Should the new slope feature be disabled for every map or should we edit only affected maps?
Disabled for every map
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3 (50%)
Only affected maps
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3 (50%)
Votes: 6
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JJnet CTF Duel Tourney


JazzJackrabbit.net and the crew are organizing a sequel to the CTF duel-tourney. The tournament is a type of Group Stage + Double-elimination. The tournament starts off with the Group Stage, where signed up players have been drawn into different groups by random(but with balance.) Players get to play a minimum of 3 matches during the Group Stage, where one match doesn't directly knock out anyone. However each match has an effect on your position in the Elimination Stage. The top-2 players in each group will qualify for the Elimination Stage. In Elimination Stage there is Upper Bracket, the bracket that everyone start in. This is basically the main tournament here, where the winners duel against other winners. Those who lose in the Upper Bracket, go to the Lower Bracket, where they get another chance to progress and make it all the way to the finals even, since the Grand Final is held between the winner of the Upper Bracket, and the winner of the Lower Bracket. The way through the Lower Bracket is of course longer and harder, so losing already on the first round in Upper Bracket in hope for easier opponents in the future in Lower Bracket is not recommended.

In the Grand Final the winner of the Upper Bracket requires only one win, to win the whole tournament, while the winner of the Lower Bracket has to win twice, since even in the finals you can't be knocked out at once.

The groups facing each other on the first elimination stage round will be drawn by random this time, so players cannot know their first elimination stage opponent's group, and thus are always encouraged to play for the best position possible in their group.


Arranging the Matches

Each round and stage will be having a set deadline, and until then the matches have to be played. The duelists should contact each other themselves and agree on a time themselves, but a tournament admin/official can be asked for assistance if there is a problem. The matches are going to be fairly short, so everyone should have at least the time it takes normally. If you for some reason aren't able to play your game when agreed, or before the deadline, you can ask for postponing the deadline for yourself with a few days or a week maximum. However, you cannot ask for it continuously on every match.

If a player does not show up without a reason at an agreed time, he/she will receive a warning, and the match will be postponed. The warning is not given immediately, so the player has a few days to return in case he/she is having connection problems for example. If the player still doesn't show up before the new deadline, he/she forfeits the match.

In case both players cannot agree on a time,(timezone problems, etc.) or aren't showing up, the tournament admins will try to find out which player has more free-time/is more active/easier to contact and make their decision on who progresses by forfeit, or flip a coin, as the last option.


Playing the Matches

Group Stage:

Each player is allowed to veto 2 maps from the MapPool, meaning those 2 maps cannot be chosen in a match against him/her by his opponent. However, the player himself is allowed to pick his own veto-maps if he really wants to. The veto maps are the same through the whole tournament, so pick carefully, you are not allowed to change them after you've played your first game. Each player's vetos are going to be added to their names on the standings-page.


The only game mode allowed is CTF, and only Maps that are in the MapPool are allowed. Each player picks a map of his choice against the opponent. Those maps are then played as the 2 rounds that count for points in the group. Since there doesn't have to be a winner in Group Stage, no tiebreaker rounds are played. Both players should make their pick before the first round gets played. Both players should also agree in which order they'll play the maps. If they cannot, an admin/official will decide it. Another player cannot change his/her map-choice anymore after the first round, unless another player accepts. However, in name of fairness, players are recommended to stick to what they chose before the match began. A player is allowed to choose his team on the map that the opponent picked.

Remember that through the whole tournament you can pick one map max. three(3) times. Only in the Grand Finals this rule does not count and those two players can pick any maps in the Grand Finals. This is to avoid players sticking to only one map in the whole tournament. It does not matter in which order you pick the maps, and where, once you have picked a map 3 times in total, you cannot pick it again, so pick carefully. In Elimination Stage, tiebreakers do not count as a map picked by any player.

Also, any player can pick a map first if they wish to and are quicker with it than their opponent. However if both players refuse to pick first, then the player that is lower in his/her group's ranking than the opponent, or with lower seed(higher number) in elimination stage, will be forced to pick/play his/her map first.

Also, the matches are very recommended to be played on neutral hosts, but playing on another player's host is allowed as long as both agree. You are recommended to look for a host already when deciding the time with your opponent. It is inappropriate to complain about lag or opponent's advantage if you have chosen to play with your opponent him/her as the host, since the host is likely to have an advantage over you always. You are allowed to change the host during matches, but the scores should stay of course.
If you unexpectedly have to quit a match you're playing for a reason or another, you are allowed to postpone it to another time. The current score/time is supposed to stay until you finish it, so you should always write it up in case neither you, nor your opponent/host can remember it. However, if you do not manage to finish the match even within an extended deadline, you forfeit the match. As well, you cannot postpone one match for more than once. Basically the deadline is absolute after it has been extended for once. If something complicated happens, the admins/officials will try to find a solution on it case-by-case, but in the worst case another player gets a raw forfeit, unfortunately. (i.e. a player has to leave in the middle of a match, and the players agree to finish the match later. Then, the player that left shows up, but the other one seems to be unable to play anymore.)



Elimination Stage:

The same as in Group Stage, except for that the winner is determined now by the best of 3 rounds. If round-wins are tied, a third map(Tiebreaker) is to be played with the same settings. Also map-limits are the same; If you picked a map 3 times in the Group Stage, you still can't pick it anymore unless you reach Grand Finals. As mentioned before, in the Grand Finals the players are allowed to pick any maps(except opponent VETOes as usual), also in a possible rematch.

Group Stage-scoring

Each player plays 2 rounds against each player in the same group. Those 2 rounds can be counted as 2 mini-matches, as you gain points in your group from the outcomes of all your rounds this way:


  • For each round you win, you gain 3 points in your group(so max. 6 points per opponent.)

  • For each tied round(same score after the timelimit), you gain 1 point.

  • For each loss you gain 0 points.

  • The amount of points each player has at the end of the Group Stage determines the ranking of the players in the same group. However, íf there are players tied with the amount of points in the same group, their order will be determined by other standards in the following order:

  • 1.Mutual win/loss

  • 2.Mutual score/fall

  • 3.Overall round win/loss

  • 4.Overall score/fall

  • 5.Mutual roast/fall

  • 6.Overall roast/fall

  • 7.more scores/roasts in opponent's map in mutual match-up

  • 8.Draw by random


    Match rules and settings

    The following is important for each player to know about, since the matches are supposed to play exactly like this:


    Group Stage:

  • All players are supposed to use the latest version of JJ2+ for the matches.

  • The first player to reach 5 scores OR to have a bigger score after 10 minutes of playing wins a round.

  • If the score of a round is tied after 10 minutes, the game stops and the round is counted as a tie for both players.

  • Elimination Stage:

  • The same as above, except that in addition rounds are till 5 points or 15 minutes. Also the matches are best of 3 rounds. The player that wins 2 rounds progresses.

  • If round wins are tied at 1-1, a tiebreaker round is needed. The player that wins the tiebreaker round progresses.

  • If the score of a round is tied after 15 minutes, the round continues in overtime, where the player to make the next score wins the round.

  • The tiebreaker maps should be agreed on by both players as "neutral" maps from the MapPool. If both players cannot agree on a certain levels, an admin/referee will decide it, or put the players to veto a.k.a "knock-out" levels one by one until there's only one left. The player who scored more in total in the 2 rounds played will have the last veto(if still tied, then player with higher seed(lower number) will veto last.)

  • Settings

    Group Stage:

  • Start and Maxhealth are 3 like by default

  • No custom add-on game modes/effects are allowed, except Extended TNT Damage with whatever damage you want in case you and your opponent agree  for that.

  • You are allowed to use /ready before the round starts. Start only from your base.

  • /autostop on

  • /timelimit 10

  • /maxscore 5 (can be more though, but remember that 5 is still the maximum and that it ends the round.)

  • /overtime off

  • /allowmouseaim off (New feature, off by default)

  • Also, you are supposed to use /nomovement on once you begin playing, so that players cannot change their situations during pauses unfairly.

  • Elimination Stage:

  • The same as above except for:

  • /timelimit 15

  • /overtime on

  • /otlimit 30 (maximum is 30, reset if needed. If the overtime continues past 15 minutes(half), you(or a neutral referee) are suggested to turn on insta gib with /instagib on.)

  • Match reporting

    After you and your opponent have finished your match, you should both report it to an admin/official, unless you had one as a referee in your match. After you have either progressed/dropped to Lower Bracket, you may play your next match as soon as your next opponent has been confirmed. It isn't bad to play a match of the next stage before it has officially started, if only you and your opponent are able to do it. Just in case you're not able to play later. A new round/stage officially starts when the deadline or possible extended deadline has been passed and all the results have been confirmed.

    Other important things

  • Cheating will result in a knockout from the tournament, and possibly a ban from the future tournaments, depending on the case. Playing with /wc on and purposally abusing wallclimbing or any bug in the level to get yourself into unreachable places is forbidden. However walljumping/RF-hops/etc. are allowed since they cannot be used for such purposes in the current maps.

  • Sign up only if you are sure you have got at least the very least of free-time to play your matches regularly. A single match takes probably up to 20-30 minutes or less in most cases, but some even match-ups might take a bit more time.

  • Don't ask for pointless rematches without a good argument. Once played, the result is final.

  • Inappropriate language, use of racist/fascist terms and other vulgar words are strictly prohibited (it doesn’t matter if one player says the S-word or F-word a few times, but not too much).

  • Complaining about lag is allowed as long a it is well supported and appropriate (terms as “(-)ING LAG (-)(-)(-)” aren’t appropriate). (These two were taken from the rules of Quickz' Battle Tourney. Should be obvious, that they are very common rules along the rest here.)

  • If there is something you are wondering about or have questions, please check that you have read the rules above carefully, and then PM the tournament supervisors if needed. Also report if you notice significant typos, or some weird conflicts in the rules.