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JJ2 Launcher

Ever wanted to quickly join a JJ2 server that you see in the serverlist (gip) but felt that .j2i files are too slow and starting JJ2 takes ages?
Introducing the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 URI Launcher. With it you can join JJ2 servers from any website, email or chat conversation. All that's required is a jj2:// link and JJ2 URI Launcher.
When you have this installed and set-up, you are ready to go. At the moment, this is the only page that uses JJ2 URI links.

So how do I install this?

There are two ways. You can use my original JJ2 launcher (cross platform) or zepect's simple Windows-installer. You can download his installer here and go to his site about JJ2 launcher for more information and sourcecode (written in VB6).

How to install my JJ2 launcher:
First download JJ2 Launcher and put it near your Jazz2 installation, for example in C:\Games\Jazz2Launcher\

Then, use this form to generate the necessary matched files for your computer setup:

Run this file when downloaded
Path to JJ2 Launcher:

Put this file in your JJ2 Launcher folder You may leave one out if you don't have that version installed.
Also, please use the JJ2+ patch!

Path to 1.23 JJ2:

Path to 1.24 JJ2:


You are now ready to use it! Make sure that everything work by pressing the "->" arrows above in the SGIP. You should join that server, or be asked for a password. Example:


If you want to uninstall, run uninstall.reg in your JJ2 Launcher folder and then remove that folder.

Come to JCF for support and help with JJ2 Launcher.