Should the new slope feature be disabled for every map or should we edit only affected maps?
Disabled for every map
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3 (50%)
Only affected maps
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3 (50%)
Votes: 6
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CDF is still the sexiest clan. :flex:

Rules Updates 2021-06-05 21:38 | Vivando
The JJNet Rules Council has finished its first iteration of updates to the ladder rules. Changes were made to the rules regarding the handling of tied clans at the end of the base season (extra ladder matches instead of extra clanwars), removing JJNet-associated servers as a concept, setting /antiradar off as a default setting (which can still be enabled if any participating clan demands it to be enabled during a match) and by clarifying team battle rules regarding uneven teams.

All changes were agreed on by t3 and CDF. No other clans voted within the deadline (2 weeks). You can find all the rules that were updated right below. The new rules apply immediately.

#General rules with regard to the ladder site

§5.1.6 If 2 or more clans are tied at any place that grants access to the playoffs or final matches after the ladder is frozen, the mutual rankings will be decided by extra ladder matches with a possible 3rd round tiebreaker in order to decide the definite rankings. In case there are more than 2 clans tied for the same position, a round robin system will be used (each clan plays vs. each other once). If there are still clans tied after all the extra ladder matches have been played, the final rankings will be decided based on the outcomes of mutual match-ups during the extra ladder matches, where the winner of the mutual ladder match will receive a higher ranking than the other tied clan(s). This rule does not apply if the clans in question are at 0 ladder points. In such case the remaining top-4 positions will be given to the fastest clans to sign up for them.

§ The default procedure of selecting the map for any possible 3rd round tiebreakers in the extra ladder matches is a veto race, in the same manner as in Clanwar rules section 4.3 and its sub-sections, except that the first clan to issue a veto is chosen by a coinflip by the referee. Since only one tiebreaker round is played, the clan that didn't choose the last veto in the veto race gets to pick the team colors for the tiebreaker round. Naturally, the clans can also agree on a tiebreaker map directly, in which case a coinflip by the referee will determine which clan gets to choose the team colors. Otherwise the same rules apply as in Clanwar rules section 4.3 and its sub-sections.

The rules category "JJNet-associated servers" is now replaced by a category "Servers" with the following rules:

§1. The participating clans of a clanwar should try to agree on the server to be used in the match mutually. The agreement must be made within the same deadline as picking vetoes prior to a clanwar, 48 hours before the scheduled start of the match. If the clanwar is to be played within less than 48 hours from the point of scheduling it, the server must be agreed on within 1 hour from the scheduling point. If the clans cannot agree on the server in time, the rules council will decide the server on the clans' behalf and motivate their choice. The clanwar referee has the right to change the server while the game is in progress, but only with a clear motivation, such as ddos attacks or another connection issue from the server side.

§2. Due to the spontaneous nature of ladder matches, clans should always agree on the server whenever challenging each other for ladder matches. If an agreement cannot be made, the clans can simply withdraw from the challenge, but only if no maps have been chosen yet. Otherwise clans can ask for the council's decision and postpone the match to a later point.

In rules category "Settings and tools" the default antiradar setting is now "off", but with a disclaimer "*Can be enabled if any of the participating clans demands it".

In the category "Multi ladder rules" (navigate to the Multi-league first to find it from the rules) the following rules are added below the section "§1: Team Battle - rules":

§1.3 If one of the teams becomes short of players, it is up to the opposing team to decide, whether to continue with uneven or even (fewer) players, e.g. continue as 3v2 or 2v2, after the other team has only 2 players left instead of 3. Note that playing with more players than the opponent can potentially be a disadvantage in teambattle, so choose carefully.

§1.4 Playing matches with 1v1 format, even after a team became short of players in a 2v2 match, is not allowed under any circumstances. In such case the opposing clan gains a forfeit win automatically.
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New Veto Edit Feature 2021-05-15 10:32 | Vivando
You can now use the new, handy veto edit-feature to set your clan's vetoes using selectors which include all currently available maps in the mappool. This should eliminate the risk of typos, ambiguous level names, etc. for issuing clan vetoes.

For users with veto editing privileges for their clan, head to Team management -> Edit veto to use the new feature.
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New plus! 2021-05-11 17:10 | DanZeal
A new version of plus is released, 5.9.
Download it here.
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Note About Security 2021-05-06 18:27 | Ladder
We recently got a hint from a JJNet user that his email address might have leaked via JJNet some time ago, possibly already over 2 years ago. We are not aware of the actual database getting compromised and it seems unlikely. Possible scenarios also include certain user accounts being compromised. However we cannot be sure what exactly happened and in what scope.

As a precaution step though, we recommend all users to change their passwords at their earliest convenience. Users with special privileges are forced to change passwords to regain their privileges. For a general advice, we also recommend to submit only anonymous data on the site. E.g. by using secondary, anonymous email addresses.
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New plus 2021-04-24 18:40 | DanZeal
A new version of plus is released, 5.8.
Download it here.

There is a discussion about bullets and this new version.
You find it here.
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Jazz Jackrabbit Discord 2021-04-08 13:02 | Kev
The JJ2 online-multiplayer community created a new Discord server to connect and organize the online-player community more efficiently. If you want to have fun playing JJ2 online with other people, make sure to join it!

Here are links to relevant JJ2 discord servers:

JJ2 online multiplayer - Here you can connect with the JJ2 online multiplayer community to find other people to play JJ2 together in the online-game servers!

Jazz Jackrabbit group - That’s the main Jazz Jackrabbit discord server!

Jazz Duelist Challenge - It’s the discord server of the JDC tournament!

Pukenukem servers - Join to get announcements and news for the most used JJ2 online game servers!
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ZStats t-shirt competition 2021-03-06 15:47 | DanZeal
The competition ended with Gucky as the winner.
Brinko came second and DanZeal came third.

I will send them t-shirts after receiving addresses.

The winning clan -t3> will gain 10 points.
[CDF] came second, gaining 6 points. [GpW] came third (Antix), gaining 4 points.

CC, [98] and [VS] gaining 2 points.
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Win a special T-shirt! 2020-12-26 18:48 | DanZeal
JazzJackrabbit.net and Zeal are organizing a ZStats competition.
There will be prizes for the top 3 players (specially designed T-shirts).
This contest will take place during January and February. Scores/points from both months will be counted and the player with the most scores wins.

If the player belongs to a clan, that clan will gain points here on JJnet along with the player's personal award.
Winner: 10 points
2nd place: 6 points
3rd place: 4 points
Other represented clans: 2 points.

A clan can only get points once. E.g. if top-2 players belong to clan A and the 3rd player belongs to clan B, then the point bonus for 2nd place will go to clan B.

So, you can win both a special T-shirt and points for your clan!
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[MULTI] Domination map making contest! 2020-12-13 21:08 | MaximuS
Hello! Hi!
It’s time for yet another JJnet map making contest! It has been a while since we had one – over a year to be exact. With the multi-ladder seeing more traffic lately we’ve decided to announce this very competition.

This time we are looking to expand the DOM mappool by a new map (or a few maps) created by the community.

These are the rules regarding entries:
1. Maximum of two submissions per person but try to shoot for quality over quantity.
2. We are looking for new maps, remakes of currently existing maps will not be taken into consideration.
3. Use of angelscirpt is allowed with respect for FPS impact, the map has to be accessible by players with lower end machines as well as those using some better gear to play who could also encounter FPS drops.
4. The levels must be uploaded to Jazz2Online so that they are easily available to anyone to download.
5. Once submitted, levels are allowed to be edited until the contest closes. Any changes have to be announced and described to explain what changed.

An advice from me regarding the maps:
- smaller maps can and probably should have more than two control points as to allow for more counter-play with smaller teams
- the levels should be easily readable for the player so he can tell what is happening on the screen
- all characters should be playable in a level (Spaz too) this means that tricks such as wall-jumping should not be necessary to reach all important areas of those levels, such as powerups, carrots or control points

The contest ends on the 20th of January 2021 so you have roughly 5 weeks to submit your works. Just as with previous contests, a team of judges will be selected to pick the winner(winners?) and the map will be added to the DOM mappool afterwards.

Genshin Over It / King of Wuwang Hill by Violet CLM
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ZStats is back! 2020-11-07 18:55 | DanZeal
We are happy to present ZStats once again!

You find it here!

ZStats is a player ranking system that rankes players that plays on a specific server. In this case it's Zeal Alpha. The site is updated every hour. After each month the top players are saved and can be shown in the history. The current list is from mid October until now. The site has originaly been coded by Jake but has been updated and improved by Cranky. Many thanks to them!

How does it work then? Well, you can get up to 5 points for each map you play. How many points you get depends on the amount of skill your opponent has and ofcourse how well you play.

So, get out there and pwn some!
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Contains only active clans that have played any matches during the current season.

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Current top 10:
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