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CDF is still the sexiest clan. :flex:
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Best post of 2021 :-D
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The URL below is a link to the Waybackmachine Arch...
By: Splat, in: JJ2 ladder clan comparisons » Clan talk 2021-06-19 04:34
JJ2 ladder clan comparisons =====================...

Note: This ladder season lasts until 150 ladder points. 2021-12-21 20:56 | Vivando
Riparius Ridge is now included in the mappool as a 3v3+ map 2021-12-21 16:23 | Vivando
CTF Ladder Season 19 Begins! 2021-12-21 12:00 | Vivando
The 19th season of the CTF ladder has now begun. Be sure to check the updated rules and mappool (which may still receive minor changes shortly).

Note: This ladder season lasts until 150 ladder points. The maximum ladder points awarded for clanwar victories have been adjusted accordingly to 30 points. Also, each clanwar victory now awards a minimum of 5 ladder points.

The most essential changes regarding the mappool:

- No maps have been removed for this season to allow every clan to be able to more likely find their favorite maps in it
- A total of 6 new or previously maps have been added to the mappool
- To compensate with the increasing size of the mappool, the default amount of vetoes per clan is raised from 4 to 6
- Certain maps have had their size category changed from 3v3+ to 2v2+
- Additionally, map size category does not apply to vetoes this time, since the 2v2+ mappool portion is now significantly larger than previously. All vetoes may be issued on maps of any size, e.g. 6 vetoes on 2v2+ maps
- Riparius Ridge is still pending for confirmation via the mappool council. If the latest changes to the level get approved by the council, it will be added into the mappool shortly.

Here is a list of the new/previously included maps added to the mappool (for now):

- Hollow of the Haunted (mlhaunt.j2l) (2v2+)
- Hydronificant (qzhydro.j2l) (2v2+)
- Provance (xlmprovance.j2l) (2v2+)
- Sandcastle (blgsand2.j2l) (2v2+)
- Diamondus Warzone[JJnet Edit] (jjnetctfdw.j2l) (3v3+)
- Syri i Kalter (xlmsyri.j2l) (3v3+)

Here is a list of the maps which got their size category changed from 3v3+ to 2v2+:

- Carrot Farm (xlmcfarm.j2l)
- Dusk v4 (ezdos.j2l)
- Galactic Warfare (gw.j2l)
- Happy Semiconductor (elmhsemi.j2l)
- Jungle's Edge (c.j2l)
- Nightwalker (xlmnight.j2l)

Good luck and have fun everyone! May the best clan win!

P.S. There are also a bunch of new features/fixes available regarding the website. More information regarding those will follow shortly.
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Mappool Updates, Vetoes, Etc. 2021-11-06 10:46 | Vivando
Regarding Team Battle mappool, The Abyss (ezabyss.j2l) is now 3v3+ only based on the mappool council decisision. Meanwhile, the mappool and rules for the multiladder have been reorganized as well. The mappool for the multi ladder is now located in its own article, separated from the rest of the multi ladder rules.

As you may have seen already by now, some new features and visuals have been appearing to the website recently. A notable one is the new ranking table, which is now divided into two sections; Participating and Idle Clans.

The Participating Clans section represents clans that have received more than 0 ladder points or have played at least 1 ladder match/clanwar during the current season. Naturally, the Idle Clans represents the rest of the clan that are not fully inactive, but just haven't played anything during the current season. At the moment one known issue is that clans which have negative ladder points end up under the Idle Clans section, but that may be changed at a later time.

Another new feature is the vetoing system for multi ladder. Based on the latest mappool updates and council decisions, each clan is now allowed to veto 2 Team Battle-, 1 JailBreak-, 1 Flag Run- and 1 Domination levels, 5 in total. The vetoing system for multi ladder currently has maps from all game modes contained under the same view and drop down lists. Therefore, team managers should check that the vetoes are set correctly, when issuing vetoes, since the total amount of available vetoes is 5 per clan by default.

To edit your clan's vetoes for the multi ladder (if you have the team manager access), select the Multi league from the right side of the front page => Click Team Managment under Profile menu (requires logging in and possibly selecting the clan from the drop down menu under Profile menu as well) => Edit veto.

Below is an example for setting vetoes for the multi ladder. Note that you can also veto for example only 2 TeamBattle levels and leave the rest as blank, if you wish to set the vetoes for other game modes later, etc. However, for adding missing vetoes later, you may need to request an admin's assistance, since vetoes can only be changed within the correct point intervals by team managers.

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TeamBattle Mappool Update 2021-10-31 21:44 | Vivando
The mappool council has concluded its latest iteration of a mappool update for teambattle. The goal was to renovate the teambattle mappool by removing some of the old "campy" maps and by adding some more modern, fast-paced maps. You can find the latest mappool here.

By default, all the maps in the teambattle mappool are currently applied for all game sizes (2v2, 3v3, 4v4, etc.), but special game size restrictions could be applied later, depending on further council discussions.

The map addition/removal suggestions that received at least 60% or more support from the active council clans (CC/CDF/t3) were approved. Below is a list of all the changes applied to the mappool:

Remove EvilMike's Evil Fortress
Remove The Warden Woods
Remove Garden Brawl
Remove Starlight Falls
Add Illumination (ezlumin)
Add Water Works (xlmworks)
Add Solstice (ezsol)
Add The Abyss (ezabyss)
Add Firebreather (navbatf01)
Add Moonlit Harbor (olcbat06)
Add Ascension (xlmascensionlite)
Add Peculiar Purple Peak (olcpppeak)
Add Starlit Basin (olcsbasin)
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Season 18 Concludes 2021-10-20 18:39 | Vivando
Congratulations to Civilian Defence Force for their first ever CTF ladder season victory! CDF defeated t3 in a tight and intense final match, squeezing the 4th round into a victory, after having tied the first 3 rounds of the epic match.

Also congratulations to teNaciTy 3 for the 2nd place and CodeX for the 3rd place. For the first time in the ladder history, a clan reached the podium when they had 0 points and no matches played during the base season. If any clan could do that, that would be definitely CX, who just happened to do so.

The next season will follow soon, but before that we will take a short break to have a check up on the rules, mappool, etc. in the rules council. In the meantime, TB ladder is active and is most likely also going through some changes in the near future. So, if you can't wait for the new season to start, you can always play some TB (or DOM, JB, etc.).

Finally, here are the final standings and statistics for season 18. Plus, season 17 final standings and statistics can be also found below, since those were missing from the news before.

Season 18 Final Standings


Season 18 Ladder Statistics (some maps can be found twice, since their names were updated in the maps list recently)


Season 17 Final Standings


Season 17 Ladder Statistics

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Final Matches 2021-09-22 20:00 | Vivando
From the top-4 ranked clans, [CDF], -t3> and CC accepted their invitations for the final matches. [VS] rejected the invitation based on Discord DMs. From the next highest ranked clans n00 was not eligible to play in the CTF final matches (the ranking is bugged anyway, since n00 did not play any CTF matches this season (should be fixed later). PWNS! rejected their invitation based on Discord DMs. Finally, CX was the first from the rest of the clans to show interest towards playing in the final matches, thus CX is in for the bronze match!

Clan leaders, etc. Please plan in these matches at your earliest convenience:

Final: [CDF] vs. -t3>
Bronze Final: CC vs. CX

Additionally, since CC's expected opponent changed and CX weren't aware whether they were in or not, both CC and CX have until 25th at 19:00 GDT to issue their vetoes using the team management's veto edit-feature.

Also please note, that you should schedule the games to be played within 1 month from now on, meaning no later than 22nd of October. Also if no confirmed schedule can be made within 2 weeks, by 6th of October, the rules council will schedule your game.
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Final Matches Commencing (S18) 2021-09-19 12:37 | Vivando
CDF has crossed the magical 200 points limit and the CTF ladder is now frozen. Like previous seasons, the top 2 clans ([CDF] and -t3>) are invited to participate in the Grand Final, meanwhile CC and VS are invited to participate in the bronze final. Should one of the clans not accept the invitation, e.g. from top 2 clans, the clan ranked 3rd will be invited to the Grand Final and so on.

Since [98] has too few players (1) in their squad list to play a clanwar, they are ineligible to play in the final matches.

Should the current top 4 clans sign up, [CDF] and CC are entitled to pick 1 extra veto (5 total) against their opponents, due to having reached a higher ranking. All clans are allowed to change two (2) of their previous vetoes. If there are any unused vetoes, now is the time use them as well. This time all vetoes can be set on any maps of any size (e.g. all 4 or 5 vetoes on 2v2+ maps)

Clan leaders (or clan delegates approved by their clan leaders), please confirm in a comment here whether your clan will be participating. Please do so by September 22st, 12:00 GDT. Note that you no longer need to post a comment to announce your vetoes, but you can now edit your vetoes from your clan's veto edit feature (if you have sufficient privileges in your clan). Both [CDF] and CC have been granted an extra veto to use in the feature. The vetoes need to be set before the deadline mentioned above. After that, the veto edit feature will close for the clans whose opponents have been confirmed.

To edit your clan's vetoes: Log in -> Choose the right team (if not already chosen) from the dropdown list in your Profile menu and click the arrow next to it, then wait for the page to reload -> Go to Team managment -> Edit veto.
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TeamBattle Rules Update 2021-09-04 17:14 | Vivando
The council has agreed on the following:

Increase teambattle round timelimit to 20 minutes in clanwars. Teambattle maxscore is increased to 100 points in clanwars and ladder matches (not dependent on amount of players anymore).

Having changed the teambattle clanwar format to 2x20 minutes in clanwars, the match length will be more equivalent to a CTF clanwar length, which consists of 4x10 minute rounds. However, team colors don't need to be swapped in teambattle due to level balance issues, thus the different formats.

Below are the new rules regarding TB settings:

§1.1 No pregame by default, but clans can agree otherwise. Server settings => /tb.
§1.1.1 Settings in clanwars => /timelimit 20, /maxscore 100
§1.1.2 Settings in ladder matches => /timelimit 15, /maxscore 100

EDIT: Corrected maxscore and timelimit settings due to an earlier misunderstanding.
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Rules Updates 2021-06-05 21:38 | Vivando
The JJNet Rules Council has finished its first iteration of updates to the ladder rules. Changes were made to the rules regarding the handling of tied clans at the end of the base season (extra ladder matches instead of extra clanwars), removing JJNet-associated servers as a concept, setting /antiradar off as a default setting (which can still be enabled if any participating clan demands it to be enabled during a match) and by clarifying team battle rules regarding uneven teams.

All changes were agreed on by t3 and CDF. No other clans voted within the deadline (2 weeks). You can find all the rules that were updated right below. The new rules apply immediately.

#General rules with regard to the ladder site

§5.1.6 If 2 or more clans are tied at any place that grants access to the playoffs or final matches after the ladder is frozen, the mutual rankings will be decided by extra ladder matches with a possible 3rd round tiebreaker in order to decide the definite rankings. In case there are more than 2 clans tied for the same position, a round robin system will be used (each clan plays vs. each other once). If there are still clans tied after all the extra ladder matches have been played, the final rankings will be decided based on the outcomes of mutual match-ups during the extra ladder matches, where the winner of the mutual ladder match will receive a higher ranking than the other tied clan(s). This rule does not apply if the clans in question are at 0 ladder points. In such case the remaining top-4 positions will be given to the fastest clans to sign up for them.

§ The default procedure of selecting the map for any possible 3rd round tiebreakers in the extra ladder matches is a veto race, in the same manner as in Clanwar rules section 4.3 and its sub-sections, except that the first clan to issue a veto is chosen by a coinflip by the referee. Since only one tiebreaker round is played, the clan that didn't choose the last veto in the veto race gets to pick the team colors for the tiebreaker round. Naturally, the clans can also agree on a tiebreaker map directly, in which case a coinflip by the referee will determine which clan gets to choose the team colors. Otherwise the same rules apply as in Clanwar rules section 4.3 and its sub-sections.

The rules category "JJNet-associated servers" is now replaced by a category "Servers" with the following rules:

§1. The participating clans of a clanwar should try to agree on the server to be used in the match mutually. The agreement must be made within the same deadline as picking vetoes prior to a clanwar, 48 hours before the scheduled start of the match. If the clanwar is to be played within less than 48 hours from the point of scheduling it, the server must be agreed on within 1 hour from the scheduling point. If the clans cannot agree on the server in time, the rules council will decide the server on the clans' behalf and motivate their choice. The clanwar referee has the right to change the server while the game is in progress, but only with a clear motivation, such as ddos attacks or another connection issue from the server side.

§2. Due to the spontaneous nature of ladder matches, clans should always agree on the server whenever challenging each other for ladder matches. If an agreement cannot be made, the clans can simply withdraw from the challenge, but only if no maps have been chosen yet. Otherwise clans can ask for the council's decision and postpone the match to a later point.

In rules category "Settings and tools" the default antiradar setting is now "off", but with a disclaimer "*Can be enabled if any of the participating clans demands it".

In the category "Multi ladder rules" (navigate to the Multi-league first to find it from the rules) the following rules are added below the section "§1: Team Battle - rules":

§1.3 If one of the teams becomes short of players, it is up to the opposing team to decide, whether to continue with uneven or even (fewer) players, e.g. continue as 3v2 or 2v2, after the other team has only 2 players left instead of 3. Note that playing with more players than the opponent can potentially be a disadvantage in teambattle, so choose carefully.

§1.4 Playing matches with 1v1 format, even after a team became short of players in a 2v2 match, is not allowed under any circumstances. In such case the opposing clan gains a forfeit win automatically.
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