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CDF is still the sexiest clan. :flex:

JJ2+ 5.12 Is Out! 2023-08-20 19:21 | Vivando
Download from J2O!
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Season 20 begins 2023-02-10 19:50 | Vivando
The 20th edition of the JJNet CTF ladder competition starts right now! This season we have a special feature regarding the mappool. The rules for level choices have been updated accordingly:

§1.0 Season 20 special rule: The current mappool for ladder matches will be based on a rotating mappool, where the complete mappool has been split into 3 parts. The first part starts out as the current mappool when the season begins. When any clan reaches 50 ladder points during the season, part 2 will replace part 1 as the current mappool and at 100 points part 3 will replace part 2. In clanwars, including final matches, the whole mappool with all of its 3 parts can be used for level choices.

As for vetoes, the following special rule applies:

§2.0 Season 20 special rule: This overrides rule §2.1 below. Every clan may veto up to 2 maps from each part of the rotating mappool, so 6 vetoes in total. Map size category restrictions do not apply. The vetoes will apply to both ladder matches and clanwars as before. When any clan reaches the milestone of 50 or 100 ladder points, all clans receive 1 opportunity to change TWO (2) of their vetoes. Same restrictions apply to dividing the vetoes evenly for all mappool parts. When the season freezes and final matches are commencing, all clans participating in either of the final matches will be allowed to change ALL of their existing vetoes, if any.

Additionally, the multiclanning rule has been updated for this season:

§4.1 A player may be in the squad list of only one "competing" clan at a time. "Competing" clans are listed in the ranking of the currently ongoing ladder season.

Just like the previous season, this season lasts until 150 ladder points.

EDIT: Forgot to add, that as based on the mappool council decision, Orbital IV, Riparius Ridge and This Level Is Untitled are removed from the mappool altogether (not included in any of the parts).

With that said, I wish you good luck and have fun! May the best clan win!
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Season 19 concludes 2023-01-15 21:40 | Kev
After more than one year, the 19th season of the clan ladder championship has come to an end in an intense final match: Congratulations to -t3> for winning the title for the first time since season eight! The second place goes to CDF. After winning the bronze finale, the third place goes to the RF Heroes. Congratulations to CDF and RFH, too!

Stay tuned for season 20, which will start after a break with possible updates in rules and mapool.

Lastly, here are the final standings of season 19:

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2023 CTF Level Making Contest 2022-12-13 22:13 | MasterSven
Let us secure the joy of playing JJ2 for the future generations by turning the year 2023 into a mappool contest:

- The deadline of the contest is December 31st 2023.

- Feel free to submit as many new maps as you want.

- We recommend thorough playtesting with several players.

- No beta versions, please make sure every minor detail is taken care of before submitting.

- Only enter if you ENJOY making a map and not just to possibly get it in the ladder mappool.

- ORIGINALITY is most important. The map should have unique characteristics.

- Take your time. While we do recommend to keep focussed on making your map, we would really prefer you to take as much time as possible and have an eye for DETAIL.

- The more FPS, the better

- No half assing! We have a deadline in a year for a reason.

- This contest is for CTF levels only.

What you can gain from entering the contest:

- Possible admission to the CTF ladder mappool

- Exposure on the JJ2 Multiplayer Youtube channel for all maps

- A match on the winning map will be played and streamed on the JJ2 Multiplayer Youtube channel

If you want to submit a map, upload your level to jazz2online.com or any fileshare server (i.e. Google Drive) and add the link to the comments.


Scarlet Weald by PurpleJazz
Tubolation by FawFuL
Land of the Sn00zE by SuperJazz

Loon edit '23-04-12: updated entry list
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Final Matches Commencing (S19) 2022-12-04 12:47 | Vivando
CDF has reached the ladder point limit of 150 points, and thus the CTF ladder is now frozen. Just like previous seasons, the top 2 clans ([CDF] and -t3>) are invited to participate in the Grand Final.

For the Bronze Final, CX and TMR were the first candidates to be invited. However, based on our direct messages with TMR management, they already confirmed that they won't participate in the Bronze Final. This means, that CX and RFH are invited to participate in the Bronze Final in the first place. Should one of the clans not accept the invitation, e.g. from top 2 clans, the clan ranked 3rd will be invited to the Grand Final and so on.

Should the current top 4 clans sign up, [CDF] and CX are entitled to pick 1 extra veto (7 total) against their opponents, due to having reached a higher ranking. All clans are allowed to change two (2) of their previous vetoes. If there are any unused vetoes, now is the time use them as well. All vetoes can be set on any maps of any size, e.g. all 6 or 7 vetoes on 2v2+ maps.

Clan leaders (or clan delegates approved by their clan leaders), please confirm in a comment here whether your clan will be participating. Please do so by December 7th, 12:00 GMT (in the noon). To edit your vetoes, please check the guide below. Both [CDF] and CX have been granted an extra veto to use in the feature. The vetoes need to be set before the deadline mentioned above. After that, the veto edit feature will close for the clans whose opponents have been confirmed.

To edit your clan's vetoes: Log in -> Choose the right team (if not already chosen) from the dropdown list in your Profile menu and click the arrow next to it, then wait for the page to reload -> Go to Team managment -> Edit veto.
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New JDC Season 2022-11-12 18:13 | DanZeal
JDC Season 32!

The opening event is due to take place on Saturday 26th November at 20:30 GMT+1, after which the season will be officially open for games.
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Iran country flag is now available at the end of the country list. 2022-03-05 10:44 | Vivando
The Zeal server has been upgraded with new hardware. 2022-01-29 14:51 | DanZeal
New JJNet Features! 2022-01-08 10:10 | Vivando
As you may have noticed, JJNet has received some minor visual updates here and there. One of the updates that was much more a of a major change under the hood than just a visual update, was to make clan squad pages to display columns for league statuses of each player. In practice, you can now see whether a player is set as 'playing for the clan in that league' for the league-column in question. You can choose any of the participating clans to inspect for an example. This feature was made primarily to support the updated rule of §4: Multi-clanning, where a player can be a member in multiple clans simultaneously, but play only for one at a time per league.

The league columns-feature has been already communicated out to the clan leaders of the currently known active clans, but this newspost is more of a public disclaimer of the same feature for any new or re-awakening clans out there, that such a change has been made. What the change means in practice, is that from now on clan leaders (team managers) are able to change the league statuses of the players in their clan's squad list via team management (actually they were also able to do that before, but this feature wasn't utilised as such). The players (JJNet users) are also able to change their own league statuses in each clan they belong to by themselves via My Teams.

Primarily, the responsibility would fall on the players themselves to know which league they are playing in for each clan they belong to, as they may change it from time to time, based on clans they join/leave. However, team managers can also assist with this task, especially, if they haven't checked for their clan's squad lists for a long time, to make sure that each player is marked active for the correct leagues.

Additionally, players who join clans via their squad page may now choose which league they want to play for in that clan (CTF, MULTI or BOTH and the default is BOTH). This is set via a dropdown menu on the clan's squad page which also now prompts for the users to double check their setting. A corresponding selector is also available in the New teammates-page for team managers, who are adding players manually into their clan.

Since we in the rules council acknowledge that it may take a while for people to get used to the new feature, we have decided to have a transition period of 3 months before we fully utilise the new feature. Which means, that people have time until the end of March 2022 to get used to the new league columns-feature. After that, playing matches for JJNet with illegal league status settings on JJNet may become punishable.

Besides the league columns-feature, we have also slightly updated the ranking table to display up to two different kinds of award icons per clan; The ladder season victories (chalice-icon) and individual player awards (star-icon).

Thank you for your attention and have a pleasant journey!
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Minor TB Mappool Updates 2022-01-01 21:26 | Vivando
Based on the council decision, the default filename for Pit of Necrosis is now xlmnecrosis.j2l (alternatively a version of xlmnecrosislite.j2l without gameplay changes can be used).

We also recommend using forcenormalpalettev2.mut (if available) for Pit of Necrosis and Waterworks.
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4. flag n00. 6p
5. flag CC 3p
5. flag TMR 3p

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