have more of a say than your biased ass can say. When you play with those ****rds you realize that they also tell you information that is fake i.e them thinking they hit enemy when in reality they didn't and so forth! I also think that you have misunderstood the situation a bit on Kev's stance as Kev himself has stated that they should remain unbanned , or have you not read that since you were too busy posting trollish memes? Bee herself has stated ( yesterday!) that she does not think a7med is cheating and yet you still have the guts to mention them? Funny enough that you mention the t3 story and I thank you for doing it . I left t3 because SJ/BR and I had disagreements on who should play in clanwars and there was nothing more lol , I to this day I am in good terms with the entirety of t3 and in no way did that traumatize me lmao. To even talk about being traumatized from the demotion let me ask you , are you just pulling **** from your ass to make it seem better? was I angry the day I got demoted and did I have a conversation with gry about it ? yes. Did I also message Gry 2 days after and had a normal chat where I told him I don't care anymore and I helped him with my opinion on the matter? yes. Good thing you also mentioned Jelly , I commend you for that! Jelly didn't abandon us and in no way did he give up on us. If anything Jelly abandoned jj2 as a whole when he saw how retarded and biased this community was.

Actually, as matter of fact since you weren't diplomatic/ lights on your words , let me put it to you like this : to me it looks our comments made you mad enough that you finally decided to be a normal human being and actually posted in non retard language. But don't stop me from telling you that right now you look like a biased piece of **** who has nothing better to do than posting memes and adding fuel to the fire lol . There's a reason why pav and a7med are unbanned and why Kev stated that they should remain unbanned but your biased ass just can't seem to understand that unless you are spoon fed them. Even notice how you didn't even try to deny those accusations towards you and you just said ''they are trying to deviate from the situation'' when it's literally the same thing that you are doing , you hypocrite. Good thing that you even said ''unbanned'. Yeah , I can guarantee you that at least a7med will stay unbanned from this ****hole that you created and you will eat your words so I advise you to stop being stupid . I wouldn't consider posting memes and pretending to be funny as a ''sane person ''thing anyway just for your information. You also say that I ommited a7med's words , I also advise you to check my line in the previous post where I stated that sure , a7med is stupid but most of the things that he said are in retaliation to what you guys have said . I'm not saying a7med is an innocent saint in this flame war because let's be honest, he isn't but it's not like you guys are either emo both parties are guilty for it and you can't deny that which is something that you have tried to do until now. So what if in your mind you are insulting scum? Can't the same be said about you ? If a7med insults you the same thing can be said , he is insulting scum in his mind ( which day by day I tend to agree with him when I look at you being retarded posting memes daily and trying to make this situation even worse).

To me it looks like you got defeated by counter-evidence and a7med/pav being unbanned and then decided to post troll stuff in order to add fuel to the fire but then when you saw you're being accused as well you suddenly changed gears and started deflecting it and saying we only started accusing you because we are trying to deflect blame , which is not true because as I said in my previous post , we only started doing it once they were unbanned emo
Now , you have proven to me that you can also be a normal human being like 1 in 1000 occasions so I urge you to stop being retarded and just admit that you lost the past 3 finals fair and square and you're just a sore little loser ?: <3 When CX won the ladder season 4 times in a row all you were saying was ''git gud'' and ''radar in 2k19'' but when you started losing you shifted gears and started being a salty little child (XD! as you said ). To put in retrospective , instead of being a normal human being and actually analyzing the evidence and trying to argue with naps and lazar about it on the evidence docs , you instead opted for the easy way out : post gifs and pretend like you are smart . You really think that posting gifs instead of actually analyzing the evidence is going to help you ? give me a break.

As a message to everyone not just Warren , Moti is right . Toxicity is what got us here and playing the blame game isn't going to work . Instead of being sore losers and accusing the people that are finally good enough to beat you how about you admit the reality ? They were just better than you ! Tell me how many times you guys trained in the past 2 years and then compare that to how many times GpW has trained and think again. Warren is also the one who started posting coincidence.exe and other comments meant to literally trigger other people for enjoyment instead of actually being an objective detective as other people have been . Someone like Kev has earned my respect because he was actually very productive in all this mess and he did an immense job fixing this whole mess that the previous staff created by preemptively posting this ****hole without checking evidence. This is a bunny game people not league of legends. Stop being stupid and actually start to enjoy the game for once and stop ruining the game for other people by falsely accusing them for radar and then insulting them and their mother + cat for it. As a final message to Warren ( love you ) , you said it yourself that flaming people deserve it so I can guarantee you that someone as cocky as Kris also deserves it most of the time and you also tried to shift blame by saying '' THEY ALSO DID IT !!!! " when we mentioned the abuse to a7med , again ****ing hypocritical.

As final words , you say that we belong in trash but shouldn't you theoretically be the one who belongs in trash since you lost the past 3 seasons ?
emo emo emo emo
Go to2020-06-11Cheats and Punishments And that's exactly why other fingers were pointed only after they got unbanned? To be precise , 2 days after the ban post , both were unbanned.

I'd also like to appeal to your normal human being side (if that still exists) and urge you to stop posting stupid memes which make you look even more horrible in the public eye.
Go to2020-06-09Cheats and Punishments GpW's words :

CX's words :

How about we also check CX's words about this matter ? Especially moti photoshopping blood onto a7meds cat and telling him his cat will die ( how low of a human being do you eve have to be to post such things? , very low apparently) + you might say that a7med said things on the CW channel but let's also not forget who triggered him there with the same comments you are posting right now , keep proving my point right by doing it emo

+On the same note , where exactly is Warren's recording of the finals ? Or should we forget that warren is the one who found the maxres abuse ? Is it just a coincidence.exe that the person who found the maxres abuse is the only person who didn't record his screen in the finals? Is it a coincidence that warren is the one who was able to replicate it in pna , the same server the final was played in?emo

Also where the is the recording of kris' screen on stronghold? Did that just go missing? I thought that everyone got thoroughly checked after those finals but how can you check kris if you dont even have his pov? hello? ( https://youtu.be/YkDinbPfwiI?t=5153 for moment in question)

Also just as a message towards the admins , deleting comments this time would be really stupid.
Go to2020-06-09Cheats and Punishments Moti , if you want to actually do something productive in this drama instead of deciding to post comments that are meant to trigger other people how about you get a life considering you have not been involved in the competitive scene for about forever? The fact that you're commenting just proves how much CX has influenced you and how much **** you have been fed given you haven't played in so long. You think logging into discord and just hearing CX ( who just lost twice in a row in the finals against gpw) complain makes you understand what's going on? Let's face it , it doesn't. Use your own eyes. The facts are that literally if not all the evidence a7med got disproven because of the FOV difference that the spectator sees and the player sees. And yet , you keep accusing a7med of radar because you have nothing better to do . All things considered, as I told warren before anyway when he posted his stupid comment meant to trigger people ( both comments got deleted by admins! ), I really find it a coincidence that CX happened to ''encounter'' how to abuse maxresolution only when this a7med thing happened. The plus update(antiradar) happened around 4 years ago and let's put it like this :
4 years compared to the 1 month that you guys have been going after a7med sounds A LOT more likely that you found this and only reported it now when you saw the opportunity. As stupid as a7med can be sometimes , he is right in this case. How come that Hyperion who has literally admitted to radar in the past gets a free pass but someone like a7med who literally got accused of radar with ''evidence'' that got disproven is now hated by all of the biased people? How come I get punished for a stupid april fools joke and kyro who extends it further , and uses IRC to SPY on enemy team during a ladder( see a7meds post) and deletes comments that make him look bad ( AND ALSO DENIES IT AFTER + threatens a moderator that his ''trial period is expiring'') is still a JJNET ADMIN?

Lastly , I'd like to point out to you moti that in no way at all did a7med even come close to saying he did it . Maybe you need to get new glasses emo. Stop putting words into his mouth. What a7med said if you haven't understood yet ( maybe you need someone to explain it to you 2 times, I get it) is that he can get accused from retarded claims that got disproven in seconds but other people who are even worse than him don't get checked and he just gets told ''kk'' or ''record him yourself mate and get proof''. Let's be honest , even if such thing would happen , the biased people would just laugh at us and tell us to actually get real evidence ( i.e catching slayer with radar on his computer), the same thing that should've happened here but it did not . Let's put it this way, had this entire thing not been posted on jjnet and had they been asked to defend themselves , everything would have been fine. Instead , you basically made everyone but the biased people be done with this mess and made it so that most of them will not play ladders/etc ever again. I must say however that your decision to recruit new admins that are not biased is a decision I believe to be a good one.
Go to2020-05-20Retiring As An Admin You've contributed alot to jjnet and you should be proud of what you have done , thanks for everything emo
Go to2020-03-31loose game one of the best games ever... anu 0 kills on DOS and then second round.. emo emo emo emo
Go to2020-03-25[GpW] vs. CX (CTF ladder match) emo
Go to2020-03-17JJnet ODT (t3 in )
Go to2020-03-09[CDF] vs. -t3> (CTF ladder match) Second Screen? emo
Go to2020-03-01Epic Rules Update! Fixed in the official rules page , thanks for the find! emo
Go to2020-01-22Final Matches And Vetoes! t3

butrinti, AM , swing , MS , BB
Go to2020-01-13-t3> vs. Cxn (CTF ladder match) i agree , we should ban SJ and remove every point of t3 imo <3

can't even be proud of ur trainees in 2020 smh emo
Go to2020-01-05-t3> vs. CX (CTF ladder match) http://jazzjackrabbit.net/index.php?league=1&season=1&op=descr&id=4737

Go to2019-11-28CX vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) emo
Go to2018-05-20not vs. -t3> (CTF clanwar) looks like your prayers got answered krzy
Go to2018-05-20[CDF] vs. [GpW] (CTF clanwar) if kyro can't ref this I can
Go to2016-07-13loose game I'm available for ref.
Go to2016-07-11loose game GG to both teams,I'll add screen later
Go to2016-07-03loose game I got the ref jobemo
Go to2015-03-12-t3> vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) airsemo
Go to2015-03-07CX vs. .j2as (CTF ladder match) GGWP to both teams.Added screens.
Go to2015-01-23-t3> vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) hi
Go to2014-10-11-t3> vs. CC (CTF ladder match) also br suks
Go to2014-10-11-t3> vs. CC (CTF ladder match) lehm above all.
Go to2014-05-31[CDF] vs. -t3> (CTF ladder match) My teamplay with br isn't that good,otherwise gg. emo
Go to2013-12-22CX vs. -t3> (CTF ladder match) i lagged at 9/10 and i had to rejoin so no
Go to2013-10-16CX vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) oh gry,that's just to show my respect about the rulesemo they agreed on my name so
Go to2013-10-08Duel Tournament Starts! Veto eotm ff
Go to2013-09-29[GpW] vs. CC (CTF ladder match) emo
Go to2013-09-22CC vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) Nothing less to say that every team played very good and well played. emo nice stats urbs D:
Go to2013-09-21[GpW] vs. CX (CTF ladder match) stop acting like a kid.I clearly said I have 20 minutes then i have to do sth.
Go to2013-09-09Mappool deletions lithium plzemo well it was my favorite map,now I'm gonna find the clan who voted it off>emo
Go to2013-09-09Mappool deletions NOOOOOOOOO GAUNTLET
Go to2013-08-28loose game And Now everyone say gj to poland for the final and playing 2v3^^
Go to2013-08-25loose game Most scores,Not positive minus negative scores.
Seems like Owen isn't good at reading the rules.
Go to2013-08-04loose game Leave it like that iustyn,IF every country has 3 letters that's okay,ROM can also be a shortcut for romania.
Go to2013-06-01RDS vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) S-a intors justin?O_O
Go to2013-04-27[GpW] vs. -t3> (CTF ladder match) Lahm spielt für den FC Bayern sowieso, also ich bin ok mit, die ich schätze: P
Go to2013-04-16-t3> vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) don't pick gauntlet vs cj/br if i'm not there;/
Go to2013-04-16RDS vs. CX (CTF ladder match) why since 1 year/;o
Go to2013-04-10[GpW] vs. -t3> (CTF ladder match) fututii gatii ma-ti iustyn,asa rasplatesti tu ladderurile noastre?emo
Go to2013-04-10CX vs. RDS (CTF ladder match) This ladder SHOULD be invalid?There is no invisible in CC
Go to2013-04-09[GpW] vs. -t3> (CTF ladder match) NO I GO FOR TEAMPLAY ME NO STATWHORE!Ok no but gg emo
Go to2013-04-02Faking Like you behave well:>
Go to2013-03-31Faking Well,that's why most of the community leaves jj2.
Go to2013-03-03CX vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) It wasn't unfair?You cto'd when you were on the blue base and spawned on the red base then you killed urbs after the start and I fell from the stop.is that fair to you?good,Next time i'll do that too,so you lose the control as we did and also lose scores /emo
Go to2013-03-03CX vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) Bblair:we had control and just luck sometimes emo
Epitome:Well I quite say this was unfair (:
Go to2013-02-25European Duels Da ma-ta ii foloseste pe prezervative ba,eu macar am un folos=))))))
Go to2012-12-30The Season Finals the only clan with 2 ladders:>
Go to2012-12-03[GpW] vs. RDS (CTF ladder match) RED LIGHT!just kidding green light
Go to2012-11-27[GpW] vs. -t3> (CTF clanwar) Nice grammar hakum,GG wp both teams.
Go to2012-11-13Play-offs yes we're in emo
Go to2012-11-09[CDF] vs. [GpW] (CTF clanwar) dat 70 kills for [GpW]on first round D:
Go to2012-11-09[CDF] vs. [GpW] (CTF clanwar) gg
Go to2012-11-06[CDF] vs. CX (CTF ladder match) Ia uite cine vorbea D: 'BR LAGGER OMG OMG OMG':d
EDIT:si in plus tu erai ala cu ahahahahaha deci shh sau accepta pedeapsa cu ma-ta
Go to2012-10-18[Pre] vs. CX (CTF ladder match) Iustyn,Do you really want me to remember you when we lost vs amy xere?I'd shut up.Better Accept that they're actually good.

END of story
Go to2012-09-08loose game i'll bc
Go to2012-09-08loose game No,i will bc,i am not needed anymore..
Go to2012-09-07loose game heheheheheheh so i still have to be therE XD
Go to2012-09-07loose game he commentated as well,and why would he be jealous?he's playing(A)
Go to2012-09-03video Ah,when i restarted the bc it also made a new video.gry get on nab!!
Go to2012-09-03-t3> vs. RDS (CTF ladder match) =Ac= picked Gauntlet DERP
Go to2012-08-21-t3> vs. RDS (CTF ladder match) I WANT SCREENS
Go to2012-08-21-t3> vs. RDS (CTF ladder match) I WANT SCREENS
Go to2012-08-18loose game I wasn't forced to take screens.but i can take screens from rec.
Go to2012-08-17loose game I Can broadcast.
Go to2012-08-17loose game GG,GJ ROMANIA! anyway if pol wins 4 rounds then win xddddd anyway vid soon
Go to2012-08-16loose game U were,idd but seriously,tell ms 18:30.
Go to2012-08-16loose game yeee emo emo emo emo
Go to2012-08-16loose game yes,but at 19:30?
Go to2012-08-16loose game perfectly.nobody talked with iustyn or me and also kenny .kryt disscused this, ALONE.the match was supposed to be at 19:30 romania time........
Go to2012-08-16RDS vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) Ius,Nobody can get me and you at picking gauntlet-.-
Go to2012-08-12RDS vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) WE DID IT.WE DEFEATED THE KING!!! emo emo emo emo
Go to2012-08-12RDS vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) NO SKYPE LIES emo
Go to2012-08-12video ah ,so does it does idd records voice
Go to2012-08-11[GpW] vs. RDS (CTF ladder match) it was 1-0 for them in gauntlet and i went to the shop and iustyn started,gj
Go to2012-08-10loose game I can comment,if anyone wants to comment as well
Go to2012-08-10RDS vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) emo
Go to2012-08-09loose game And i did not offer to bc because bcs u replace me.Seriously,u Didn't ask me to be a rezerve so i decided to bc.
Go to2012-08-09loose game Nobody asked me if i want to be a reserve.So i decided to bc,whats ur ploblem with that?
Go to2012-08-03loose game Gl hf both teams=)may u have fun
Go to2012-08-03loose game also,ius is busy
Go to2012-08-03loose game i can bc ,
Go to2012-07-19Rearrangement Sr killed the clan anyway..
Go to2012-07-18ib) vs. RDS (CTF clanwar) Sorry ib).had to do it.
Go to2012-07-09ib) vs. RDS (CTF clanwar) hakum is barking emo
Go to2012-06-29video :44:35] 2-1 Sliver scored a point for the red team, thanks to Lahm who killed Plumbe.
[18:45:21] 2-2 Slayer scored a point for the red team, thanks to Lahm who killed JJBynny.
Go to2012-06-22video gry tell me u recorded RO Vs egy;<<
Go to2012-06-11RDS vs. [VS] (CTF ladder match) ius stop owning without me;(
Go to2012-06-11poll and who are u2?
Go to2012-06-10video english or gtfo.
Go to2012-06-03poll iustin sucks in ww and i suck in gauntlet;( :<>
Go to2012-06-02poll hey,add romanian too....to let me vote kenny
Go to2012-05-20[GpW] vs. CX (CTF ladder match) GG,;( you had better stats than me
Go to2012-05-08[GpW] vs. ib) (CTF ladder match) emo gg.SNZ use imgshack next time:p or digiex or sth.GG WP handling to play like a baws!!!! emo emo emo emo emo
Go to2012-05-03RDS vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) still,i left at 6-0 with full controll.
Go to2012-05-01ib) vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) I had to go urbs.My brother was f**King me over and i had no time anymore for the lader-.- because ghost was afk most of my tijme;l
Go to2012-04-30BRFH vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) Well i was just getting blue screen.even when i was 3