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Match: CX vs [CDF]
» Summary « » Description « » Comments « » New comment «
flag CodeX vs Civilian Defence Force flag
Player amount:3on3
Date:2012-02-19 16:05
Score details:Technodus CS -> 4:6, , SBV2 -> 5:4
[CDF] picked Technodus CS
Cx picked SBV2

2012-02-22 13:57 
I'm sorry for overdoing it, I raged needlessly, I think the admins will make a fair decision and CDF won't do it anymore emo

Check out my forum post!
2012-02-22 11:24 
I see no reason to not play the cw, clans are supposed to play with their strongest available team anyway and also IP's will be checked before the match.
2012-02-22 10:16 
STFU peacemaking, I LOL-edemo

It's not peacemaking with a lightsaber, it's peacemaking with internet acronyms

2012-02-22 08:44 
People who were tricked have a right to be angry when it's so fresh, King. Your kind of "stfu" peace-making doesn't strike me as particularly helpful
2012-02-22 08:31 
And? Veg allrdy said that its not big of a deal. I have no idea why would u "demand" a harsher punishment. U totally missed the point
2012-02-22 00:01 
King: they faked in a ladder we played as well
2012-02-21 23:27 
Great! emo
2012-02-21 23:27 
Very sloppy of him emo
2012-02-21 23:14 
Don't worry Toni, if DZ was involved, he would have deleted the suspicious parts of the chatlogs. But he is not, so I had no problems getting the logs with proof emo
2012-02-21 23:03 
Damnit. Is DZ involved in all this crap? They should know that Zeal can see his teamchat when he's idle. I just hope... you know... this is suspicious, but I DON'T ACCUSE HIM, let it be clear. emo
2012-02-21 22:33 
major props to laro to not saying "bull****s"
2012-02-21 22:17 

Deleted: 2012-02-21 23:49 by Laro24
2012-02-21 22:10 
you demand? YOU DEMAND!?

Did YOU play this ladder? YOU do NOT get to decide whether they get badly punished or not. i Think that the playing clans should be on first place (or second, depends on admins) and Rag alrdy said that we really dont care much and so did i. i am going to be direct now, i dont care about points i just like to win, a lot. If it was CDF faking within its own clan i really dont care much so whatever ( If your opponents say so, you have to play ladders and clanwars with your normal nickname.) This was posted by gry, and even thou before the match noone ever said anything, i think that since we posted that we dont care much its nearly the same as we agreed to it. As for them faking in CW i doubt theyr that stupid lol. U said CDF often does **** like this and finds lame excuses for it but i dont recall anything like this happening before. "they just want to win against my clan, points do not matter" Please... u just want to beat them as much as they want to beat u. U both hate each other even thou ur both denying it for some reason.

Edited: 2012-02-21 22:11 by King
2012-02-21 22:04 
it's simply lame but not too "bad" of a break of rules. Can't really compare it to using radar for example. Anyway, the thing that mostly got me pissed was them/him being so anti-cheating and anti-"kings of fake" which is exactly what they did themselves now. Other than that, I don't really want them to get a big punishment either as they've mostly been a respectable opponent/clan (to CC anyway, especially the last year or so) and I like basically all of CDFs players.

I can at least give my personal opinion cause I've been involved with so many discussions about kings of fake/whatever else cheating with MS mostly. Heh. Anyway, I believe they'll have learned their lesson by now anyway as Laro said and I believe it'll be better now. And at least the kings of fake sh*t with MS might actually stop now after 7 years.

It was mostly a minor offense as it seems and I doubt they'll do so again really. So yeah, it'll probably be a small point deduction/a warning which I feel is sufficient. Ladders got far too annoying with radarv2 out already and the ladder being taken so seriously mostly.

@ Ron, would you really believe they'll fake players at a clanwar where IPs will always be checked etc? Far too risky and a clanwar is supposed to be the strongest players of the clans vs each other anyway. What's the point of hiding strongest players then?

Edited: 2012-02-21 22:18 by Vegito
2012-02-21 22:02 

Deleted: 2012-02-21 23:28 by Andrzej
2012-02-21 21:47 
You weren't the only one, we lost against their fakers too.

Also, what do you mean, it's not that bad?! We're freaking supposed to play a CW with them, it doesn't really mean much to you because you can probably beat any of their teams with your warteam, but for us, every player matters and we wouldn't want MS to play as... let's say, Andrzej or someone. That also means we might not play the CW, I don't really want to play against a bunch of fakers. Not to mention that the CW is personal probably, they just want to win against my clan, points do not matter (they don't get much if they win anyway) and they also tried to force some people to tell them our map and stuff.

They accuse us of being "evil" and we are the ones who bother them, while it's actually them who do **** around and find lame excuses for their behavior. When I say something about CDF, it's always "omg ron the evildoer posts stuff about us, please, we're defenseless, help us", but it seems they say much worse stuff about me and my clan behind my back.

So yeah, I demand a harsher punishment. Letting them get away with this will just encourage them (and others probably) to fake or even use radar.

Edited: 2012-02-21 21:56 by Lithium
2012-02-21 21:28 
Well, I guess here's a time where I'm gonna butt in and say my two pieces.

First off, Cx is the only clan to lose to this faking shenanigans? Well, I'd just like to say, noone from Cx even cares. We just want to face people, I don't care who the hell we're against, and it's not such a big deal. So I'm not gonna demand a harsh punishment or anything; it wasn't even that bad. Yes its bull**** and against the rules but also, its nothing THAT extreme. Provided that the "7 years ago" excuse seems to always work when CC did it. But lets be honest, it's not related to this is it?

I won't wind you up about it but what CC did was tragically worse, and frankly indefensible. But whatever, I got over it. Now can everyone else just grow the **** up and let the admins do their job? The worst punishment they deserve is probably losing a point here and there, other than that it's SERIOUSLY not that bad.

However I'm disappointed in Andrzej, as a mod you shouldn't be allowing your clanmates to do something like this, you're meant to lead by example. I don't want to be the one to say this but really, guys stop overhyping this drama, this isn't THAT big a deal. =/
2012-02-21 21:15 

Deleted: 2012-02-21 23:25 by Andrzej
2012-02-21 20:15 
Dear god.... So much drama eh... well faking other players in a ladder is lame. Thinking that ur up against some weaker players while ur actually up against some stronger ppl can be rather disturbing.. But personally i dont really care so much due to the fact that in CDF most of the stated members are about the same skill, not to mention they just faked each other, so basicly, it was "Cx vs CDF". But keep in mind it isnt allowed to fake players. What u did was rather lame but i really dont care much about it,since it'l only reduce ur reputation, while no dmg has been done to us.Oh also i do think this should be between CDF and the admins, i really have no idea what will others get from trying to post here, as i tried in the "aEs vs iB" and realized i should have just let the admins do their work.

Once again gg i suppose
2012-02-21 18:35 
The comment was more a personal attack then.
2012-02-21 18:30 
Treya didn't insult anyone in that post as far as I can see...

As for a punishment, there'll need to be some admin discussion.
2012-02-21 18:24 
And you continue to bring CC up in your posts - why am I not allowed to "judge" you now? emo

(And really, I am not half as bad with what I write as others, I am not talking about you needing to get punished or whatever, I just feel what you did is wrong and say so.)

Edited: 2012-02-21 18:26 by Vegito
2012-02-21 18:20 
Good game xD
2012-02-21 18:17 
It wasn't an insult, it may have been a bit vocal, but really I was pointing out why you are wrong, and that you need to loosen up. Now if I I said something meaningless like "cdf sux lololol" then yes. But that case was "Please stop being so obbsessed with hate, and doing bad things and using others as a crutch is plain stupid". I may have not of been involved, but that doesn't mean others aren't allowed to have a view if they know what was going on.

Edited: 2012-02-21 18:20 by Treylina
2012-02-21 18:14 
I think that if there is anyone who should talk about this it would be whoever is responsible for the jj.net ladder system and the involved CDF players. The rest has nothing to do with this.
Also I cannot have any sympathy for people who are just here to insult or downgrade others.
2012-02-21 18:10 
Insults include swear words I think, and that one didn't.
2012-02-21 18:09 

Deleted: 2012-02-21 23:49 by Laro24
2012-02-21 18:08 

Deleted: 2012-02-21 23:22 by Andrzej
2012-02-21 18:03 
MS would bring it up randomly at times whenever players would talk about cheaters. MS would talk about radar/iR whenever players would talk about cheaters. No need to bring it up, you use others cheating as an excuse which is lame.
I won't go back to CC's JJ2WC2 7 years ago which you try to do cause that is not the point of this in the first place. It is you who ended up faking recently, not us.
2012-02-21 17:59 

Deleted: 2012-02-21 18:07 by Andrzej
2012-02-21 17:58 
I rarely talked about it, or I might just forgot, please show me when I talk about it.
2012-02-21 17:49 
Epic bs, MS emo
Laro, how long will you continue to talk about CC faking in JJ2WC back in 2005 - which in fact is 7 years ago where you weren't even playing yet?
You know damn well you can't keep saying that to justify your own bull**** and above all I don't get why you were so "anti cheating" when you basically cheat yourself.

Edited: 2012-02-21 17:53 by Vegito
2012-02-21 17:37 
If teamwork means being able to arrange faking, then yes emo

Now don't start "everyone hated us so we faked". That's not true, most of the people here respect you and your clan and think you're a nice bunch. You proved them wrong. CC was punished for their faking, just as you should be.
2012-02-21 17:19 
''Individual commitment to a group effort- That is what makes teamwork, a civilization work!'' ~Vince Lombardi

''Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.'' ~Henry Ford

2012-02-21 17:15 
Less commentary, more GIP..
2012-02-21 17:08 
defending yourself now is just pointless. keep remains of honour - dont make youself look more pathetic and be quiet,,Xd,,,

Edited: 2012-02-21 17:49 by i:m
2012-02-21 17:03 
We made bad mistakes, are we proud of it? No we are not, well atleast I am not, what did we had to do instead? Members kept leaving for other clans, we were being hated, I guess none of u knows how depressed it was. We aren't the devil, do not forget CC also faked in a serious tournament, we faked in some ****ty ladder matches 3 times which 2 of those were even lost. And now once again, the haters want a high punishment.
2012-02-21 16:45 
I agree, they were the ones complaining about rule violations and now they violate rules by themselves, and not random ones, they faked. Punishment pls k thx. emo
2012-02-21 16:43 
good job, anubis. i removed the point for cdf from ladder where laro was faked by ms. i didnt have to remove any point of those two other ones since they were lost by cdf.
emo@ms - the guy who was demanding some justice on this site at any time emo

Edited: 2012-02-21 21:35 by i:m
2012-02-21 15:40 
I'd appreciate it if there was an option on jj.net to add which server a ladder was played on when submitting a ladder (ZD1, ZD2, SD, Other etc.) Then it would be easy for Zeal admins to check every new ladder for potential faking.
Thanks for editing moti emo

Edited: 2012-02-21 15:51 by Anubis
2012-02-21 15:25 

Deleted: 2012-02-21 15:50 by i:m
2012-02-21 15:14 
2012-02-21 15:07 

Deleted: 2012-02-21 15:50 by i:m
2012-02-21 14:31 
cool story bro emo
2012-02-21 13:49 
Silly ubbe no understand, how MS fake lynx if MS play ladder?

emo emo
2012-02-21 13:47 
In this ladder MS has played as Lynx and spectated from the same IP.. (real Lynx lives in Switzerland): http://jazzjackrabbit.net/index.php?league=1&season=1&op=descr&id=1970

As far as I know Sue is in the Netherlands right now so the ladders where she plays from his IP are most likely legit. "Laro" has also played a match from Sven's IP. (this one, CDF played with voice chat, Sven playing as Laro: http://jazzjackrabbit.net/index.php?league=1&season=1&op=descr&id=1715)

Another ladder with faking involved, chatlog posted there (MS played as Sue: http://jazzjackrabbit.net/index.php?league=1&season=1&op=descr&id=2091

The chatlog shows that Sue, MS and Lynx were all involved in faking against ES:

[18:15:54] [Suè-CDF-]: wanna play or maybe ms can play with your nick?
[18:16:02] MçßêrKáñ-Ês-: anne tells we may choose je
[18:16:03] MçßêrKáñ-Ês-: :3
[18:16:06] MçßêrKáñ-Ês-: hmm
[18:16:07] [[CDF] Lynxie]: 2nd, I just suck too much
[18:16:11] [[CDF] Lynxie]: those pieces of **** >emo
[18:16:12] MçßêrKáñ-Ês-: hahahahahhahahhaha
[18:16:13] MçßêrKáñ-Ês-: XDDDD
[18:16:14] [[CDF] Lynxie]: had to mute them
[18:16:22] [Suè-CDF-]: ok so wait
[18:16:29] MçßêrKáñ-Ês-: my ping?
[18:16:30] MçßêrKáñ-Ês-: :OOO
[18:16:35] [[CDF] Lynxie]: but they'll realise
[18:16:42] [Suè-CDF-]: nope
[18:16:43] Tweek: /c c
[18:16:45] [Suè-CDF-]: its noobs

[[Sunday, January 29, 2012 at 18:16:48]]
**Current level: "Jungle's Edge" - c.j2l
**Next level: 4
**Game Mode: CTF
**Custom Mode: OFF
[18:16:48] >> Next level set to gw (001)
[18:16:51] [[CDF] Lynxie]: don't forget the fur
[18:16:52] Tweek: nr
[18:16:52] MS -CDF-: woah
[18:16:53] Suè-CDF-: sec
[18:16:56] MS -CDF-: suprise
[18:16:57] [Suè-CDF-]: right
[18:16:59] [CDF] Lynxie: idd MS
[18:17:02] Tweek: for CDf
[18:17:02] Tweek: :x
[18:17:08] [[CDF] Lynxie]: gonna tell ya the code
[18:17:21] MçßêrKáñ-Ês-: okay
[18:17:23] [Suè-CDF-]: say that you need rj
[18:17:23] Tweek: ofc we dont choose this
[18:17:25] MçßêrKáñ-Ês-: i didn't even ask
[18:17:26] MçßêrKáñ-Ês-: for a/d
[18:17:27] MçßêrKáñ-Ês-: /nomovement off
[18:17:27] Console: No Movement on Stopped Games has been DISABLED
[18:17:29] Tweek: cuz lynks
[18:17:30] [[CDF] Lynxie]: I can simulate a cto
[18:17:30] Tweek: ;(
[18:17:34] [Suè-CDF-]: k
[18:17:41] [[CDF] Lynxie]: my fur btw for jed:
[18:17:45] [[CDF] Lynxie]: 18 34 18 34
[18:17:48] [Suè-CDF-]: k
[18:17:49] MçßêrKáñ-Ês-: lynx
[18:17:53] Tweek: mata lynx
[18:17:55] Tweek: you pwn here
[18:17:55] Tweek: ;(
[18:17:56] MçßêrKáñ-Ês-: did berra pwn u here, yeah right?
[18:17:58] Suè-CDF-: cto
[18:18:09] Tweek: he pwned slayer
[18:18:10] Tweek: ;(
[18:18:12] Tweek: 6-0
[18:18:18] MçßêrKáñ-Ês-: let's make a cto-****
[18:18:18] *** [CDF] Lynxie left the game
[18:18:21] MçßêrKáñ-Ês-: ****
[18:18:21] MçßêrKáñ-Ês-: D:
[18:18:23] Suè-CDF-: lets wait
[18:18:26] Suè-CDF-: we will be back
[18:18:26] MçßêrKáñ-Ês-: on sues ass
[18:18:26] MçßêrKáñ-Ês-: xD
[18:18:28] Suè-CDF-: he*
[18:18:30] *** [CDF] Lynxie joined the game
[18:18:32] Tweek: yey
[18:18:33] MçßêrKáñ-Ês-: wb
[18:18:35] [CDF] Lynxie: ty

[18:19:39] [[CDF] Lynxie]: u take screen
[18:19:39] Suè-CDF-: emo
[18:19:41] MçßêrKáñ-Ês-: i like it more than everything
[18:19:42] [[CDF] Lynxie]: or I can with ms
[18:19:42] [[CDF] Lynxie]: xD

[18:28:08] [[CDF] Lynxie]: this is
[18:28:08] *** 2 minutes left...
[18:28:12] [[CDF] Lynxie]: why I dont play vs ES lol
[18:28:12] [[CDF] Lynxie]: 1
[18:28:17] *** Tweek roasted [CDF] Lynxie
[18:28:17] *** [CDF] Lynxie lost the Red Flag
[18:28:18] [[CDF] Lynxie]: I have to try to not pwn them xD

[18:30:22] [[CDF] Lynxie]: 1 free point was enough
[18:30:22] Suè-CDF-: again
[18:30:22] Tweek: emo
[18:30:25] MçßêrKáñ-Ês-: :O
[18:30:26] Tweek: ahahah
[18:30:28] MçßêrKáñ-Ês-: emo
[18:30:31] [[CDF] Lynxie]: they got confidence

[18:32:24] MS -CDF-: well
[18:32:26] MS -CDF-: I want to play now
[18:32:30] Tweek: well
[18:32:31] MS -CDF-: bcs u beat sue and lynx

Now as for the ladder vs AeS:

[19:45:53] [[CDF]Laro24]: im fixing my stats :p
[19:45:53] [[CDF]Laro24]: dd

[19:47:22] [[CDF]Laro24]: can u take screen?
[19:47:25] Console: aEs Sulfur is no longer SPECTATING
[19:47:27] aEs SiLJinned: i expected sulfur to play instead of me
[19:47:34] [boo]: why me? emo
[19:47:37] aEs Sulfur: /nomovement off
[19:47:37] Console: No Movement on Stopped Games has been DISABLED
[19:47:37] [[CDF]Laro24]: laro has english
[19:47:39] aEs Sulfur: ||||[Get Me R!]: ||I just used get me r!(v0.4)
[19:47:39] [[CDF]Laro24]: jj2 I think
[19:47:41] [[CDF]Laro24]: I have dutch

[19:49:05] aEs Lithium: I'm used to playing with Sulfur here
[19:49:09] [[CDF]Laro24]: lets score 2
[19:49:11] [[CDF]Laro24]: then we won
[19:49:17] [boo]: swap?
[19:49:17] [[CDF]Laro24]: and then lets try to get the worst stats ever xD
[19:49:19] aEs SiLJinned: im decent here if im on red team
[19:49:20] [[CDF]Laro24]: idc
[19:49:23] aEs Lithium: ||||[Get Me R!]: ||I just used get me r!(v0.4)
[19:49:36] [[CDF]Laro24]: what is idc?
[19:49:38] [[CDF]Laro24]: I dont care
[19:49:40] [boo]: haha
[19:49:41] [[CDF]Laro24]: what is I dont care?
[19:49:45] [boo]: IDD XD
[19:49:46] [[CDF]Laro24]: xD

[20:00:47] [[CDF]Laro24]: oops 18-8
[20:00:49] aEs Lithium: ajde vidimo se
[20:00:50] *** aEs Lithium left the game
[20:00:51] *** aEs SiLJinned left the game
[20:00:52] *** aEs Sulfur lost the Blue Flag
[20:00:52] *** aEs Sulfur left the game
[20:00:55] [[CDF]Laro24]: xD
[20:01:31] *** JquealyANS joined the game
[20:01:35] *** JquealyANS left the game
[20:01:36] [CDF]Laro24: lol
[20:01:41] boo: woot
[20:01:42] boo: xd
[20:01:49] [CDF]Laro24: I never pwnd this hard
[20:01:49] *** JquealyANS joined the game
[20:01:52] [CDF]Laro24: 18-8 :O
[20:01:54] *** JquealyANS left the game
[20:01:54] boo: XDDDd
[20:02:18] [CDF]Laro24: 12-5 yay
[20:02:29] boo: nice pwn xD
[20:02:32] [CDF]Laro24: idd
[20:02:39] [CDF]Laro24: 3 win streak today emo
[20:02:43] boo: yee
[20:02:52] [CDF]Laro24: brb
[20:02:54] boo: okay
[20:02:56] [CDF]Laro24: /maxplayers 15
[20:02:56] Console: Keep it low and max15! now: 15
[20:02:56] >> Attempting to relist server...
[20:02:56] >> Server has been RELISTED
[20:02:57] *** [CDF]Laro24 lost the Red Flag
[20:02:57] *** [CDF]Laro24 left the game
[20:03:06] *** [CDF]Laro24 joined the game
[20:03:08] [CDF]Laro24: oops
[20:03:10] boo: xD
[20:03:12] *** [CDF]Laro24 left the game
[20:03:31] *** MS -CDF- joined the game
[20:03:32] MS -CDF-: ok
[20:03:33] MS -CDF-: xD
[20:03:40] Console: >> MS -CDF- has logged in (Third)
[20:03:41] Console: MS -CDF- is no longer SPECTATING
[20:03:44] MS -CDF-: other colors
[20:03:48] MS -CDF-: /nomovement off
[20:03:48] Console: No Movement on Stopped Games has been DISABLED
[20:03:54] boo: wb xd
[20:03:56] MS -CDF-: ty
[20:04:25] MS -CDF-: !swap
[20:04:25] Console: MS -CDF- is now on Blue Team
[20:04:33] [MS -CDF-]: I hope they dont look at my stats too much xD
[20:04:39] [boo]: haha
[20:04:44] MS -CDF-: ||||[Get Me R!]: ||I just used get me r!(v0.4)
[20:04:46] [boo]: laro knows about it?
[20:04:52] [MS -CDF-]: told him
[20:04:53] [MS -CDF-]: offline mssg

Edited: 2012-02-21 18:30 by Anubis
2012-02-21 12:55 
And if Sven has been faking players to make people accept ladders against him, then disciplinary action is in order.

Then again, maybe all these people visited Sven at different times emo
2012-02-21 12:49 
So you mean there's a meeting, Andrzej? emo
2012-02-19 23:06 
Probably -surprisingly- not that many. At least I told people then anyway xd
2012-02-19 21:55 
i wonder how many IP's is the same with various players after CC meeting ;d
2012-02-19 21:53 
maybe they were using strap-on secretly Xd,,

Edited: 2012-02-19 21:55 by DarkLight
2012-02-19 21:50 
Maybe they were playing on splitscreen? XD

Guess which option was more likely to happen.
2012-02-19 21:50 
Darklight, be quiet. Nobody asked for useless spam causing internet traffic jams.
2012-02-19 21:46 
Doesn't matter, one IP gave so many matches = reason to doubt and ask for an explanation
2012-02-19 21:45 
im talking about the case from this ladder atm
2012-02-19 21:45 
2012-02-19 21:44 
Sure, but there's enough reason to ask if one IP gives so many other names :p
2012-02-19 21:40 
everyone can play wherever he/she wants to
2012-02-19 21:39 
Andrzej's IP = Sue's IP most of time :O
2012-02-19 21:37 

Deleted: 2012-02-19 21:47 by Vegito
2012-02-19 21:36 
2012-02-19 21:34 

Deleted: 2012-02-19 21:47 by Vegito
2012-02-19 19:26 
2012-02-19 18:40 
Svenska pwn emo
2012-02-19 18:31 
Jag är cooläst!
2012-02-19 18:30 
Jag är Svensk* nice google translate Toni xD
Men nej, du är portugisisk.
2012-02-19 17:56 
Yay DZ in our clan! emo

GG! emo
2012-02-19 17:52 
Jag kan förstå detta. Folk kommer att tro jag är Svenskt.
2012-02-19 17:48 
Sant det! Din lilla ärehora ;D Men bra val i övrigt! CDF är najs.
2012-02-19 16:49 
Jo, men då skulle jag aldrig få spela några större matcher emo
2012-02-19 16:30 
Hörrududu du skulle komma hem när du var klar med NF emo

2012-02-19 16:20 
Gg, normal lags and luck from both sides. We failed far too much. Nvm we'l do better next time.
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