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australia is sus
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I would like to attempt to conduct an upvalueing o...
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CDF is still the sexiest clan. :flex:
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Best post of 2021 :-D
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The URL below is a link to the Waybackmachine Arch...
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JJ2 ladder clan comparisons =====================...
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During the prior decade, I gradually tried to offe...
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That just means the rules are flawed; it should de...
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Hahaha oh my god, I see some of you have saved som...
By: MasterSven, in: Watching broadcasts while playing CW is cheating » Improving rules 2021-06-06 15:18
Yes during stopped games it could be unethically a...
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Jenny's parents played JJ2 as well, so JJ2 is cros...
By: Vivando, in: Royal Families of JJ2 » Off topic 2021-06-06 11:44
Indeed Anubis, was gonna say that :D
By: Vivando, in: Watching broadcasts while playing CW is cheating » Improving rules 2021-06-06 11:43
True, unexpected breaks during the game can potent...
By: Anubis, in: Watching broadcasts while playing CW is cheating » Improving rules 2021-06-06 11:30
I did have it open to look at the chat after some ...
By: Anubis, in: Royal Families of JJ2 » Off topic 2021-06-06 11:23
Grytolle and Leen both CC
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Go to2020-06-14Cheats and Punishments "Anyway the reason I thought to remark upon this metaphor is because, personally I play alot of basketball having practiced for over 2 decades (about the same amount of time since I started playing JJ1)."

As we all know, a methapor is a subtle comparison between two elements that appear completely different, but they have some small common elements, based on which you build it. What I am trying to say is that if I want to create an analogy between ahtletics and jj2, it is not necessary for these two to have all elements similar.
Go to2020-06-14Cheats and Punishments I’d like to thank you for saving some of your time to write that comment which, in essence, I guess contains an ironical subtility, regarding those evalation criterias you made about the actual situation of solving the case, „Does the comment implicitly pertain to the topic of cheating in ladre by abusing radar? Does the comment explicitly substantiate radar abuse during ladre for the sake of cheating?” There are two things I wanted to emphatise: cheaters are everywhere, we must adapt and catch them with all resources. This does not mean giving up on the game(my case when I was beaten at the National Championships in 2013), the second one, to leave the hatred behind and continue in friendly atmosphere and support eachother to make the community beautiful.

“In a race for example you can start from a point where the distanceto the endpoint is technically less than that of your competitors. You can go into motion before you are suposed to. The laws of physics and the nature of time apply along with the often-vague rules of the comtest itself. You can even contend that the playing field in the case of the example of a spring or race is not level and therefore imbalanced to the point where one contestant could have a subtle advantage due to the gravitational plane at their location.”

In any situation which requires competitive behavior, there will be aspects that can make small differences, or maybe, why not, substansial diffreneces.( in sprint, for exemple, the only major factor that influences the performance besides the athlete’s skills is the wind.

“However, in sports or athletics, there is a more extreme variable that is considered unfair, that isn't so much a factor in videogames such as JJ2”

This is exactly what is happening in our game, since it is an “old game” and the players are located completely different and random geographical positions,the quality of the internet connexion is strongly variable. Everyone know how often ppl “shout” air and lag in the middle of a match. And this is the main factor which sometimes does’t make the game completely fair.

“JJ2 is in contrast a mind game where we players are sitting around and pressing buttons. There is alot of muscle memory instilled by the repetition of button-pressing with our hands, the amount of endurance required by the wrists to maintain keyboard control for a lengthy duration of time, and the dexterity of our fingers to quickly and gracefully enact the playing of the game via our characters.”

Talking about endurance and dexterity, athletics and generally all sports, require very constant training,and muscle memory improves by specific and repetitive exercises to facilitate the movement to make it seem natural. There’s a reason why videogames are slowly starting to be seen as a real sports in which the mind must be sustained by physical effort in order to keep it healthy and strong enough to face the stress during the game.

To be honest, I really didn’t understand the unility and purpose of your comment since I had the best intentions, trying to offer some advise on how should look at this event. This is exactly what I was talking about we should be a family and be kind to eachother not attack with no reason.
Go to2020-06-13Cheats and Punishments Hello, my name is Costin, people know me in the game as <<Krytical>>. This is probably a small clue for what I am going to write in the following lines, about my “critical” opinion on the recent events that took place in the JJ2 online community.
I left the competitive stage of JJ2 in 2013, because I started having a very busy schedule. In 2016, I played a few matches, especially when the JJ2 team added an update that, to me, substantially changed the game mechanics for the better. This was not convincing enough to make me come back in the competitive scene, because of lack of motivation and insufficient time for gaming.
A very important thing that I strongly felt all these years is how a game with such a small community managed to offer me so many friends and so many beautiful memories. On this occasion, I’d like to mention some of them: Kenny, who has been a game partner and a player with extraordinary qualities, whom I’ve also met in real life a few times, and we had a great time; Andreea(Harley), who is a 10/10 and very smart girl, and also a good friend; Urbs, who has always been so patient with me and Kenny when we were fooling around and talking nonsense, and he always came and defended us; Lahm, who is probably mad at me, and he has the right to do that, because I was a little bit of a jerk in the past, and, on this occasion, I’d like to apologise. And many other cool guys that I admired especially for their way of thinking and for the friendship that they offered me, and because they had a lot of patience in the few occasions when my childish side has made its presence felt.
Now, after 7 years, in which being an athlete offered me the privilege to know so many different people and to live so many life experiences, to understand that things are not as easy as they seemed back then when I was just a child who only wanted to play and win, I realize how much I’ve changed and how much I’ve grown up.
This process of growing up comes with many responsabilities, as we all know, and sometimes we feel the need to run away from them, to escape and become children again, by returning for a little while to the things that marked our childhood: for example, JJ2.

JJ2 does not have modern graphics, nor it is at least 3d, it is not a game which you join, wait in the que and then play with some players you’ll probably never meet again in other games. JJ2 is more than that, it is a family, a family that you must not throw away, you have to respect it, and even if someone is wrong, your duty is to teach them the right way.
Regarding the previous events that took place in our community, I would like to adopt an objective position about this matter and not to take parts, not to defend any side of those concerned. I’d like to make an analogy between gaming and sports(my main field of interest). I do not want my intervention to look like I am defending anyone, especially since the technical part has always exceeded my understanding, and I do not to analyze the situation of the two players involved, but I would like to present a psychological approach of this <<drama>>, and offer some practical solutions, starting from where it all began.
I think that I am one of the most entitled people around here to talk about cheating; not in the gaming field, but in the sports one, where I perform. Maybe very few of you know that I am a professional sprinter. I have often found myself in situations where I was the most likely competitor to win the 100m sprint event, just how it happened in the 2013 National Championship. To my surprise, that year, on stage showed up, <<out of nowhere>>, a competitior that I’ve defeated many times before, but that time he unexpectedly defeated me. You are going to ask what happened afterwards to that person. Well, he never competed at that level, he could barely reach the top 10 in the following contests, eventually giving up athletics. Did he cheat in that contest in 2013(I am talking about doping)? I do not know. I can only assume that he did. He might have stolen a medal from me, but what came afterwards was worth to me much more, because in the following years my place was always on the podium. It is said that in high level sports, everyone is doping, everyone is looking for ways to create and advangtage for themselves. Names such as Lance Armstrong, Ben Johnson, Maradona, and many other great sportsmen.

Why do people cheat in sports?

“The psychology of cheating in sports is a complicated topic, and researchers are learning more about what drives people to violate the rules, use performance-enhancing drugs, or take part in some other method of cheating. However, the fundamental reason why people cheat in sports isn’t complex at all.
Athletes want to win. At the highest levels of sports, the difference between first and second place is often millions of dollars and a significant amount of fame. As a result, some athletes may believe winning really is the only thing. To them, the risk of getting caught and being labeled a cheater is worth the money and glory that being the best brings.”

The years’ve been around, the cheat situations were basically quite few from what I know ( Slayer and Hakum). There was not necessary to take any drastical measures in order to create an efficent anti-cheat system considering the seldom occasions of playing dirty. Coming to my sports analogy, in this field it was necessary the intervention of WADA to “catch” the Russians which compromised the Winter Olympic Games in 2014 and to reveale the doping system . The result of these events: a better mobilization from WADA, and well done job from the anti-doping campaigns. That being said my point is that our jj2 programators could take this case as an exemple and be our game's WADA . The purpose of the analogy I made is to explain that a situation like ours should have good effect on the future like it happened in sport where, after discovering cases of cheating, the authorities improved their methods significantlly, for a better environment for all the players.

For the end, my advise is that we should reach a higher level of empathy and understanding and to leave the hatred behind because you are great people and I love you guys!
Go to2016-11-08video Grytolle says (20:54)
Sometimes you play good
soemtimes you don't
Hakum iB says (20:54)
Grytolle says (20:54)
sometimes you win, sometimes you lose like hell
Hakum iB says (20:54)
like you
; d
like all
life is brutal
and this is only lag,air game
Grytolle says (20:55)
nice philosophy
Vivando says (20:55)

emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo
Go to2016-09-20[GpW] vs. CX (CTF ladder match) wow ,wp!
Go to2016-09-13CX vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) oh ,good game! emo
Go to2016-09-06[GpW] vs. CC (CTF ladder match) ah forgot to add the screens ,wtf .
Go to2013-10-14Mappool set Lahm is too sensible and I don't remember when I wasn't mean to him so xD..ok we are not gonna talk here about our problems.But I was just a bit offensed because you didnt ask me about voting the maps.We could've tested them and take a decision together..
Go to2013-10-14Mappool set Dude Urbs,no offense, but you should more playing and less talking..at least talk with me too before taking decisions.Was it necessary that all clans which were mentioned to vote?
Go to2013-09-19loose game sa i-o trag lu didi XD
Go to2013-08-25loose game what the ****k?? who the hell scheduled this match??:l
Go to2013-08-16loose game unfortunately I don't :< maybe the guys in the video might have oneemo)
Go to2013-08-16loose game If you ask me it was a pretty close match by looking the scores.Also toni.I don't see you playing this game too much,if I remember because of a picture on jj2o you're a sportsman like me and I understand that but you shouldn't come here and blame only the lag.As the most would agree with me ,also in jj2 as many other games ,if you don't play and train you can lose your shape.Deny me if it's not.
Go to2013-08-15loose game HAHAHA DO YOU KNOW BRAZZERS?
Go to2013-08-15loose game Do you wanna have a coffee with us? Then we're going to hotel and having *** and all the stuff..C'mon ,C'mon I just wanna have ***..Im not an asshole I just offer *** for free !!! HAHAHAH

poor romanian girls:<
Go to2013-08-15loose game Scuze frate chiar nu mi-am dat seama ca faci referire la asta..a fost o gluma proasta venita pe loc..stiu ca ti-ai dorit sa joci ..mereu cand intreba lumea unde esti le ziceam ca ai pc-u stricat ..Scuze inca odata...
Go to2013-08-14loose game Thank you captain! hahaha captain what a joke=))
Go to2013-05-24CX vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) lol moti commented in english.omg:O
Go to2013-05-20[GpW] vs. CX (CTF ladder match) My question was with a purpose.If you were close to us you could have observed if he really defending the base with those seeks.But you stopped to take seeks pu. And if you ask me I really didnt pay attention of it because I was almost sure I would've rushed knowing krzy was also away of base and u just died.
Go to2013-05-20[GpW] vs. CX (CTF ladder match) A simple question. Why would you take seekers pu instead of trying to capture how faster you can to prevent another rush from us?
Go to2013-05-20[GpW] vs. CX (CTF ladder match) aimane do you remember in WW ,there was bouncer pu respawned when he was killing you?
Go to2013-05-19[GpW] vs. CX (CTF ladder match) I don't defend him because I don't have the certainty he didn't cheat.

My problem here isn't about if cheated or not.I just don't want this to move to forum and be started a new drama thing.
Go to2013-05-19[GpW] vs. CX (CTF ladder match) I dont wanna reply you again because you didn't understand anything of my comment.
Go to2013-05-19[GpW] vs. CX (CTF ladder match) Yeah and please read my whole comment.

or read it carefully.
Go to2013-05-19[GpW] vs. CX (CTF ladder match) I don't want to insult anyone but still I don't understand why he would use unlimited ammo this match against a team which isnt so strong as we faced some ladders before and the screens proved clearly he didnt use unlimited ammo.Still it can't be proved if he used or not in this ladder . Im used to be right because I practice sport so I don't defend him if you guys say there's a suspicion.If there are any more doubts about this ladder you can delete it.Also Im sick that jj2 community found another thing to talk about years. I WANNA MAKE IT CLEAR .It can't be proved so don't come with smart minds. If an admin like gry or sm1else with same power decide to delete the ladder ,or ban hakum forver just do it.Im tired to listen king's ironics or polish spamming .k thx .
Go to2013-05-12[GpW] vs. the sA (CTF ladder match) lol I submitted 7-3 on disto emo) sry. ggemo
Go to2013-05-10[GpW] vs. CX (CTF ladder match) yeah and I think you are the best motivation for him ^^
Go to2013-05-07[GpW] vs. CX (CTF ladder match) if you dont want to bring the old times back emo
Go to2013-04-30RDS vs. CX (CTF ladder match) If you addressed this comment to me I wanna make clear a point which refers only to me. I usually when I play ladders I do it when i'm in a good mood or I don't have anything else to do at that moment.If I play simple games and a player has 500+ ms and he ruins the game I just spec on and hf. Im not obligated to play against these kind of players.(not my fault you have a bad internet).
Go to2013-04-30RDS vs. CX (CTF ladder match) because I prefer for myself to play against players not against warpers.Of course I mean huge pings ,not a difference of 30-40 ms.+ sometimes it's pretty annoying when the lag beats the skill and it's very normal to say something to soften you frustration.
Go to2013-04-29RDS vs. CX (CTF ladder match) I think you lie and gry is a cheater.
Go to2013-04-24RDS vs. -t3> (CTF ladder match) kryterion*
Go to2013-04-19-t3> vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) I was tempted to say gg.But a simple 3hk on the start of second round while attacking can ruin everything.mehemo
Go to2013-04-09CX vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) I just explained my game and stats.The bblair match could have been much worse believe me.We did a random pick.forgot to say GG emo
Go to2013-04-09CX vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) Yeah you know.red has a huge advantage in bblair because they can easily get power ups.Mati got 90% of match the flag and I coulnd't w8 for pus because he couldn't stay 3 more than 30 seconds,so I had to stay rna all during the match and let enemies rushing me .On the other side it's pretty hard to hunt on bblair in 2v2 and mati managed to control carrots but still I couldn't risky.
Go to2013-04-01Breaking News 2013-04-02
Go to2013-03-31Faking "As for "shutting the **** up" none of my mates said anything to make an argument or anything."

Actually you've tried by your comment :"in my opinion their punishment is not severe enough, they should be banished for all eternity. I mean what are your moms gonna say when they see this? i hope you're very proud of what you've done. shame on you all."

to defend the situation of your mates by a ironic comment with the purpose that the admin who took this decision of deducting points from CX to look exaggerated.

Anyway I didn't specific your team,I meant generally.
Go to2013-03-31Faking Instead of helping this community,and playing games,some of you know only to argue and cheap trolling.If you did something wrong against the rules..Just..SHUT THE **** UP and stop making comments which meant to make you look like a victim. And King,what do you want to prove making ironic comments and waitng people to respond them and after that you say "OMG you take it so seriously , why do you make a big fuss of it..bla bla bla" . I just got sick of this.
Go to2013-03-30[VS] vs. RDS (CTF ladder match) this made my day.
Go to2013-03-28*cM* vs. RAS (CTF ladder match) This is how Urbs supports a member of his crew emo
Go to2013-03-27All-Star Game Update fu Netherland..4-0emo((((
Go to2013-03-26[GpW] vs. -t3> (CTF ladder match) it was 3-0 in bbswing..but I forget to take the screenemo
Go to2013-03-18-t3> vs. RDS (CTF ladder match) me2 xD.
Go to2013-03-06-t3> vs. CX (CTF ladder match) gj t3 for round 1
Go to2013-02-25European Duels chiar nu are=)) dar tot nu vrea sa imi cumpere skin pe lol.emo
Go to2013-02-15/ladderseason on Until I or you will get banned I will **** up all ur matches,slayer.It's not a foolish ambition,so many times u ruined our games with ur behavior why should I let you?I don't lose anything if I get ban,only I want to apologize the people which are going to play with him.Considering for your age that you don't bring anything constructive for this community,you are really pathetic.Isn't necessary to reply my msg because I won't be able to respond anyway since Im gone for a week.
Go to2012-12-31[GpW] vs. RDS (CTF ladder match) It's only you. The quality of the screens is even HD. If you put some glasses on you can see them 3D.
Go to2012-12-30[GpW] vs. RDS (CTF ladder match) no screens it seems..andrzej didn't take them..so gg emo
Go to2012-12-27[GpW] vs. RDS (CTF ladder match) patetic..stiu si eu sa folosesc limba natala ,stai linistit.
Go to2012-12-14[GpW] vs. RDS (CTF ladder match) today 20:00 CET.done
Go to2012-12-08[GpW] vs. RDS (CTF ladder match) me too veg..emo
Go to2012-12-08[GpW] vs. RDS (CTF ladder match) I can't because I have training then.Next weekend I have a competition too.I couldn't set a personal record so I have to work harder.I think the sure date for me its sunday next weekend.
Go to2012-12-03[GpW] vs. RDS (CTF ladder match) I apologize too. Too many things happen in a short time for me and I could forget some of them even if they are important.And yeah I have the most important competition of winter then.
Go to2012-12-02ZStats winner I am the legend guard.I want my prize now. emo
Go to2012-11-28video 57:56 ..NO! YES! UUUUUUU AAAA XDD this was actually after watching the video.
Go to2012-11-28video that was my fav part from match XD
Go to2012-11-28video what's there?
Go to2012-11-26[GpW] vs. -t3> (CTF clanwar) What can I say.The game was pretty close how you can see from result.The first 10 minutes in semi were obvious dominated by t3 with a nice control at seeks and a excellent teamplay.Persoanlly for me the game was quite stressful because I wanted really much to win but at the same time was fun emo Anyway for the moment we have to focus on our match with CC/RDS which I expect to be even more exciting than the other ones how we used you. emo
Go to2012-11-05[CDF] vs. [GpW] (CTF clanwar) Howard Webb
Go to2012-11-03[CDF] vs. [GpW] (CTF clanwar) o muie cu dedication pt tn
Go to2012-11-02[CDF] vs. [GpW] (CTF clanwar) sa-mi bag pl de mai ai vreun respect pentru jocu asta..numai ratati care vor numai avantaje..gry a fkt asta doar k poate printr-o minune sa ne bata cdf la clanwar si dupa RDS sa joace cu CDF..baa nu meritati respect ..a fkt si urbs o greseala si gata..nu mai ii suport ba .
Go to2012-10-16[Pre] vs. CX (CTF ladder match) *random comment*
Go to2012-10-03RDS vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) orgy
Go to2012-09-13-t3> vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) Couldn't finish the second round because I had to visitors and I had to stay with them.Sorry Lahm and nice from you to finish 2v1.The score was 0-0 when I left. ggemo
Go to2012-09-13loose game If it's possible the number of spectators to not exceed the number of players emo
Go to2012-09-10CX vs. -t3> (CTF ladder match) nice stats moti ,I think u got dominating:-?
Go to2012-09-06RDS vs. -t3> (CTF ladder match) Yeah I remember.Someone said that to you.


Go to2012-09-05loose game so?
Go to2012-08-31loose game (Phone) yes ,romania confirm that we can play on saturday 8th of September.
Go to2012-08-26RDS vs. -t3> (CTF ladder match) Special Weapons And Tactics.
Go to2012-08-26[GpW] vs. RDS (CTF ladder match) then add screens here.not a problem,right?
Go to2012-08-24RDS vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) we had 3-0 in start urbs..
Go to2012-08-24RDS vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) hai incepe sa te plangi de lagu lui damar acum.
Go to2012-08-23RDS vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) And u wouldnt have made any comeback.Say thx u tied in semi.
Go to2012-08-23RDS vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/15/epitome.png/

stats for round 1
Go to2012-08-17RDS vs. [CDF] (CTF ladder match) It is enough ,Iustyn.Had Cx or t3,even GpW more than 6-7 players to win the season?
Go to2012-08-16loose game [14:30:08] LahmCC: can i bc RO vs Eu?
[14:30:12] LahmCC: 19:30 pm
[14:30:13] LahmCC: tmrw

and well I could play at that time 19 30 CEST but iustin might not and I couldn't talk with him when I sheduled the match with MS (3 PM) because iustin wasn't on then.After that we decinded with EU to change the hour,that's all.
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Go to2012-08-14RDS vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) no kryt,no pure pwn ofc
i dont joke,ggemo
Go to2012-08-14[GpW] vs. [VS] (CTF ladder match) still w8ing for PC =======>Pharaoh Clan.
Go to2012-08-14[GpW] vs. [VS] (CTF ladder match) look at the good part:> 2 points for GpW
Go to2012-08-14[GpW] vs. [VS] (CTF ladder match) and he was in GpW squad actually
Go to2012-08-14[GpW] vs. [VS] (CTF ladder match) this made my day XD also this:

[22:22:55] *** GrytolleCC joined the game
[22:22:57] *** [GpW]Kyro left the game
Go to2012-08-13CX vs. RDS (CTF ladder match) I haven't seen u king recommending or trying new maps.So I don't understand what it's ur problem after all...
Go to2012-08-13CX vs. RDS (CTF ladder match) Why am I the only one who doesnt care about the overplayed maps? It's like in Counter Strike,none complains if he plays de_dust2 since 2007.
Go to2012-08-12RDS vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) when you win it's nice of course.
Go to2012-08-12[GpW] vs. RDS (CTF ladder match) So what? Has Chiyu strong individual skills? And he is a CC Alpha .Ius played very well with us (me and kenny) and I considered him an Alpha for GpW.
Go to2012-08-12[GpW] vs. RDS (CTF ladder match) You was in alpha too ius in GpW emo

Go to2012-08-11RDS vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) damar didnt lag and iustin didnt get any airs!And krytical didnt pwn as alwaysemo bg

pt tine iusemo
Go to2012-08-11[GpW] vs. RDS (CTF ladder match) and this was our rematch! the second one.
Go to2012-08-11[GpW] vs. RDS (CTF ladder match) Actually 2-0 for us because u stopped without to say and there's 2 min left and we got the control emo stop be a pussy lahm
Go to2012-08-10[GpW] vs. -t3> (CTF ladder match) it was iddemo gg
Go to2012-08-10[GpW] vs. RDS (CTF ladder match) my stats in second map 13-7
Go to2012-08-10CX vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) thx Santa
Go to2012-08-10loose game ce idiot si mincinos esti lahm.dak aveam o farama de respect pt tn ,ai pierdut-o.
Go to2012-08-10CX vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) nice comeback in ayb Cx emo

Go to2012-08-09RDS vs. [GpW] (CTF ladder match) hh
Go to2012-08-08Ladder yuheee im so happy!! My dream became real!! I can't beleive !! Gry u re like Santa Claus for me bringing me this news!!! I'm going to spam "ladder?" in all servers emo emo

Go to2012-08-08loose game I read "Nerd ref" XDDDD