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This should have been done 10 years ago.
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I am happy about this change. Mad props to Kev for...
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ok some time has passed since i sent the council i...
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Go to2020-06-17Cheats and Punishments @Veg
Let's agree on one thing: Pavle isn't capable of making a botnet. Not to mention spreading it.
If Pavle could anyhow do the DDoS, it would be by using some web service or something, which is probably hard to find if not impossible, idk.
Considering this, Pavle wouldn't be the one controlling the botnets, and there is no direct relation between him and the botnets which imply that using VPN is pointless.
Also, the 2 methods you mentioned wouldn't be easy to implement at all, and as you said, would I expect Kyro to use them?

It could still be tracked tho idd, if you contacted that web service for example and asked them to give you info on who used the service, but let's be real, would they even care?

So, my point: DDoSing with a web service is untrackable enough ( as this was the only way anyone with such amount of knowledge could do the DDoS attack ). There was no reason why I would suggest Pavle use VPN to DDoS lol, would make no difference. I suggested him to use it in order to defend himself from the DDoS-es he was getting at that moment.

Go to2020-06-16Cheats and Punishments @Veg

We were talking about DDoS, not DoS. In order to DoS, you need to have very high internet speed which is not case in Serbia. However, if you experienced any DoS attack, it is trackable. Considering you are systems and network engineer, you are capable of providing an evidence by sniffing the packets and see where they came from. So, it's really unprofessional if you have knowledge to track something, but instead, you just decide to accuse people without proof. (Even with VPN, you would be able to track DoS attack you would just see fake IP. So if you experienced any DoS attack, show the proof, network and systems engineer)

About DDoS (botnets), would you mind explaining how exactly would it be traced? With VPN or without, it shouldn't make any difference since the actual attackers are botnets.

I'll just say my point now so that if your answer is clear enough, I won't have to comment again:
Pavle was getting DDoS-ed that night which you can see from the logs. He kept rejoining and saying that somebody is getting him down. I told him to use a VPN in order to keep his real IP hidden. I even asked him if that person (we all know who that was tho) is still DDoSing him - which you can also see in the logs.
Using a VPN for DDoS-ing makes no sense since your network isn't the one attacking, but botnets. And botnets can be all around the world literally.

Have a nice day.
Go to2020-06-16Cheats and Punishments @Veg I'd kindly ask you to be objective now and say what you think of what Wrn just said (Considering you know how DDoS works):

"Okay, aside from removing the other possibility of you just telling him to be careful lest the attack get traced back to him..."

Thank you in advance emo
Go to2020-06-16Cheats and Punishments There's nothing to justify there. Only me telling Pavle how to defend himself from getting DDoS-ed which started happening guess when. When he joined Camel Duels. Coincidence?
Veg knows very well, considering he has experience with being a DDoS attacker, that what Pavle says on this screenshot about 2 machines, make no sense.

1) Why did you join the GpW server if you don't trust it? Was it because you can claim later how you got DDoS-ed(while you probably didn't) and accuse us? That's so evil... You might have as well joined any other server and give your IP to other players, considering you said you didn't care if your IP gets leaked since you are systems and network engineer.
2) Are you saying we're DDoS-ing ourselves too? Every one of us was getting DDoS-ed at some point. However, nobody mentions that. (Especially when Pavle got DDoS-ed after he joined Camel Duels)
3) How would you explain DDoS-es of people who never joined the GpW Server? There are many cases, but you weren't online and you don't even know. You just came here to try to put your own dirt on someone else. Learn to control your anger and don't repeat the Coolman case cause as you can see, it caused the chaos.

Have a nice day.
Go to2020-06-16Cheats and Punishments It perhaps stopped that day because you were constantly attacking him. A while after that, your action caused even bigger chaos.
I think we can both agree that he is not the kind of person who would just calm down after he gets DDoS-ed. And I bet you knew that, but you decided to do the DDoS attack anyway. I wonder why?

Now let me point the contradictions of your comment:
Veg: "no, it was happening and kept happening anyway;"
Also Veg: " Note that for a long time after that, it was quiet with ddos's ..."

Veg: "Irony, it did not involve me,"
also Veg: " *I* proved a point to Coolman which..."
-->Yeah, it totally didn't involve you. The fact you were showing off with this in jj2 and discord servers is even more ridiculous. Not just a dog that barks around but also bites. (Just a metaphor, I'm not calling you a dog, don't worry.)

The conclusion: Pavle would never dare to do a crime. A dangerous person is actually the grown adult capable of taking down people and also abusing it in his personal matters. (I think we can agree it's you)

I'm done with this topic.

Have a nice day.
Go to2020-06-16Cheats and Punishments Hi Veg.

Thank you for your inputs on this topic. However, I can't not ask a few questions, which you can answer or just consider them rhetorical.
1) Are you justifying the crime with "I used the power only once"?
2) Are you justifying the crime with "He ddos-ed me first"?
3) What were you thinking when you decided to DDoS Coolman? That he will stop DDoSing you? Or you expected it to make him even madder and cause even bigger chaos, not only to you but to the whole community?
4) Knowing it will make even bigger chaos, why did you eventually decide to do a DDoS attack?
5) Do you think that you DDoSing Coolman is the reason why he kept DDoSing people later?
6) Do you think you are the one who started the DDoS chaos? (A server owner showing an example on how to (not) deal with angriness.)

Now that we know how the DDoS attacks started, which obviously involves you (in fact you are the one who started the mentioned DDoS madness), could you stop talking about the things that have nothing to do with this post? Thank you in advance.

Have a nice day.
Go to2020-06-15Cheats and Punishments @Veg I would be very grateful if you tried to avoid my name in your posts, thanks.

Now that you made me log in here again, let me inform you that, as someone who showed the capability of doing DDoS attacks and showing off in jj2 discord groups with such activity, while we all know it is a criminal offense, you are banned from GpW Server, cause it seems like our server was your target as well.

Have a nice day.
Go to2020-06-13Cheats and Punishments I stopped commenting here as well, but since I was mentioned, I feel like I should reply.


I don't remember insulting you. (Especially not your mother, that's not my vocabulary) We might have had fights sometimes, passive-aggressive conversations and we maybe BOTH told each other a few insults. But what you presented here: Lazar insulting you and you being a good fairy and spread happiness, well that's not how it was and you know it. I even remember you raging around recently (the same guy who calls himself "one of the most mature"emo. However, I'm not going to talk about your maturity or any of your clanmates' maturity since we all had a chance to see it in the past month.

"Also he sounds like he is some ultra pro coder but still he is not able to prove that we cheat or at least stop us using it by joining plus team or something."
-->It's nice if I sound to you like "some ultra pro coder". However, it never was my intention and I don't think I am.
It's not that I'm not able to prove, it's just that I don't want to invest my time in something like that. It's about valuing yourself and your time. Maybe it's fine for you to spend months recording and analyzing gameplay of a 14 years old kid on the internet, but not everyone would do the same.
Considering I don't want to waste my time doing the same kind of nonsense analyses (cause I don't consider this a valid proof) and accusations you did, and I also do not want to code any backdoor that could potentially expose cheaters since that would not be legal, I decide not to take any action.

The plus team:
What these people do is something that you would get highly paid for in real life. Yet, they do it completely for free. They invest their time and energy into something that doesn't give them anything in return. Then detectives show up and don't even consider using the anti-cheating tool (no bugs were known at that time) that the plus team made. Why they decide to do so - well probably because the main detectives' goal was to ban certain players and not to stop people from cheating. Otherwise, they could just force the anti-cheating tool to be enabled during the games.

Not only that detectives didn't use the existing anti-cheating tool, but also they didn't even report the bug when they discovered it, but who knows how long after.
The summary: Plus team is not respected enough by admins and the community. They invest their energy and eventually they get blamed. Their tools are being ignored. And as I said, they're doing programming for free. So I'll answer you with a question: Would you be in such a team?

You obviously aren't pretty much one of few who actually know what coincidence.exe is. Coincidence.exe is an executable file as you can see from the extension. It maybe has, maybe doesn't have to do anything with your field of study.
Well Krzy, when some of us try to calculate the probability of something and fails hard, and pretends to be "mastermind" in the field you study, then you can compare these two things. Using words from a certain field is fine. You can't forbid people to use "coincidence" just because they never studied the probability just as I can't forbid them to use the word "electricity". But making conclusions that only people with actual knowledge can make is not acceptable.

I'm sorry for adding another comment, I did this just because I was mentioned.

Have a nice day.
Go to2020-06-11Cheats and Punishments It makes perfect sense that if you want to retire from the competitive scene you report the bug considering you won't be abusing it anymore.
Was Wrn suspicious? Well Idk, you tell me. Missing Wrn's screen while everyone else's was recorded. Finding maxres bug just in the perfect timing. (I read somewhere that he found it "in 5 mins". I already explained the absurdity of this in the previous comment.)Testing it in PN. Constantly having a bad performance with AR on while he played very well with AR off.

1) I just find it weird that the plus team missed such a bug. 12 tiles is a lot. However, even if I don't think CJ would lie, I'd still love to see the actual test and proof of what you are saying.
Go to2020-06-11Cheats and Punishments Or you just have 0 knowledge on the topic you're trying to discuss.
Go to2020-06-11Cheats and Punishments @Maximus

Your comment makes no sense and is relevant just as any comment in the programming code.

As someone who spent years studying programming on uni, I'm not going to waste time discussing it with someone who has 0 knowledge and experience in the mentioned field. When your knowledge reaches a much higher level, we can discuss it.


"...why would he report his OWN cheating method?"
-To make him less suspicious.

A lot of misinformation was around. I'd love to ask a few questions:
1) How did you conclude that with antiradar on you can still see extra 12 tiles? Did you test it yourself - if yes, how; or did someone tell you - if yes, who?
2) I've seen the screen of extended max resolution in some discord group before the post tho. Which makes me wonder for how long this bug was known.
So, you're still saying that the person who found the bug needed 5 minutes to find it? Is that person studying cybersecurity or something? Cause this amount of time to find how to bypass something is really impressive. Or was coincidence.exe used to guess the right memory address?

Thank you in advance for answering.
Have a nice evening.
Go to2020-06-11Cheats and Punishments @Maximus

The less we know, the more we think we know.

Taking less than 4 hours to code something is nothing more than just your opinion, and considering you're not a "JJ2 coder" or software engineer, I'll let you rate on a scale from 1 to 10 - how relevant is what you said.

Now that we can both agree that your opinion on the topic you know nothing about is relevant 1 on a scale from 1 to 10, let's try to educate you a little: CTRL+T, "Dunning-Kruger Effect".

Have a nice day.
Go to2020-05-23Cheats and Punishments "However, from nearly everything that has been reviewed thusfar (at least by me), they have written things that are pretty nonsensical, clinging to SE's explanations where they do not apply, or repeating the word chance for extremely bizarre successions of events."

@Rag , I didn't see you typed anything in that document tho. Or maybe 1 out of 42 pages that the document has, which makes me feel your plan never was to consider what we had to say. Giving us an opportunity to "dispute" the "evidence" was just a formality. In fact, you are not even taking seriously what we wrote there but you're posting gif's and troll in that document.
So, if you're showing 0 respect behind the scenes, don't pretend you're showing some here.
Thanks. Bye.
Go to2020-01-22Final Matches And Vetoes! GpW is in!
We are also changing two of our vetos.
We choose elmsuper and face as our new vetoes instead of Medieval Skyscrapers and Frontier Falls.
Go to2020-01-18-t3> vs. CX (CTF clanwar) Now that I finished ref-ing, I can be honest.
So, cx doesnt surprise, but dissapoints once again. Considering I don't know if the stream caught what happened at the beggining, I'll just retell it here.
Changing the veto 2h before the cw, and not informing t3 about it, was not nice move at all. I'm sad that cx is so over confident and arrogant that they don't even realize how bad sportsmanship they represented. Not to mention rejecting to play in any other server, while few weeks ago, they were the one who had requirements for matches(like private server etc.).
Enjoy your win, if you really can. bye.
Go to2019-11-17[GpW] vs. CX (CTF ladder match) emo
Go to2019-10-03JJnet Duel Tournament Starts! vetos: olctrf and rpop
Go to2019-02-16[GpW] vs. CX (CTF clanwar) I don't know who said you were active ones, but let me show the 'inactivity' you're talking about:




'Appeared first time in months'. I guess you appeared first time in years then? emo
Go to2019-02-16[GpW] vs. CX (CTF clanwar) Good game, was exciting one! emo
And just to mention, for those who said we were training hard, we haven't played a single match together before the CW, and also weren't even active.
Cu next season! emo
Go to2019-02-09Finals Approach! No we don't know, it's so fun yay!
We're so lucky to have balanced clans and exciting matches.
Go to2018-08-13loose game To me, as a player, NT2018 looked like well organized. Congratulations to Egypt for a deserved win, and a message to NL: Not restarting the game after Kyro and Anna ctoed was far from a fair play. Maybe that's why karma hit you so hard. Anyway, better luck next time emo

I don't know what's been happening among the stuff, but I guess this was not the right place to discuss it. I mean, there is a private chat right?
But...once it's posted, I think it's not cool from Kyro or whoever did it, to delete/hide the comments. Like that's not the way you fix anything.

Looking forward to a next NT, and congratz stuff for the successful tournament.


PS I'd love to see cooba and rag as commentators next nt, yeah
Go to2018-07-30CC vs. CX (CTF ladder match) thunder, if u think its not a big deal, fine , lets do it with you.
Go to2018-07-30CC vs. CX (CTF ladder match) Veg, my punishment was even worse than ban (I see you're aiming at that).
Camel stuff hosted my private pictures on Camel Duels.

Loon, I'm not aiming at anything.
Go to2018-07-29CC vs. CX (CTF ladder match) Uhm feel like I already saw these screens somewhere...
Good game anyway! emo
Go to2018-05-29Clanwars and Rule Changes Even if Urbs hasn't been online recently, gpw is currently the clan with the most active players, so it doesn't really matter. CX is probably the least active now, but I guess they can get a strong team for a playoff.
Well krzy, innactivity in june and innactivity during whole year can't be compared.
Go to2018-05-27video Yeah A7med was stealing my carrot all the time, gj ahmed emo
Go to2018-05-21CC vs. [GpW] (CTF clanwar) We would never use it to avoid your clanwar anyway. What I wanted to do is to show you that we have the right to REJECT your cw, according to rules.
It's funny how you're trying to get out of this situation as a hero, and make us look like we caused all of this.
Even if I'd have what to say, I'll just stop it here.
Thank you for the...whatever.
Go to2018-05-20CC vs. [GpW] (CTF clanwar) �7.1.1 The challenge system on JJNet must be used if the match shall be counted as a CW.

2018-05-18 23:00 | CC vs [GpW]

�2.2 If a clan has a clanwar scheduled within the next 30 days, this rule does not apply and they may refuse all challenges sent to them.

2018-05-26 21:00 | [CDF] vs [GpW]

So the rules say we can refejct cc's challenge. Can't wait to see what will cc think of next.
Go to2018-05-19CC vs. [GpW] (CTF clanwar) I don't think it's respect or disrespect either. I really don't know what's so offending with saying that jjnet is more than a half cc. It's like I'm not judging or insulting you, I just pointed out something everyone already know, including you..
Go to2018-05-19CC vs. [GpW] (CTF clanwar) not frustrated, and what exactly is disrespectful here?
I just pointed out some facts, not disrespecting anyone.

"some other activity protection should be installed", you just said it yourself. Gl with abusing the rules then..
Go to2018-05-19CC vs. [GpW] (CTF clanwar) If you would get x points for winning a cw when max is 200, then it's logic that you get x/2 points when max is 100... but i see nothing is logic when it's about jj net admins and cc.. or wait isn't it the same.
If you maybe were online sometimes, we wouldn't have had to "spam" ladders with cdf and t3. Didn't think about it?
Go to2018-05-14CC vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) oh u made my l8n smile, love u everyone emo
Go to2018-05-14CC vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) emo
Go to2018-05-14CC vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) wow, it works. EVERYONE IS NOOB I AM THE BEST!!!!!!
popcorns ready, go! emo
Go to2018-05-13CC vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) the one "who’s just asking for some solid arguments", cuz the other one dgaf and is just having fun commenting this and pissing l8n off
sry me loves u, bye now emo
Go to2018-05-13CC vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) Haven't I made it clear enough? don't cry pls emo emo emo emo
PS no idea what u talking about tbh
this was re to l8n
Go to2018-05-13CC vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) well if you said it, then that's why I didn't know it, since I can only see what you type not what you say sry
Oh l8n we don't need luck xd when we actually want to play for real, you're like the easiest opponent, as proven already hehe
Go to2018-05-13CC vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) expected they were going to accept re with pavlus, so we get some free points, as they got here, but bleh..
Go to2018-05-13-t3> vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) expected they were going to accept re with pavlus, so we get some free points, as they got here, but bleh..
Go to2018-05-02[GpW] vs. CC (CTF ladder match) sorry for pwning you loon
Go to2018-04-29[GpW] vs. not (CTF ladder match) was playing with 1 hand
Go to2017-08-27CX vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) I can't get anyone with 999+, even can't get you...
I just wonder who verified the game that didn't happen at all lmao..
Go to2017-08-26CX vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) We did not pick zaitox, we just agreed on your map since i had 999+ the whole game bleh. dont submit lies pls -.- ... w/e, bg emo
Go to2016-09-07[GpW] vs. CC (CTF ladder match) 2nd game on stronghold? hah, you said the same like a month ago :'D
Go to2015-04-08-t3> vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) As you can see,after the game ends,players who got flags lose their 3 last characters in their names xD
emo anyway
Go to2015-03-29CC vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) They continued playing 3v2,but then gry decided to make it 2v2...
Also, i dont think cc tried to search for our members..
Also MS, there's something called fairplay. :p
Go to2015-03-29CC vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) We couldn't find opponents?
Anyway, you continued playing 3v2 untill gry came and told hakum to spec on... It just says a lot about you :p
Go to2014-12-04[CDF] vs. [calm] (CTF ladder match) Je : http://puu.sh/dgIyC/16f85f15a6.png
Epitome : http://puu.sh/dgIzC/d3555a4c54.png
Go to2014-10-02CC vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) Good job cdf :3 emo They changed team when they saw they were losing and didn't give us to stop game for a moment when be's ping was too high, and we still tied emo
emo emo
Go to2014-09-24[CDF] vs. CC (CTF ladder match) It wasn't xD
Go to2014-08-09[CDF] vs. [Pre] (CTF ladder match) http://textuploader.com/k37j
Go to2014-07-18-t3> vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) This was a rematch actually after we had lost 8-7.Good game and well played -t3> emo
Go to2014-07-06[CDF] vs. [Pre] (CTF ladder match) Epitome : https://www.dropbox.com/s/lfnq8s0t2hbzu9f/epitome.txt
Starlit : https://www.dropbox.com/s/usgmkouayps2zx5/pluctf02.txt
Go to2013-10-08Duel Tournament Starts! my veto's : Frontier Falls and Minimal duel
Go to2013-09-20[CDF] vs. aEs (CTF ladder match) emo
Go to2012-10-06RDS vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) emo and gj iustyn ;D
Go to2012-09-19RDS vs. -t3> (CTF ladder match) emo
Go to2012-09-17RDS vs. [Pre] (CTF ladder match) gg anyway ..
Go to2012-09-17RDS vs. [Pre] (CTF ladder match) when i left it was 4-2 ....
Go to2012-08-22-t3> vs. RDS (CTF ladder match) lol,,, plumbe you cant say nothing ,bc there is not a bigger lagger than you.. it was so many 3hks ... vatevr
Go to2012-08-21[CDF] vs. RDS (CTF ladder match) emo ://
Go to2012-08-21-t3> vs. RDS (CTF ladder match) emo emo
Go to2011-07-23[GpW] vs. -t3> (CTF ladder match) gg and gj t3 emo emo
Go to2011-07-22[VS] vs. (Y) (CTF ladder match) sulfur you wanted ww , so you needed be good there ;P
Go to2011-07-22[VS] vs. (Y) (CTF ladder match) bg.wtf sulfur had to go,we cought win!
Go to2011-07-22(Y) vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) Gg,and gj hordy pwner!
Go to2011-07-13[CDF] vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) Gg .. emo emo emo emo emo
Go to2011-07-12(Y) vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) gg...we pwned gpw !!yaay
Go to2011-06-27[GpW] vs. -t3> (CTF ladder match) Not bad gpw ,Sj and Br are very good ;D
Go to2011-06-25[GpW] vs. -t3> (CTF ladder match) gg,and good stats on BBswing br emo
Go to2011-04-28[GpW] vs. (CTF ladder match) Lol..btw i played till 7-1 on je jerry dont more lies ... emo emo emo emo
Go to2011-04-27 vs. mv (CTF ladder match) So we can play with we want snake...Gg.. emo emo emo
Go to2011-04-27[GpW] vs. (CTF ladder match) haha fail i scored sas in je emo emo
Go to2011-04-27[GpW] vs. (CTF ladder match) So i said they are stupid ...first map when i seeing i thought they cheated but im not sure..they take once ammo and shooted 500 times but whate ever idc ...btw i didnt play all the time 2 round i replaced vip..next time we will rock gpw emo emo emo.....Gg
Go to2011-04-26[CDF] vs. (CTF ladder match) Bg..i ctoed more times and they dont care..NOT FAIR but whatever..we wanna rematch!!
Go to2011-04-26NF vs. (CTF ladder match) Gg..pwned
Go to2011-04-25NF vs. (CTF ladder match) Gg... me too hate je..
Go to2011-04-24 vs. Cpt. (CTF ladder match) Snake now and if u want u cant join orp..we know u r mad bcs we are better now but u must calm down!
Go to2011-04-24 vs. Cpt. (CTF ladder match) I watched ladder,they did not cheat idk what about snake...
Go to2011-04-22 vs. [PF] (CTF ladder match) Gg..
Go to2011-04-21 vs. Cpt. (CTF ladder match) Gg..
Go to2011-04-21Cpt. vs. (CTF ladder match) Gg..
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